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The world of Purchasing Management

The difference in quality between low-budget and high-budget fitnessclubs in purchasing management. HealthCity vs FitForFree

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Posted at 15:41 on 26/9/2012

This blog is made to show the difference in purchasing management between two different healthclubs.


We are going to show the purchasing management of the following healthclubs: HealthCity and FitForFree. Miguel Peragon (FitForFree 26 yr) is working as a clubmanager in the city Tilburg. Dennis Peragon (HealthCity 23 yr ) is working as a salesconsultant in the city Breda.


We want to find out what the difference is the two companies in purchasing management because they have different management styles.There is also a difference in price quality relationship. We are going to highlight three differences in the purchasing management of their equipment and facilities.

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Cardio equipment

Posted at 13:21 on 26/9/2012

In the first chapter we show the difference between the purchasing management in cardio equipment for HealthCity and FitForFree. The FitForFree clubs has more visitors than the HealthCity clubs. That means that FitForFree need more cardio equipment. HealthCity is more expensive, so the visitors expect more quality.


FitForFree is using an  A-brand in the fitnessbranche and purchase a lot of cardio equipment in one time. So the costs of one piece is lower and stays on demand of Precor. The version that FitForFree buys is the simplest version of the Precor equipment. Luxury is not priority number one.


HealthCity is using another brand, LifeFitness. They want more luxury for the members in the club. The equipment has all kind of luxury like radio, tv, internet and you can also listen to music from your ipod. They purchase less equipment than FitForFree because they buy for one club at a time. (expectations of the customer demands the purchasing management). Here, luxury is the normal way of movement.

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Posted at 12:15 on 26/9/2012

FitForFree is a dynamic company and wants to provide the most popular classes at the moment. FitForFree is always trying to innovate and listen to the demand of the members. What is the trend of the moment and which class is popular at the moment? Then they purchase the license of Les Mills (world wide organisation who provides classes, music and choreography) and introduce it in the clubs. There is not a standard procedure about starting lessons it is more on demand.


Healthcity is also a dynamic company and they also wants to provide the most popular groupclasses at the moment. There is no difference in purchasing management in the groupclasses at both companies. HealthCity also provides their own unique classes like Bootcamp, Tour de France and they create own team workouts. That is a big difference in HealthCity and FitForFree.

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Relax facilities

Posted at 12:04 on 26/9/2012

FitForFree doesn't have any relax facilities. They have a dressing room and showers so you can use the shower after the workout. It costs you 0.50 cent to use the shower. There are not any luxury facilities but that is the concept of FitForFree. About relax facilities there is not any purchasing management needed.


HealthCity has a lot more facilities. If you have a subscription, you can use everything in the club. Most of HealthCity clubs has sauna's, turkish steambaths, sunbeds and showers for free with shampoo and showergel. The purchasing management of a healthcity club is much more advanced because the demand is higher.

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Conclusion Healthcity vs FitForFree

Posted at 13:37 on 20/9/2012

The most important conclusion is that FitForFree is cheaper with no relax facilities and has a large amount of machines and people in the clubs.


Healthcity is expensive but has more (relax) facilities. FitForFree is using another style of purchasing management they purchase a big amount of machines in one time and HealthCity for each club.


HealthCity is always looking for the best quality. Thats the reason why the prices are higher. Quality is not the main priority for FitForFree. The more machines we have, the more people can use them. They are looking for the best price-quality level.

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