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The Exclusive Choice of Middle-aged and Old: Multifocal Eyewear

07:55, 16/7/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

After the age of 40, almost everyone will enter into the "old vision" (commonly known as presbyopia) phase sooner or later. And it has bring a great deal of trouble to the elderly. Following are some means to improve vision for presbyopia sufferers.

To correct presbyopia, you can wear reading optical, bifocal glasses and Progressive Multifocal Lens specially designed for middle-aged and elder people. The presbyopic glasses worn to look at close quarter and removed to look in the distance make people embarrassed, and rejected by middle-aged from the image and psychology. With upper part of lenses for distant view and lower part of lenses for nearby view, bifocal eyeglasses enable you to treat with the trouble of using presbyopia glasses. Based on the bifocals, people have designed a kind of advanced glasses: progressive glasses.

They are set up evenly with three parts from the top to the bottom of the lens, respectively used to see things in a long distance, in a proper distance, and in a short distance. So that people who wear it could get a clear and continuous vision of far and near subjects of all distances. Progressive sunglasses own the characteristics of beautiful and comfortable. The vague far view and ugliness, which are the main disadvantages of reading glasses and bifocal glasses, are then overcome. The progressive glasses are the ideal choice of the elderly.

No matter what you do and where you go. you will be free from carrying about your presbyopia glasses. There is no need for you to change glasses frequently. Only a pair of progressive reading glasses will satisfy your entire requirements.

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