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Aion news

YS Online: A New Level in MMORPG

06:14, 10/2/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

buy ys online gold can help you upgrade quickly. YS Online, with the unique worldview and action features inherited from the original YS series, is the most expected MMORPG of the year. YS Online boasts a wide range of MMORPG features, with its fast-paced and flashy action combat system.

In the world of Free MMO games, Ys Online is an excellent example of developers taking the free play model to a whole new level. In the past, it was easy to dismiss free online games: they were relatively understaffed, under-developed, and lacked the depth and interest level of pay-to-play MMOs like World of Warcraft or Warhammer. Ys Online looks to break that mold in resounding way by presenting a free alternative that incorporates gorgeous graphics, unique crafting, a combat style with intriguing customization, and a storyline based upon the rich Ys franchise.

The graphics in Ys Online are impressive. Areas and models are nicely developed in full 3D, with lush, gorgeous landscapes. While the game strives to portray the Anime feel of Ys, which it does quite well, I could not help but see the influence of World of Warcraft. It has that WoW feel to it, but is not quite as cartoons. Character models are much more lifelike, and the realism factor has been kicked up a couple notches thanks to the full use of modern graphic card feature sets.

Ys Online utilizes the mouse for movement. Right clicking a spot on the ground moves you to that spot. You can change direction while movement by clicking in a different spot. Left clicking allows you to pan, and the mouse wheel controls camera zoom. There is no keyboard option for movement. This takes a little getting used to, but it is no deal breaker. Keys are instead used to open menus or perform actions.

Good Tips for Lineage 2 Players

06:13, 10/2/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

Lineage 2 Adena is very important in the game. There are many mobs that have good drops, but that does not mean you should solely focus all your time on them. However, if you are farming an area with a bunch of mobs and there are some with good drops you would of course choose to hunt those first before the rest.

Avoid buying from NPC merchants. They usually tend to cost more than buying from another player in the game. Taxes there are only 10% and when you buy in large amounts you tend to save a lot more. Do not sell off your loots immediately. Try to find the best barge for them. Private stores can be one of your biggest assets in the game. You can easily browse through a wide selection at various prices, although it may lag a lot but sometimes it can be worth the time spent. You may also want to setup your own store as well when you want to sell off your items. Do not start your store and stare at the screen though, that is just silly and a waste of time.

If you have extra arenas lying around and you tend to travel a bit for whatever reason, you can be traveling merchants. Getting to Giran can take a while and lot of players would rather not travel there to purchase stuff unless necessary. Arrows, healing potions and soul shots are commonly bought items throughout the game. Ideal to stock up a bit on those and setup a store in caves or where ever when you need to go AFK. From time to time if you know the market well enough, there are players who are in desperate need of adena and will sell their item at a much lower price than normal. You can easily buy that and resell later at a higher rate.

Runes of Magic Leveling Guide

06:13, 10/2/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

Rom Gold can help you upgrade easily. In runes of magic quests will be your best friend, as it is the most efficient way to level both of your classes. With a vast variety of in runes of magic and you will have plenty of opportunity to level quickly if you put in the necessary time?

Daily Quests: these are very special quests that you can accept and complete 10 times in a 24-hour period. These are by far the most rewarding quests in the game before leveling. Most of the quests are collecting items from dead monsters and bringing them back to the required NPC for completion. The best way that I have found to complete these quests quickly is to calculate how many items you need to collect and grind on the mobs until you have gathered enough to complete the quest 10 times. Then you can just go back and forth accepting and completing quests until your 10 quest limit. However if you have real money to spend in this game you can buy a daily quests reset stone and you can complete daily quests for an additional 10 times.

Tip: when doing a 10 daily quests, keep in mind your level and experience needed. In most cases I would recommend taking the time to start completion of these quests on the highest level monsters that you can kill fast and effectively. This will give you more experience than you might not have gotten otherwise and you will level much quicker. Also keep in mind where the NPC location is for the completion of the quest. You can also avoid quests that you have to run a mile to complete the quest.

Warhammer Online Gold Getting Tips

06:13, 10/2/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

Warhammer money has more allure for many players because if you have it then you can do more things also can level up quickly. Due to the intense dislike Mark Jacobs has for gold sellers many have had their accounts banned from the guide, there is even a counter on the main website showing how many. Due to the fact that there are not many ways to make money other than picking up salvaging and talisman making which is hilariously expensive to level up to 200, people have come looking for a solutions, I am going to list a few tips which helped me out of this situations.

