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Notices for Using Children Glasses

02:35, 8/7/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

Kids optical mainly have therapeutic effects on eyes, and also play a beautifying role to a certain extent. The fundamental measure to ensure the normal use of kid glasses is to protect it well. How can kids protect their own glasses well?

Glasses should be placed at a suitable place. when you put off the glasses, never make the lens touch the desk. When sleeping at night, put glasses in the glasses box in order to prevent lens from abrading, crushing, breaking. The eyeglasses box can't be too soft or the temples could be deformed by long time press, and with some pitch while wearing, it can damage the eyesight.

Don't clean lenses with clothes or fingers when there is dust or stain on them. The lens will be abrased and transparency will decrease in this way. In a long time, the lens will seems blurry as thin fog in front of the eyes. If there is oil or other dirty things on the lenses, breath once so that dirty thigns are damp then rub the glasses with cloth gently, Go to the hospital in time to check, get an optometry and get the right sunglasses that are properly for your eyes if the kid eyeglasses are found damaged or failed to correct vision.

Take the glasses off and put them in the glassesbox when you are having PE class or doing some violate movements. According to children's naughty and lively characteristics, the eyeglass frames are mostly plastic or acrylic made. Such frames are bold, comfortable for children, not easy to broken, and seldom hurt the children as well. And they are not very expensive, so they are very popular among the public.

The size of frame must be proper. Some parents think big frame looks beautiful, while others thinks small one is more fixed. Both opinions are wrong. The mirror holder oversized or small all has been able to cause child's binocular deviation lens optical center. Such a action will not only achieve the aim of correcting vision, but also accelerate the development of refractive errors, and even affect the facial development. So parents should choose frames of reading glasses according to children's heads, faces and eyeballs and often change frames as children are growing up.

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