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iPhone 5S: the Most Forward-Thinking iPhone14/7/2015

The iPhone 5S LCD screen didn't get bigger, and the design hasn’t changed. Apple’s mid-cycle S updates are always about the little things: faster internals, a better camera, more memory. But this year little things have turned into big things: there’s upgraded 64-bit A7 processor and a hidden fingerprint reader, a better camera and a much-improved new flash. Add those to the new, wholly redesigned iOS 7 software, and Apple believes it has a phone that’s much more than just a refresh. For $199 plus a two-year contract, with small-size iPhone 5S LCD, the 5S is Apple at its swaggering best, believing it can win the spec-sheet arms race while still offering a device anyone and everyone can use.
The iPhone 5S isn’t just supposed to be “the most amazing iPhone yet.” It’s not “the thinnest and lightest iPhone ever.” No, Apple says the 5S is “the most forward-thinking iPhone yet” and “the best smartphone in the world.”
But can better specs really make a better phone, despite what Apple's told us all these years? Is this forward-thinking phone the right phone for right now? Get high-quality iPhone replacement parts on Flashtech.


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Apple is preparing to offer in-store repairs service for customers27/6/2015

Apple is preparing to offer in-store hardware iPhone repairs service for its latest iPhone handsets. The source say Apple stores may begin to replace several parts of the iPhone 5S lcd and iPhone 5C handsets on site, which means that Apple will no longer need to fully replace iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C units as whole.

It is rumored that Apple will be providing its stores with special machinery to replace the touchscreens on both the 5S and 5C. the machines will be used specifically to calibrate the displays. Apple will soon be able to replace volume buttons, vibrating motor, rear-camera, and speaker system. Although the Touch-ID home button of the iPhone 5S will be excluded for swapping. And as long as damage is under AppleCare warranty, the repair will be free of charge and owners of the phone could be able to wait in store while their handsets are being fixed. If the iPhone is not under warranty, individual fees will be charged for each replacement. A battery replacement would cost $79, a new iPhone 5C Home button will cost $29, and $149 for a new screen (considerably much cheaper that to spend hundreds dollars required to completely replacing a handset with a damaged/cracked screen).

The iPhone repairs like iphone 5c screen replacement inside Apple stores typically takes between 30 minutes to 1 hour, but that amount of time may be considered short in comparison to the amount of time needed for syncing, backing up, and replacing content on a brand new replacement handset.

Apple has already been conducting in-store display replacements and iPhone repairs with the iPhone 5 earlier this year. An aside from the advantage of customers saving time and money when their devices breaks, Apple will also be saved from producing iPhone replacements and handling of the entire replacement process. Sources say that the iPhone replacement parts, new iPhone screen calibration machines, and training manuals for repairs have already begun arriving at some Apple stores.

If it were true, Apple in-store iPhone repairs is good news for Apple consumers prone to breaking their phones. But if it isn’t, there are always awesome repair outlets available with affordable fees and speedy processes like Flashtechllc.


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Is this iPhone 6 rumors true?19/6/2015

Owning to the popularity of Apple recently years, everyone puts eyes on the iPhone 6 following the iPhone 5S. Now a set of iPhone 6 images and rumors depicting what could be a prototype of the next-generation iPhone from an anonymous Twitter user earlier today were spreading crazily.

iPhone 6 Rumors

Just like this rumor picture, iPhone 6 will be bigger, thinner and lighter. A 4.7” LCD screen maybe bigger but with the same width, which means the space between the iPhone 6 LCD screen and support frame will be smaller like iPad Air and the device in the images is indeed thinner, applying a curved-edge design much like the existing iPod touch, the iPad mini, and the iPad Air.

Is this iPhone 6 rumors true?

We can find several flaws after studying the iPhone created by Steve Jobs to push to flight of these rumors. Let me explain to you clearly.


1. Apple always tries to be responsible for every customer. So the logo in the picture (which marked by red 1) will be printed after the products have been ensured to install the motherboard.

