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Gill Fashion Lifestyle Blog

Top 8 Lux Brand Handbags

09:47, 22/4/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link
For most people, the first luxury thing for them is bag. Someone said," Bag is the best pet for women. Hey Seamstresses! Keep Away from ugg sale uk ! " How to choose the suitable bag in the ocean of bags? The best way is to know something about the classic and choose from the classics. Each brand has been taken out classic, limited bags with different materials, not only far-between in quantity but also worthwhile noting its design meanings. Whether it is clothes or bags, as long as it is the classic design, it will never getting back from the market.

In 1947, the aim of the NewLook bag of Dior is to bring a new look to women and rebuild the sense of beauty of females after the war. The fact proves that it does make it. Graceful Lady Dior handbag designed in 1995 has a legendary association with princess Diana. When Cézanne painting exhibition sponsored by Dior was held in the grand palace of Paris, the first lady of France, Mrs. Chirac sent a Dior handbag to princess Diana on the opening ceremony. Dior immediately gave the handbag with a graceful name: Lady Dior. Now, it has become one of the best-sold handbags of Dior.
Hermes's story started from a supreme saddlery in France under the reign of second empire. The most classic handbag of Hermes is Kelly bag on sale in 1935. it was especially designed for Grace Kelly, the Monaco princess.
Prada brand once produced a collection of handmade leather travel bags, inheritance of fine art and the MiucciaPrada creativity which subversion of traditional aesthetics made Prada developed quickly in the fashion circle.
Prada jacquard logo bag: Miuc-ciaPrada reproduces the original essence and knits Prada mark skillfully into bag in the process of knitting the jacquard in order to show the retro fashion.
The year 2005 is the 60th anniversary of the brand Celine. Three unique women – the museum curator of Paris fashion museum PAMELAA, the photographer VALERIE, the writer CLEMENCE, with the assistance of CELINE studios and production plants, each designed a perfect handbag that they had always dreamed of.
And no one is more successful in style-transformation than Gucci in the 1990s. the then-design director Tom Ford must be credited for molding a modern, sexy and charming image of Gucci. Jackie o' bag is the famous representative style of Gucci. It is famous for the special love of Jacqueline Kennedy, and then a collection of bags were designed.
Although Tod's only 20 years old, but the dellavalle family had hundreds of years history that created the Tod's brand. The Soft NewDbag without liner was the classic bag that have both beauty and function.
During the history of 80 years, the logo of double F is most familiar to people. Facing the objection of environmentalists, Fendi focuses on the fur all the time rethinks the development direction of future. The designer Silvia tried to add many silk, precious stones and shining knitting materials into the fashion clothes design to decrease the amount of fur. In order to match the changable image of "female detective", the Spy series of Fendi promote handbags of several types which are designed in the inspiration of hiden pockets.
In 1837, sixteen-year-old Louis Vuitton headed for Paris and began making travel case for aristocrat. By now, LV handbags are still hand-made by former craftsmen of LouisVuitton. LV Monogram Hepburn Speedy can be said as LV's best-selling star goods. In fact, originally it was customized according to the customers requirement. This customer was nobody else but Audrey Kathleen Hepburn who had run away in "Roman Holiday" with a LV case. What's the most advantage of Speedy is that it is in well shape and can be folded into flat too and it is convinent in the travel to collect things.

Four Most-wanted Gifts for Girls

04:19, 21/4/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

Does she or doesn't she?

The existence of gifts is for sending regards, although emotion does not need too much decoration, a gift can add brilliance to your emotion's present splendor. There is such a group. They are lovely and special animals, with totally different tempers. They are lovely just as in the past. What birthday gift should be sent to women? Let's look at advices given by masters.

Refined Type: Jewelry
Gives feminine birthday present, each kind of festival gift, isn't it very perfectthe to give feminine accessories ? It is often said that jewelry is the key to open the atrium of a woman, a woman absolutely can not escape the temptation of jewe In fact, the jewelry is not only a woman can become beautiful, noble, but also allow them to temporarily forget the reality in intoxicated going. Therefore, each women should have one section unique jewelry which belong to herself. But if you think that the jewelry has too expensive, you may also consider the small accessories, in brief, the woman was likes the fine goods and has difficult to say no.

Practical type: GHD hair straightener
Other speak the practical gift, The daily dresses up the essential item is the best choice , for example GHD hair straightener also is the good choice. A beauty lover, like you knows GHD hair straightener definitely. Many famous hair style designers all like to use it. It is like a full of magical, not only can pull your hair, and not for your hair caused any damage.

This is mainly due to its ceramic panel design, whether heating or cooling, it works rapidly and is definitely favorite for women who are busy with family life. Moreover, to prevent that you forget to turn it off, there is a sleeping set with GHD IV series. If you don't use it for 30 minutes, it will turn off automatically, thus you need not to worry about it even if you forget to turn it off for your rush of going shopping.

The romantic style: a series of coffee cups with doodles.
This is a fantastic idea to those people who are fashionable and with love for life. In the morning, the couples refresh themselves with a cup of coffee and enjoy a bright sunshine. The white tableware shines faint light in the sunlight, which is the most comfortable reflection of modern trend. Without tacky flowers and patterns, but simple graffiti lines, it is very modern.

Healthy type: Yuga fitness suit
Yuga has a long history, and this makes its practicers very easily be attracted by its greatness and profoundness. In particular, faster and faster pace of modern life, in order to survive, live, many people are all feeling physically and mentally exhausted, and even forget the fun of communication with nature. Yoga can shape the tender muscles and improve physical flexibility to effectively alleviate the pressure. How to dispel the depression of the heart and find an interface between the heart and the soul, Yoga is such a bridge.

What will you wear- Reflect Your Character And Taste?

03:26, 19/4/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link
As we all know, your shoes you wear reflect your character and taste as well as clothing. People can judge you through your dress which will tell people you are fashionable or traditional. So, we should pay more attention on our dress. Wearing clothing and shoes is not only in order to keep warm but also to show our taste. I believe that Ugg boots will content you.

