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Payroll processing and Accounting

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Payroll is a technique of managing employees' salaries in an organization. Choosing a churnpayroll systemservice offers lots of various advantages for the user, the employees and the company (of all sizes).Selecting a payroll system that best turns your business is essential.A payroll system is software which arranges all the tasks of employee payment and the filing of employee taxes. These tasks can contain keeping tracking of hours, calculating salaries, withholding taxes and deductions, printing and delivering checks.Our Payroll management system is fully incorporated with accounts and give’s the benefits of easy Payroll processing and accounting.

Advantage of using Accounting service

Churn accounting service can help dealings in daily tasks, including preparing invoices to customers. Accounting allows a company to evaluate the financial performance of the business, collecting all of your financial information in one place has been easier with accounting software and business management solutions. By using this you can be up running simply & quickly, helping you make more informed buying and selling decisions, develop customer service, save money, and ensure success into the future. 

Our services in accounting system design and implementation involves:

  • Installation & implementation of financial accounting system
  • Inventory management
  • Costing
  • Budgeting
  • Personnel & other related systems

The current business environment demands an accounting system to maximize efficiency and enhance productivity. Maintaining an appropriate accounting system provides to make user informed decisions.

Customer relationship management (CRM) service

Customer relationship management (CRM) involves all features of communication that a company has with its customers, whether it is sales or service-related. It is commonly used to describe a customer-business relationship. CRM system includes contacts, clients, and sales leads and more.



Affordable Surrogacy in Hyderabad

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In this method the eggs of the intended mother are impregnated with the sperm of her partner or sperm donor. Now gestational surrogacy is the best current type of surrogacy all over the world, it refers to the women who carry a baby created by the egg and semen of two other individuals because Surrogate Mother conveys baby naturally not related to her. This offers the facility to infertility couple to have their own organic child.

  1. When potential mother has a medical disorder that could affect in serious health threats to both baby and mother in such situation selects surrogate mother to carry their baby.
  2. It is also happens in couples with frequent IVF goes on failure.


Gestational surrogacy process:

  1. A woman who carries a baby for another couple is preferred and carefully screened for infectious and inherent diseases.
  2. The egg donor is stimulated for IVF with treatments to improve various eggs.
  3. When the eggs are mature, an egg retrieval progression is done to take out eggs from ovaries.
  4. The eggs are arranged in the laboratory with the Intended parent’s sperm and later embryos develop in the lab for 3 – 5 days.
  5. When pregnancy is confirmed then, surrogate mothers should be frequently tested by coordinating doctor and also need to go for medical tests.

The gestational surrogacy cost varies depending on whether the surrogate mother is known or unspecified and whether she is compensated for carrying the baby. These costs are generally not covered by medical assurance. Legal and surrogacy program charges further add to the cost.

Website: http://www.kiranivfgenetic.com

Surrogacy Center India

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Surrogacy is a well-known infertility treatment & also alternative option for infertile parents who wants to get pregnant and have their own genetic baby. Woman who are not able to conceive, carry/deliver a baby, for them surrogacy affords the best solution to parenting. As couples are prepared to provide their own sperm and eggs, the baby will have a hereditary relation with the parents. If the intended mother is not able to use her eggs then the donor egg will be used by means of the intended father’s sperm to form an embryo. The father will have a genetic relation with the baby.

surrogacy center india

KIC has online communication, the related person from the clinic will explain the procedure of surrogacy and the documents needs to provide at the time of agreement prior to the departure  to your country. So it will give you time to choose on surrogacy even you are in your own nation.


Website: http://www.kiranivfgenetic.com

ICSI in Hyderabad

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ICSI (Intra cytoplasmic sperm injection) is an ART (assisted reproductive technology) used to treat sperm related infertility problems. ICSI is used to improve the fertilization phase of IVF (in vitro fertilization) by injecting the single sperm into mature egg. The fertilized egg is then placed in a woman’s uterus/fallopian tube.


  1. Intra cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is used to take care of severe male infertility, as when little or absence of sperm are ejaculated in the semen. Immature sperm composed from the testicles are usually not able to move about and are more likely to fertilize an egg during ICSI.
  2. Some couples might choose to try ICSI after frequent in vitro fertilization has been ineffective.
  3. ICSI is also used for many couples who are planning to have genetic testing of the embryo to check for certain inherent disorders. ICSI uses only single sperm for each egg. So there will be no chance the genetic test can be infected by other sperm.


ICSI Procedure:

  1. Sperm collection:Before collecting the sperm, male partner should be screened for possible genetic problems that could pass on to the offspring . If the sperm cannot be collected through masturbation, they must be surgically removed from the testicle through a small slit. This method of sperm retrieval is done when there is blockage that avoid sperm from being ejaculated or when there is a problem with the development of sperm.
  2. Ovulation and egg retrieval:The woman should be injected with gonadotrophin or follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) to inspire the ovaries to generate multiple eggs. After 6 to 7 days, the doctor should check the blood estrogen altitude and use ultrasound to see whether eggs are growing in the follicles. In the second week, the dosage may change based on test outcome and ultrasound. If follicles fully develop, the woman is given a HCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) for the follicles to mature. The matured eggs should be collected and later using  needle aspiration directed by ultrasound through the pelvis to the ovaries.
  3. Sperm injection and transfer:under high power magnification,  an egg is held in place with a glass pipette. Another pipette containing sperm is used to penetrate and inject one sperm to the egg. After culturing in the lab overnight, eggs are checked for signs of fertilization. Two Blastocysts or four day 2/3 embryos are placed in the uterus using embryo transfer catheter that is inserted through the cervix. The remaining embryos may be frozen (cryopreserved) for future efforts.

Website: http://www.kiranivfgenetic.com

Surrogate Mothers in India

07:02, 20/10/2015 .. 0 comments .. Link

Being surrogate mother is an emotional and physical challenging task. It is essential that surrogate woman needs assistance of a partner, family and friends to provide emotional support throughout and after the pregnancy.

Special Features for Surrogate Mothers

  1. At KIC, surrogate mothers are psychologically and medically screened by a dedicated doctor before joining into the surrogacy program.
  2. Each surrogate mother must have at least one successful child birth without any complications
  3. Manage and organize all medical arrangements through a specially chosen Program Coordinator.
  4. Support legally regarding the terms of surrogacy agreement and the possible legal significances of surrogacy.
  5. We provide emotional, psychological and physical support to both intended parents and surrogate mother before, after and during the surrogacy program.
  6. Provide help to surrogate mother through medications, labor, pregnancy and delivery.
  7. Monitor the condition of surrogate mother at regular intervals at the clinic.

surrogate mother

How we help our surrogates?

Kiran infertility center offers individual and unique care for every surrogate mother during the term of the prenatal period to authorize equal attention is given to both the surrogate mother and the baby. We are keen to provide all the support to the couple in third party reproduction. At KIC, we have a large database of surrogates and are accessible to help every infertile couple to realize the dream of Parenthood.


Website: http://www.kiranivfgenetic.com

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