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"New Era" Hats - Latest Products Summary

01:59, 21/7/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

nfl hats have always been a necessity of faddists. Once you are dare to try, no matter goes with what kinds of garment, New Era hats always can match them with unique feeling. For example, the limited New Era hats of “ROSEWOOD” and “POST” series have always been the best sellers and won unanimous praise. New Era Hats also always cooperate with some other brands to promote some special products. Now, let’s enjoy it in the following passage.

Japanese fashion bags brand Head Porter has branch of Head Porter Plus and the leading U.S. brand New Era cap collaboration launched a Work Cap. This launched Work Cap adopted with a flat top design, we can see the trademarks of New Era at the left of the cap. The overall shape of this hat is simple and comfortable; there are currently three colors of black, gray, purple. Keep Watch has been the classic series of New Era for a long time. With the advent of the play-offs, the American street wear brand Mishka cooperated with New Era once again and launch the version of play-offs, Keep Watch Cap. This new “Keep Watch” is different from the past version. Although it also took the exaggerated big eyes as the key point, It was made by the real outer leather of the basketball, which expresses vividly the theme of this one-eyed hat. If you are in favor of it, please pay more attention on it.

In addition, recently New Era also released a new type of teapot together with a Swiss famous sports brand Sigg. The new product has been made up from high quality aluminium product, having two styles in total. No matter you are a Hip-Hot person or other faddists, it is OK for you to consider it. Staple who is blockbusting famous for his New York pigeon design cooperated with New Era to launch the latest 59 FIFTY flat hat of New York pigeon sery. Except the plain gray and black, you should also not miss the stripes of classic elements. Two styles caps cooperated by red bull hats and Reasons are absolutely attracting eyesights of us, the caps with shivering can be said to completely overturn sports tradition with sufficient fashion able taste.

Beside the cooperation with these brands to launch the newer products to attract the consumers, New Era also launches much more other new products by it’s owns self. Recently, the Japanese branch EK by New Era of New Era has launched out the new spring and summer hat for 2010. The shape of the hat this time has changed New Era’s previous image. Its previous flavor of sport is replaced by the flavor of matured gentleman. Hand-woven material is more suitable for summer wear and the colorful streak on hat is full of fashion. In this collection, three colors are adopted for option, namely, golden color, black color, and Khaki color, and you can wear different hats in different occasions.

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