The Ugg design on which today’s fashionable Ugg Boots are based comes from Australia. For the past two hundred years, Australian sheep herders have been using the boots for warmth and comfort. While the term ‘Ugg’ actually refers to ugly, it didn’t take long for other Australians to notice the warm, practical boots sheep herders were wearing and decide to get a pair for themselves. So, we should protect them from freezing in winter. On market, so many kinds of warm shoes are supplied to us to choose. We have to consider which one is our best.

Uggs boots are fast becoming a hot fashion item in the US and Canada. So many celebrities are attracted by them such as Oprah, Jessica Simpson, Kate Hudson, and Cameron Diaz and so on. They wear these shoes to attend any kind of party and to film, advertise. That is to say, Ugg sale uk are the symbol of fashion and trend. In this modern society, you need them. No matter what figure you have, you will find a pair of proper boots at Ugg. Ankle boots has become more and more popular nowadays.

As a trendsetter, Ugg will by no means neglect this. Ugg classic short boots are exactly of this kind. Incomparable comfort and durability wins it a good reputation. Abundant colors will be shown in it. While tired of numerous fashionable boots, Ugg store will make you totally astonished! It owns an ingenious and classic image. It will be better to regard it as a work of art rather than a pair of chic boots. Frankly speaking, it may be the most successful combination of classical wood buttons and stylish sheepskin and wool.

It's Officially Springtime

03:45, 16/4/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

Unzip those winter coats and peel off your Ugg boots!It’s difficult for many of us to contain our giddiness as summer days grow closer. As temperatures rise so do our energy levels, and our likelihood to procrastinate. With the spring and summer months filled with beach days, concerts, tank tops, and parties, it’s tough to find a down-side to this sunny season. While this time of year seems to be overflowing with joy, warm weather bliss can be hindered if you forget to take care of yourself. Here are a few ways to be healthy and happy during this time of sun and fun.

Skin: As the Beatles once sang, “Here comes the sun, here comes the sun, and I say it’s alright.” Well, unfortunately I’m here to tell you that the sun is here, and it is NOT alright. Too much sun is dangerous for our skin and can result in painful sunburns, moles, blisters, and even worse, skin cancer. While we all desire a nice summer glow, spending hours baking on the beach or by the pool unprotected from the sun is not the healthy way to do so. Not only does sun damage put you at risk for skin cancer, it’s associated with cosmetic blemishes and premature aging of the skin. Do you want to be spotted and wrinkled at age 40? We’re getting older every day, why speed up the process if we don’t have to! In the summertime it’s inevitable that you’ll be outside, but with a little effort you can eliminate your risk of getting skin cancer and keep your skin looking young and healthy! The best way to protect yourself is obvious: use sunscreen. Use a sunscreen that is at least a SPF 15, waterproof and sweat resistant. The key to using sunscreen is to reapply every two to four hours. The more sunburns you get, the worse off your skin is because sun damage accumulates with each burn you get. The face and especially the nose are very susceptible to sun burns, so wear a hat! It’s worth it to find a brand of lotion that fits your needs, so test out a few different kinds before deciding on your favorite. If you have skin allergies or sensitive skin, try a kid friendly sunscreen. The sun may be fun, but sunburn definitely isn’t, and it can have dangerous consequences.

Eyes: Your skin isn’t the only part of your body that needs protection from the sun.  Ocular sun damage can lead to macular degeneration or eye cancer. If you spend your days in the sun squinting your eyes, it’s time for you to invest in a pair of shades. Not to worry though, sunglasses are trendy! Look around, everyone’s wearing them. The most important feature to look for when purchasing sunglasses is the percentage of ultraviolet radiation protection. 100 percent is obviously the best, but anywhere in the 90-100 range will do. Other important things to look for when shopping for your shades is glare protection and comfort. UV rays are at their highest between the times of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., which for most of us is primetime at the beach or pool. Also, UV exposure multiplies when highly reflective surfaces are present, such as water and highways.   Therefore, it is just as important that you wear your sunglasses while driving to the beach as it is to wear them while at the beach! Don’t complain, now you have an excuse to go shopping for a new pair of stunnas.

Feet: One of the first things we do when the weather gets warm is put on our flip-flops, or better yet, go barefoot just like mbt shoes. There’s just nothing like showing off your pink toenails, sinking your feet in the warm sand, or soaking them in the salty ocean water. Letting our feet feel free is a great warm weather perk, however, our feet are more at risk than we think during this season. Walking around day to day in sandals can lead to painful blisters, rough calluses, fungus, warts, in-grown toenails, or cracked heels. At the beach, you risk cutting your feet on shells, and at the pool you face threats from bacteria-contaminated pavement. Not only is the skin on your feet in danger during this season, but your arches and ankles are as well. Summer footwear, especially cheap, rubbery flip-flops, provide zero support or structure for your feet, which can lead to injuries. In terms of skin irritation of the feet, the best way to keep them healthy is to avoid wearing your flippy floppies for extended periods of time. More importantly, though, is to keep them clean. Don’t pick at blisters and warts but instead use disinfectant and bandages on cuts, and apply lotion to dry areas at night. If you’re looking for a more luxurious way to pamper your feet, head to the nail salon for a pedicure! Guys, don’t be afraid, pedicures are not only for girls with ugg sale uk and you don’t have to get your toenails painted, unless you want to of course! Just because you’re a dude doesn’t mean you can’t take care of your feet. The best way to prevent sandal-related injuries is to stop wearing them when you’re walking or standing for more than a few hours, like at an amusement park or a job. If you enjoy running on the beach barefoot you might want to consider throwing on a pair of sneaks. The uneven terrain can lead to ankle sprains or knee injuries if your feet lack support. Don’t miss out on summer fun because your feet hurt!

It’s important to take care of your skin, eyes, and feet all year long, but especially during the warmer months of the year when sun, sand, and fun can harm your health. Utilize these tips and get the most out of your spring and summer by keeping your health in check and having fun.

The Fashion Master Mcqueen Died

09:16, 9/4/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link
Lee Alexander McQueen, CBE was an English fashion designer known for his unconventional designs and shock tactics.McQueen worked as the head designer at Givenchy for five years before founding the Alexander McQueen and McQ labels.

McQueen’s dramatic designs, worn ugg classic tall ugg boots uk by celebrities including Rihanna and Lady Gaga, met with critical acclaim and earned him the British Designer of the Year award four times.

