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The Glasses Of Hand-Made From Chrome Hearts Came Into Season Shiningly

09:30, 15/7/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

Chrome Hearts are famous for silver, and the optical are also their special skill. A pair of sunglasses in the same class, the price will be 4 times as much as the glass of Chanel. But its exquisite workmanship and high quality still makes many famous entertainers have a passion for it. The exquisite workmanship absolutely matches up to its dear price. It is said that their research time for a pair of sunglasses actually lasts for about nineteen weeks, four or five weeks far more than that of an ordinary glasses' merchant.

This time, Chrome Hearts bring their two latest patterns of glasses for us, whose match colours are black and white. The white one is Chrome Hearts' Dixon-YU type of leather-foot glasses which is more classical. There's purely silver accessory as ornament at the end of the leather feet. The black one is thought to be their latest pattern of sunglasses, My Dixadrill, still with its symbolic slick design and leather feet with silver accessory, fully demonstrating its magnificence.

All of Chrome Hearts' glasses are purely made by hand and the part of glasses is generally made by the best work craft of Japan. The silver decorations on the frames are made by the factories in Italy, France and Swiss, the delicate can't be compared. Currently, these two latest 2009 reading glasses styles are available in Chrome Hearts Tokyo stores. White Dixon-YU sales 183,750 Yen, and the black My Dixadrill sales 124,950 Yen.

Comparing with the delicate and luxury of Chrome Hearts, the fashion brand Stussy glass seems more common. The cooperation with the famous Japanese optician, kotake Cyobei Saku, can't be equal to Chrome Hearts' noble and preciousness, but it also needs great effort. Three portion glasses has been saled in the stores at Stussy and online shops in Chapter last month. The latest news reveals that Hiroshi Fujiwara, the famous Japanese fashion designer has also paid special attention to this best handmade product by Stussy and Kotake Cyobei Saku. In the near future, they will be drawn into hnyee Store. People who are fond of them can buy them from hnyee Store with a former price 33,600 Yen.

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