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RETURNS blizzard, Do not leave home

20:47, 18/12/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link
Command County Winter brings to the citizens that Vaslui will come from the morning of Wednesday, December 19, at 02.00, until Thursday, December 20, at 20.00, a new yellow code warning of snow and strong wind. "Given the forecast, come back with a request directed to all citizens Vaslui county may not start on the road unless absolutely necessary. Where passengers may be delayed, the risk must be considered interrupted traffic on some sections, reason must be equipped with everything needed in case of snow. If those involved in trafficking are in a critical situation, you call emergency single emergency number 112. Make a call to dialysis patients agreed to be transported in time to the hospitals where treatments are concerned, in order to avoid creating new problems, "said Radu Renga, Vaslui county prefect


20:45, 18/12/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link
Nightmare on Codãesti, second day!

Released after more than 30 hours of struggling with nature fury yesterday afternoon, the road connecting Iasi and Vaslui counties was unlocked. The authorities have failed to agree on abandoned cars in snow bank the day before and the trucks left the road one day and one night and could continue on. The image is one desolate, seems taken from a doomsday scenario. Around, everything is unreal white, rescuers hardly makes its way through the drifts and abandoned cars on the road or in the field look like toys thrown randomly placed on spouses a child.

Did blizzard ruin and in Vaslui county. Hundreds of people trapped in remote villages of drifts, many of them without lights and without supplies. Roadworkers, firemen, gendarmes, and military and police acted without stopping the machinery or shovels to reach those in need. Problems were Husului area, but also on national roads. Between Codãesti and Miclesti was restricted area for drivers, until yesterday at noon. More Snow machines have cut mountains frost. In some places, the road, and the snow was three feet înaãltime. Two drivers have not left the trailers in the field and spent the night in the cold, amid drifts. "We are here on Sunday morning at 8 o'clock. I left the car. We can not. We commodity, is sealed responsibility for it. It was cold, but I kept the engine running all night it will not freeze fuel. There were three people in Braila who slept with me and my colleague. I stayed as I could. That's Romania. We adapt. We were prepared for the weather, we had food, water. There's less and go to Iasi, I saw that they released the car, "said Adrian Rose hips, one of the drivers. Between Miclesti and heap of Burcel the landscape was desolate. After one day earlier, here not see any earth or in heaven, visibility is zero, yesterday, the weather relented and rescuers have done the job as fast as I could. "Working with two blades and three autofreze to open the road. Owners were announced shortly abandoned cars and people left with them. Now working on widening the road, as the traffic is one way. Ten cars were blocked, most were light vans were not extras, tires, chains. In short, cars not equipped for winter, "said Gicu Maftei, director of the National Roads Bârlad. A group of students from Codãesti tried to get to school, noon and after they are frozen in a bus, a minibus driver out of the snow bank just offered to take them to school in the city. "They said that the roads are snow removal and parents TRIMS us to school. I did an hour until the bus station. I talked to some colleagues who managed to get to town. We are students from Procopius. Need to get to class. We took a bus gentleman, "said one teen. All were wet and freezing cold. "I took the station. I went back to the car. Sunday I was stuck at 6. A policeman asked me to take the kids in the car freezing and I'm going to leave them in Vaslui, "said the driver. Last night at closing edition, only a few more local routes were blocked and Vaslui, Vaslui Codãesti - Bacau county roads quinquennial. Nearly 30 villages have no electricity now.

Mother, in serious condition after a car accident!

20:43, 18/12/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link
Road nuns seriously injured a Neamt County brutally stopped last night on Route 15D, just a few kilometers from Vaslui. Women aged 40 years, was driving a car belonging Petru Voda Monastery missed a curve and struck violently by a regular vans circulating in the opposite direction. Both drivers were injured and came in at night in Iasi. Mother is in a coma, and her chances of survival are reduced. It seems that it intended to visit relatives in Vaslui county, before the holidays.

