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rigid flex pcb view 

pcb canada and Data Loss Stages

17:15, 27/7/2016  ..  0 comments  ..  Link

Data Loss Stages In this article, I will explain how data loss occurs and get worse with some very common mistakes. I will also talk about different stages of data damage by human mistakes and natural disasters.

Data loss will happen one or two times in life. There are different ways data loss can happen depending on the kind of storage device. A USB device will be the cause when the USB port breaks. An SD card will get corrupt or get formatted. A CD or DVD will get scratches and won't read anymore. A hard drive will have variety of problems which I will explain in more detail in the following paragraphs. A phone or iPhone will make us suffer when a software update will ruin everything. Sometimes we accidently format or delete important data. A child will destroy all the data by pressing a wrong key. Some times a hard drive will physically fail and will make things terrible.

Now I will talk about something every important. A hard drive can physically fail. When I say hard drive that means I am talking about a hard drive from Apple computer, drive from a Windows laptop, hard disk from a personal or business server, an SSD drive from any desktop or laptop computer. When a hard drive fails, it could be one of the few problems. It could be a bad electronics http://www.rigid-flex-pcb.com/multilayer-pcb.htm board which is called PCB. The drive can have a failed motor, firmware corruption or read / write head failure. Traditional hard drives have moving parts like platters and heads. Old hard drives have one head and one platter. As the technology grew, the number of platters and heads increased. Now drives come with 4 platters and 6 to 8 heads. So as the number of moving parts increased, the risk of failure also went up. Imagine if there was one head and one platter at one point and now there are multiple parts inside the drive, the risk of failure went up several times.

When this happens, it is very important to understand one thing and that is, take the hard drive to a data recovery lab where the data can be rescued for a much lower price and the risk of losing data permanently may be tremendously reduced. This is a fact that many end user don not understand. They try different things and this make the situation worse, even keeping the drive for a long time make it worse too. I have seen many cases where different computer repair people tried to recover data without using proper tools and made the recovery impossible. So my advice in this case is, when a hard http://www.rigid-flex-pcb.com/ drive gives problems and the data is important, it must be taken to a hard drive recovery professional place to save big time trouble and cost.

There are some other important precautions that must be exercised before it's too late. For example many people update there iPhones and iPads when they see an update alert. They don't know the consequences if the update process fails which unfortunately happen most of the time. Therefore it is important to first backup all the data and then run update because in case of software corruption the only way to bring the phone back to life is to restore it to factory settings and there is no way to recover such a phone that has been reset to default. One can imagine how dangerous it is to update a phone without having it backed up. A lot of people think that when data is deleted or the device is formatted, it cannot be recovered, this is not true of course it is sometimes possible in case of modern drives where the device has some feature that allow no recovery. One more area that can save the data is, when data is deleted for any reason, it is very crucial not to use the device because using it will write data to the storage device which might overwrite the old data and this it is destroyed permanently.

In this article, I explained about some of the most important factors that can avoid losing data permanently.

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pcb shopper The mechanism behind PC board

16:25, 27/7/2016  ..  0 comments  ..  Link

The mechanism behind PC board Advancements and innovation in PC or personal computing technology have resulted in massive breakthroughs in the circuit boards and circuit boards assembly. This is primary due to the contribution of the scientists all around the world who are using their knowledge and expertise to bring changes to the PC technology. This article looks at the mechanisms behind PC Boards and PCB Assembly.

Circuit Board Assembly

The motherboard which is the main equipment needed to keep a PC running needs to be assembled properly. These boards have to be carefully assembled for optimum energy and power usage. However, the circuit board assembly is a specialized task and requires knowledge and experience for the manufacturer making the board. The assembly includes all the necessary components needed to keep a circuit board up and running. This includes LAN driver, AGP Drivers, PSU and other components which are vital for running the PC.

Why is assembling important?

The assembling is a vital rigid flex pcb part for the company because it helps them to save costs. This requires them to import raw materials from parts of the globe where they are available and this would save a lot of costs. The required parts are then assembled to form a perfect piece of circuit board which would give the pc its entirety. Therefore, assembling plays two vital function. One, it helps to reduce cost drastically by making use of cheap labor in the parent country. The second being the use of specialized resources to ensure quality materials and a quality finished product.

The leading manufacturers

Let us have a look at some of the dominating forces in the PC Board assembling industry. The leading chip producer is Intel which usually outsources there works to cheaper destinations like Malaysia where the PC board assembly takes place. This helps the company to reduce a lot of costs and plays a key part in inflating the company profits. Intel is considered to be a hardware giant because the processors are popular all over the world and they are perfectly compatible with the PC board chip as well. This makes Intel a dominating force in the industry.

Other PC boards manufacturers like ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI are also coming into the scenario with the used of advanced technology and assembly techniques to compete in the international arena. Other companies also outsource their work to cheaper destination as well to save cost. However, this does not indicate the quality of PC Board as the boards manufactured are of a very high quality and order and this contributes to the popularity of the top PC boards' manufacturer.

The End product

After the boards have been assembled the boards are exported to other parts of the globe where it is used to customize personal computers. The other parts like RAM and AGP card are attached with the boards to make it a complete functional PC. The PC is then used by the customers to perform their daily tasks with complete ease. Therefore, the boards have a direct contribution towards the functionality of PC.
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pcba board Understand The Meaning And Performance Of Scanning Acoustic Microscopy Technique

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Understand The Meaning And Performance Of Scanning Acoustic Microscopy Technique Testing is the most crucial phase or component of http://www.rigid-flex-pcb.com/ a tightly sealed analysis of products and machinery. There are various types of testing methods to test electronic and mechanical devices. Testing is also counted as the most indispensable component of industries dealing with hermetically sealed devices and products. There could be an expectation of cracks and other improper loopholes which could limit the operation of the whole device. Hence it is well-advised to have a careful quality check and testing. Moreover it is also the responsibility of the manufacturer to hold back the reputation associated with their brand.