1. The only trade skills I see worth taking out side of talisman making and magical salvaging are scavenging and apothecary, the scavenging is great to use after you have just PvE farming, the water you get you can either sell in batches or wait to use in a potion and sell the potion which can sell for significantly higher.

2. The quests you get for killing 25 players always give 1 gold 40 at T4; always take these, especially if you are an RVR addict. The great thing about these is that you do not even have to do all the killing yourself! Join a war band and watch the Enemy Players Killed number go up and up!

3. PvE farming again, some of the items you get can be sold on the auction house for 25 silver. This may not seem like much but for an hour of PvE farming you can sometimes get more than 100 equips if you play it correctly. These equips will be bought by salvagers who need to level up their skill and sometimes players who need new equipment.

My experience of playing Dragon Ball

08:15, 3/2/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

cheap DBO Gold strives to offer the fastest and most reliable service on the web for all your gaming needs. As we know that Dragon Ball is comic manga by Akira Toriyama. It can be described as classical, and often think of it reminds me of a young man would be crazy to collect the series of comic scenes and sharing my excitement about the latest comics with my classmates. However, when see the Dragon Ball game, I am crazy about it.

The game has three modes: Story, Budokai, and self-cultivation. One of the most interesting games is a few small games in self-cultivation. Here I come to talk about my experience.

Self-cultivation model is described in King in the world where the God and gods through continuous self-cultivation to achieve makes that part of us to become a strong story. Which also includes shooting bricks and Paradise Road and so on?

Firing bricks described the community of God King in order to reflect the ability of trained ad hoc training, players need to control the back and forth bricks, but the player only have ten times opportunities.

Do you remember the funny monkey? In here, you will need to control the King to seize him. The game play is very simple, just need to keep the keys back and forth by AB. Paradise Road describes to find the time to run circles to which the King of God, it is very long road; the players need to reach their destination.

In a word, it is an interesting game, it is not lack shining. Especially are those small games. Enjoy your time in Dragon Ball.

How to make money easily in Dragonsky?

08:14, 3/2/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

Dragonsky money is very useful in this game. Dragonsky is a grate game. However, we all know that it is hard to make more money. But do not worry, here I will tell you how to make money in Dragonsky.

DragonSky is a modern, fast-paced action game with a ton of features including crafting, bounty hunting, massive PvP battles, guild commitments, and more. Be immersed in a fantastic world with some of the most beautiful environments seen in an MMO as you adventure through an evolving story.

Martial Arts

The Martial Art you choose determines the type of weapon or fighting style you will use in battle. Each Martial Art has its own unique advantages in battle. Martial Arts are learned from secret books. You can find these secret books buy Dragonsky Nyang to get them off of your defeated enemies or as a reward from completing quests. You can also train and learn new Martial Arts from Martial Arts Masters found in towns.

Learning various Skills

Skills are the specific moves and techniques used to empower yourself, or to attack your enemy. If you fail, you may lose a lot of Dragonsky money. Make sure to choose your skills wisely, they are hard to train and take time to master. You can learn new skills from Instructors found in main villages and towns.

The Maps

The Maps are also very important for players. We can know the place we located and find anyone in the map. If we have no maps, we would be a blind player in Dragon Sky. There are three main maps in game: Monster Maps, Material Maps and NPC Maps. There are 3 maps in NPC maps: Spring Field, Spring Field and Foot Hill Glen.

MetalRage: Diversification of Armor Scene

08:13, 3/2/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

cheap metalrage gold can make players happy. MetalRage the game is set in the year 2070, when the technology humans have developed to the space time, the universe is more divided into three major forces to contend with each other. Players in the MetalRage, there will be eight kinds of robots can choose according to their different professional settings, there are good sniper or Fast Attack types of robots; flexible combination of team is the only way to success.

Metalrage can be played by up to 32 players in one room. Game modes include death match, sudden death, and siege; capture the flag, explosion, and boss missions. Also features 8 different classes to choose from, and various combinations of primary, secondary weapons as well as specialized parts.

