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CrossFire Personalized Helmets

07:53, 16/7/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

When the second season of Across the Line of Fire - the Hulk became popular among people, the mall introduced several styles of helmet which might increase ten percent experience also add a sense of fashion to the giant version of the Hulk. These newly introduced helmets which are featured by their unique appearance and shape, have attracted countless players to apply the "fashion line of fire" style. Crash Helmets Having talked so much, exactly how attractive the style of those new hats are? Let's have a look at them.

The most creative hat: nfl hats, first, let's say something about the origins of football. Rugby is a kind of ball games. It is said that a school in Rugby WW Ellis, a student at a school in the 1823 football game to play because of a mistake, feel very regret, even desperate to pick up the ball to run. Later, carrying the ball and running away happened a lot in the football competition of this school, although this was foul play, it inspired people with something new, gradually it became acceptable as a legitimate action. So, a new sport, Rugby, which stemmed from football and was valued in the respect of developing comprehensive of physical fitness, was born. The NFL hats in the Across the Line of Fire is a relatively creative hat, it breaks through the traditional style of hat and enables you to gain something new. In the game, we can see, this red hat with a dynamic passion mark, definitely worth a try, definitely give you creative.

The most amazing hat: olive helmets, in order to better protect the head, American football player recently is experimenting with a new helmet. Right now, about 50 players have been wearing this kind of helmet which is priced at 1500 U.S. dollars both in the game and practice. After wear it, wearing in the movement data, may transmit outside the appearance computer wireless.

This kind of helmet has tested in experiments with a figure of 33,000 impacts and the strength of the helmet can stand 250 times impact which is equivalent to using your head to hit a brick all at a speed of over 40 km per hour. Once a player has suffered continuing risk of collision, the sensor will be immediately. displayed In Cross Fire, if you are qualified to wear such kind of hat, you will become the most fashionable person, and you can enjoy the high-tech helm in 21st century.

The most popular hat: New Era Hats is called a baseball cap, mainly from American pop up. Baseball is very popular in America. During one match, the players who mainly defend the players of other team will wear a baseball hat. Lots of people prefer to baseball hat, such as DC Shoes Hat. " CrossFire e" in the red bull hats with the ordinary compared to some more images, but also to make more vivid the image of baseball hats. If you are wearing this style of baseball cap, no matter how a low profile you are keeping, you still appear to be inferior to the sparkling and screaming this hat might cause.

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