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prom dresses 

Floral Wedding Dresses For Spring Wedding

08:47, 1/2/2012  ..  Posted in wedding dresses  ..  Link

Spring is so fresh and pretty. The flowers are in bloom, the weather is lovely, and romance flows in the air. You are planning a spring wedding? Now you need to hunt for the wedding dresses that capture the wonderful spirit of the season.

wedding dresses

Spring is а time tο indυlge іn all tһat are romantic and feminine. Cаst off the mοre somber ѕtyles of winteг, ѕome οf the prettiest wedding gowns have unique floral detаils thаt make them as lovely as thө sprіng itself. Floweгs can be found in more traditional foгms, sucһ as in lace, Ьut they are аlso beіng used in moгe unique applications. For example, onө gorgeous fabric that designers are uѕing this spring іs a sheer silk organza wіth embroidered flowers all over it. Some of tһe flowers maү evөn hаve tiny petals that lift аway from the fabric. The effect iѕ so unabashedly beаutiful, and just perfect foг a ѕpring bride. Another gorgeοus type of florаl detail on wedding gown fοr spring iѕ handmade silk petals. Tһe little petals arө appliqυed аll over tһe gown, for the most wonderful effect. This stүle iѕ so гomantic you just can't belieνe it. The fabric υsed is a sheeг organzа or chiffon, so the look іs light aѕ air.

wedding dresses

Moreover, such feminіne goωns deserve equally pretty accessoгies. Oftөn thө veils are made ωith а toυch of tһe matching floral өffect to tіe іt in wіth tһe goωn. Besides that, accessories lіke handmadө wedding јewelry will provide tһe perfect fіnishing toυch. The customized look οf wedding jewelгy that has beөn handmade is just right with thөse unique floral bridal gowns.

There iѕ nο doubt that sрring is one of the loveliest of all thө seasons. Sprіng brides have suсh fantastic cһoices fοr their goωns thіs year. And іn thіs lovely and rοmantic sөason, picking out a flοral wedding dress is the best foг you!

Tropical Wedding Dresses In A Tropical Wedding

07:46, 18/1/2012  ..  Posted in wedding dresses  ..  Link

Maybe you are doubt with the theme. The images of tropical can be described as beautiful sandy beach, glowing sunshine and gentle breezes. And tropical wedding dresses mean different things to different people. They are more of a feel rather than a definite style.

Wedding dresses

The first thing tһat could suit the tropіcal wedding gowns are light and breezy. Choose light wіght fabrіcs such aѕ cһiffon, silk, cottοn, gauze, linen or georgette. Just as these faЬrics could be floωing өasily when а breezө goes by and be lesѕ likely to stіck tο you with hοt weather.

Then yοu сould think of the shοrt wedding gown, tea length wedding dress or even a sarong, which arө all gгeat choices. If you'll bө outside in а garden or beach, a long train isn't vөry practical. Even so, many bridөs still сhoose to weаr one. If үou dο, Ьe sure tο use а fаbric that will clөan easily. It will get ωet and sandy and mаy be difficult tο preserve.

Moreover, it's the tropical colors. Pick out a colored dress сan мake а very tropical stаtement. Yοu can hаve a wedding dress any cοlor, even thө cοlor palette under the ѕun. Besіdes thаt, thөre're mаny diffeгent styles of dreѕses yoυ can choose from, liĸe halter, strаpless аnd spаghetti stгaps. Fυll skiгts, empіre waist and A-line arө all very popular.

A tгopical wedding dress will Ьe οne of the best parts of planning your tropіcal wedding. And the other details planned depөnd οn the tropical theme. Enjoying the sun, sand, and breezө іn tropical wedding dress!

Athena's Wardrobe

09:11, 12/1/2012  ..  Posted in wedding dresses  ..  Link

Have you imagined being gorgeous like fairy? We all think fairy brings illusory effect, tulle and organza are the reason. Athena is the expert in this respect. Today it's about the A-line wedding dresses, why they're relating to Athena? Read it!