There have been inventions to develop an appropriate technique for failure analysis. The most spectacular one in this segment is the Acoustic Microscopy. This method employs a wave of very high speed in its application. The acoustic microscope was developed as an instrument for studying the internal micro-structure of nontransparent solids or biological materials. In this method, a sample is imaged by ultrasound waves, and the contrast in reflection provides a map of the spatial distribution of the mechanical properties. It is microscopy tool that utilizes very high or ultra http://www.rigid-flex-pcb.com/ high frequency ultrasound. It also operates non destructive feature which penetrates through most of the solid materials. The process is used to make visible images of internal features, that include defects such as cracks, delaminations and voids. The process is a non-destructive screening technique offering unparalleled penetration on the integrity of the package and device construction.

Scanning Acoustic Microscopy is a non destructive and non- invasive method that is employed to examine the distinctive internal structure of the sample. It offers a multitude of advantages from other available non destructive methods making it superior for particular procedures and illustrations. The process defined is very sensitive to delaminations, which is normally difficult for the customary X ray techniques. The major advantage of this procedure includes the detection of void formations, delaminations, cracks, fractures as well as other hidden internal defects within constitutionally sensitized substantial and device types.

The process can easily observe such delaminations at sub micron thickness and produce a detailed image of it. It can also be used to examine small and complex sealed devices. It can be employed in the procedure to measure thickness of the internal under stratified material in the sample. It can be thought of as an efficient technique to measure such trivialities and produce internal images of PCB'S, wire bonds, wafers and other distinctive constituents.

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prototype pcb manufacturing for Customize Electronic Designs As Per Your Specifications

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Customize Electronic Designs As Per Your Specifications There are many companies that offer electronic design. Electronic design or custom electronics involve designing, creating a prototype and developing various kinds of electronic hardware. The electronic design is created as per the requirements of the customer. The general procedure that is followed before creating the electronic hardware is that specifications for the design are taken from the customer. The prototype or electronic hardware is then designed as per the specifications of the customer. It the customer does not have sound technical knowledge and is not aware of the jargon that is used in the electronics field, the company can take down the specifications in plain English and then convert them into electrical specifications to proceed with the designing part.

The main idea behind the electronic design process is that it should assist the overall work flow rather than becoming an obstacle. Tronics Zone can custom electronics or manipulate the electronic design process to suit various requirements. Once you entrust the job of custom electronics to the company as a customer, the company will lay down the road map for the various stages that are involved in the process of electronic design. There are various activities to be performed in the electronic design process. Once the project is initiated, the specifications are carefully noted down and then the high level product is defined. A feasibility study is conducted to assess the risk involved and also to check if the concept would work in reality. A cost estimation is done and the requirements are refined if necessary to curtail the costs. A review is done again at the end to make sure that all the final and modified specifications are in place.

The next step is the electronics design phase where the process of hardware design is split into modules or subsections. Appropriate software is developed for the process and a mechanical design is put in place. Usually, the mechanical designs are made in 3D format. Finally the most important part of the electronic design process, which is the CAD PCB layout or printed circuit board is designed. The prototypes of the equipment will then be built. During the development phase, the company as a rule conducts testing constantly to ensure that things are going as planned. Before moving on to the next phase, buy pcb board the project team members make sure that the current phase is 100% complete. At the end of the overall electronics development process, testing is done to ensure that each item works. Once the production review is completed, rigid flex the product is ready for production. At this stage, minor design enhancements or any unidentified issues would be resolved.

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what is pcb fabrication FPGA design in an age of environmental compliance

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FPGA design in an age of environmental compliance When it comes to PCB design, environmental compliance isn't just about EU WEEE regulations and lead-free solders. In today's energy-conscious environment, power consumption must be considered too.

Electronic products are becoming ever more powerful, while diminishing in size. Today's electronic components receive, store, transmit and process data at a rate that was unthinkable ten years ago. PCB designers are constantly being asked to come up with the "next best thing," while at the same time being expected to minimize power consumption. Achieving optimum performance on minimum power is not easy to achieve. Yet with a new generation of low-power FPGA designs now targeting the market it's a necessity if you are to stay ahead of your competitors.

High-performance electronic technology creates a problem; increased static power. This is more acute for field programmable gate arrays than it is for the less powerful ASICs and ASSPs, whose designers were able to deal with the issue early on. However, today there are FPGA designs loaded with environmentally-friendly, power-saving features, ushered in by new developments in power delivery hardware.

The three largest FPGA manufacturers - Actel, Altera and Xilinx - have released power-saving FPGA designs, including new versions of established products. Features typically include static, idle and special modes and power analysis software so engineers can accurately calculate power consumption at each stage of product design. Improved place-and-route and custom layout tools also help reduce power consumption during "back end" PCB design tasks.

Today, there is an abundant range of FPGA designs on the market, so how do you go about choosing one that is right for your needs? Performance, cost and capacity all count, but to this you can add the power profile of the system you are designing. Industrial, medical, military or consumer buyers; whatever your target market, you will find the demand for portable electronic hardware is becoming increasingly orientated towards energy-efficient products.

There are two types of FPGA: non-volatile and volatile. Non-volatile types are used in products which would traditionally use a CPLD or other low capacity integrated circuit; they retain their RAM memory when powered down and do not need a continuous power supply. Volatile FPGAs are more flexible, but require a constant power source to retain stored data.

Many PCB design engineers do not realize that volatile FPGAs have two extra power-control components, one for configuration (power consumed when the FPGA is programmed during system power-up), and a Power-On inrush component, employed during functional power-ups. They also have an external PROM to store configuration data. Even where flash memory is installed, it still adds to power consumption.

PCB designers working on volatile FPGA installations must be aware of the difference between the two types, and ensure the power supply and batteries chosen match the configuration and inrush power of the chip. These components can negatively impact on the system design, rigid flex pcb especially where multiple FPGAs are used with a common power supply, or share a board. The problem is exacerbated in systems which have frequent On-Off cycles, which can shorten battery life considerably. However, a growing number of FPGAs are low-power and non-volatile in design.

We at Enventure Technologies have been specializing in FPGA design for over 10 years, producing energy-efficient, rigid flex pcb reliable, customized systems for clients world-wide.
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itead pcb and Laptop or Desktop - No Longer a Valid Question? Part 1 of 3

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Laptop or Desktop - No Longer a Valid Question? Part 1 of 3 Time was when the advantages of a desktop computer far outweighed those of a laptop. Not least of these was the price factor. Although prices for computers of both kinds have come down considerably - from the multiple thousands of dollars, to much less than a thousand, the relative price of laptops to desktops has changed. As much of the cost reduction has been due to miniaturization of components, this has benefited laptop design to a far greater extent. The desktop, although also reduced in size, has always had the space available.

