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Provillus Hair Growth Pills

11/4/2010 - Provillus Hair Growth Pills

More and more people are suffering from hair loss. Men and women are losing confidence because of thinning hair, losing hair in the crown and in the temples. If this is also your problem, you may have tried hair growth products and shampoos in the market. If nothing seems to work for you, there is another hair growth product that you can try- Provillus.


Provillus hair growth pills are getting popular on the Internet. A lot of people are saying good and raving reviews about this product. But it would be a good idea to try it for self so you can know how effective it is. Remember that a product may be effective to one person but would not work with another.



Provillus hair growth pills are a combination of a topical treatment and supplement to enhance hair growth. It has two of the most effective ingredients in hair growth products including Minoxidil and saw palmetto. These active ingredients effectively block DHT which causes hair loss. DHT is a by product of testosterone. It attacks hair follicles that can lead to losing of hair in the crown and temple area, especially among men.


Aside from Provillus hair growth pills, you can also find Provillus as a topical treatment lotion. The lotion is an effective hair loss product that contains 5% Minoxidil. This is the only FDA approved substance that can be used for hair loss treatment. Other ingredients contained in this hair growth lotion are alcohol, purified water and propylene glycol. Provillus prevents hair follicles to shrink on your scalp and thus prevent hair loss. Minoxidil is a known ingredient that promotes thickening of hair and making them fuller while combating hair loss.


On the other hand, Provillus hair growth pills is also an effective hair loss treatment. It has a lot of natural ingredients that promotes hair growth. One of its key ingredients is saw palmetto which helps to prevent the build up of DHT that causes hair loss. It also have a number of other ingredients that when combined together produces and promotes healthy hair.


How to use Provillus

You can use Provillus hair growth pills like any other supplement. You can take one or two pills a day. You can take it after taking your meals. If you were to use Provillus topical treatment, apply the lotion twice a done on a dry scalp. Massage it on your scalp and cover your entire head.


The good effects of Provillus can be seen in as fast as two months. Make sure that you use it according to the instructions on its product label as indicated. Provillus products have a 90 day guarantee. If you do not feel that your hair loss problem is minimized, you can call your seller for a refund of your purchase. You can buy Provillus online where you can pay via credit card and have your product delivered to you in a matter of days. Provillus hair growth pills will cost you about $41 per bottle.

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More and more people are suffering from hair loss. Men and women are losing confidence because of thinning hair, losing hair in the crown and in the temples.


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