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Five Fashionable Hairstyles Bring the Sweet Feelings to Summer

Posted at 10:33 on 22/6/2009

    Recently the movie “Lurk” has made the beautiful star Yaochen who has a big mouth famous again. The wise and brave heroine Cuiping who have a deep flavor of countryside is displayed to have an image of bamboo in her mind. The successful showing of the play “Du Lala” turns Yaochen into the representative of fashionable female in career area. There is no doubt she has sprung into the first line of famous stars. Her character of happiness and image of health are affected by most of the fans of movie. After several movies, Yaochen has been covered a flat of shadow as ”countrywoman”. In fact, the Yaochen in real life is very fashionable.

     1.Neat bang and long hair (chi hair straightener )

Neat bang and long hair has been popular for many seasons. It is still not out of date at this time. The black neat bang and long hair shows great image rich in feel

2. To wind the hair which worn in a bun or coil around by hairpiece (chi hair tools)

Use the false bob of bowknot style, wind the hair worn around, and dress up the suit of skirt. It is an sculpt of strong Korean style.

3. The straight hair and hair spray sway lightly (chi flat irons )

 How pretty the head of straight hair is. Yaochen protects her hair in a praised way. The feeling of making the hair flying and dancing is really good.

 4. The hairstylel of holding up the bang, due to which beauty is used to stay at home (www.mytopchi.com)

It is common to see the hairstyle which is used for the beauty to stay at home in the korean movies. You just need to have the long hair, and hold up your bang, then the style is finished. It is simple, fast, neat and cleanlily

5. The bang of long straight hair like returning to the ancients (chi hair straightener )

 It is not easy to change the long straight hair a lot. However, it is very worthy of using the bang for reference, and the method is to make the bang shows people’s feeling of purity by returning its style to the ancients.

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