In the 1990s the price of a laptop computer even approaching the capability of a desktop was approximately double. Compare that with today, where laptops are easily comparable in price with the desktop.

Although the early desktops only had up to four floppy drives, these were the original 8" format introduced in the late '60s early '70s. Although the disks, and the drives that used them were developed to hold more data, in the 5 1/4" format, it wasn't until the 3 ?" floppy was introduced that it became practical to fit one in a laptop, still known as a "portable". The first Hard drives were 8" beasts and took time reducing via 5 ?" to 3 ?" and then 2 ?" for laptops. Thus the laptop was always behind in the capacity area, until miniaturization started to bring the advantage to the laptop side of the equation.

Other disadvantage of the lap top in those times, the late 90's and early 00's, included factors to do with size, weight, and capacity of the various components and add-ons.

Hard drives of 'large' capacity - from 500MB upwards as the years, and developers, rigid flex rolled on, were easier to produce in the 5 1/4" format. This was no problem to fit in a desktop, and two or more could be added, very simply leaving one connection for a CD/DVD drive.

Contrast this with the laptop, which couldn't fit a large format drive and needed a 3 1/2" format to maintain the small, portable image. Unfortunately, these drives were more difficult to manufacture in any meaningful capacity, given the requirements of location, heat and impact tolerance. The playoff was, of course, price.

With the increasing demands of new and 'improved' operating systems, and other software, ever bigger and bigger file sizes had to be accommodated, rigid flex and this meant more and faster memory - and processors we discuss this further at our http://www.ronpcb.com/ website.

The memory development was proceeding in step with the increasing demands of the software, at the same time becoming more reliable and faster. More and more capacity was included on a single chip, with more heat being generated due to this. In the notebooks computer range, this increased capacity was accompanied by the need for a compact pluggable memory pcb, which generated even more heat, and had the additional overhead of a smaller socket bank to to allow for expansion, pushing up cost.

This article continues in Part 2 where we look at the heat factor, and how it has been overcome.
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buy pcb board


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MANUFACTURING PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDS - A DIY VENTURE Virtually all electronics enthusiasts nowadays can certainly buy their custom PCBs online. For about $100 you could buy 2 or 3 of your Printed Circuit Boards manufactured and delivered to you --all inside of 5 days. All you have to do is have good working gerber files ready and a good working charge card!

But some people are die-hard DIY-ers!

So, as a DIY venture, maybe you have attempted building a printed circuit board? It is just not nearly as hard as it seems. It will take your time, staying power and plenty of diligence. Making Printed Circuit Boards is similar to using patterns to create basic clothing. Developing ones own PCBs could in fact be fun, simple and easy and cost effective with respect to the complexity of one's board. We have now made a step by step guide so that you can start this extraordinary journey. So let's get started!!

Steps to creating your Printed Circuit Board

Initial step is always to design one's circuit

1.Understand the layout associated with the components relating to your board.

2.Develop a template for your design.

3.Use PCB computer programs to help in the design development. You really need to take some time familiarizing yourself with the capabilities with the application.

Second is to create a printed copy of the design

4.Print out your Printed Circuit Board Assembly onto a Press and Peel paper using a laser printer.

5.Cut any one of the circuit designs out of your paper.

Third needs to be prepare your copper coated board for design transfer.

6.Utilizing a hacksaw, cut the board to match the size of the paper.

7.File down edges after which you'll use artificial steel wool and solvent cleaner to eliminate oxidation and finger oils from the board.

Fourth is to transfer your design from your paper to your board

8.Place the PCB Design paper against the copper coated board.

9.Lay a blank sheet of paper on the board.

10.Make use of a hot iron (set to polyester option) to iron the design right onto the board adding pressure if necessary.

11.Put thePosition the board underneath running water to remove paper.

12.Pour Ferric Chloride in to a bowl.

13.Heat the ferric chloride solution by inserting the bowl right into a container of hot water.

14.Place the board into the bowl utilizing the ferric chloride and agitate.

15.Right after the undesired copper is actually dissolved, multilayer pcb utilize a metal tong to remove the board from the ferric chloride solution.

16.Place the board under running regular faucet water to eliminate any existing ferric chloride remains. In addition you can make use of Acetone to wash the board.

17.Dry up your rinsed circuit board.

Now you are on the way to complete the final stages of producing a new PCB!!

Fifth will be to drill the actual holes.

18.Making use of your drill and small but effective drill bits, drill the holes throughout the circuit board.

Sixth would be assemble the actual circuit board.

19.Put the components onto your board.

20.Ideally, use a wire cutter to remove wires which are too long.

21.Solder your components on to the circuit board.

Now that you have completed the steps for producing your own PCB, you can test the circuit board to find out whether or not it works. In case your board is unable to light up straight away, retrace your steps and do it again the process.

The following are some practical tips when making Printed Circuit Boards

>> You can obtain industry-standard designs online (should you not want to use your own).

>> The holes can be drilled previous to or right after setting the board straight into the ferric chloride solution.

>> It is a great idea to electrically test your Printed Circuit Board BEFORE you decide to solder the components on to the board.

Perhaps you have realized, rigid flex pcb creating PCBs can be enjoyable.

You are now furnished with information and facts to try making a Printed Circuit Board!

Keep in mind, you happen to be dealing with electricity, sharp tools and chemicals-- make sure to employ all appropriate safety precautions.
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All the 6 years of the medical course is conducted in English.
The duration of the medical course is 6 years including one year internship. For the medicine course you can apply now, we have only limited seats. Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe. Ukraine is a state with the democratic form of governing, headed by the nation-wide elected president. Ukraine has always been hospitable and friendly. Ukraine is distinguished by a high level scientific potential .


All Medical Institution Member of the Following International Organizations.

* World Health organization (WHO)
* Medical council of India(MCI)
* United Nations organization(UNO)
* International Association of Universities(IAU)
* European universities Association (EUA)
* European Association of International education(EAIE)
* World federation of medical education(WFME)
* Association of medical education of Europe(AMEE)
* International Education society (IES, London)
* International education Society(IES)
* European Credit Transfer System (ECTS),etc.