His death is really a big loss to the fashion world, his life is fleeting, but his excellent works will become the classic (ugg sale uk)forever.

Born in Lewisham, London, to Scottish  taxi driver Ronald and social science teacher Joyce, McQueen was the youngest of six children.He grew up in a council flat in a tower block in Stratford. He started making dresses for his three sisters at a young age and announced his intention to become a fashion designer.

McQueen attended Rokeby School and left aged 16 in 1985 with one O-level in art,going on to serve an apprenticeship with Savile Row tailors Anderson & Sheppard, before joining Gieves & Hawkes and, later, the theatrical costumiers Angels and Bermans.

DiMauro Cleaners'new offerings

07:12, 8/4/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

DiMauro Cleaners doesn’t just clean shirts and slacks. The business continues to expand and offer new products and services, and will roll out some extra offerings this spring.

Owner Joe DiMauro recently began offering a shoe shining service. He works with a professional who will pick up and deliver shoes. The work is done off-premises.

“We started about three weeks ago, and it’s really taken off,” DiMauro said. “The guy does an excellent job.”

In conjunction with the service, DiMauro is also offering air fresheners for shoes and neutral and black-colored Express shine sponges in his store.

DiMauro, a St. Edward graduate, has also started professionally cleaning UGG boots(ugg sale uk). The work is done on-premises. Initially, DiMauro will offer a rate of $24 per cleaning, but the rate will go up after this season, he said.

“We’ve got you covered from head to toe,” he joked. “And if I can’t make you look good, blame your parents.”

DiMauro is also selling high-quality laundry detergent and fabric softener. The $5.99 bottles contain no perfumes or dyes and last for about 32 washes.

“The chemical company, Adco, is the chemical company I’ve been using forever,” DiMauro said of the eco-friendly products. “They’ve been around 100 years. You can’t find these products anywhere else except for a dry cleaner, and I don’t know any other dry cleaner that uses it. People who have bought this are coming back for more in droves. The fluorescent white really makes whites pop.”

DiMauro will also begin using plastic-coated hangers. Right now, he gets about a 15-percent return on his hangers. With the new hangers, which cost 40 percent more, he hopes to get more than a 50-percent return.

Uggs Shoe Brand-Deckers Outdoor

07:18, 6/4/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link
Outdoor clothing and footwear manufacturer Deckers Outdoor (DECK) has been a standout among beleaguered retail stocks. Shares are up nearly 250% since the March 2009 lows with no sign of slowing down.

The secret to Deckers' success are trendy and durable Ugg brand boots that account for 87% of the company's revenue -- and consequently, the company's rapidly growing bottom line. But is this over-reliance on a footwear fad risky for the company? The 2007 collapse of Crocs (CROX) showed all too well that when it comes to cashing in on fashion, tastes change overnight (though CROX may now be back on the right foot).

So are Uggs the new Crocs? And if they are, is that such a bad thing?

There's no denying the power of the Uggs brand when it comes to sales. After a strong fourth-quarter earnings report, shares of DECK gapped up 35% in between Feb. 24 and March 24 alone. Investors' reason for enthusiasm was obvious -- in the fourth quarter, Deckers Outdoor profit climbed 29% and sales grew 15% from a year. It was the 12th consecutive quarter that earnings topped Wall Street expectations.

But that's eerily reminiscent of the surge before the slide that we saw in CROX shares. In 2007 after a blowout earnings report in May, Crocs jumped 20% in one day alone. That was part of a rapid race to the top, where the footwear company raced up from $20 at the start of the year to $70 in late 2007.

Then the bottom fell out, and CROX plummeted to a mere $1 a share in early 2009.

The two companies share a lot of other common ground beyond just the movement in share prices. Both are small-cap apparel companies. Crocs currently has a market cap of about $700 million, though at its peak it was probably closer to Deckers' current market size of $1.8 billion. Also, both are heavily reliant on fashion trends. These companies are not selling a service or a product that does something. They are simply selling a look -- something far less tangible than chip speed in a laptop or cable television subscribers. That means projections are slippery.

So if DECK and CROX are so alike, how Deckers Outdoor avoid Crocs' fate? Well, the key is to manage growth plans. The fundamental problem with Crocs was that the company banked on the eternal popularity of what was essentially a fad, and ramped up production too fast right before consumer tastes changed. This pitfall is not unique to fashion companies -- Krispy Kreme (KKD) grew too fast at a time that carbs were becoming the enemy of dieters everywhere. Another poster child of growing too fast is Starbucks (SBUX), which recently announced plans to actually close 300 stores and lay off 7,000 employees after trying place a store on nearly every corner in America during its boom times.

Things can turn around, of course. A Starbucks dividend announcement just weeks ago proves that. However, it's important to realize that current growth is simply part of many investors getting back to square after loosing a bundle during the stock's fall.

No investor wants a company that isn't growing, but investing in a stock that's growing beyond its realistic reach is also a recipe for disaster. For now, the growth in Ugg sales is impressive -- but it's unrealistic for investors to expect 20% sales growth every quarter for the rest of eternity. Anyone that expects a record like that in this retail environment just isn't paying attention to consumer spending habits.

The most important lesson to be learned from Crocs isn't its fall in 2008 but the long road to recovery the company has faced since then. Crocs is struggling to even turn a profit, and shares have traded between $6 and $8 since August 2009. The company posted a loss of 13 cents a share in its Q4 report, though CROX significantly raised its guidance and actually expects to break even when it offers up Q1 numbers. But if Crocs is in the red again, the company will be awfully close to folding altogether.

DECK investors obviously are enjoying the ride right now. But with Ugg sale uk accounting for almost 90% of the company's sales, investors need to realize that fortunes can change quickly if the brand falls out of favor with consumers.

Fashion ban upsets TU's Long Island

03:47, 2/4/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link
In a bold act of legislation handed down from Student Government Association senators, a resolution has passed to ban Denali North Face jackets, black leggings and tan Ugg boots  uk worn in the same outfit while on campus.

Those in favor of the legislation cited such reasons as unoriginality, unreasonable dress for the weather and offensive display of what has been scientifically referred to as “camel toe.”

“We understand the strain this will put on our female population, but we are looking out for the wellbeing of our student population as a whole,” senator Joe Smanky said. “More importantly, it just looks fucking stupid.”

