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The Splendid Technique Of Lindberg Helps To High-Quality Eyeglasses

03:43, 17/8/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

Lindberg reading glasses, a well-known brand all over the world, wins the most numerous prizes. Lindberg specializes in eyeglass frames which are light and minimal with no other pompous accessories. They even have no screws, nails, or weld. They are definitely an example of the Danish traditional simple design.

Lindberg eyeglass series are mostly made of titanium metal and a perfect combination of outstanding workmanship with high-quality materials. It breaks Lindberg Precious Metal series which is divided into three categories, Diamonds, Buffalo Horn and Gold Platinum. This collection is featuring eyeglasses in many excellent materials such as 18k gold, 24k gold, platinum,diamonds and buffalo horns. In addition, if gold mirror with diamond or ox horns for ornament are made, it will display unique pattern and uncommon temperament.

Lindberg ultra-light's brand conception and success can be traced back to the 80s of last century. Danish optometrist Poul-Jorn Lindberg realized that the heavy and hard cheap eyeglasses will bring a very uncomfortable feeling for the face when he firstly wore glasses. And then he understood the power of attraction of the ultra-light and practical glasses.

With this mind and attitude, Lindberg and architect Hans Dissing worked together to design the AIR Titanium frame which was very popular in the market. Since then, other series, such as full-rim RIM frame, STRIP frame, sports sunglasses SIRIUS Titanium and children's wear glasses are developed. The unique and practical glasses design is an important breakthrough in international glasses market and therefore wins awards successively.

Lindberg glasses with ultra-light body improved to 1.9 grams from 3 grams. They are strong and have high degree of flexibility. Add the outstanding glasses manufacturing patent from Lindberg, modify the frames conveniently adjust to different face shapes, make the production too much humanized. Diversified glasses shape, size and color provide different choices and even provide customers with the right that their name can be carved into frames, having their own unique serial number.

Since 1989, Lindberg has covered numerous glasses frames design awards in the countries all over the world such as Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Chicago and so on. Among these Silmo, iF product design, G-Mark, Eyewear of the year and the Red Dot awards are more attentive and deserved. Supporters, including the Danish royal family members, Bill Gates, U.S. News chairman Rupert Murdoch, star talk-show hosts Harald Schmidt in Germany, and supermodel Tyra Banks and so on.

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