From the first checks, police believe that blame belongs mãicutei because not adapted speed roads covered with snow. After impact, the car belonging Petru Voda Monastery Neamt road twisted and stuck in a snowdrift on the road. "Women aged 40 years heading the steering wheel to Vaslui. The exit of Stefan cel Mare, DN 15 D, a left curve lost control over the direction of travel. Not adapted speed traffic conditions and collided with a van front of oncoming traffic flowing. The two drivers were taken to hospital with severe wounds. In question was drawn dosarpenal personal injury negligence, "said Loredana David, Vaslui county police spokesman. A crew extrication from ISU Vaslui was called in to help and, after several minutes, firefighters managed to pull Mother of the beast machine. He had no seatbelt and was designed among chairs. It was taken over by a county ambulance service crew in a coma. Doctors have carried it in a hurry at the Emergency Hospital in Vaslui, where he underwent a medical examination. "The patient came to us in very serious condition. After performing a CT scan (no CT), we know that has fractured the skull base, but also has fluid in the abdomen, so I will go to politraumã Center St. Spiridon Hospital in Iasi. We hope it will survive, but her condition is very serious. Once that was taken by ambulance was not aware any moment, "said Dr. Carmen Piseru, head UPU Vaslui. Her relatives came to the hospital a soul in pain and waited stunned to find out news about the patient. Not able to explain the incident, especially since Mother had experience behind the wheel and put it on the road condition. No utility vehicle driver is in very good condition. He was stabilized, but there Alove head violently driving in the accident and suffered a severe fracture. And he was transported to a specialized clinic in Iasi. The man is in Neamt, is employed by a construction company and turned 49 years old yesterday.

Romanian parliament, looking chair!

20:40, 18/12/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link
The last elections were crammed Parliament House, making him resemble a commuter bus on Ceausescu. There are seats out how many MPs! Is the result of an "brilliant" that displeases everyone, but thanks to all those who leave Parliament. Paradox is that, in the past two years, talked about reducing the number of MPs. My honest opinion is that, between 100 and 500 idiots idiots, only difference makes billions spent on them. I remember when he changed the voting system in parliamentary elections has said he will vote for the man and not the party! Let's face it! What happened in the county and probably in the whole country, if you took last "homeless" I take a picture to suit his picture stuck on fences and makes USL candidate have 99% chance to get out MP! Basically, these results show how badly is the current voting system. Obviously, it would be changed, but he change it? Lawmakers have just received it? A simple calculation shows that this system were the beneficiaries of the USL. A simple reminder as this version was cut at the time Liberal minority government supported by the PSD. Now expected changes in the current Parliament! :)

Send to Parliament electoral system for the next four years, more than 50 elected to the office 2008-2012.La monthly expense, every parliamentary 15,000 lei-scale car and driver, luxury hotel accommodation and parliamentary office, the state budget will have suferit.Avem now a matter of administrative convenience. Meeting plenary Parliament House have only 463 seats and 145 in the Senate Chamber. It will be interesting to see what will happen in the joint meetings of the two rooms, when elected officials meet in plenary hall of the House Deputatilor.În other words, the more you suffer but state coffers. MPs are not cheap. A calculation on 550 MPs shows us that just one year, ie two sessions, the state will spend only for compensation and lump sum of £ 99 million

Court of Appeal suspended the decision to exclude FRF University of Craiova

14:53, 16/11/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link
The Court of Appeal upheld the suspension of University of Craiova AG FRF Decision of 14 May 2012, until a final solution in this case the group Oltean sought annulment of the decision of 20 July 2011 the Executive Committee of the FRF provisional exclusion club.
According to AFP , the Court of Appeal upheld Wednesday Football Club U Craiova SC request to suspend the Resolution of the General Assembly of the Romanian Football Federation dated 14 May 2012 to validate the FRF Executive Board Decision no. 6 of 20 July 2011, in which it was decided to exclude provisional sponsored by Adrian Mititelu gang, until the irrevocable settlement of the case.

The court rejected the plea of ​​inadmissibility proceedings filed by the Romanian Football Federation in this case.

Thus, the court stayed the action for annulment settlement until the irrevocable Universitatea Craiova to file the dispute to the Court of Appeal decision last year dezafiliere Romanian Football Federation of the club.

Wednesday's decision of the Court of Appeal can be appealed to the Supreme Court.

In this case, registered on September 6th Court of Appeals, SC Football Club U Craiova General Assembly requested the suspension of settlement of the Romanian Football Federation from 14 May 2012 until the final settlement of the case.