Protest came from several sororities in the form of excessive whining and asking their fathers to buy someway around the new rule.

“It's outrageous,” a member of Phi Mu said. “I should be able to wear whatever I want on campus, especially if it's this comfortable! Besides, no one sees that we're showing school spirit! The Northface jacket is black, and we're already bronze, so that's, like, black and gold, right?”

Sophomore Randy Finklebush finds the overall appearance of campus much more pleasant after the resolutions passing.

“I don't have to fear walking into Patuxent anymore,” he said.

Wearing Ugg boots for long periods of time ruining women's feet

04:08, 30/3/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

Still wearing your Uggs? Your feet aren't thanking you.

The persistently trendy boots are the subject of a new wave of criticism by health experts in the United Kingdom, who say that the furry footwear - and its many cheap knockoffs - are "harming the feet of a generation of young women," according to the Mirror.

"Because these boots are warm and soft, young girls think they are giving their feet a break. In fact, they are literally breaking their feet," Dr. Ian Drysdale, head of the British College of Osteopathic Medicine, told the paper.

"Their feet are sliding around inside. With each step, the force falls towards the inside of the foot and the feet splay," Drysdale explained. "This flattens the arch and makes it drop. The result can be significant problems with the foot, the ankle, and, ultimately, the hip."

The original Uggs, made by Ugg Australia, were a cult favorite of surfers. The shearling-lined boots became a fashion craze in the mid- 2000s, thanks to celebrity fans such as Cameron Diaz, Katie Holmes and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Years later, Uggs are still popular - and while the slipperlike boots seem best suited for loafing around the house, many women wear their Uggs all day, every day. And therein lies the problem, says Dr. Robin Ross, podiatrist and incoming president of the New York State Podiatric Association.

"If someone plans on going on a long hike or standing on their feet all day, Ugg boots decutschland are not good, whether it's the brand or an imitation," Ross said. "People tend to get pain on the outside of the ankle, the arches start to hurt, and they tend to get foot fatigue."

Ugg Australia has said their boots are "comfort" not "performance footwear, " and said buyers should beware knock-offs, which lack the reinforced heels or insoles of their boots, according to the Mirror.

But just because the brand name boot is better constructed doesn't mean it will hold up during your daily commute, Ross warns.

"All of these types of boots do not offer the control, cushion or support that is necessary for long-term standing or walking," she said. "We tend to walk on concrete, asphalt or industial flooring - very unforgiving surfaces."

To give your feet a break while wearing Uggs, Ross recommends you have a podiatrist make you an orthotic - a custom-made foot mold that will fit in the shoe.

"I have a pair of Uggs, and I always put my orthotics in them," Ross said. "It holds the foot in a corrective position as I stand or walk. A podiatrist or foot specialist can fabricate them for you."

And don't forget to air out your boots after a long day of walking, Ross says, or you'll have more than just achy feet to worry about.

Beautiful Straight Hair Remains the Mainstream

04:00, 29/3/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

Long hair has always been popular with women, even do the barber will be reasonable to medium length.Then a pretty fashionable GHD hair straightener that keeps the hair straight becomes a daily necessity.For the long hair modeling is the most diverse and the most amazing.Oh, My God! The Designer of cheap ghd straighteners Changed!

However, do you have any new ideas to deal with your year-round unchanged long hair?Simple hairstyle is not a big problem, the key lies in decoration. Pick Most Pleasant ghd mk4 for Yourself!Even though having very simple long straight hair, you will be look completely different when adding hair ornament.The OL can also be witty. Lateral hair up is very refreshing.

Especially, when shopping, making a simple hairstyle by GHD can allow people more attractive.For example, loosely bunching hair behind head can give other people leisure feeling.The simple hair style, letting your hair fall freely is loved by most people.

But many times we find it is not enough to do ion hair technique if we want to maintain our straight hair.If wanting your hair straight and elegant, you need the GHD straightener uk to help you.If you want to pursue fashion, so you don't refuse GHD.

Trendy Ghd Satisfying Gadgets to Design Stunning Hair

03:02, 27/3/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

How to make hair care at home? Now we ask professional hair stylist to give us answers through the two common problems we often meet. Q: Hair grows dry and tousled and static electricity occurs. Upon autumn and winter, hair becomes hard to cope with. It simply doesn`t works, be it shoulder-length hair, ponytail or coiling hair. The hair is easily to get dirty with more dandruff, you can hear the static electric sound with simplr stroke of hair.Hey! 

A: This is mainly because with the advent of the dry season, the original oily hair or neutral fair due to the sebaceous gland decreased secretion. ghd hair straighteners Trend You Should Not Forget And many ladies after hair dye, the hair of the water-oil balance has been destroyed, the hair will naturally become very dry.

You can choose some high-water hair products except some nourished and moist products, eg. Hair mask and gel. It's easy to manage your hair when your hair has plenty of moisture. It is suggested that the beauty take a moisture and smooth hair spray in handbag along with you, which you can hydrate your hair in time. Q: The frequent perm and dye, bleach and dye, plus the wrong care after can easily result in the hair surface damage and the split ends. A: when you do hair ironing and dyeing, you should choose products that are harmless to your hair and do it in qualified hair dressers. Then you don`t have to worry they use sub-standard hair-dressing products and hair straighteners. In addition, you could also design your own hair at home. In doing so, a straightener with premium quality is indispensable. In mention of hair straightener, many people will think of GHD.

The reason is that GHD hair straightener has some advatages: ceramics panel, previous heating fast and not to hurt hair, in addition, carrying it conveniently and small and light appearance makes it become female's favorite. The top five principles of hair care. Firstly, a lot of hair shampoos contain ingredients, which will make hair roots close to the scalp without three-dimensional feeling after getting dry. You'd better pour the shampoo into your palm, and then wipe it to your hair. 2: Prepare a hair straightener without hurting your hair and a curling iron, and you can design your favorite hairstyles arbitraryly.

As for the hair straightener, most professional hairdressers and fashionable females are fond of the GHD hair straightener. They always recommend GHD, because cheap ghd straighteners has special hair care design, and with ceramic panel and free of hair damage, which is especially fit to the dry hair in autumn and winter. In addition, GHD IV series have a sleep set to avoid the security risks which are brought about for you to forget to turn off it. This unique design can ensure the straighter to be off if you don't use it for 30 minutes.So you can free of worry even go out in a hurry and forget to turn it off.

