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Help the hands

Help the hands

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Enlightenment of the flower

Posted at 05:57, 10/12/2009

1 . A flower is bought to sell to tell me, it is nearly that all white flowers are very fragrant, is that the flower with gorgeous color is scarce and fragrant, his conclusion is: People are the same too, the more the more simple and more simple person, there is inherent fragrance.

2 . A flower is bought to sell to tell me, the cordate telosma is actually very fragrant too in the daytime, but seldom smell and get, his conclusion is: Because people's heart floated very much in the daytime, can't smell the fragrance of the cordate telosma. If the heart of a person's daytime is very calm, will find cordate telosma, sweet-scented osmanthus, seven li are fragrant, even scorching noon fragrant.

3 . A flower is bought to sell to tell me, must choose those in full bloom when buying the lotus flower in early morning, the conclusion is: It is that the lotus flower opens the best time in the morning, if a lotus flower is not in bloom in the morning, perhaps not open at noon and in the evening. It is the same that we see people, one had no ambition in youth, the middle age or old age is more difficult to be aspiring.

4 . A flower is bought to sell to tell me, it is that an expensive flower is the apter to wither, that is for explaining to the person who buys the flower: Should treasure the youth, because the youth is the most famous and precious flower, aptest to wither.

5 . Every rose has a thorn, just as everyone's personality, all have component which you can't tolerate. Cherish one rose, must make great efforts, eliminate thorn of it, how can only be studied wounded it, in addition, how to allow one's own person of the sad love.

In fact,
Life is just like the onion,
One for one slice is shelled and opened,
Always one slice will let us shed tears.

Five keys in life

Posted at 05:56, 10/12/2009

In May of 2001, such a topic happened in the admission examination in Maddison middle school of Nevada state of U.S.A.: Bill have 5 lockable drawer at the desk of Gates, stick to wealth, interest, happiness, honor, succeed in 5 labels separately; Gates always only takes a key, and a 4 other locks are in the drawer, could you tell me which key Gates takes? In which one or which drawers are 4 other locks?

A mainland student who just migrated to U.S.A., it happened that caught up with this examination, saw it after this topic, flurried trick, because he does not know whether it is finally Chinese question or one mathematics question. The examination is over, he goes to ask his guarantor - --A director of this school. The director tells him, that is that a intelligence tests the question, the content is not on the books, have model answer, everybody can answer according to one's own understanding freedom, but the teacher has the right for a mark according to his view.

Continent students are 5 points on 9 points of questions. The teacher thinks, he has not answered a word, has proved at least he is honest, should be given over half of the marks according to this. What let him be unable to understand is, his deskmate answers this topic, but only get 1 scores. The deskmate's answer is, what Gates took is the key on wealth drawer, other keys are all locked in this drawer.

Later, this question passed E - M a i l is sent back to our country. This student says to classmates, now I have already known which key Gates brings in the mail, every one that answers this key, all get the definite and appreciation of this big rich and powerful people, whether you would like to test it, maybe will also receive some inspiration from it.

How many kinds of answers the classmates provide on earth, we are unable to find out. However, it is said that a clever classmate has mounted American Maddison's webpage of the middle school, he has sent out the letter in reply that Bill and Gates gave on this webpage to this school. Writing a word in this way on the letters: On the things that you are most interested in, the secret of your life is being hidden.

Desperate and living again

Posted at 05:51, 10/12/2009

The friend says, he is planning to write one about novel which robs the bank, the story will be very absurd.

"Why not write the love story? I want to see you writing the love story! " I say.

"I will not believe the love! How to write the love novel? The love is desperate. " He says.

"It is very good! You are suitable for writing the love novel now. " I say.

All of us know, a lot of first-class smiling at the craftsman is that one is very serious privately, even have a few dull persons. Perhaps they do not think life is interesting. Exactly

This kind of people, can perform the comedy that had better smile at.

Some director, is afraid of the blood, is afraid of dark too. But devil block that she make make people tremble with fear. Violence that the movement scene which she pats can be very bloody.

Does she strike sealing one's own eyes out?

The despair is not completely a bad thing. At desperate moment, perhaps it is the opportunity of living again.

One is desperate to the love, then, he must had a section of sad past events. A good writer, the love that he writes is not merely love,

But life. Easy to want to be a kind of motive force, finish our history in the past, push us to future too. Everybody must die after all, never we

Death, will we still be in love warmly?

Destiny does not mean the unfortunate misfortune of coming on us accidentally, but the admittance and definite to that the human life is limited, admit being regarded as a person

Restriction. Do the choice in these all sorts of restrictions, free. We have freedom to love, have the freedom to feel hopeless too. Only the love, begin with it like this

Excitement, finally failure when it is like this and the bleak and desolate. Desperate person, perhaps see thoroughly.
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