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Various Styles And Extravagant Brands Put Into Market The New Glasses

01:48, 19/7/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

The luxurious big-name brands, such as Prada and Dior have introduced a series of optical optical. They are wild and sexy, simple and avant-courier, elegant and gorgeous lively and is nifty and lovely, and among so many styles, there must be one suitable for you.

The design of the latest Miu Miu glasses is known as wild style, hoping to change the passive feminine feeling and put some new power into fashion. The patterns on both temples are full of passion and courage, which represents women's volition and rebellion, and reveals the wildness deep their heart. Different from sunglasses, optical frames are generally required to wear several years. Instead, too fashionable ones might be easily out of date.

There're not too many obvious fashion elements in the latest glasses of Gucci. That is very classic. The light glasses without frame are made of titanium. The coffee-colored legs of glasses are exquisitive and simple without too many decorations.

Newest optical lenses of Dior are made of alloy frame, very light. What's more, the sunglasses type is concise and elegant with the manifestation of classical LOGO with black and white. This type is very like cartoon and is suitable for cute girls.

As to Emporio Armani, gorgeous and cheerful color, concise and simple style, fluent and slender legs as well as consummate craft will be the focus of this season. And they are very suitable for young and lively young girls to wear.

The design style of Ferragamo is young and elegant. Its latest glasses are designed with patterns constituted by rhinestones, gorgeous and elegant, very suitable for gentle, quiet and elegant women.

In this season, Versace emphasizes on its image product. The obvious geometric patterns on both temples fully demonstrate the gorgeous style. inheriting the style of extravagant,with crastals embeded in the frames,the new brand is very suitable for the modern fationable ladies to wear.

PRADA cheap eyeglasses are the same as dress design, the design of the glasses shape is simple, and there is no hint of drag and burden. The very pure combination of black and white is very modern, but not extremely trendy.

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