Why Using Trendy Ghd Hair

07:04, 26/3/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

GHD hair straightener has transformed the way we style our hair today. Do You Know How ghd sale Prevail? A Horrible Number!In fact, with straighteners, you can wear kinds of hair style. And you will find it is of great fun.

GHD hair straighteners are equiped with temperature sensor devices, with which you can choose the temperature to straighten your hair.After owning one, if you want a new hair style, there is no need to go to the barber's.When you are going to attend a formal occasion, such as a wedding, you would like the straight hair.Similarly, if you are going to dance the disco or attand a party, perhaps you may want a curly or wavy hair.No matter what style you want, if you have a GHD hair straightener, you can design different hairstyle at home.A main feature of GHD is that it can remain stably at a best temperature when you do your hair.If the temperature in the room where you are using it is lower five degrees than that of the GHD hair straightener, then it automatically switches temperature.

When we mention the design of straighteners, GHD must be in the first ranking.Maybe it might be a bit more expensive than similar products, but you will find that they are worth every penny.However, it is much cheaper to buy a hair straitghener than go to the high-level barber's.It seems that it is impossible to use GHD hair straighteners to curl your hair because hair straightener is only used to straighten hair.

In fact, GHD hair straighteners are versatile. They can be used to curl hair.Facts speak louder than words. If you just have GHD straightener UK, why don't you try it by yourself?

Talk With Hairstylist Extraordinaire Caterina DiBias

07:56, 25/3/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

Among the blow-dry wielding madness backstage at L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, we managed to steal five minutes with hairstylist extraordinaire Caterina DiBiase. Here the LMFF hair director shares her tips on new-season hair trends, winter colour and her go-to Melbourne hot spots or ghd sale.

What colours are popular for autumn/winter?

The trend for the season is balayage or colour teasing that gives a really worn-in colour look. Winter is a great time to enrich your hair colour. I like to go a few shades richer with all hair colours so there is more depth and warmth in the tone in the winter light. Darker tones also look more glossy and healthy, so treatments that smooth and feed dry, damaged hair are highly recommended.

What’s your favourite hair look of the season?

Hottest colour? Red hot red, that beautiful intense cooper red is the statement colour of the season.

Your haircare tips for the colder months?

Winter is the time to condition and treat your hair. We often think damage is only done in summer but the truth is that heating can do more damage. Not only has hair suffered in the summer, heating in winter aggravates hair. A good shampoo and conditioner protects your hair when it needs it most and also consider using a heat protection product if you are using your hair dryer and irons often. An intense treatment through winter once a week is essential.

The essentials always in your kit?

Hair spray, dry hair shampoo, good soft brush, cheap ghd straighteners.

Ugg boots may cause pain

04:04, 24/3/2010 .. 2 comments .. Link

Dr. Ian Drysdale, head of the British College of Osteopathic Medicine, stated in the British newspaper, The Telegraph, that the popular Ugg boots deutschland may cause foot, ankle, knee, hip and back problems because of a lack of proper support on the inside.

However, Ugg Australia, makers of the designer version, told The Daily Mirror that their boots are comfort rather than performance footwear and that consumers should be wary of off-brands that lack reinforced heels or insoles.

It's time for sheepskin footwear to take a hike

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I don't get fashion. It's actually a relief to say that, given all the years I've spent flicking through magazines and pretending to admire the directional hessian sack worn by some emaciated model. I lack the edge, the commitment or the body shape to get fashion. Very, very rarely, a friend who does get fashion (and probably lives in a converted warehouse in the east end of London) will turn to me and say "the gold zip on your bag is really on trend" or, "the way you have brushed your hair today is really on trend ". But I don't want to be accidentally on trend because being on trend means that within moments I could be off trend and subject to intense ridicule.

Despite my inability to get fashion, I think I manage to get dressed without looking like a demented harpy. I have a few rules I adhere to, some things I refuse to wear in public. They are: hair curlers, face masks, stockings and suspenders (not without anything covering them, anyway), tracksuit bottoms, pyjamas (I am with Tesco on this one) and, finally, Ugg boots deutschland.

Actually, I wouldn't even wear the latter in private. Ugg boots are so darn awful that the very sight of them makes my toes curl. They are, in many ways, anti-fashion, due to their stubborn refusal to go out of fashion – ever since Sienna Miller strolled into view in a pair of them in 2004 they have been everywhere – and for this at least I should admire them. But wear them? Never.

They cost about £150. I'll say that again: £150! That's a lot of money for some boots that look like hooves. Anyway, against all the aesthetic odds, the Ugg boot has spawned a trillion replicas, and now the sheepskin bootie (or the imitation sheepskin bootie) reigns supreme.

They are not waterproof, and yet for the duration of this miserable, godforsaken winter, women have stumbled around in them, like hunchback eskimos, feet sodden and no doubt a bit smelly, too. "But they are so comfortable!" is the standard defence of the wearer. Yes, but so are slippers, and they never leave your bedroom.

They make wearers look both bow-legged and flat-footed, and now it turns out that this might literally be the case. Dr Ian Drysdale, head of the British College of Osteopathic Medicine, has this week warned that cheap replicas of the Ugg may be crippling a generation of young women. "Because these boots are warm and soft," he said, "young girls think they are giving their feet a break. In fact, they are literally breaking their feet."

I'd like to think that his warning, coupled with the onset of spring (oh please say it's here), will finally kill off this interminable "fashion" for sheepskin boots. My only fear is that as the sun starts to shine, the Ugg will be replaced by something even worse: flip-flops as office wear.

I was surprised the Ugg boots sale didn't make it into the nation's shopping basket, revealed this week by the Office of National Statistics. It provided an interesting glimpse into our lives. Lip gloss has replaced lipstick, hair straighteners have elbowed out the humble hairdryer, and mineral water has given canned fizzy drinks the heave-ho. Other interesting things to have been removed: men's training shoes (not doing the exercise boys?), and squash court hire (how Eighties!). One curious addition to the basket is allergy tablets. Oh dear. Have we turned into a nation of wusses?

