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this is a blog about al kinds of fashion. shoes, dresses, accesories.

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your style, or not?

Well, this is definitely my style. I'm really into vintage lately

Posted: 19:12, 22/8/2011
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little black (fantastic) dress

I'm totally in love with this dress! I really love the combination with the purse, but I think the shoes should be a little more daring. I'ts a gorgeous dress but I think that most of us extualy do need some more guts to wear this. (at least, I do)

Posted: 18:58, 22/8/2011
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skirt or dress?

I like the fact that I don't really know if I'ts a dress, or a skirt with a top. I really like the colours.

Posted: 18:57, 22/8/2011
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little red dress

I love this dress! I like the combination with the tights. This dress and tights are really my style.

Posted: 18:56, 22/8/2011
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