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Primary Care Physicians

Primary Care Physicians

08:00, 25/9/2017 .. 0 comments .. Link

Vasu Medical is a Primary Care Physicians Group. "Dr. Veena Gaddam" is a President of Vasu Medical Group. She has 10+ years of experience in Healthcare Solutions. She completed Internal Medicine residency at Jamaica Medical Center in New York.

Primary Care Physicians are the backbone of the medical community and provide the bulk of medical services for most patients. Our physicians provide daily medical care for their patients. "Dr. Veena Gaddam" is a Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician. She is a member of American Board of Internal Medicine.

Our Medical services include:
1. Physical Exams
2. Preventative Healthcare
3. Hospital and Emergency Room follow-ups
4. Management of Chronic Medical Conditions
5. General Medical Care
6. Pre-op physical and testing

In Vasu Medical Group, Our primary care physicians play vital role in caring for diabetes, hypertension, depression, preventive medicine, asthma, emphysema, heart diseases, high cholesterol, migraine headaches patients
Dr. Veena Gaddam, has been practicing in Columbus, Ohio from last 5 years. She specializes in the management of Diabetic patients and long-term care to the patients.

Our physicians in vasu medical group are highly qualified to provide best medical care, They refer you to specialists when needed. We treat chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, depression, asthma, emphysema, heart diseases, high cholesterol, migraine headaches, sore throat, allergies and more.

We Offer:
-> Same Day Appointments
-> Low cost
-> Easy/fast appointments
-> ECG testing
-> stress testing

Vasu Medical Group is here for primary care physicians, family doctors and Internal Medicine Doctors.

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Primary Care Physicians


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