Finally, the good people at Country Life have this week produced an indispensable guide to the upcoming election. Over six pages they have detailed political animals (literally), revealing how countryside creatures might vote. The swan, delighted by tax breaks for married couples, will be voting Tory, while the ladybird will sadly be voting BNP ("all these harlequin ladybirds coming over are doing my head in"). The badger will vote Labour because "even the Chancellor is beginning to look more like one of us everyday". And the fish? A floating voter, naturally.

Huge Stash of Fake Designer Products

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A record haul of more than 50,000 counterfeit designer goods, including clothing, handbags and ghd hair straighteners, was confiscated during raids on 30 premises in London.

Detectives found clothing, footwear, handbags and hair straighteners during searches across the Greater London area yesterday.

The multi-million pound haul included brands such as Nike, Ugg boots deutschland, Gucci, Adidas, Versace, Ralph Lauren and GHD.

A total of £350,000 in cash was also discovered as six people were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud.

Investigators believe the counterfeit goods were smuggled into Britain and the United States in shipping containers from China and Malaysia.

The raids followed a trans-Atlantic investigation involving City of London Police and officials at the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Nine people in the US face prosecution for smuggling huge quantities of counterfeit goods into the country.

These include 120,000 pairs of Nike shoes, 500,000 Coach handbags, 10,000 pairs of Coach and Gucci shoes and 500 Cartier watches.

City of London Police Commissioner Mike Bowron said it is one of the largest seizures of counterfeit goods ever made.

He said: ''We have listened to the concerns of the business community which has resulted in a determined international effort to combat an aspect of financial crime which has far reaching implications for UK, the rest of Europe and the US.

''By working in close collaboration with the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency and the UK Border Agency we have made a significant breakthrough in this joint investigation.''
John Morton, of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said the smuggling and trafficking of counterfeit goods is a global problem.

He said: ''Only through our combined efforts will we be able to successfully confront this international challenge.''

Brodie Clark, of the UK Border Agency, said fake goods deprive the public purse of taxes and rip off the public.

He said: ''People who make the mistake of buying cheap copies might think they are getting a bargain, but they don't realise these goods are often dangerous and that the proceeds are often used to fuel serious organised crime.''

City of London Police said counterfeit crime cost legitimate British businesses £3.5 billion.

UK Border Agency officials have seized more than three million items suspected of infringing intellectual property rights over the past year.

Feds announce smuggling bust linked to London

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(Mark Hughes from the Independent passed along this press release from London police about a major counterfeit goods smuggling case as the US Attorney's Office here in Baltimore was issuing their own release. This is cross-posted from the Baltimore Crime Beat blog)

Federal authorities in Baltimore announced this morning the arrests of nine people in an alleged multi-million smuggling ring that authorities say imported through the Port of Baltimore counterfeit Coach, Nike, Gucci and Cartier merchandise.

Here is an edited version of a statement from the Maryland U.S. Attorney's Office:

Baltimore, Maryland - A federal grand jury has indicted nine individuals, including two Malaysian citizens, four Chinese citizens and three naturalized citizens of the United States, on charges arising from a conspiracy to smuggle into the United States counterfeit shoes, handbags and wrist watches manufactured in Malaysia and China.

“Intellectual property crimes are among the Justice Department’s top white collar enforcement priorities,” said U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein. “This case demonstrates the impact that we can make with coordinated law enforcement operations that involve our domestic and international partners.”

More details and information from London Police:
According to the 72 count indictment, the defendants contacted individuals, who unbeknownst to them were ICE undercover agents, to import and clear shipments of counterfeit
products into the United States without payment of the required federal taxes and customs duties.

The defendants acted as manufacturers, brokers, middlemen and distributors of counterfeit Nike, Coach and Gucci shoes, Cartier wrist watches and Coach handbags, typically manufactured in Malaysia and China. These goods were shipped to the Port of Baltimore to be “cleared” through U.S. Customs for sale in the United States.

The indictment alleges that on 33 occasions from May 2008 to December 2009, defendants Yong, Yang, Kee, Zhou, Xu, Zhang and Ng directed the shipment of containers of counterfeit goods to the Port of Baltimore. The defendants allegedly directed that the goods be transferred to locations in New York and New Jersey, or had the goods picked up in Maryland. For example, Hsieh, Jaing, Zhou, Ng, Xu and Zhang received some of the containers at locations in Brooklyn, Ridgewood, College Point, Hicksville, Maspeth and New Hyde Park in New York, or Linden and Newark, New Jersey.

The indictment alleges that the co-conspirators, including Yong, Jiang, Xu, Ng and Zhou, paid a smuggling fee, either directly to undercover officers or through electronic transfer. The indictment charges that the co-conspirators often paid an additional amount of money, either in cash or electronically, which was to be “laundered” through the undercover agents. Yong directed that the “laundered” money be wired to accounts in Malaysia or to a company in Asia.

The indictment alleges that at one point, on September 29, 2009, Yong sent a sample of counterfeit “Viagra” pills to the undercover agents hoping to facilitate future sales of the drug. Yong also is alleged to have wired money to the agents on October 27, and December 9 and 17, 2009 for three containers to be shipped to England. Yong allegedly met with ICE undercover agents in London, England on November 4, 2009 to discuss expanding the smuggling of counterfeit goods to England.

As a result of this scheme, the indictment alleges that the defendants illegally smuggled into the United States a total of 120,000 pairs of counterfeit Nike shoes, 500,000 counterfeit Coach handbags, 10,000 pairs of counterfeit Coach and Gucci shoes and 500 counterfeit Cartier wrist watches.

As part of the investigation, City of London Police arrested six suspects yesterday and seized 50,000 items of counterfeit clothing, footwear, handbags and ghd hair straighteners including Nike, Uggs, Gucci, Adidas, Versace, Ralph Lauren and other brand names, and £350,000 in cash during searches at more than 30 locations in the London, England area. London law enforcement believes that the searches resulted in one of the largest seizures of counterfeit goods in England. The arrests resulted from an international collaboration between City of London Police, the UK Border Agency and ICE. The London investigation continues.