2. This kind of Bar Code (which marked by red 2) will never ever be used by Flashtechllc in iPhones, its too suck.

3. This is where (which marked by red 3) should be printed on the QR code and serial number. But you can find there is none on the picture.

iPhone 6

4. If the back cover of iPhone 6 inherits the metal material from iPhone 5S lcd, it must be not a whole piece. Because the full metal back cover will seal the mobile phone perfectly and block the signal makes you phone can’t work.And I supposed that back cover may be for next generation iPod Touch (iPod Touch 6).
5.The last but not the least, for iPhone, it’s impossible to create iPhone 6 that up-down asymmetry. Through the above analysis, we seem to have got the iphone original 6, and now we have to do is wait for it to appear real.

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iphone 5c lcd replacement instead of buying a new one15/6/2015
You may be familiar with the phrase í░Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.í▒ when you have a cracked iphone What you may not realize is that this waste management mantra is ordered by benefit to the environment. Repairing your damaged device like iPhone 5C lcd and other apple devices is the most environmentally conscious choice because it reduces the overall waste ending up in our landfills. Recycling has become a widespread household standard. More than 94% of American households realize that recycling is better for the environment and more than 80% participate in a recycling program.1 However, as this Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) statement points out, preventing waste in the first place (via repair and reuse) is preferable to any waste management option, including recycling: We strongly support keeping used electronics out of landfills, to recover materials and reduce the environmental impacts and energy demands from mining and manufacturing. Electronics are made from valuable resources, such as precious metals, copper and engineered plastics, all of which require considerable energy to process and manufacture. For your computer, laptop or smart phone, consider repairing and let your iphone 5c lcd replacement instead of buying a brand new product
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Top Reasons Lead a Cracked Front Glass Screen10/6/2015

Are you iPhone 5C LCD accidentally break the front glass screen appears, and the need to replace the front glass replacement screen or LCD screen it? You need a iPhone5C glass repair or replacement LCD monitor? Flashtechllc Repairs have been fixed in iPhone5C and other devices screen in quite some time, we have a serious reputation for quality and customer service. We provide 24-hour e-mail service, you can also visit a local service in our shop. We can usually repair and ship your iPhone5C same day we received! You can send us your mobile phone or visit our website to learn how to make iphone 5c screen replacement by yourself.
Here are some cases you may appear in the daily life of
Top 5 reasons, iPhone5C on a broken front glass screen:
Discard your iPhone5C and cracked glass
IPhone5C and sit on your front glass was shattered
My iPhone5C fell on top of my car and the screen is broken.
When iPhone5C out of the car, fell off my lap and shattered. ..

Although as a web-largest mobile phone service providers, but we still want your phone do not appear above case


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The importance of a flexible extension cable to the phone5/6/2015

Our mobile phone LCD screen digitizer assembly and testing often used flexible extension cable, then what is the flexible extension cable, why should I use them?

As its name indicates, the flexible extension cable, only extend the length of the logic board from the phone Samsung Galaxy S5 LCD screen assembly. On the surface, we do not need these flexible extensions to get the repair is complete. However, they can help shave time off certain maintenance tasks, and to prevent the consumption of expensive parts, may increase over time.

These cables are currently being made as iPhone4,4S for the iPhone and Android operating system's "flagship" model, S4,S5, and S3, S4, and Note II models.

When using Flex extension cable?

When each service technician should use them, they received LCD and samsung replacement parts makers. In this setting, they are mainly used to test the digitizer and LCD display.
When you sell broken, damaged or cracked Samsung replacement parts cash recovery.
Those who use the samsung's LCD screen, or the logic board test equipment should use a flexible extension.

Now probably understand the importance of our flexible extension cable to the phone it right, greatly reduce the chances of tearing the flex ribbon.


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iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S5:who win1/6/2015

As iPhone 6 LCD biggest rival Samsung Galaxy S5 was released to win most of the market, under the strong momentum it is the perfect support for configuration data, with the view
Now, the Galaxy S5 is not "flat mobile phone" itself, at least not compared to other Samsung devices. At the same time, the device actually more closely stacked up Apple's two new iPhone larger relative to 4.7 inches of the iPhone 6.