On June 25, the Court of Appeal upheld the club Universitatea Craiova to cancel the temporary exclusion of the group led by Adrian Mititelu of June 20, 2011, determined by the Executive Committee of the Romanian Football Federation.

"The court has set aside paragraph 3, no. 6, 2011, regarding the temporary exclusion dictated by the Executive Committee. It also suspend the effects until a final decision. Decision is final and binding on appeal within five days, "he said Monday Judge Diana Bulancea.

This case was appealed, which will be judged at the Supreme Court.

On April 18, 2012, Soccer Club U Craiova challenged in the Court of Appeal decision last year dezafiliere Romanian Football Federation of the club.

Craiova football club sued in this case Romanian Football Federation and the Executive Committee of FRF, demanding the annulment of the administrative act issued in 2011.

Romanian Football Federation announced in the July 20, 2011, the group Universitatea Craiova violated federation status, so it was excluded by the Executive Committee until the provisional measure will be validated by the General Assembly of the FRF.

Concept Europa League final in Bucharest, awarded to Dallas

14:52, 16/11/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link
Final design brand in Bucharest Europa League match held on 9 May, National Arena, was awarded the platinum International Marcom Awards at Dallas (USA), informs uefa.com.
According to AFP , design respectively, achieved Designwerk agency based in London, won the top prize of Brand Design category for an event.

MARCOM Awards are conferred by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals, international organization comprised of thousands of professionals in marketing, communication, advertising, public relations and media production.

According to uefa.com, Designwerk helped in terms of final in Bucharest on implementing a strategic change about how the event is viewed and perceived globally. The concept was based more on brand Premier League itself, rather than the "local feeling", aiming to create a constant from year to year and greater awareness, after which will benefit UEFA, its trading partners, partners media and football fans worldwide.

Dallas winning concept was called "The Journey to Victory" (Journey to victory) and final energy combined celebration and what is best in Bucharest. Distinctive graphic was used as a visual element, among others, the tickets for the match, the credentials, invitations, billboards placed in several places at the stadium, the locker rooms, the press folders.

Team Atletico Madrid won the Champions League final on May 9, National Arena, imposing 3-0 in front of the other Spanish teams Athletic Bilbao.

Spain will not need new austerity measures

14:48, 16/11/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link
European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn said that Spain will not need additional austerity measures by the end of next year.
EC official evaluation sets new budget targets this year or next year but is an agreement based on the structural reforms proposed by Madrid as part of a draft budget presented in September.

Rehn warned that the decision should not be considered a change of policy in the euro area, saying that Brussels should "analyze each country on a case by case basis'. He added that Spain has done many things in 2014, when Madrid would have to reduce its public deficit, which stood at 11% of GDP at the end of last year below 3% accepted in EU, says the economy. net.

This decision bound for the IMF position on the crisis, including greater flexibility for countries like Greece issues. This change releases a major burden on the shoulders of Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy in an attempt to obtain economic assistance from the EU and the European Central Bank.

Spain had to cut the deficit to 6.3% of GDP this year and 4.5% next year. Despite this week's insistence Spanish Minister of Finance Luis Guinda that these targets will be met, the EU forecasts anticipate a deficit of 8% this year and 6% in 2013.

UN met in emergency session on the crisis in the Arab world

14:48, 16/11/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link
Security Council of the United Nations met Thursday in an emergency session to discuss the latest crisis between Israel and the Palestinians.
The meeting was requested by Egypt after Wednesday, Israeli aircraft killed more Palestinians including the leader of the Islamist movement Hamas military wing, Ahmed Said Khalil al-Jabari, the trucks palestininene killed as retaliation for rockets.

In response, Egypt has recalled its ambassador from Israel, while Israeli ambassador in Egypt will return to Jerusalem.

BBC transmits the answer Hamas after the death of Ahmed Said Khalil al-Jabari was, so far, relatively limited, but the group has warned that Israel's actions "opened the gates of hell," writes BBC .

Xi Jinping succeeds Hu Jintao on China's leadership

14:47, 16/11/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link
Xi Jinping succeeded Thursday Hu Jintao at the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and, therefore, China's authoritarian power changing world, we will have to reform and fight corruption which threaten it.
Agency official said while part of the new group will lead the country, consists of seven people.