It emphasis on high-definition screen, to a very realistic way of describing the Armor and maps, in the battle smoke, flame, also quite bright, the game with 8 different characteristics Mech, in addition to emphasize the battle Mechs, there is the whole logistical support and intelligence-based Armor prepared and so on, the machine is expected to attract fans.

There is a wide range of diverse Mechs, including the attack on the minicomputer, use of close-assault-type weapons, Armor, using bombs and missiles, mainly as a pioneer of heavy Mechs good, with firepower to attack mainly attack Mech, repair, using mortars and other fixed fire support fire support Mech and so on. All the players can watch from the video may serve as the front line fighting with defensive strength and offensive power of the heavy Mechs, or have strong firepower, and can start the discovery function.

In the game, players can enjoy the fun of customized body through different combinations of the parts and enjoy more rich tactics.

Avatar online game-Depth Study Experience

08:13, 3/2/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

Avatar Gold can be explored by you now. We all know that avatar is the most popular film. Do you know the online game-avatar? It is really an interesting game. When it comes to avatar, the first impression of the people is that blue skin, alien, colorful ecological and 3D reality. The game itself also has support for 3D output.

Avatar is a third-person shooting game, the skill of shooting is a little bit closer to the operation of the Lost Planet, while crossing the edge of the design is similar to the situation. There are many regions, each region is a large map, and then on the map completed many of the small tasks.

Avatar is not an ordinary shooting game, it uses the skills and armor systems, both of the system will increases the value of grades as the experience. Even so, in fact it does not really need specially to earn experience points, because the upgraded system should have a specially calculations. The design of equipment and skills, as players who have all the weapons at any time, but you must configure their own shortcuts.

At first, many people disappointed at the early stage of the game. However, they interested at the game as familiar with the system. The design of the skills is one element to support the game. Skills are supporting the fighting, such as increased speed, defense, attack power, blood or a map of attacks in the face when a large number of enemies as well as the boss, the use of the skills will enhance the combat tension and fun.

After completing the human drama, you can see the ambition of the game. The scene of the avatar inherited the movie origin; it has a very beautiful planet Pandora scene.

Lunia: the high-end Knights talk about PK

03:12, 27/1/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

cheap lunia gold can be explored by you now. As a knight, I deeply appreciate that CD flow is very uneconomical. What we need is to take place. Why?

First, the Cavaliers did not track the skill, CD flow capacity is relatively weak, and the skills to release slowly attack speed is also slow. But the people have, we what we need is that snake-like follow-up. Remember that not to twist, because their skills to track, you snake cut into the inward in order to form opposite campaigns, to reduce the time to escape the attack, but also close to return the direction just in time for escape. Because although be tracked, the things do not track the rotors.

Followed by the starting hands, absolutely can not through AAA starting hands, it absolutely was broken strokes, unless the other party did not press, or the other is a slow-motion of the knights, or directly skills.

For example, when the case of AAS did not hit, there will be stiff. At this time the only way it to run, we recommend testing the attacks.

And then tell you one of the most simple and most important knowledge. The attack distance of knights is the furthest. When PVP, others would say you attacks on the scope of how big. Of course, it is definitely not work if there is no rhythm.

Finally, fell to the ground not to abuse by A. My favorite bully fell to the ground after the slams onto the A. You must know that a skill is behind a string of numbers, you can not even on. Rhythm exercises, it begins at that the person who sets out from bullying and lying on the ground according to A.

The feelings and experiences of upgrade weapons in mir2

03:12, 27/1/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

buy cheap MIR2 gold can be made by a successful trade master. The game mir2 I have played for long time, weapons upgraded many times. I have summarized some of their feelings and experiences. I hope you will get some help. The key to upgrade weapons is about the following points, the first one is the figure, the second is the release of the jewelry, the third one is the Iron, and the fourth is a mat knife.

People want to grade high PK values of less. I really have come to understand. My number is not get to 40, no matter how I to upgrade, it can previous three times. Now, I upgraded to five was very simple, but rose again may be difficult.

What is important to put the jewelry? We must pay more attention to put some of the jewelry is better than the last release, things do not necessarily put in more like it is important to put the equipment is not a good thing,, that means you put a memory necklace is better than putting a pack of blue emerald necklace. This is one of my experiences for many years, we can go to test.

Here I will not say too much about Iron, you only need to have a try, you will know.

