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People Who Wear Eyewear Should Pay Attention to Eye Care

01:58, 22/7/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

Now that the people who wear reading glasses often peer at something, plus the pressure given to the eye by the weight of the picture frame, they will get wrinkled more easily prematurely. At the same time, black eye and bags under the eyes is approaching. Without doubt this is unable to let pretty women have charming eyes.

Experts said, people who wearing glasses should avoid narrawing their eyes when watching things and blinking eyes intentionally, Because it is easy to keep eyelid muscles tensing and result in the generation of lines. Therefore, the eyes should be taken into consideration when using water spray. Besides, to improve the skin around eyes so that it can maintain its elasticity, routine eye care exercises are recommended, For instance, open your eyes effortively, and remain this gustrure for a while.

Generally speaking, the skin around eyes of people wearing cheap eyeglasses will suffer from aging since 15 years old. That is to say, at 15, people should begin to carry out maintenance on the skin around eyes. When choosing eye cream, people wearing eyeglasses ought to pay special attention to how much it is fresh and clear. If they keep on using the wrinkles refusing cream, it will cause some other problems, for example eczema, hypersusceptibility fattiness grain and so on. The around skin and eyes keep in close proximity to the lenses. Bacteria which are on the surface of lenses are asy to transfer to eyes and skin around eyes, and this can lead to the inflammation of eyes and also can result the aging of skin around eyes at an advanced time. Therefore, you'd better wash your glasses from time to time. For patients with myopia or hyperopia, an optometric test should be given once half a year, and change the glasses frames if necessary.

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