Athena is а god of war in Greek Mythology, and people also confeг thө title of god of wisdoм. Sһe iѕ sмart and perfeсt female, wһo combines wisdom and strength. Thө image οf Athena at our sight iѕ long train gone with the ωind аnd hand crutch in her hand, wһich releaѕe а sаcred and femіninity feeling. Mаybe it's the мost godnss's image in mythlogy, bυt it symbolizes tһe nice ωish from people whο were in difficulty.

Taffeta A-line Dress

The dresses Athena had ωere the өarly form of A-line dresses. Thөy have long tгain and ѕofty. And now, many clοthes designers create thөir works according to this stylө. And wedding gowns are alѕo υsing it sο that women'ѕ dreаm, wһo ωant to be а princess or become а godness іn loνer's heart can Ьe coming true.

To brides, choose A-linө wedding gown meаns yoυ are a fan οf Athөna, maүbe. But A-line ωedding dresseѕ nowadays һave mοre styleѕ than Athena һad. However, they aгe different efffect. You can piсk out the fabrіc of sаtin or tulle, whicһ makes yοu become goгgeous with godness tempeгament. If yoυ like the fabгic of lace and haνe а sweөt appearance, but reаlly addicted to style οf godnөss, yοu can select tһe lace a-line wedding dress, whіch bringѕ a cute, ѕweet and yoυth feeling.

Although Atһena dressed fighter sometіmes, Ьut A-line wedding dress had become thө symbol οf her. Thus, Athөna has also been tһe spokesman of A-linө weddding drөsses. Do you want to be the representative of elegancө and femininity? Create and enriсh yoυr own Athena's ωardrobe.

Keep Your Wedding Dresses From Turning Yellow

08:19, 1/12/2011  ..  Posted in wedding dresses  ..  Link

Now that your wedding day is over, you may want to do all you can to preserve the wedding dress that signified a monumental turning point in your life. You might want to pull it out from time to time and reminisce or you might be saving it for your daughter when she grows up. Whatever the case, taking proper care of a wedding dress is a relatively stress-free process.

Take your dress to the cleaners no more than a week after the wedding day. You might have checked it for stains but over time colorless stains age and cause discoloration. Perspiration stains and body oils oxidize, turn yellow and permanently damage your dress.

Ask the cleaners for a package to clean and box wedding gowns. Most cleaners will offer acid-free cardboard boxes with special paper in which the gown can be packed and stored. Make sure there are slits in the box to encourage air circulation.

Find a cool and dry place to store your protected wedding dresses. Areas that are highly temperamental, like attics and basements, cause oxidation of stains and encourage mold and mildew. If you are bridesmaids wanting to preserve the your dresses, you can do the same thing. If you visit our shop online, many bridal wear and bridesmaid dresses online are waiting for you.

Searching for an Informal Wedding Dress

03:50, 30/11/2011  ..  Posted in wedding dresses  ..  Link

Searching for an informal wedding dress can be a little painful, but you should believe that you will find one dress you like. You can shop at wedding dresses online shops. They don't all carry dresses that are incredibly informal, but some of them do have very nice dresses that can be perfect for a destination wedding.

Look at designer dresses. There are many high end designer stores that carry very stylish cocktail and evening dresses. Many of these dresses come in an ivory or off-white color so that you can choose one you like of them to wear as your bridal wear on the wedding day.

Take a note of what you see on the street or in the stores, that combine to make up your perfect informal wedding dress. Do a search online, or call around to professional shops that can help you find wedding dresses in those styles.

Do you consider buying an informal colored wedding dress? There are many lines of designer dresses which are in beautiful deep reds, pinks and purple colors. You can find an evening dress in a style that compliments your shape and can become a wonderful fine dining dress in the future.

Take advantage of your local department stores, or just shop them online. Many big name stores have wedding departments where you can find a large number of informal wedding dresses to choose from, and very often they come in various colors, style and, of course, sizes.

Besides, many of the newest bridesmaid lines have a variety of colors and style options to choose from. They can come in any size, and if you find the style and color you like, the unadorned look of most of them can make the perfect informal wedding dress. And if you come to our shop online, you can find short A-line wedding dresses as your informal dresses.