��English Medium 6 Year program ��Lowest Package MCI /WHO Recognized ��Degree ��Ukraine has joined European union in 2008. Degree valid all over world.

: 12th Science / A Level PCB (Physics-Chemistry-Biology) DURATION : 6 Years INTAKE : Sep 1st week
Carrer option after MBBS in UKRAINE

* Students can do Post- Graduation in Europe.
* For higher study student can go to the UK after clearing the PLAB exam.
* Student can clear USMLE rigid flexible pcb exam and go to USA for post- graduation.
* Student can go to USA in Clinical Research Program and settle down with H-1 Visa in Pharma and Research Companies.
* Student can practice in all over Europe after clearing degree validation exams.
* Student can practice in rigid flexible pcb India after MCI Screening exam.
* Student can go to Europe / Australia and America to do various programs in Public Health, Nutrition, Hospital Management and Clinical Data Management and find jobs in Health Industry.
If you have any further questions please mail to us. Only we have limited seats, So please apply now to reserve your seat .
EMAIL: micukr@gmail.com
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/Mbbsmdinukraine

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pcb components - Pomona Electronics - A Global Leader Delivering Ingenious Solutions for Test and Design Applications

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Pomona Electronics - A Global Leader Delivering Ingenious Solutions for Test and Design Applications History of Pomona Electronics Parts:

Pomona Electronics has been around for more than 50 years and the company is a leading supplier of accessories for electronic test instruments that are used for a variety of test and design applications. They are known for being recognized worldwide as being the highest quality, dependability and reliable. The company continues to grow by developing new products for the electronic industry. They have a broad line of connection and test accessories in the world, for applications ranging from engineering research to test labs to field service and plant maintenance. Their latest product the company introduced was the F connector that is an easy three-step installation process: strip the wire: fold back the braid; and push on the F connector without a crimp tool. This type of connector is designed for RG6 or RG59 cables. The "F female PCB Mount" Pomona model 6711 for RG59 or RG6 cables mounts and lock onto the circuit board preventing any rotation of the part.

About Pomona Electronics Parts and Its Product Range:

The product categories they have are: adapters coaxial, adapter RF, banana plugs jacks and hardware, BNC breakouts, boxes, broadcast, cables coaxial & RF, cables low frequency, connector audio, connector RF, digital meters, DMM test leads and probes, grabber test clips, low voltage products, oscilloscope products, patch cords, probe RF, static control, telecom cables & adapters, temperature probes, test clips DIP, test clips IC and test lead holders. The models they have for coaxial adapters are: 1269, 1270, 1296, 1297, 1442, 1452, 1468, 1469, 1794, and 1894. For audio connectors, the company carries the following models: 5110, http://www.rigid-flex-pcb.com/flexible-pcb.htm 5113, and 5117. The 5110 audio connector is a 3-pole (M) in line XLR silver contacts, Nickel, Thermoplastic boost. The 5113 audio connector is a wall/floor mount audio plug, XLR Type 3-31, with 3 sockets. The 5117 audio connector is a wall/floor mount audio plug, XLR type 3-32, with 3 pins.

The subcategories for the RF connectors the company carries are BNC connectors, SMA connectors, SMB connectors, Triax connectors, twinax, type n connectors, F connectors, 50-Ohm BNC straight coaxial plugs, wrench-crimp BNC plugs, TNC style straight RF coaxial plugs, N style straight coaxial RF plugs, RF coaxial jacks, RF coaxial receptacles, MCX connectors, MMCX connectors, TNC connectors, and UHF connectors. For the BNC connectors Pomona carries the following models: 6717, 73042, 73043, 73061, 2447, 2447A, 2451, 2451A , 4488, 4578, 4788, 4979, 4997, 3778, 4159, 4160, 5066, 5068, 5076, 5085, 5148, 5155, 5156, http://www.rigid-flex-pcb.com/ 5157, 5285, 5286, 5307, and 5344. For adapting cables the company carries 7/16 DIN adapter kit, BNC adapters, BNC to SMA, BNC to TNC, 7/16 DIN to type N adapters, SMA adapters, SMA to Type N, TNC to SMA, Type N Adapters, universal adapter kit, F connectors, SMA to SMB, type N to TNC adapter, Type N to UHF adapter, TNC adapters, and UHF adapters. All of their connectors are durably made to the highest quality standards with gold-plated brass center contacts for excellent, long-lasting connections and are backed with complete engineering drawings and support.
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pcb productions for High-Quality Remanufacturing Services Provided for You

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High-Quality Remanufacturing Services Provided for You Quick turnaround and quick conveyances assume an essential part in keeping your plant running easily. Automation Service remakes the unique parts that are production prepared the moment your request is received. Our substantial stock of prepared to-utilize parts permits us to rapidly react to your needs. No matter of the timeline or size of undertaking, you can rely on Automation Service for the right solution and on-time conveyance.

Automation Services completely remakes its items through an exhaustive examination, rebuilding and/or substitution at a segment level before gathering and testing every unit to the most astounding industry guidelines. All Service reproduced control valves and instruments experience a progression of value checks as they go through our re-assembling procedure. No item leaves our plant without an intensive examination and regard by a quality control specialist. Contingent upon the model and state of your control, we can rapidly analyze the issue and give a repair gauge. Automation Service can then either repair the instrument or supply you with a re-made a substitution, contingent upon your needs. Administrations client administration Exceptional Customer Care and Support, whether you have a basic item question, a repair request, or need a vast undertaking quoted, our accentuation is on remarkable client care and support. Our deals and client administration groups are constantly prepared to help you in an opportune and polite way. Offered administrations are executed by our determined specialized specialists who work in close coordination with customers to comprehend their careful needs.

Our experts render this administration to help mechanical automation in operations like programming arrangements and control programming. Remembering set industry standards, we finish the embraced undertakings inside of the gave outline and time span to maintain a strategic distance from any grievance from customer side. In addition, these Plant Automation Services are given at conservative costs to the customers. The processes where equipments are made use of are known as Automation Services. The process is steady, repeatable and unfalteringly quicker than what could be achieved by performing the same manually. Contemporary manufacturing houses are changing their approach of validation and replacing the manual testing process with that of automation, be it Electronic Component, PCB or PCA everything can be resolved to make use of the tools. When an electrician is involved in performing a testing process it is normal that hours will be spent on it and when it is a system intricate like PCA (Printed Circuit Assembly) then more time will be spent over it. But using Automated Equipment the same can be performed within a few minutes Although such validation tools are purpose built, http://www.rigid-flex-pcb.com/flexible-pcb.htm but there is one basic feature which evident and one will find it while using these equipments, one or more are sharing a common Communications bus. Now this could be HPIB or GPIB which are edged with unique test fixtures. The test fixtures however are consisted of Bed-of-Nails or a number of committed border connectors.

