8/9/2009 - then to see me swallow blink

Lagerstroemia began to realize that has been seen through by Qianlong to hear Qianlong say Youxiu You deserve this, they kneel in.

"Huang Ama! Lagerstroemia rectifies a! Was really no way, we do not collude, swallow suddenly collapsed, I became frantic, and then to see me swallow blink of an eye, I have to tie in with, there is no second way! "

Flying Swallow to see Lagerstroemia kneel on the anxious, and rushed to come, indignant, said:

"Huang Ama! Do not blame Lagerstroemia any case, all I bad idea to me to do things a person as a person ... ..."

"To the first one, terrible one?" Qianlong interface.

Flying Swallow Lengle Leng. ugg 5833 boots

"Huang Ama, how can you put my words have gone to school?"

Qianlong staring, gazed at Flying Swallow:

"You're so naughty, together have no other way to get you, it seems, you will sooner or later 'is the first one, terrible one' is! I can forgive you once, forgive you twice, but it will not forgive you 100 times , 200 times! you do not become increasingly bold, the whole palace of the people, are a fool! "

Yong-Qi hurry to come forward
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then to see me swallow blink


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