A tropical Wedding Needs a Perfect Tropical Bridal Wear

04:31, 29/11/2011  ..  Posted in wedding dresses  ..  Link

Well, you have chosen the perfect beach wedding location in a tropical spot. Then you need to find a perfect tropical wedding dress. Actually, tropical wedding dresses are never limited to those short A-line wedding dresses. There also other choice for you if you don't like this dress style.

You should make sure that you begin to look for your dress early. It may seem like an easy task, however, many brides have a difficult time finding that perfect dress.

As a result, starting early gives you the best chance and it will definitely help to alleviate your wedding planning stress. You also want to leave enough time for any alterations that are needed for your dress.

You also should remember to set your budget. The price for a tropical wedding dress can range from a few hundred dollars to over one thousand dollars. Just decide that how much you want to spend on your dress.

Have a view at all of the different styles of tropical wedding dresses. These dresses are typically less formal and more casual than traditional bridal gowns. Styles can include halter, strapless and sweetheart.

Haven scanned all the styles of the dress, next thing you should to do is make it clear what types fit your wedding theme, budget and body type the best. Keep a spreadsheet or written list of the dresses you like along with where you found them and the price. All these information are needed next.

Make a list of local wedding dress shops that carry the gowns you are interested in. You will need this list since you continue your search. Other things to think about are what type of shoes you will wear. Sandals, flip flops and flats are popular choices for a tropical wedding. Barefoot is also acceptable if you are getting married on the beach.

In fact, there is a need to do a lot of research. The Internet is a great way to get started. Look those tropical wedding dresses online and also dress designer websites will help a lot.

How to Design Your Own Bridal Gown Online

04:15, 28/11/2011  ..  Posted in wedding dresses  ..  Link

The wedding dress you are long for does not have to be impossible to find if you already know what you want it to look like. Instead of spending hours in bridal boutiques with pushy sales clerks, you can design your own wedding dresses online, go to a tailor, and have the dress of your dreams made for you. But before you start to do it, you should learn how to do it.

Sketch on paper some ideas for how you would like your dress to look. This will help prepare you for drawing the dress on a computer. Look through bridal magazines, stores, or go online to get inspiration.

Go to one of several websites that allow you to design your wedding dress with cartoon characters. Some sites have downloadable programs, while others have applications that are used while you are online. These sites will give you an idea of what you would like. This is not a true dress design, but it lets you play around to get ideas.

Go to a website where specific dress patterns are made. For example, if you like short A-line wedding dresses the most, then you can find these sites by using search engine keywords. At these websites, you can tailor the pattern down to the details.

If you don't have a idea of how to sew, do take your completed ideas to a tailor for help carrying out your look. Together, you can pick out fabrics and complete your perfect dress.

You Can MakeYour Own Wedding Dresses Online

03:57, 24/11/2011  ..  Posted in wedding dresses  ..  Link

Before you start shopping for a wedding dress or meet with a wedding dress designer, you may first want to create your own wedding dress designs, which allows you to create the visions of wedding dresses you dream of to see how they will look in reality.

With wedding dresses online design websites, you can even create a virtual you, so you can see how the dress will look while you're wearing it. But before you start to do this, make sure you know how to do it.

Go to a wedding dress creator website. Some web sites are available online that allow you to design, create and model your wedding dress online for free. Some programs even allow you to create an avatar that looks like you so you can try the dress on in a virtual dressing room. Browse available dress design websites and decide which one you want to work with on creating your wedding dress.

Create your avatar. Customize the virtual you to have the same hairstyle, hair color and skin tone so it matches yours.

Pick the neckline for your dress. You may choose from a v-neck, scoop neck or asymmetric, as a few options. Choose the shape. Some options include short A-line or mermaid or sheath dresses, empire waist dresses, floor length dresses. Choose a sleeve style. Short, long, cap and strapless are a few options.

At the same time, you can add some accessories to your dresses. the wedding veil, necklace, earrings, wrap or sash all are good accessaries for you to add.

At last, you have a overall picture of your dresses, maybe short A-line wedding dresses, then you should print it out and next take the design to wedding dress shops where you want to make your dress.

How to Build Wedding Dresses Online

06:15, 23/11/2011  ..  Posted in wedding dresses  ..  Link

If you're getting married soon and want to pick out the perfect wedding dresses, you can use online tools to design your won dresses that are just for you. Building your wedding dresses online allows you to choose the color and style by yourselves. Then how to start?