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flex pcb manufacturer from Low Volume PCB Assembly - what it entails

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Low Volume PCB Assembly - what it entails There are many approaches to producing electronic circuits and one of the most popular is low volume PCB assembly. As the name suggests, this form of circuit board assembly involves the production of a small quantity of PCB assemblies, and which follows design-for-manufacturing (DFM) and Design-for-testing (DFT) procedures. This form of assembly is normally procured as a turnkey service and it involves parts procurement, PCB fabrication, and the final assembly.

In DFM consideration for low volume PCB assembly the customer sends the requisite documentation (for the circuit board to be created) to the turnkey company, and which in turn reviews its Gerber files for engineering concerns, problems with circuit diagrams and assembly drawings, and BOM (bill of materials). Effective turnkey solution providers always look into ways of lowering the panelizing costs and facilitating the assembly process. A recommended way of doing this is through using the solder mask opening process as it is a high yield rate procedure which is also effective for preventing solder bridging. Part lists then need to be checked against PCB files and a clarification for any differences is made before placing the order for the components. These measures are geared to prevent money wastage and delayed delivery due to non corresponding circuit components.

Shifting focus to the design-for-testing role in low volume board assembly, it should be appreciated that there are a couple of fixture styles, probe models and tester limitations which are involved. Turnkey firms can on reviewing your test procedure offer professional expertise advice on how the test points http://www.rigid-flex-pcb.com/flexible-pcb.htm can best be distributed over the circuit board. Circuit board assembly companies worth their salt should also be ready to fulfill the customer-prescribed troubleshooting procedures requirements, diagnostic tests, and indeed any other associated guidelines for getting the board fully tested for compliance and function.

Experienced circuit board assembly companies normally have in place different ways of how to get low volume PCB assembly jobs done risk-free. Dependable turnkey service firms ordinarily follow a protocol whereby all the http://www.rigid-flex-pcb.com/rigid-flex-board.htm printed circuit boards they create must be electrically-tested and that a few of the assembled boards must be shipped to the client for approval before actual production of the entire batch commences. It has also become a somewhat standard procedure that assembled boards must be inspected using X-ray to assess BGA and the quality of leadless assemblies. These procedures should be adequate to detect and resolve any fabrication problems before shipment.

Low volume PCB assembly jobs do not carry economies of scale but this does not mean that the costs should be exorbitant. Approaches that can be used to address this include waiving NRE and stencil charges for repeat jobs, shopping for parts from major distributors, and choosing quantities with lowest per part prices. These companies also build strong relationships with major component suppliers so as to keep costs competitive without sacrificing quality.
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pcb supplies Inventors - Construct Your own personal Printed Circuit Boards On-line

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Inventors - Build Your own personal Printed Circuit Boards On the web I don't forget as a kid going to Radio Shack and purchasing circuit board etching kits, with copper clad boards and acid for etching and so forth. In these days the circuits have been basic plus the boards a real discomfort. Then along came a wide variety of prototyping systems for creating circuits, wire wrapping, vector boards, and plug-in Proto-Boards. I've utilized them all and much more. The final time I necessary a circuit constructed for attainable commercial production it was quite costly. I required to have a designer design the board, developing gerber files to send for the circuit board home that then created the boards. I don't keep in mind all of the information, but to have just a couple of boards for debugging cost various thousand dollars. Prohibitive cost sensible for any large amount of us portion time electronic engineers. (Study inventors). Imagine my excitement when I identified that you could now style your circuit boards with online tools, push a button, enter your credit card quantity (naturally) and have circuit boards in three days for below $100.00. The cost depends upon a number of elements, including the number of square inches of board and how numerous layers etc. Your boards can have up to 4 layers; have ground planes, and all sorts of other fancy information. I've been employing a service called ExpressPCB. The service is superb and also the PCB design and style application is very easy to find out and use. To get began you register at certainly one of the on the internet board houses including ExpressPCB and download the application they present for you at no expense. The application incorporates a plan for producing the schematic diagrams and a further plan for designing the board itself. The computer software is very easy to discover and use. Many of the components you might most likely need to use are already inside the programs. Things like pots, resistors, capacitors, transistors, IC chips which includes the latest microcontroller chips are included. You simply copy and paste the components towards the schematic and or board applications. If there is certainly a element that they usually do not currently have in their plan, it is possible to easily construct custom components. After you've completed your schematic diagram you link it for the board design system, and when you click on a pin of a element the pins which might be to become connected to that pin are all lit up in blue so you can easily draw the traces in. The traces on the top and bottom in the board are distinct colors producing it simple to differentiate among the traces. The manufacturer incorporates all those beneficial tiny details about what size traces to utilize with distinctive current specifications and what spacing you may need among traces etc. Some board houses will even stuff the boards for you personally...but it expenses. Right after completing your board you are able to get an instant http://www.rigid-flex-pcb.com/ quote with either a http://www.rigid-flex-pcb.com/ 3 day turnaround or maybe a ten day turnaround. The 10 day turnaround is significantly less highly-priced not surprisingly. I've discovered this service to become a godsend. If I require a quick circuit prototyped, I just get around the personal computer and whip up the design, send my file off by way of the web, and 3 days later I've my finished expert searching printed circuit board. What a globe we reside in!
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power pcb-Save Time By Approaching The Right Computer Service

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Save Time By Approaching The Right Computer Service Computer service centers are regular fixtures in cities what with so many of us now relying on these marvel machines to do jobs for us. They're technologically superior, much, much faster and leave a very small room for error. But, this comes at a price and that's the tendency for computers to malfunction or fail.

Unless you're an experienced amateur repair person, most computer problems are better left to the experts. Diagnosing the issue is always a chore because there are just too many potential reasons. Fixing it too is not a task for first-timers as the delicate makeup of these machines means you run the risk of accidentally damaging a component or two.

