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Stylish Hair Styles for Caps

09:22, 15/7/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

A hat is always a good match for a cool hair style. Even if a mediocre hair, going with a proper headgear, it will also show a shining image. Here I would like to recommend ten hairdressing styles which not only include Korean and Japanese hair designs, but also have the fashionable elements in the fashion week in Europe and America. Let’s have a look at them together!

Europe and America: This kind of hair style shows temperament of supermodel, wearing a white cashmere coat and then put shaggy clothes hat on head, you will seem to be etraodinarily grace and luxury. It is definitely a low-profile charm to decorate fashionable short hair with simple-designed hat. Such hat seems to the counterfeit hat of Jenny in Gossip Girl, and the snail-shaped hat matches the golden long straight hairs, which is eye-catching. This section exactly said that is the scarf hairstyle, even the hair has a kind of behaved like to cover the effect.

A handsome nfl hats with a muffler and a pair of sunglasses, which show off a cool temperament, are absolutely the most dazzling street dress. This clothing style matching with medium-long and natural hair, simple and casual, presents the fashion trend and personality perfectly. Golden short hair, this is undoubtedly the artist's color school, golden short hair completely hidden in the New Era Hats-style is full of the spirit of winter is not common dynamic.

No any charm could be lost by having long curls go with a cute snail hat. A cut hair in sweet white cashmere balaclavas cap, will completely cover the mediocrity of black curls. Korean long curly hair with a dark cap-style, if certain hair color has a little bright, it has better results. Princess big curls: when going with bally wool knit hat it will make your lively and active. The better texture of hair. Brown long curly hair with a blue knit hat, making the forehead into a simple arc, which is very useful.

The hippie hair show off the middle long curls completely, because volume degree of hair is relatively small, so it is not easy to become deformed. Straight bang plus simple red bull hats, not only will not squeeze bangs hairstyle, and New Era baseball cap increase will give you somewhat pure. Cute straight bang can be cockeyedly combed, which can make your horsetail behind the hat become lovelier. The loose horsetail braid will look smarter if you wear the hat. If you take off the hat, your horsetail braid will become cuter. The most typical Korean cap hair, low twisted hair is just like a flower, which is not only an ornament for the cap, but also a prominent characteristic of your hair style.

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