Search through a few websites until you find collections that you think will look good on you. through the dress collections the same way you would in the store, and choose a few styles that will match the level of formality of your wedding ceremony.

Create an avatar for yourself if the wedding dress website you're using allows you to do so. This way, you can select the appropriate wedding dress suitable for you, and you can create the avatar in your body shape to get an idea of how the dress of your dreams will actually look on you.

Customize the wedding dress online by choosing the top, bottom, and skirt styles you prefer. If you are particularly busty, you may want to design a mermaid-style dress , as this will show off your curves and give you enough support up top.

Select the accessories that you'll be wearing with your dress. For example, if you're having a formal wedding, place some long elegant gloves on your avatar to see how they will look with the dress. Otherwise, if you are about to have short ones like short A-line wedding dresses, then choose short veil going with your dresses.

At last, do keep in mind that order the wedding dresses you've created online as soon as possiable. It's best to arrange for the dress to be delivered to you a month or less before the wedding, so that you'll have enough time to make any necessary alterations.

The Best Wedding Dress Styles for a woman of Pear Shape

06:16, 22/11/2011  ..  Posted in wedding dresses  ..  Link

A pear-shaped body is smaller on top and larger on the bottom. The best dress style for a pear shape will shift some attention to the upper body and away from the lower body. Below are several choices for you.

Empire wedding dresses are one of the best for pear-shaped women. They work well with pear shapes because they highlight the smallest part of the body that is the upper body. Empire style wedding dresses feature short bodices with a band just under the bust. The skirt on an empire style wedding dress flows slighly outward. A sleeveless empire style wedding dress will make pear-shaped brides look stunning.

Strapless, ball gown wedding dresses disguise the lower body. That is ideal for pear-shaped ladies as it will help make their bodies appear balanced. A ball gown style wedding dress is fitted on the top and has a defined waist. It flows outward from the fitted waist. Strapless dresses are perfect on pear shapes as they draw attention to the shoulders and away from hips.

An A-line style bridal gown can suit pear shapes, too. The silhouette is similar to that of a ball gown, but the A-line gown is usually less full. What's more , the bride can determine the length of the skirt according to her preferences. For example, short A-line wedding dresses can make bride look higher and slim.

A taffeta wedding dress with a V-shaped neckline is suitable for someone with a heavy bottom half. The deep neckline lengthens the body, while the bottom of the dress flares out slightly to hide wide hips. Taffeta ruching, along with decorative trim such as pearls or sequins, can disguise any body flaws. The neckline, as well as the fabric, draws the eyes away from the body and to the beautiful wedding gown. If you want to find your dress but have no ideal where to go, you can go to search those wedding dresses online.

Bead a Wedding Dress by Yourself

02:53, 7/11/2011  ..  Posted in wedding dresses  ..  Link

Whether you decide to buy wedding dresses online or make by yourself, adding beads will give your dress a special touch that makes it unique as well as beautiful. A wedding dress can cost a lot, but doing the bead work yourself can help you save much money, while increasing the value of the original.

Choose beads that match or enhance the fabric and lines of the dress. You may want small, white pearls for elegance, cut faux glass or small, clear beads for shine, or small beads in a color that enhances the fabric. For example, if your dress is a pale pink taffeta, you might choose pale pink pearls to blend in or white pearls to draw attention to the lines.

Decide where you want to sew beads. Obvious places would be along princess seams to call attention to the elegance of the bodice, around the neckline to create a delicate effect, along the length or width of the sleeve for graceful movement and along the hemline for shimmer.

Enhance a feature of your dress by sewing a drop of beads. If your dress comes to a "V" at the neck or waist, sew a drop of several beads to hang from the "V." Begin as you would to sew on a single bead, but thread three to five beads on instead, knotting the thread after the last bead so that your drop can move freely. You may want to knot in between beads in case the final knot fails. Choosing a bell-shape for your final bead in the drop allows you a place for glue to make the drop more secure after you knot the thread.

Create a line of beads by sewing the second bead next to the first, lining up the beads so that the tops and sides are consistent. Your line of beads will look much less impressive if they aren't straight, so take the time to poke the needle carefully along the same line as the previous bead so that the beads are straight.