City of London Police Commissioner Mike Bowron said, “We have listened to the concerns of the business community which has resulted in a determined international effort to combat an aspect of financial crime which has far reaching implications for UK, the rest of Europe and the USA. By working in close collaboration with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the UK Border Agency we have made a significant break through in this joint investigation”

London Police issued this statement:

The City of London Police, working in collaboration with the US authorities, has made what is believed to be one of the biggest seizures of counterfeit goods in UK history.

Following a long-term trans-Atlantic investigation into a sophisticated international organised crime group, the force yesterday arrested six men in the Greater London area. On the same day the US Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE Baltimore) made nine arrests.

More than 60 officers from the force's Economic Crime Directorate seized approximately 50,000 items of counterfeit clothing, footwear, handbags and cheap ghd straighteners during searches at more than 30 premises in the Greater London area.

The multi-million pound haul included brands such as Nike, Ugg boots deutschland, Gucci, Adidas, Versace, Ralph Lauren and GHD. During the searches a total of £350,000 in cash was also discovered.

At a press conference held in Baltimore today it was also announced the nine people arrested in the US had been indicted by a federal grand jury.

In the indictment, the defendants are alleged to have illegally smuggled a total of 120,000 pairs of counterfeit Nike shoes, 500,000 counterfeit Coach handbags, 10,000 pairs of counterfeit Coach and Gucci shoes and 500 counterfeit Cartier wrist watches into the US.

The arrests are the culmination of a money laundering investigation targeting the trafficking and importation of counterfeit goods into the UK and US. This work represents a unique international collaboration between City of London Police's Economic Crime Directorate (ECD), UK Border Agency and US Immigration & Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE).

Initial assessments suggest that a significant criminal network has been disrupted and that officers have made one of the largest seizures of counterfeit goods in the UK. The six people have been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud.

Burglars trash hair salon

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THE owner of a hair salon is picking up the pieces after being the victim of a burglary.

Thousands of dollars of equipment was stolen from Hairsay on Cook Street, Howick, overnight last Sunday.

Salon owner Susan Thompson says it was hard to put her anger into words when she discovered her premises had been ransacked when she arrived at work at about 7.45am on Monday.

She noticed a pane of glass leaning against the wall and found the front door open.

Burglars removed wooden beading from around a window at the front of the salon before taking out the glass and placing it on the ground. They climbed through the hole and landed on a couch below, sending cheap ghd straighteners and magazines flying.

The thieves stole a few hundred dollars in cash but left behind loose change in the till, making Mrs Thompson believe they had a “shopping list”.

Among the items taken was a new Toshiba laptop, hair products, several hairdryers and two hairdresser’s pouches with expensive specialist scissors inside.

The laptop was only purchased in January. Business information was stored on it, along with some personal items such as photos.

The thieves also tried to take the computer on the front desk.

Mrs Thompson says the most expensive items stolen were the salon’s GHD hair straighteners.

They retail for about $365 each, and she estimates they were worth about $2000 in total.

The salon was last broken into 17 years ago but the latest incident has not put Mrs Thompson off the area. “Howick is great, it’s a safe place,” she says.

“We take for granted this little area we live in, and then some low-life comes and helps themselves.”

She praises the police for their “fantastic” response and says they arrived quickly after being called first thing on Monday morning.

Cheap GHD Radiance Set

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This look without spending 45 minutes blow ghd straightener my hair section by section--ghd-- I asked if it would be a good idea to get a relaxer put in my hair. She was against it. She would often say$$ ghd hair straighteners $$ "why would you want to straighten out those beautiful curls? People would die to have natural curls like yours". The only reason why I wanted to straighten my curls was ghd because when I wear it curly,ghd straightener, it gets too frizzy and poofy! My stylist also added that getting a relaxer put on my hair would make it flat and lose volume. I couldn't image not having my curls at all$$ ghd hair straighteners $$ on top of no volume,Cheap GHD straighteners I continued my crusade of blow-drying my hair straight for 45 minutes on Sale eryday. One evening I was browsing through the Internet looking for information on curly hair and I ran across a review on a product called Rusk's Radical Anticurl Relaxer. I had read about this product in a magazine a few years back. I had even brought the article for my hairdresser to read,GHDs, but she cheap This pink ,GHD hair straightener create perfect curls, movement, volume and straight hair. With a rounded barrel for improved curling and styling, auto adjust for international voltages, a stronger cable, and a new sleep mode which turns itself off after 15 minutes The GHD Mark lV ceramic hair straightener is manolo blahnikall you will ever need to create ghd straighteners perfect curls, movement and volume. straightener is ideal for thick and textrued hair. The ghd hair straighteners salon styler & straightener uses the same advanced technology as the original GHD ceramic hair straighteners yet features wider plates of 4cm (1.8 inch) making it an ideal for thicker or heavier hair such as Afro Caribbean. As well as straightening hair beautifully,ghd, this versatile GHD iron allows you to create movement, curls and texture.

Recomiendan cómo lograr el alisado perfecto

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Para quienes sueñan con un pelo liso como una tabla pero se han rendido a la evidencia de un cabello crespo e indomable existen algunos tips para conseguirla con fórmulas adaptadas a cada necesidad, desde el infalible y permanente alisado japonés a las más avanzadas planchas de calor.

Las técnicas actuales son mucho menos dañinas para la estructura del cabello y además se ven reforzadas con productos que protegen el pelo.

De Japón llegó hace apenas unos años el sistema "Yuko", también conocido como alisado termal o japonés, que garantiza un pelo liso durante meses.

Una nueva generación de planchas asegura un perfecto alisado sin comprometer el buen estado del cabello.

La eterna paradoja de que quien nace con el pelo liso lo desea rizado y quien llega al mundo con rulos naturales ansía una cabellera lisa como una tabla es completamente cierta, pero la buena noticia es que puede lograrse sin quedar calva por el camino.

Hasta no hace mucho, quien quería alisar su pelo se exponía al riesgo de achicharrar el cabello con métodos de calor excesivamente agresivos para, además, comprobar con horror cómo con la mínima humedad o simplemente debido al sudor, esos mechones lacios tan arduamente logrados comenzaban a encresparse y ondularse de nuevo.