Most laypeople assume there's a single go-to servicing center that deals with all types of computer repair. That's not the case at all and, in fact, specific jobs require specific skill sets. You'll be told outright if your computer problem can't be fixed at a particular center but even so, you can save time by knowing what type of center to look for.

Data recovery

This is a highly specialized service that involves attempted physical or logical repair of hard disk drives. Physical would entail a shot PCB, misaligned arm and other physical damages. Logical problems cover corrupt data caused by any number of reasons. So if you have a hard drive - internal or external - that's damaged to the point where data is not accessible, take it to a data recovery center.

If you run an office and have a lot of important files stored on the computer, rigid flex always back them up. Hard drive failure is the single biggest IT-related factor that can cause businesses to shut down. Do the same even if you don't run such a business but want to save your favorite movies, rigid flex pcb songs etc. For foolproof safety, backup files on two hard drives and write them to DVDs so you have three-fold security.

Software installation and upgrade

Most software can be installed oneself but if it must be set up over a network or if the program is complex such as with CRM software, professional IT people are who to call. They get things done fast, show you how to install additional modules, how to perform small upgrades etc. They also undertake upgrades which are tough to do or if you just don't feel like handling them.

General maintenance

Every office that relies on computers has need of maintenance services. Unless in-house IT departments exist, the only other option is to outsource the work to a reliable computer maintenance service. This will entail checking and removing viruses, performing upgrades, making sure hardware components are in working order and so on. Basically everything related to computers in an office environment.

Virus removal

This isn't usually left to professionals but if you have malware that's too stubborn to remove or don't know how to give your computer a really good cleaning, you can take the help of a virus removal service. You shouldn't be charged much unless you plan to purchase antivirus software in which case you have your pick of a very long list of programs.

You'll always find a service center to help with computer problems. Your only job is to know which to approach and decide how trusted it is. Enquire from friends and colleagues and keep an eye out for ads.

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pcb usa with 5 Types Of Protein You Should Avoid When Toning Flabby Arms

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5 Types Of Protein You Should Avoid When Toning Flabby Arms Protein is essential for any effective arm toning program. It plays so many important roles in the female body that close attention has to be given to its management. After all, a lack of protein quality and quantity will set back your sexy arm mission by leaps and bounds.

But not all protein is created equal.

Unfortunately, some sources of protein are very bad for you. So without further delay, here are 5 bad types of protein to stay away from when arm toning:

1. Non-wild salmon. Any type of salmon that is farm raised is likely to be loaded with toxins such as PCB's. There is some solid research backing this up. So if your budget permits, stick to wild salmon with the highest fat content.

2. Fried protein. Deep fried food tastes very good, but the taste comes at a cost. Not only are you loading up on fat, http://www.rigid-flex-pcb.com/ but if you inhale the fumes your risk for lung cancer goes up a lot.

3. Blackened protein. Cooking something till the point that it's blackened may taste good, but it's very very bad for you. Consistent research has shown that blackening meats increases cancer rates. So lightly cook or steam your food, but don't overdo it.

4. Red meat with high fat content. Red meat has a bad reputation. But it's not the red meat that's bad for you, it's the saturated fat within the red meat that causes the damage. If possible, http://www.rigid-flex-pcb.com/flexible-pcb.htm stick to grass fed sources of meat. They will be higher in omega-3 fats and lower in saturated fat.

5. Deli slices. Deli cut meat is ultra-convenient and ultra-unhealthy. Unfortunately, the nitrates found in said meats increase rates of cancer. So please stay away from deli cuts no matter how tasty or convenient they may be.

Choosing the right source of protein for getting rid of flabby arms will not only accelerate results but will also maintain your long term health. And getting sexy and lean arms should be a healthy process in both the short-term and long-term. So avoid the above sources of protein!
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prototype pcb machine Project Based Summer Training In Embedded System VLSI Robotics MATLAB LabVIEW PCB designing

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Project Based Summer Training In Embedded System VLSI Robotics MATLAB LabVIEW PCB designing Priganik Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is an efficient Electronics Training and Development company, working towards the best career prospect of the growing engineers.

Priganik provides 3/6 Months 4/6 Weeks Project Based Industrial Training to All B.E/B.Tech students on self-support basis. We have tide- up with various Engineering colleges in the form of Project/Industrial/In-House Training to provide the high-end training and development program

PRIGANIK offers a wide spectrum of technical courses and application courses designed to suit every skill level, as well as the ability to consult directly with organizations to tailor made learning plans for any number of employees. Our products and services have a wide appeal and are applicable to those in varied positions including embedded design engineer, embedded developer, systems architects, test engineers, software developers, help desk staff, IT managers, senior executives, administrative assistants and business professionals.

PRIGANIK's leading IT-Education provider, equips learners with actionable knowledge, getting the right learning to the right people at the right time With PRIGANIK, you can accelerate and certify the skills of a globally dispersed staff with standardized course materials through every stage of the IT learning curve.

PRIGANIK's services:
PRIGANIK is into three major segments:
Project Based: - We provide project based training on various latest and upcoming technologies like Embedded System, Advance Embedded Systems (PIC, ARM, AVR), VLSI-Design & Verification, Robotics, VHDL, Verilog-HDL, Systems Verilog (HVL), Analog Circuit Designing(Spice Simulation), MSP430, PCB Designing, Ethical Hacking, Lab-View, MATLAB, Cyber Security, etc.
Corporate Training: - At PRIGANIK, we provide corporate education and custom-content training solutions to some of the India's largest private and public sector organizations. We serve our clients in various sectors such as Embedded Systems, VLSI-Design & Verification, information technology, education, professional services etc.

We have created embedded based products and web based solutions for many different types of businesses. Some examples of the embedded based products developed by us are Dhanbad Instruments pvt. ltd.
PRIGANIK is a global consulting and technology services company specializing in industry-specific solutions, strategic outsourcing and integration services. Our consultancy and manpower supply services are an added advantage for our students.