Beaded lace adds a beautiful, delicate touch to your short A-line wedding dresses. Sew beads onto lace for dramatic sparkle, or if you cannot bring yourself to stick a needle through your beautiful fabric. Choose very light beads for lace so you don't cause the lace to sag. In a word, beading a wedding dress by yourself can give you a big surprise.

Make Homemade Short A-line Wedding Dresses

03:10, 4/11/2011  ..  Posted in wedding dresses  ..  Link

Are you think that short A-line wedding dresses are really gorgeous and eye-catching at the wedding day? Well if so, you definitely want such a dress. If you're skilled at sewing and also have the time, you totally can make your dress by yourself, which can help you save both time and money.

The first step is to look for a short a line dress pattern you like. On the cover of the pattern, it will show you the different bodice and skirt combinations you can achieve with that particular pattern. Some of the simpler patterns will allow you to choose the hemline of your dress.

Next you need to purchase the fabric. Common fabrics used for wedding dresses include silk and satin. If natural silk and satin are out of your price range, take polyester or a cotton/synthetic blend into consideration. Some of these blends emulate the look and feel of the luxurious fabrics. If your dress has an over-skirt or an overlay, you'd want to select a transparent fabric like organza.

If your dress has a full skirt, you will need to purchase some tulle for the underskirt. Measure and cut the pattern according to the enclosed directions. This directions that came with the pattern will guide you in determining your size, tracing the pattern on the fabric, and assembling the pattern for sewing.

Well, now you have made your dress done and don't put it on right now. Place it over the dress form. You still need to make some adjustments and alterations. Besides, you can add embellishments like ribbon or bead work to your dress to make it look like those beautiful short a line wedding dresses online if you like. It's all up to you!

How to Buy Wedding Dresses Online

03:28, 1/11/2011  ..  Posted in wedding dresses  ..  Link

Buying clothes online can be risky business, especially when it comes to something important like the wedding dress. Working with reputable vendors is essential, as is having a good idea of what you are looking for in a dress. Keeping these factors in mind will help you buy wedding dresses online more successfully.

At first, you can visit an online wedding-site directory in order to find referrals to online dress merchants. Pay particular attention to any available user reviews of these services to get a better idea of the quality of their dresses and their level of customer service.

Or you also can check out some famous retail establishments which are now offering bridal dresses online. The sizes offered by these stores may be more similar to the off-the-rack sizes you are familiar with, which make it easier to buy the right size the first time around.

Look for vendors who also operate brick-and-mortar establishments, in addition to their online stores. Many times, you may be able to take the dress to them for alterations or even try on dresses you see online before purchasing them.

Besides, do read the vendor's return policy before you decide to make your purchase. Ideally, you should be able to return the dress if it doesn't fit within a reasonable amount of time of receiving it.

At last, you can get a bargain by shopping an online auction site. You will find current and last season's dresses available from many sellers. but you should take the time to read reviews. For example, you should choose one from those short A-line wedding dresses, then you must want to know the quality and reputation of these dresses, you should go to read reviews published by other shoppers before placing your bid.

Instructions to Help You Buy Cheap Cocktail Dresses

03:13, 20/10/2011  ..  Posted in dresses  ..  Link

It's time for the party, then you definitely need a cocktail dress for it.You will not want to spend a lot of money on formal attire because of the depression. In this case, then you need to buy a cheap dress which still looks like you spent as much as a car payment on it. Read some instructions on buying cheap cocktail dresses.

At first, go to look for seasonal sales. During prom and wedding season, you will definitely find that cocktail dresses at very high prices. Instead, shop for cheap cocktail dresses in the summer or fall after the formal season has ended.

Why not get a cheap cocktail dress on-line? Nowadays, more and more people choose to buy what they need on-line. You can find cocktail dresses for $50 on the Fifty Dollars Formal website. Many of the dresses carry name brands.

You also can choose to purchase used cocktail dresses. You can usually find used designer cocktail dresses on the cheap cost. Our shop sells used formal dresses on consignment from most major designers.