"Collective leadership" will preside over the destinies of China in the next ten years, and its composition has been the subject of intense negotiations at the Congress XVIIl CCP concluded on Wednesday, writes AFP .

Learn to recognize gems

01:21, 13/10/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link
Courses in this pilot project, which aimed to test the interest of working people in Romania were supported by Prof. Elina Ratcheva, graduate and accredited by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), London, the most prestigious institution of gemologiei the world, writes Wall Street.ro.

"Assessment and recognition of diamonds requires constant work," said Elina Ratcheva.

Besides the main objective to train professionals, courses are addressed and people interested in investing or just their beauty. GIR proposes a long-term development, particularly in three areas: education, certification and identification of precious stones, and will announce a series of seminars to be held next year.

Brazil and Iraq meet for the first time in history

01:18, 13/10/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link
Although the game will be played in Sweden, national Iraq will get an important support. In Malmo is about 10,000 Iraqis, and another 115,000 live in Sweden.

"It was not easy to organize this historic meeting. Hoping to have a large audience, but now fewer tickets were sold," said Marc Biolley, sponsor match.

Armstrong, betrayed by teammates: "The largest network of doping in history"

01:18, 13/10/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link
According prosport.ro , USADA has published a summary of the 200 pages of the 1,000-page report sent to the International Federation of Cycling in presenting evidence and testimony gathered against Armstrong.

Besides a series of documents proving the payment of a million euro by Dr. Michele Ferrari, suspended for life for administering doping products, USADA has presented many testimonies of former teammates of Lance Armstrong.

All riders have told how Armstrong and team manager Bruyneel did Juhan high pressure to force to dopeze.

"Now, cycling is a sport cleaner. Yet between 1999 and 2006, all the top riders, without exception, have used doping products. When I left the U.S. Postal, I kept dopez both Rabobank, as and Gerolsteiner. accept what I did and I will fight to make cycling a more pure sport, "said Levi Leipheimer, sports suspended until 1 March 2013 and which have been deleted from the record all results from 1999 and 2007.

Another cyclist David Zabriskie, testified that although cycling is started to look for his father's drug addiction, Armstrong and Bruyneel forced him to dopeze.

"I started in this sport bike because I found refuge. Dopez To be obliged to me when they knew very well what problems I had was excruciating. I swore that I would never take drugs, but to succeed had to make this compromise. I suffered a nervous breakdown from which I came hard, "said Zabriskie.

"The U.S. Postal team existed largest network of doping in history, a well planned network, which never failed," the report concludes U.S. Anti-Doping Agency .

Dani Coman attack comes before Turkey - Romania: Piturca contradicts itself

01:16, 13/10/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link
"Piturca contradicts itself! Took the lobby which is 34 years old and I am 33 years old! Okay it's Bornescu at 32 years young! Stelea device up to 41 years, so I think I'm old to 33 years, "said Dani Coman at Digi Sport.

In addition, Coman reproaches neconvocarea Piturca and colleagues from Vaslui.

"Probably all players from Vaslui suddenly old! Are many abnormal things in Romanian football, why should we wonder what happened?" Said Coman.

James Bond - the most influential man in Hollywood

01:13, 13/10/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link
Secret agent, which is currently played on the big screen by Daniel Craig in this survey defeated Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt, ranked second, and former U.S. President Bill Clinton, ranked third.

Explaining the choice of first, editors say men dedicated to the character created by Ian Fleming "always fit the times in which he lived", reports AFP .

Top 5 of the most influential men in Hollywood is completed, in order, by Seth MacFarlane, creator of the series "Family Guy," and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, star of the film "The Dark Knight: Rebirth / The Dark Knight Rises".

Top were included comedian Jimmy Kimmel, ranked sixth, singer and songwriter R & B Frank Ocean, eighth place, actor Ryan Gosling, ranked tenth, President Barack Obama, 11, director Christopher Nolan ( 15), actor Liam Neeson (16), rappers Jay-Z (22) and Kanye West (31), actor Alec Baldwin (49).

