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Face life

Face life

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Agony and salt

A master worker complains about this to complain to the apprentice that feels very boring in that ceaselessly, then sent the apprentice to fetch some salt to come back one morning.

After the apprentice fetches the salt back very unwillingly, the master worker lets the apprentice pour the salt into water cup to drink down, then ask him how taste is.

The apprentice has vomited, say: "Very bitter. "

The master worker lets apprentices take some salt and oneself along on the lakeside smiling.

They have not spoken on the way.

After coming to the lakeside, the master worker lets apprentices spread the salt into lake water, then say to the apprentice: "You drink some lake water now. "

The apprentice has drunk a lake water. The master worker asks: "What taste is there? "

The apprentice answers: "It is very cool. "

The master worker asks: "Taste saline taste? "

The apprentice says: "No. "

Then, the master worker sits by this apprentice that always likes blaming Heaven and man, say shaking hands with him: "Pain in life has certain amounts of like the salt, it can not be little either to be can not be much. We bear the intensity of determining the agony of size of the volume of the agony. When you feel painful, enlarge some your volume born, not a glass of water, is a lake. "

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It is simple and complicated

This world is actually very simple, just the heart is very complicated.

In fact the heart is very simple too, just the distribution of interests is very complicated.

Desk have one apple, people care the apple how much does it have, mind, assign to how much own hands have. There is a stand thing in the unit, people do not care how much thing has this stand, but mind how much oneself has done more.

The interpersonal relation is very simple, very complicated because of the distribution of interests to deceive each other, just scheme against. Numerous and complicated this world actually too very simple, because of human emotion being very much complicated to have book sword kindness hatred, just have it before gathering jointly scatteredly.

Life simple, life several lines of long paper, have a sparse one without worldly desires; It is a thin moon in the life artistic conception, there is cool tranquility.

The complicatedness in life, splash the ink marks on the rice paper of life, is playing up the subtlety and worldly-wise; Sound in life squeak Chinese fiddle of creak of depths, wave, go noisy and perplexed.

World is great and beautiful, have in the simple place; There is great weariness in life, hide in the complicated place. Life have great temperament and interest often, will certainly live very simple day; The life is often great and joyful, must be that the soul is getting pure and uncomplicated.

People, simple and happy, but there are very few happy people; Complicated and painful, painful people bustling with activity. This realistic problem reflected is: More person, want, live, appear, come difficult briefly, want, live, appear complicated to it comes to be but very much simple.

This world, is packed with adjustment and distribution of interests every day. People, various complicated about mood, control every day. Development in science and technology till now, we utilize it can accomplish everything nearly, for example may mount the moon accurately ing, can fraction bad weather forecast for one week, can't know what kind of mood does it will have quarter.

After all, what science and technology is controlled is objective, is the reason; And people, is subjective perceptual animals. Subjective and perceptual, it is the least easy to fathom and control.

Finally look at at one glance, seem very simple. One century-old ancient well, transparent deep and serene, can also in order to look at finally, this mouth ancient well, rather complicated but. People are the same too. Sometimes, one can in order to look at finally at one glance, because he very much simple, not deep enough, but he is too pure. One, have it to pure soul, it is originally that a kind of one that shook heart soul is deep. The such one is simple, let people revere.

Some people's extravagant and baseless talk, seem very complicated, very profound. In fact, this kind of depth, is the depth of the subtlety, but not the depth of soul. This kind of complicatedness, is the interlocking of dangerous human nature, but not the graceful and intelligent one is superposed.

In life, talk about the end, it is so simple that there are only two words of life and death, but because there is the drifting along of destiny, because there is changes in temperature of this world, the simple course becomes of flowing rhythm, numerous and complicated and complicated.

It is simple, it is this gesture beautiful of the world that the life leaves; And complicated, it is the desolate dreamland that the life can't be salvaged forever.

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The love is the sand

A child who will marry soon, has asked her mother a small problem: "Mum, how should I hold the love after marriage? "

"Silly child, how could the love be held? " Mother's surprised way.

"Why can't that love be held? " The girl questions wondering.

Mother has listened to the girl's culture, have smiled, then squat slowly in tender feeling, a handful of sand since holding on the ground, in front of sending to the daughter. The girl finds that holds sand in mother's hands, satisfactory, there is not a little loss, it is unrestrained that there is no any. Whom mother exert oneself hold both hands with a firm grip then, at once from to mean, sew one rush down, set, get off mother sand. When mother opened hands again, there is not much left that held sand originally, its form of reunioning has already been pressed flatly and flatly too, do not have aesthetic feeling at all.

The girl looks at the sand in mother's hand, comprehend the place and nod.

Love just like sand, needn't go, hold sedulously, want, hold originally, it is easy to lose instead, lose tolerance and understanding that should keep between each other, the love will be turned into a form which does not have aesthetic feeling at all too.

Everybody hopes that can have happy love forever oneself, go to school and treat one's own love with feeling Huailai of a handful of sand, treasure carefully, hold carefully!

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