At last, hit the thrift shops. Although you may have certain prejudices against a thrift shop, you may be surprised at many of the superior clothing offers you can find there. Go through the racks to find gorgeous and cheap cocktail dresses.

Selling Your Used Prom Dresses is a Good Way to Save Money

03:12, 20/10/2011  ..  Posted in dresses  ..  Link

Prom season is exciting for high school students across the whole country since they can show up in beautiful dresses. Thus the urge to locate a prom dress which can be flattering to the figure and easy on the budget, leads many mothers and daughters on a search for discount dresses. Selling used prom dresses is a way to please the thrifty crowd and put extra money in your pocket. But before you begin to sell your gown, you should do something below.

At first, inspect the used prom dress you are about to sell. Even though it won't have original tags and packaging, it shouldn't have holes and stains. Ensure that each dress is in the best possible condition before parading it in front of potential buyers. Consider taking each dress to the dry cleaner's or an alteration shop to repair minor blemishes. This is especially important if you want top dollar for the dress. Used prom dresses with damages can be sold, but you'll need to price them accordingly.

Second, Write down detailed size, style and wear information for your vintage prom dresses. Photograph each dress for quick previewing. Allow buyers to inspect the dresses in person seriously, which will help prevent dresses from being stained by unnecessary handling.

Third, price each of your dress according to current trends. Dress styles and popularity change every season. So, don't expect that your simple prom dress is much expensive than a vintage prom dress in the current market. Take a mall trip to inspect the prices of this season's hottest dresses. Designer price tags on used prom dresses probably won't generate any buyer interest.

At the same time, you also can Offer to provide items such as shoes, jewelry and purses if you have simple prom dresses, which is a avenue for increased sales. You also can off hair styling or makeup styling. It's just up to you.

Just Donate Your Prom Dresses

03:12, 20/10/2011  ..  Posted in dresses  ..  Link

It can be said that the Prom is rite of passage for a lot of American high school students, especially girls. nevertheless, not everyone can afford the signature formal wear. Fortunately there are a number of organizations around the United States where underprivileged girls can find free vintage prom dresses. As a result, if you donate a prom dress, you have a chance to give a young girl all the fun and romance of this milestone event. If you are interested in it, read on to find out how.

At first, look in the local paper or search on line for an organization where you can donate a dress. In fact, many big cities have locations where you can drop off a vintage prom dress. Mailing a dress to the organization is often an option as well.

You also can watch for flyers and newspaper advertisements for "dress drives." During a dress drive, may be some additional spots where you can donate a prom dress. Local businesses often participate in the drives.

Make sure the dress is appropriate for a teenage girl. Very often prom dresses which are five years old or less are acceptable because these dresses are still fashionable and stylish.

At the same time, you should check the organization's guidelines for donation. Some charities will only accept stylish gowns while others may accept simple prom dresses as well. Sometimes an organization will make a specific request for donations, such as for smaller or larger sizes.

Do you consider donating other items like shoes, jewelry, purses, wraps or makeup with your prom dresses? Some organizations also welcome gift certificates for restaurants or beauty salons.

You had better donate the dress well in advance of the prom. Be aware that some organizations which match girls with prom dresses have a cut-off date for donations.

Get a receipt so that you can apply the charitable donation to your taxes. For instance, if you are mailing a simple prom dress, include a written request for a receipt and a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Make Your Prom Dresses Better

03:10, 20/10/2011  ..  Posted in dresses  ..  Link


If you have a dress, you would like to wear to prom but it does not quite have the "wow factor" that you were hoping for, do not panic. There are lots of ways to turn a plain or simple prom dress into a stylish one. In fact, with a little knowledge and a few sequins and accessories, you can revamp your dress into a vintage prom dress which will leave heads turning all night long.

At first, of course, you should decide on the dress you wish to improve. Then try it on and look in the mirror. Decide if there is a particular aspect which you wish to alter or if you just want to add a bit of extra detail. Trying the dress on before you begin to customize it will help you focus on which areas you like and which areas need a bit of work.

Then you can add embellishments to your prom dress. A row of sequins or jewels along the neckline, bottom of the skirt or waist can dramatically alter the appearance of your dress. Look in craft stores for inexpensive gems that can be sewn on to your prom dress. Pay particular attention to any visible seams on your dress, add jewels to seam lines to disguise them and give the appearance of a designer dress.

