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christian louboutin shoes

Alaia Shoes

Alaia this year aims to impress and give us models louboutin shoes glam-rock of the most interesting in the world of shoes spring / summer 2011, as you can see in this case. We propose a model of sandalwood very interesting, in a beautiful bicolor proposed in order to be well balanced and complemented by small studs. Sure, maybe a shoe of this kind in some ways is a true declaration of independence of women, we would have preferred a lower heel so that it can exploit more opportunities and avoid kill us softly into one, but the art is too much ... most of the time, no?

This year are so many brands that are focusing on their passion for rock-glam, we saw him in spring / summer 2011 Jimmy Choo and also in the pre-fall
christian louboutin website that apparently will follow the same trend, and We also noted for models such as Louboutin Pigalle flat, even with these beautiful their bosses screaming rock and roll.
In this case, is to amaze us with this Alaia sandals: vertiginous heels, but at least not a stiletto, high plateau and just as decorated as the rest of the upper choosing the imagination of bicolor, alternating between a very light beige to the limit with the powder or salmon , depends on the light by which you look, black, aggressive, and especially intriguing due to
louboutin news blog the effect of silver studs and inserts.
The upper moderates its effect due to the presence of waves and twisted ends with a strap around the heel with buckle.

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