How to pad the pad knife? Everyone has their own set of methods, but I found such a rule. The number of times you have even more broken, then the next time into larger. Basically broken even within five times to six times individuals came alive again, almost without any problems. But I said you want a resolution of the high-level, put the jewelry and Iron are also good.

Tales of Pirates: Marine Trade System Feature

03:11, 27/1/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

buy top gold has more allure for many players because if you have it then you can do more things also can level up quickly. As a cool game with the navigation theme, the trade system on the sea is very important in Tales of Pirates Online. It is an ideal way for players to get money.

1. Requirements for Trade the players can trade with each other in every port where he can reach by boat. Players can get a first-degree boat after they hit level 15.

2. Tax System and Trade License Tax System - As in life, trade is not free. The government will collect taxes from each successful trade according to the designated tax rate. But the players can lower the tax rate by winning Tax Points and Trade Degrees after completing trade quests. Only players having a Trade License are eligible for trade quests. A Trade License is very important in the chain of trade. Without a Trade License, players can only exchange low level items. A Trade License can be obtained only by completing the relevant quest in the Trade House of Satan City after the character hits level 20. There are 3 kinds of Trade Licenses: Junior Trade License, Secondary Trade License and Senior Trade License; matching items of different levels respectively. After getting a Trade License, players will be eligible for the corresponding trade quests in Satan City and for getting Tax Points to lower the tax rate.

In addition, the trade system for Tales of Pirates highly simulates true international and domestic trade. The items for trade will be refreshed at a specific time and amount. And the price will fluctuate within a specific range as well.

2029 Online is Like Diablo and WoW

03:10, 27/1/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

buy 2029 online gold strives to offer the fastest and most reliable service on the web for all your gaming needs. 2029 Online is an innovative MMORPG by IGG that combines RTS tactics and social interaction to enhance its game play. The title game play though is far from unique and detracts from its originality.

You may have noticed that there is always something here posted about 2029 Online, the upcoming MMO, RTS, RPG, dungeon crawling action game. Before the game officially starts its alpha-test, we thought we would ask the Product Manager for MMO, Edwin Huang, a few questions about the game first.

Based on what has been shown in the screenshots, 2029 Online looks a little bit like Dark Eden Online, game play wise. Insofar of the actual game play, does 2029 Online share any of the game play likenesses of Dark Eden?

2029 Online: Actually, Dark Eden Online is a MMO based on a vampire story. 2029 Online is a Sci-fi based MMO. The storyline in Dark Eden Online is about vampires engaged in enslaving all humans, while 2029 Online is about the conflicts between races representing a highly industrialized culture. As for the computer graphics style and views, its 3D computer graphic techniques are adopted to deliver the playing environment closer to reality than Dark Eden Online. What is more, it is just a mix of Diablo and World of War craft. So, as you said, players who enjoy grabbing up tons of items and weapons, customizing their player and staying engaged with hours of dungeon crawling quests, 2029 Online just might be your kind of game.

Why Final Fantasy XI is So Special

02:28, 7/1/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

Final Fantasy XI gil sell you must do when playing this game. Final Fantasy XI is a brilliant game and is distinguished in all manner of ways. It is beautifully made and its world has been designed with great care and thought on every level. It is a deeply satisfying and enjoyable experience with much to offer to its players. It is truly a special game.

Final Fantasy XI is special because it is a cross platform title. It is possible to access the world of Vana diel on both PC and PlayStation 2, which makes it a cutting edge and innovative piece of work. It was the first massively multi-player online role-playing game to do this. Its game world is open to players in America, Europe and Japan, and it features an amazing online community. The game includes a translator so you can communicate with the Japanese players and interact with each other.

Final Fantasy XI has a strong social aspect to its game play. It is possible to play with your friends and this can be useful when it comes to forming a party to complete challenges in the game. The interaction in the game also allows you to befriend other players and get to know them. People are always happy to talk to you and are very helpful if you are having any problems.

Final Fantasy XI is addictive and engrossing. It is a game that can be played for a long period of time and still maintains your interest. Indeed, it is so absorbing that you could literally play it all day. The game storylines will really draw you in and capture your attention. There are a variety of quests and missions in the game, and they include things like looking for objects and tracking down people. You will also carry out conquests for your government. There is a nice diversity of tasks on offer.

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