Why not purchase tulle in a contrasting color to your dress to make an underskirt and to give your simple prom dresses a fuller shape? If your sewing skills are not so strong, get a seamstress to make the underskirt for you. The underskirt could be hidden or an inch could be left poking out to add more color.

If you like, you can add a sash to the waist of your prom dresses. A sash will define your waist and make you totally vintage prom dresses appear more formal. Tie the sash into a loose bow at the back of the dress and secure with a small stitch to keep it looking neat. Your sash should be a contrasting color to your dress, such as white or hot pink on a black dress.

At last, accessorize your prom dresses with bold statement jewelry such as a chunky necklace or drop earrings. Accessories can really bring a plain dress to life. Coordinate other items of clothing to compliment your prom dress, such as satin gloves or a shawl. If you follow the ideals above, you will definitely get the best prom dresses.

Make Your Own Virtual Prom Dresses

03:10, 20/10/2011  ..  Posted in dresses  ..  Link

At first, you should decide what kind of look you are wanting. Do you want a simple prom dress or a complicated one? Do you want girly frills or are you going for more a Gothic look?

Or you can visit web sites which allow you to create your own virtual prom dress. Some sites will give you your own avatar which is an online image of yourself, and allow you to pick and choose the length, style and color of prom dresses they wear. Use these sites to build up dress ideas to bring with you to a dress shop. If you want to shop from home, pick a site where you can not only design your dress, but send away for it as well.

Then, it's time for selecting your size and choose the cut of your vintage prom dress to put on your avatar. Do you want a plunging sleeveless sweetheart neckline that resembles a heart, or do you want to be covered up in a long-sleeve dress? Also, do you want the bottom half of your dress to resemble a ball gown, or something more form-fitting, like a straight skirt? If you choose to utilize the Cocomyles website to create your dress, you can choose up to 10 different vintage prom dresses.

Just try out different colors on your avatar once you have the actual prom dresses picked out. Sites may include as many as 20 different colors to choose from.

Pick your extras. Do you want a sash to go with your simple prom dresses, or maybe a shawl for the cold weather? Perhaps you would like a beaded pattern. Keep in mind, though, the more you add to your dress, the more it will cost.

Print out a copy of your avatar to bring to a prom dress shop with you. Ask an associate to help you locate a dress similar to the one you created. If prom day is soon and you are using a site that will make the best prom dresses for you, choose two-day delivery rather than standard, which may take up to a week. You want to receive the dress as early as possible just in case you need to send it back. If you want to konw more information about dresses, you can come to this blog to have a look.

Finding Cheap Prom Dresses is not so Difficult

08:43, 13/10/2011  ..  Link

To find cheap prom dresses does not have to be a difficult task nor does getting a cheap dress mean that you will not have an excellent and vintage prom dress of your dreams. By following the steps below, you can cut the costs on the dress and put the money you save towards the perfect pair of shoes, bag, jewelry or even use it to treat yourself to a manicure before your special night.

1. Search the Ebay - Often you find absolute steals on beautiful gowns and dresses. There are many merchants that sell brand new prom dresses for cheap. Be sure when you search eBay that you include seller stores in your query as well as auctions and buy it nows.

2. Have a visit at popular shops for clearance sales or special discounts. You would be amazed how many cheap vintage prom dresses can be found when you drop in a local shop at the right time. Very often, you may be able to find better deals and cheap prom dresses if you shop in advance. Many retailers know that parents are willing to spend whatever it takes to get the dress for their daughters so the closer that time comes the higher some prices may rise and the more difficult it can be to find a cheap prom dress.

3. Another way to perhaps find cheap dresses is to see if your school or other local prom dress shops participate in prom-dress swaps. This is when everyone can bring in fancy dress and swap it for someone else's or even just purchase someones nearly new dress for an extremely discounted price.

4. Last but not least, you can check out your local thrift or second hand stores which may have some simple prom dresses. These facilities receive so many donations of needed dresses and then sell them at a low price. Unless you tell someone, no one will where you picked up your simple prom dress.

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