So, what these two super smart phone is?

Gadget component supply retailers Flashtechllc company established in his blog a detailed comparison of a nice, show exactly how Apple's new iPhone 6 stacks up against the Samsung Galaxy S5 lcd. The S5 launched several months ago 6 has not even been released it is that these two devices actually line up very close to the paper.

Apple iPhone 6 there are advantages of scale compared with 5.5 inches display, 5.1-inch screen Galaxy S5, but Samsung's smart phone using the same full HD resolution, so it packs 432 pixels per inch compared to, 402 ppi The pixel density of iPhone 6 .

The above are some basic problems occur Iphone 5c, if you have other questions you can contact us, we will give you detailed answers, and we also sell high-quality Apple replacement parts for your choice

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How to prevent damage to the screen25/5/2015

Are you not going to be replaced frequently on iphone 5c screen replacement.
Have you ever wondered just what makes your phone’s glass crack, shatter and break? Maybe you have noticed that all cracks, drops and broken screens are not created equal. In this video, Flashtechllc Learn will delve into the of what gets your screens cracking!

Chances are, if you don’t have a broken screen, then you know (or have known) someone with this issue. Mixed in with these horrifying tales of shattered screens and distorted displays are the tales of phones dropped, yet not broken. So, what gives? Things such as drop height, drop surface, and the angle of impact are all determining factors in whether or not the screen on your iphone 5c lcd will break.


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Customized Iphone 5c Front Screen 19/5/2015

We give you iPhone 5C phone screen and LCD components before adding customized by experiment inside our Colour Lab for the iPhone 5c.

You can select to Colour Lab customise just the front screen or just the back housing or you can select to Colour Lab both your front screen and back housing.

The front screen is a replacement screen assembly which fixes a broken screen at the same time as changing the colour.

If you are a previous Colour Lab customer and would like your iPhone 5c lcd front screen customised please contact us.

You can create, share and order your own Colour Lab customisation from our iPhone 5c Colour Lab customisation page.

If you have an iPhone 5S we are working on the front screen customisation but it will be a while yet! You can still Colour Lab your iPhone 5S back housing by visiting our iPhone 5S Colour Lab customisation page.

Interested by our Colour Lab but want to see what people that have used the service think? Check out our website to find.

If you have heart, this customized service, our curiosity Apple replacement parts, we will give you field demonstrations by video

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Properly Identify OEM vs Non-OEM 5/5c/5s5/5/2015

Knowing how to properly identify OEM and Non-OEM LCD screens is just one of the methods every cell phone repair shop should be auditing to ensure their not being taken advantage of by their LCD screen recycler.

Yet, after 2+ years it still seems to be an area that has many mixed methods and varying identification methods.

To be honest, the fault should be placed on LCD buyback companies for not educating their clients on their exact internal identification methods. It should be our responsibility to provide this information upfront to prevent any negative experiences later on down the road. If the information isn’t provided upfront, repair shops should ask.

In fact, it’s more likely that a negative experience happens because common knowledge isn’t common sense between buyer and seller rather than one trying to take advantage of another.

With that said, there ARE dozens of obvious and not-so-obvious ways to distinguish OEM and Non-OEM iphone 5c lcd yet we try to instill two main concepts; simplicity and accuracy.

iPhone 5/5c/5s Original vs Non-Original

For iPhone 5/5c/5s we also use just one main rule:

A Green ring where the camera holder is located = Original LCD
If the camera ring isn’t green = Non-Original.
Keeping it Simple
Other methods can be used to identify OEM or Non-OEM condition but require a lot more effort to get to the same result that these 2 single rules will immediately identify 98%+ of the time. No one ever complains about a ~2% difference. A mix of all the other methods will result in differences between OEM and Non-OEM iphone 5c lcd replacement .

With respect to your time, let’s keep it simple and accurate.

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