Dolce TVR-business links for Euro 2012, OJ 2012 and 2014 leading to the couple En─âchescu CM-CERN

12:45, 15/6/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link
Sublicense agreement is kept secret by the two broadcasters, despite the practices in the field. Media institutions involved and the heads of the Sport silent Business and how they are humiliated in public money raised and reaction TVR president, Traian Basescu: "TVR should be abolished."

Public anger and dissatisfaction of the people are, yet unnecessary, ineffective. But more numerous! And strong.

Euro 2012 London Olympics and 2014 World Cup are or will be largely hidden by contracts sublicense public that TVR has initialed by Dolce.

Beyond emotions, but remain sad figures of a strange transactions for public television.

A television had become "a business that deserves broken", as even yesterday said President Traian Basescu and his pilgrimage epuziat "politruci a leading" all these years.

Give Euro and Olympics, Methane Gas receives Severin - Bistrita!
About 20 million were given to purchase the above competitions. The amounts are confidential, although European practice is different! We do not know how to pay, do not know how to cash!

Some sources speak of collection of 2.56 million euros, plus 51 matches in Ligue 1.

Parties Mitica's league were purchased at an average cost of $ 100,000 / game, the result of TV rights auction for L1.
League matches 1 is a purchase of over 5 million euros, utterly unjustified price, false, reported to the needs and possibilities TVR!

It is impossible for public television advertising to cover such amount on such meetings Sunderland - Astra or Methane Gas Severin - Bistrita! For such parties will submit! Therefore, the first indications of a transaction that gives TVR golden apples and pears spoiled in return!

Europe can not be true!
It developed a procedure whereby public TV sites are subject to an assessment by an independent organization which considers "the public value of the service", ie the relevance of state public television services.

Before providing any services, especially those of new technology, broadcasters are required to undergo this assessment of the company.

Declassify CONTRACTS!
In Germany and Austria, state television had to disclose figures when they sublicensed.

The European Commission is very careful with the support member States to public television. He is considered state aid in Romania's case, over 40 million per year! Plus 120 million debt that all of the state will do!

In Germany, for example, ARD and ZDF, the public channels were even investigated by the European Commission and Germany was obliged TVs financed from the state to make transparent the process of sporting rights to sublicense to third parties .

Public broadcasters were obliged not only to reveal in detail the financial and production, but also to rigorously explain why they did it.

Dutch television has given 76 million euros back to the budget!
TVR request additional money from the state, although the public relevance of its programs decreased and reached to divide the European Championship, Olympic and World Championship in 2014.

In the Netherlands, however, NOS public television, the state had to give back 76 million euros in 2006, the European Commission's decision. In addition to public money received from subscriptions, NOS had also direct money from the budget, and TVR.

Only the Dutch had paid 76 million in 10 years, while we give the budget over 40 million a year! And they were forced to return him!

"Perfect balance between costs and revenues in the Czech Republic"
And the situation in the Czech Republic as a model presented in Chapter sublicense the former head of TVR, Alexander Lazescu contains some relevant details shown on his blog by journalist Robert Berza.

"The budget of the Czech state television, CT, is thought as a perfect balance between costs and revenues. People do not run for profit, but on the other hand, ensure that they have no loss. Figures are public, online. Income and total costs: 240 million euros. fee 85% of TV, the rest from other lines, including advertising. ARE NOT THE STATE INCOME. have 23% market share in Prime Time (5% is TVR in Romania!) , iPad applications of CT1 and CT4 are among the countries of the Czech Republic and, in general, do something decent and relevant to their audience. "

Who signed the contract
Back to our own. The names and suspicious links. Ziuanews site yesterday showed people who had put the signature on the contract to sublicense.

Of TVR, Alexander Lazescu, then head of the institution, Cosmin Cernat, Director of Sport, supervised En─âchescu Daniela and Dan Radu, the administrative structure.

From Dolce, Ovidiu Ghiman, commercial director, a lawyer and Vlad En─âchescu Romtelecom, director DolceSport.

En─âchescu wire - CERN
Department strike the eye: wives En─âchescu's wedding godparents are Cosmin Cernat, which last year had his wedding in Taormina, Sicily's magic pearl, with dozens of guests.

