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The Correct Methods To Purchasing The Suited Contact Lens

01:46, 26/7/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

Lenses are also known as contact lenses, they are suitable for people who have high anisometropia, monocular-free crystal eyes, irregular astigmatism cornea because of their excellent optical performances. Especially those with serious reading glasses myopia, and those who are not suitable for wearing frame glasses, such as actors, athletes, restaurant waiters and so on.

One of great advantages of lenses is that beautiful, they show people's natural beauty and beloved by the public. Currently the number of people who wear lenses is increasing. Lenses, to a certain extent, have been gradually replacing ordinary glasses. The main ingredients of the used materials of contact lenses produced by different manufacturers are the same as basic efficacy.

The earliest material used in rigid contact lenses is polymethacrylate (PAMN). Currently, soft contact lenses are most widely used in the market. The material is HEMA, which has a certain air permeability and high water content, so it is comfortable to wear. "Throwing contact lenses", not the one that will be threw when people's eyes are not in good condition or have some obvious sediments, can provide the best security for eyes but with a higher cost. Another semi-rigid eyeglasses frames glasses mainly use fluorine-containing silica gel, and are characterized by high permeability and good optical effect, and life is up to 3 to 5 years.

Eyes should be check before using lenses, people who are suffering from trachoma, keratitis, conjunctivitis, hypertension, diabetes, endocrine disorders and other diseases, as well as minor children should not wear lenses. Because of the electrostatic interaction on the surface of the lens, no matter what kind of contact lenses, especially the soft kind, they absorb sediment easily. A lot of sediments on the lenses will not only change the performance of the lenses, but also cause complications of the eyes, such as corneal edema, corneal infection, conjunctivitis, acute and chronic ocular hyperemia. That is why those who wear contact lenses should have a certain cultural qualities and knowledge in health, before they wear them in a healthy way.

Even the best lenses can not be ignored, in daily life, use multi - functional maintaining fluid to clean lens and use efficient cleaning sheet containing egg enzymes to dissolve protein deposition on the lenses. In order to make glasses frames lenses more comfortable to wear, and the lenses are longer life, and you must not be too troublesome for the easy way, you must adhere to care procedures of the lenses. At the same time to maintain the storage box for cleaning, to avoid the syrup bottle contact with other items. Wash hands before contact lenses, used to place three months should be thrown away without medicine, because medicine could be easily contaminat

As the invisible eye lenses tend to be more slim and wearing those fingernails should not be too long, so as to avoid lens damage. Due to lenses with use life expectancy, people wearing for a long time should keep a habit to care eyes balls, comply with the guidance from opticians and change lenses periodically.

Re-examine the eyes periodically, and at least one time every six months for contact lenses users. If it's your first time to use the contact lenses, then you should check after a week, and get treat timely if feel discomfortable. Do not keep wearing contact lenses longer than a specified time. Do not wear contact lenses and swimming or bathing in order to avoid affecting of the eyes and disappearing of the lens.

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