PRIGANIK's Training packages:
PRIGANIK is specialized in imparting different types of training according to the needs of the Institute and students, namely:
Students undergo training on latest technologies at college campus (onsite) or at PRIGANIK Campus (offsite). Students are given real time exposure on LIVE Project that helps them gain in-depth knowledge of the technology.
Students in final year are worried about placement during 6-months training. Our Project Based Training Program is a process that starts with training based on live project and moves along the path of preparing the trainees for Interviews with the help of Industry Experts (Technical Interviews).
PRIGANIK also specializes in providing customized programs on various technologies, as per the requirement of the students/management or college.
The 6 Months Project Based Industrial Training is an exhaustive program on any of the chosen technology that equips the students with the in-depth knowledge of that technology with the hands on experience while working on the Live Projects. These programs are actually a golden opportunity for the students to learn some technologies which are not a part of their curriculum, which in turn catalyzes the smooth transition from college to workplace.
PRIGANIK specializes in providing training on various technologies namely:
*Embedded Systems
*Advance Embedded Systems (PIC, ARM, rigid flex board AVR)
*VLSI-Design & Verification
*Systems Verilog (HVL)
*Analog Circuit Designing (Spice Simulation)
*PCB Designing
*Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security

The training has following distinctive features:
* Qualified & Certified Industry Professionals as Trainers/Faculty
* Industry Collaboration & Awareness
* Technical Panel from Industry in Different Domains
* Upgraded Course Curriculum
* Live Projects
* Training Certificates and Project Letter
* State of Art Infrastructure with well-equipped labs
* One year membership card (for project and technical assistance)

In case of further queries, please feel free to contact us:

Priganik Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
#20, Rishi Colony, Gatta,
Tonk Road, Jaipur (Raj)-302015
0141-2708729, 9461982003 / 4 / 5, 8058697556, Flexible PCB 9509042519
EMAIL: info@priganik.com
WEBSITE: www.priganik.com

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pcb milling machine - Isolation Transformer Suppliers

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Isolation Transformer Suppliers Transformers were first invented in the year 1831 by a scientist named Faraday. This was invented to transfer current or energy easily from one circuit to another. These are basically electrical instrument used to transfer electricity from one point to another without any interruption in the middle. Today, they are available in various models and you can buy them depending on your need, after reading the specifications mentioned.

The transformers not just transfer the current but also help in keeping a check on voltage fluctuation which can be dangerous and can cause accidents or damage home appliances. This is the reason that today the demand for transformer both industrial and home versions are quite high. Some of the common varieties of transformers that you might come across when buying them are: power transformers, control transformers, auto transformers, isolation transformers, flex pcb PCB mountable transformers, High voltage transformers, rigid flex pcb AC reactors etc.

Isolation transformers are used to supply electricity to different equipments. It avoids the need of coupling which is needed in most of the transformers which are connected to more circuits. These transformers also make little noise thus they are used in several applications. You can use this transformer in many servicing and testing applications.

You can use these transformers for supplying electricity to many sensitive appliances which includes devices in laboratory and computers. They are also best to be used in telecommunication sector. They are the most inexpensive transformers and you can purchase them from any online store to save money and time.

If you plan to purchase online then it is important that you do proper research regarding its quality. Usually renowned companies having their online existence do not compromise on quality. But you must always compare the price offered by different companies with its quality and then purchase the best one.

Some companies provide extra benefit to their customers. This can be in form of discount or any other extra service like free delivery or installation. Enquire and collect all these information when doing research. If you have further queries then you must not hesitate to ask the experts of the company. Doing this is easy, just collect the email id given in the website and then write to them. You can also call them if needed for any kind of instant help and suggestions.

If you are confused in selecting the right isolation transformer then take experts help. The companies have experts who will listen and help you select the right one after understanding your need.

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pcb manufacturer in india Varieties and applications of printed circuit board

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Varieties and applications of printed circuit board An electronic circuitry designed on non-conductive sheet of plastic, attaching electronic components on their surface and creating communication pathways among those components collaboratively form a Printed Circuit Board.
Printed circuit boards come in three different varieties:
*In Single-sided PCBs conductive connections are etched only on one side of the non-conductive substrate. The bottom side of the PCB that contains cooper tracks to form interconnections between different elements is called solder side. The other side where electronic parts are mounded is known as component side.
*In Double-sided PCBs wiring patterns are etched on both sides of the non-conductive substrate. In order words, the connecting pathways are available on, both solder and component side of the board. These circuits have higher connection and component density than that of single-sided boards.
*In multilayer PCBs, more than two printed circuit boards are http://www.rigid-flex-pcb.com/flexible-pcb.htm used. These boards are separated from each other http://www.rigid-flex-pcb.com/ by placing a thin sheet of Pre-preg material between each of the layer. Multilayer PCBs are used when it requires high density of connections to form the circuit.
There are numerous electronic manufacturing services are available that are working on the well-formation of printed circuit boards used in various application areas.
Printed Circuit Boards are the integral part of todays' electronic industry. They are the basic building blocks used in formation of various electronic products such as:
*End-user electronic products: It includes the products that we used in our daily lives such as cable TV converter box, digital wrist watch, calculator, microwave oven, CD player, home alarm systems, toys that are based upon remote control systems, personal computers, coffee machines, video games, cellular telephones, Infrared detectors and others.
*They are also a vital part of today's fat paced telecommunications gadgets such as Cell Telephone Relay Stations, two-way Walkie-Talkies, fire/police/rescue radios, aircraft radios and others.
*The electronics used in military such as night vision goggles, fire control circuits, missile guidance systems, systems used for satellite navigation etc. are rely on well-fabricated printed circuit boards.
*Automotive industry incorporate the PCBs in various electronic gadgets such as fuel air mixture, dash instrumentation, entertainment accessories, fuel injection, and others.
*PCBs exhibit their high usage for the formation of electronic devices used in medical industry such as heart rate monitors, machines used for breathing, equipment used for dialysis, automated medicine dispensing equipment, in laser based teeth whitening devices, machine LASIX used for optical surgery, X-ray machines, and other scanning machines like CAT, MRI etc.
*Printed circuit boards provide functioning to the electronics used for instrumentation such as weather radar , weather related telemetry, for electricity and temperature measuring machines like Ohm meter, temperature meter, digital to analogue power inverters, spectrum analyzers, strain gauges, CCD telescopes, and more.
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pcb thickness and The Role of JTAG Debug Tutorials

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The Role of JTAG Debug Tutorials Even if you're handy with computers, you may find some applications difficult to work with. And you need tutorials to use those applications optimally and efficiently. This is true not only for the computer industry, but also for most of the industries. Boundary scan, also referred as JTAG boundary, is such a method that requires tutorials. Before we dig deeper, we should understand what boundary scan actually is.

