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The Impact of Cloud Computing on The Education Sector

07:11, 5/5/2016 .. 0 comments .. Link

The evolving technological environments at job places, Internet and almost every other aspect of our lives has lead to schools and other learning institutes think along the lines of enhancing their curriculum with education on latest technologies, software, hardware and IT services. However, IT enhancements lead to convergence and integration complexities in self managed networks. Well, what could be a better solution that a managed network services provider that either handles a private cloud of individually outsourced services as per requirement.

Some of the files get duplicated and sometimes, the space is ppc companies cardiff data as well including various games, movies and other multimedia files. There is no or very less control over such issues, which is why a managed network provider can prove to be the most suitable solution in such cases. Moreover, there is a latest trend of student libraries going digital and that requires huge amount of space allocation along with a room for further enhancement. A trusted technology partner can not only handle the extra storage requirements but also prevent the school from investing in enhancing their servers' capacity.

I already owned and ran a successful company that I had built up over the years with hard work, dedication and without the aid of a degree even though many of my employees were actually more academically qualified than I was. As I came from a poor family it was unthinkable that I would have gone to university when I was younger but now that I had my own home and was in a more financially stable position I began to think about how the knowledge gained from higher education could benefit my already successful business.

I did some research on online digital marketing companies cardiff when they could offer and decided to apply for a degree in internet marketing. Home learning would offer me the flexibility to carry on running my company whilst obtaining a degree in my own time and also give me the opportunity to use my extensive knowledge of business to compliment the assignments that I would be given. I applied for a place on the internet marketing degree course that Kaplan open learning offered. The online tour and the student testimonials were impressive, really stretching my thoughts on what online courses were offering.

As my capabilities were reviewed by my extensive work experience and personal merit and achievements I need not have worried that I had only gained a few O-levels whilst I was at school. Assignments that I have been given by the university have been challenging but rewarding and I am really enjoying being able to manage them in my own time. The interactivity and support between lecturers and fellow students has been the most interesting part as I never expected to feel so much a part of this online community, far removed from the detached lectures and assignments that I had initially expected.

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The Impact of Cloud Computing on The Education Sector


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