It's just the connection invoked by Sorin Burtea, representative of employees in CA TVR: "CERN, who left years ago in TVR because of theft of matches, was restored by Rodica Culcer. Two months ago, no contest for who knows someone, CERN appointed Daniela En─âchescu editor of transmission, and it is in contract and in contact with everything that happens with any channel, including DolceSport, which is led by her husband, En─âchescu Vlad ".

"I will give public explanations"
Cernat reluctant to comment: "Do not talk anything now, but I will soon publish the output will explain the actual details of this operation. Have to have a discussion but before the new head of TVR".

And En─âchescu was even more succinctly: "Relations PR department can only provide, not providing details about the partnership with TVR, because I would violate the rules of".

How to invoke the name of Trajan and Victoras
And another detail on working in television in Pangrati. Rodica favorite Culcer, connection invoked by Sorin Burtea, Cosmin Cernat TVR idea propagated in a close relationship with President Traian Basescu. Story of a source: "I heard him invoking Traian up and down, which just might be met. I thought it Mircea Sandu from FRF, which he also called Trajan. But Cosmin I said, amused, it's Traian Basescu, which is in friendly relations. "

Now, since the change of power, CERN started talking about Victoras. "The other day I was not getting a car version of the news. Was angry and cried: Want to talk to Victoras for a simple transmission car."

It was Victor Ponta, the expected by all: those of TVR to stick the money and the public to explain the problem.

Even President Basescu, asked yesterday in a press conference on the subject Sports Gazette, covered, for the first time, hope the Executive. "I think the government will do something," said the man at Cotroceni, a sign that football unites what others apart.

"10 days go on the terrace!"
Lately there have appeared reports that new subscribers Dolce cabling problems due to lack of equipment. A reporter called GSP a call center for details about how long the installation of equipment. "At least a week to ten days. Go 10 days on a terrace somewhere and see the matches," said the operator.

Instead, company representatives have a different response: "It is conceivable that, depending on the type of equipment requested, the customer shall not be able to immediately deliver the requested service." In recent years the number of subscribers increased that Dolce has a significant offer excellent content!

Cernat rejected CM 2018 and CM 2022!
In January, the Board of TVR decide to Cosmin Cernat interesting. Head of Sport was rejected when the power for transmission to the EBU bid for rights related TVR in 2018 and 2022 World Championship! Finally, public television has obtained those rights, participating in the auction by 18 million.

"I want to see full European Olympics as a Romanian citizen, paying the TVR" (Traian Basescu)

"I did not expect the president to give us justice, of the USL, in reconstituting the TVR. But better late than never. TVR went horribly headed by people appointed by Basescu" (Victor Ponta, Prime Minister of Romania)
statusuri viata
855,000 viewers watched the Poland-Russia TVR: Dolce had only 82,000 viewers in Greece, Czech Republic

68.5 million euros to the state is duty TVR, which is why the institution of Pangratti accounts have been blocked by NAFA

World Bank: Public administration reform is critical to Romania's development

12:43, 15/6/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link
Government must address the challenges of public administration that wants to succeed in the medium term, because postponing necessary reforms long have eroded the economic outlook, said today, World Bank Regional Vice President, Philippe Le Houerou. He was met at Victoria Palace with Prime Minister Victor Ponta, the two attended the conference on "Modernization of Public Administration in Romania".

"The government should solve the challenges of public administration that wants to succeed in the medium term. It is clear that the chances of growth are influenced by the quality of public administration. Postponement of necessary reforms long have eroded the economic outlook and, conversely, increased quality of governance can deliver real benefits, "said Le Houerou, according to Tuesday.

He added that a government honest and impartial regulatory institutions are able to attract investment to ensure healthy growth.

"Public administration reform is critical for long term development of Romania and its ability to absorb European funds over the medium term. A professional and honest government is a critical component of a healthy, business environment. In particular, the competent regulatory bodies , reliable and impartial, to be able to apply and enforce the market mechanisms are essential for investor confidence. However, a competent public administration is essential for a healthy tax system and the efficient use of public resources to increase investments " , said World Bank vice president.

Prime Minister Victor Ponta pleased that the World Bank board approved Tuesday a loan worth 1 billion euros by the Romanian state. He said that the Government is under pressure from election, but must confirm, through economic and social measures, the confidence of the population.