Mientras, quien buscaba una opción más duradera sólo podía optar al llamado des-rizado, que básicamente se trataba de la misma técnica que la que se emplea para una permanente, pero al revés. El problema es que el pelo nunca quedaba del todo liso, y que los productos empleados eran sumamente agresivos para la salud capilar.

Hoy, sin embargo, hay alternativas excelentes tanto si se quiere alisar el pelo para una ocasión especial como si se prefiere cambiar de imagen y lucir un pelo impecablemente liso durante una larga temporada. Técnicas mucho menos dañinas para la estructura del cabello y que además se ven reforzadas con productos que protegen el cabello.

Muchos se han preguntado cuál es el secreto para que algunas celebridades, incluyendo a personas afroamericanas de pelo naturalmente crespo, luzcan esos alisados sin imperfecciones y sin el mínimo atisbo de encrespamiento, la respuesta viene de Japón.

Del país del Sol Naciente llegó hace apenas unos años el sistema "Yuko" de alisado, también conocido como alisado termal o japonés, que garantiza un pelo liso durante meses pero sin las desventajas de un des-rizado.

En España este sistema fue introducido por el salón de la estilista Lorena Morlote, cuya responsable del área de tratamiento de Yuko, Medina Abaño, explica que la primera famosa que optó por este método fue la actriz Hale Berry, quien en cuestión de horas pasó de tener el cabello rizado a lucir un perfecto pelo liso.

Tampoco los hombres se han resistido al Yuko: Lo han probado desde el cantante Lenny Kravitz a "futbolistas y empresarios", comenta.

El sistema Yuko se desarrolla en dos fases que pueden durar de dos a siete horas en función de la longitud y cantidad de pelo.

En la primera se aplica un producto que "une los puentes que tenemos en nuestro cabello, reparándolo internamente" y en la segunda, "el producto penetra profundamente en la fibra capilar y cambia la estructura de rizado a liso".

Durante esa segunda fase, tras extender el producto en el cabello, se pasan unas planchas especiales mechón a mechón para que los principios activos -agua de oro y fitembella- se introduzcan en el corazón del cabello.

Este producto tiene un "efecto memoria" y continúa actuando hasta 48 horas después de su aplicación, por lo que en ese tiempo no se deben usar gomas del pelo, mojar o lavar la melena, evitando también en lo posible la sudoración.

Aunque el sistema Yuko se desaconseja en cabellos dañados o con mechas, porque como precisa Medina Abaño, "repara, pero no hace milagros".

"A veces no nos damos cuenta de lo estropeado que tenemos el pelo, ya que la elasticidad natural del rizo enmascara el estado real del cabello, que sale a la luz al quedar alisado".

Las épocas con mayor demanda de este tratamiento son "finales de año y principios de verano", para garantizar una cabellera perfectamente lacia a pesar de la humedad de playas y piscinas.

Para mantener el cabello liso con este sistema es necesario un retoque aproximadamente cada seis meses, dependiendo de la rapidez con la que crezca el cabello, que oscila entre medio centímetro y un centímetro y medio al mes.

Por supuesto, si lo que se quiere es un alisado no tan longevo, hay otras alternativas, y la clave para lograr los mejores resultados y un peinado de pasarela van a ser unas buenas herramientas y utilizar los productos adecuados.

En primer lugar, es necesario lavar, acondicionar y preparar el cabello con productos específicos para el alisado y el control del encrespamiento. Una buena opción es la línea Oléo Relax Slim de Kérastase, diseñada específicamente para para reducir el volumen y alisar la fibra capilar y que emplea ceramida y aceites vegetales para reforzar la materia interna del cabello, nutrirla y protegerla contra la humedad, según explican sus responsables.

Otra alternativa es el champú "Replenish" de la línea Thermodynamics de GHD hair straighteners, que aporta hidratación y controla la humedad.

Una vez que el pelo está lavado y acondicionado con una mascarilla, que deberá dejarse sobre el cabello al menos diez minutos para lograr todos sus beneficios, habrá que secar el cabello con una toalla, de forma suave y sin brusquedad, para evitar los antiestéticos cabellos rotos y minimizar los efectos de la estática, que traen consigo ese irritante encrespado.

A continuación, conviene aplicar un sérum o crema texturizante sin aclarado, que facilitará el alisado y prolongará tanto su duración como el brillo de la cabellera; y un protector térmico que palíe el efecto del calor sobre la firma capilar, como el que ofrece GHD, diseñado específicamente para este fin y que debe ser pulverizado un máximo de cinco veces sobre el cabello húmedo.

Ahora, el pelo ya está preparado para ser alisado, aunque antes habrá que secarlo usando un secador con cepillo redondo, mejor si es de fibras naturales ya que evitan, una vez más, la estática.

Seco el pelo es cuando entran en acción las mejores aliadas para un alisado de excepción: las planchas térmicas.

Es preciso olvidar esas pesadas herramientas de aluminio que hasta hace unos años alisaban el pelo a costa de la salud del cabello. Una nueva generación de planchas garantiza un perfecto alisado sin comprometer el buen estado del cabello, y entre ellas destacan las GHD Styler, preferidas de famosas como Sarah Jessica Parker y Jennifer Aniston, con superficie de cerámica y una placa de aluminio y titanio que sella la cutícula del cabello dando como resultado un acabado sin electricidad estática y un brillo extremo.

Otra alternativa es el modelo "Pearl" de She by SO.CAP, que incluso estimulan el crecimiento del pelo y eliminan las bacterias del mismo.

Las claves para sacar el mayor partido de las planchas son dividir el pelo en mechones y trabajar uno por uno de abajo a arriba, desenredando primero y controlando la tensión en la raíz del cabello, desde donde se pasará la plancha con firmeza bajando hasta las puntas, según precisan los expertos de GHD straighteners uk.

Es necesario ir separando los mechones ya lisos, aunque siempre con una goma o una traba no demasiado apretado para evitar que queden marcas.

"Para obtener un liso brillante y pulido debes realizar los movimientos con dulzura y mimando el cabello en todo momento", señalan.

Una vez alisados todos los mechones, sólo queda aplicar con suavidad y movimientos descendentes en las zonas medias y las puntas de la melena un sérum que aporte brillo y termine de mantener a raya cualquier traza de humedad o encrespamiento. Y, por supuesto, presumir de un perfecto alis

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