JTAG boundary scan is a method that is employed to test modern printed circuit boards(PCBs) after assembly. Boundary scan checks and tells if each device is correctly inserted and soldered onto the PCB.

These days, a wide range of devices incorporates boundary scan technology, which includes ASICs, CPLDs, FPGAs, bus logic, microprocessors, PHYs, http://www.rigid-flex-pcb.com/ SERDES, telecom encoders, and bridges (PCI/PCIe). A number of device manufacturers use boundary-scan technology are Analog Devices, NXP, Intel, ARM, PLX, TI, Freescale, ST, Actel, Renesas, Xilinx, Broadcom, Lattice among others.

All boundary scan compatible devices come with four dedicated test access port (TAP) signals: TCK (Test Clock), TMS (Test Mode Select), TDI (Test Data In), TDO (Test Data Out), http://www.rigid-flex-pcb.com/ TRST (Test Logic Reset) (optional). In order to simplify the test infrastructure within a PCB, it is common to connect the devices in a serial (daisy chain) formation so that TDO of the first device connects to the next device's TDI and so on to form a so-called scan chain. In order to activate the boundary-scan logic, you should simply pulse TCK while toggling TMS as specified in the TAP state machine map. Boundary-scan logic controls the device's pins while isolating the primary core functions of the device once activated.

Test engineers need results fasts. Many companies offer products and services that are designed to offer exceptional ease-of-use when preparing for boundary-scan tests and device in-system programming applications. If you are a novice to JTAG boundary scan or you have lost a touch of tools for a while, you can use a tutorial for JTAG debugging. Many companies offer tutorials for the same. So, it will not be a difficult task to find JTAG debug tutorials in the US. These tutorials will help you:
●Learn how to install and run onTAP
●Learn how to set up and run a test
●Learn the key features and benefits, and how to make the most of them
●Learn how to make your boundary scan experience better and easier
For more detail about JTAG debug tutorials, you can visit the websites of the companies working in this segment.

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cheapest pcb prototyping Do You may need a PCB Prototype When Developing Printed Circuit Boards?

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Do You may need a PCB Prototype When Generating Printed Circuit Boards? The PCB prototype is usually a key role inside the design and style and creation of printed circuit boards. The design and style of a PCB is typically determined by a vague set of needs. It truly is designed to define the functionality essential for mechanical and electrical merchandise. The prototype could be the proving ground for these requirements. The designer incorporates all of the functionality that could match into a board. At times the needs are substantial along with the board may well be each large and incredibly complicated. Numerous points are needed for the design and style to produce it for the prototype stage. Functionality and reliability are at the forefront. The amount of layers needed is determined by the complexity in the requirements. Some boards are only two layers, but in detailed applications they might attain more than 32-layers. Size can also be important. The board ought to match into the technique it is getting developed for. The tolerances utilized in most PCB style are towards the thousandths of an inch, creating every single layer and each copper trace vital. They are designed beneath particularly tight tolerances and this integrity has to be checked and re-checked for accuracy. Signals should be clean and voltage ought to match the application. Elements added for the surface have to also meet the tight tolerances. The initial board that is developed is referred to as the prototype. This can variety in quantity from one particular to hundreds based around the amount of testing performed. The PCB prototype undergoes extreme scrutiny. Anything must be checked during the manufacturing process. Each of the traces and leads are re-measured to ensure thickness prior to the board is pressed. The holes and vias are drilled utilizing incredibly sophisticated gear and they have to be pre programmed for each board. When the components are added for the surface, again the electrical signals are tested and the tolerances are checked. As soon as manufacturing has created the board to the specifications, the prototype is then tested and retested. Every single requirement in the board has to be scrutinized for effectiveness and reliability. The board is tested independently to make sure functionality prior to being integrated in to the atmosphere it can be created for. Each step is recorded and documented. Any failures must be addressed entirely and in some situations a new prototype with modifications will really need to be built. The prototype remains beneath close scrutiny till it's performing as needed.
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best pcb manufacturer-Department Of Electronics & Communication Engineering

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Department Of Electronics & Communication Engineering The University is divided into different departments like Institute of Engineering & Technology, Institute of Business Management, Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and Institute of Applied Science & Humanities. Each department offers undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs. Department of Electronics & Communication is managed under the Institute of Engineering & Technology at GLA.

Electronics & Communication at GLA is famous in and round Uttar Pradesh. The study courses of Engineering & Technology are offered at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels. Along with B Tech and M Tech in Electronics & Engineering, the institute also offers Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering to cater to the ever challenging needs of the students. The Electronics Engineering Department offers a�six semester�course in Electronics Engineering that leads to a diploma in Electronics Engineering.�The course curriculum is updated on a regular basis in lines with the developments in different areas of Electronics & Engineering. The course focuses on topics such as solid state electronics and integrated electronics, tele-communications, control & automation and VSLI.

GLA University is rich in its infrastructure. It is equipped with a huge campus, residential facility, faculty residence, lecture theatres, conference halls, libraries, laboratories, sports facility, gym, cafeteria and a fleet of buses for the convenience of the students. The Students from Engineering & Electronics have access to a well equipped laboratory in which students are trained. Students are made to work with equipments like Storage CRO, Microwave Test Bench, Satellite Receive System, Function Generators, Regulated Power Supplies, Frequency Counters, Color TV Trainer Kit, Microprocessor Kit etc. Basic Electronics Lab, Advanced Communication Lab, Electronic Workshop & PCB Lab, Digital Electronics and Instrumentation Lab are the electronics and communication laboratories where students work.

The�Students are groomed�in such a way that they can get placed in reputed organizations as well as pursue higher studies in good institutions, as the case may be. To achieve the same experts from various areas are invited to have interaction with the students. The department also arranges field http://www.rigid-flex-pcb.com/ visits for the students to see practices in Industry and get acquainted to real life work scenarios. Regular personality development programmes�are taken by experts from industry and academia so that the overall personality of the students gets attuned with the latest developments.

The strength of the Electronics & Communication Engineering Department lies in its knowledgeable and dedicated faculty. The teachers provide constant guidance and support to the students, which are important for their development and increases the overall productivity of the department at GLA.
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