"For the current government on Sunday closed a campaign episode Executive and all energies are released, since Sunday, in the structural reform measures, support for economic and social reforms, as soon as campaign ends electoral return to the famous expression "it's about economy." Any government, however good results have in elections, if not immediately begin to show administrative capacity, creativity in the economic and social, sooner or later lose the popular support " said Tip.
sts de suparare

Corina Listen new single "Yours"

12:42, 15/6/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link
The singer chose to sing again in Romanian and recorded a single produced by hahaha statusuri mess class="hps">productions.limba
pub are the target of a virus attack? Order Adnet Protect!
"Yours" is a reggae song and Corina said Smiley was composed by two weeks and will return with a new song produced by Deepside Deejays!

Last time I heard something new from Corina was released late last year when a carol and video for Funky Munky which was pretty funky.

Where we go this weekend?

12:41, 15/6/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link
A movie? A concert? A party? 9AM.ro we present the most exciting events of the weekend in the capital.
pub You can be driving a Honda CRV with new financing offer!

Friday, June 15

Bass In The Corner - El Comandante Primer, 21:30

Canzone Marinara - Serendipity, 20:30

Shadow Box - Live - factory, 21:00

Another band of slums by Date - Peasant Club, 21:00

Saturday, June 16

11 Years of Nights.ro - Roman Arena. 9:00 p.m.

Astronautalis LIVE - Control, 23:00

Dilemma - Live - Godot Cafe Theatre, 21:00

plm Band in Big Mamou, 22:00

Voyage - Green Hours Jazz Cafe, 22:00

Sunday, June 17

Music from an imaginary Levant - Green Hours, statusuri de mess 17:00

Ever stop Romanian bands 8 to B `ESTFEST

12:38, 15/6/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link
Romanian troops added new names already confirmed for this year's edition B'ESTFEST SUMMER CAMP!
pub Now it's easier to get behind the wheel of the Civic quieter!
Thus, after the announcement of a few days ago, the latest name added to line-up of local artists are Changing Skins, Electric Fence, Blue Nipple Boy, Les Elephants Bizarres, Negura Bunget, Tapinarii, Goodbye to Gravity and Bukovina.
statusuri iubire
SUMMER CAMP This year B'ESTFEST Romanian artists choose the festival scenes will climb through the Facebook application, "Rate your artist", so fans can vote and support your favorite Romanian troops. After the first names confirmed, the list goes on with Changing Skins, Electric Fence, Blue Nipple Boy, Les Elephants Bizarres, Negura Bunget, Tapinarii, Goodbye to Gravity and Bukovina.

Tickets for Summer Camp are available B'ESTFEST Diverta stores on www.myticket.ro and affiliated networks, the price of 125 lei to 265 lei a day and for three days, 15 lei the value camping voucher.

Young people up to 26 years enjoy 50% discount off the ticket price if they come in "gang" of five people and children under 12 years free in the presence of an adult. Further details are available on www.bestfest.ro festival on the facebook event page: www.facebook.com / Bestfest.Romania.

Cel mai mare summit din istoria NATO, un test pentru Obama

17:35, 13/6/2012 .. 0 comments .. Link
The largest summit in NATO history begins Sunday at Chicago, which is preceded by reuniiunea G8, which takes place at Camp David.

Both are very important international meeting for Barack Obama, their host, since it is in full election campaign for another term in the White House.

No more than 60 countries and organizations participating in NATO Summit in Chicago.

Summit discussions will focus on three main themes: commitment to the Alliance in Afghanistan in the long term, beyond the withdrawal date in 2014, the need to ensure that the Alliance to have adequate capacity to protect populations and territories of member countries and to make face challenges of the twenty-first century and strengthen partnership network held by NATO in the world, says ABC News.

Afghanistan, important topic

In Chicago, the Alliance will establish its commitment in Afghanistan ISAF forces after the mission will be completed in 2014, when transferring security to Afghan forces ended. This shift began in March 2011 and currently 75% of Afghan population is under the protection of national forces, trained and organized by international forces.

Afghan forces and lead more than 40% of operations within Afghanistan, supplemented, of course, the international troops, whose role has

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Mother, in serious condition after a car accident!
Romanian parliament, looking chair!
Court of Appeal suspended the decision to exclude FRF University of Craiova


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