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Busta Rhymes1/3/2008

The Shine
on Busta Rhymes

Check his remix on Apologize by One Republic


Busta Rhymes - Apologize remix:

Even know i know everything is possible
I never tought this was..

And as sweet as a cup of peppermint thea could be
It still taste bitter.

Baby why doing?


I'm sorry that you had to go and loose yo' head
You could have done the right thing ; BUT instead
You wanna go and do something that u shouldn't
Like laying up inside another woman bed ;
You made a choice and that's all goodie
But you shouldn't never chose ; to do the wrong thing to me
Now i gotta deal with you The way you supposed to get dealed with ;
Gotta get you away from me


Why-oh Why-oh Why ? as i think to myself when i wonder why you do it
Then u have to go a couple miles , who you are , but my intuition never mislet me and i knew it!
I ain't never know that i would live to regret, those words  " That you should always forgive and forget "
Because this time i don't think that i can do it   And You already know ;   I ain't with the disrespect!

I was so Good with ya, I was Good with ya, so good To ya, i was so good To ya
So good that I would never bodered you about a thing - anything you want it,  i would always give ya
Damn i wish ya ; had a little better value for all the things that we've been through
I don't even wanna look at you're face, let it known even have the memories of when i kissed ya
I really hope our situation couldn't shaked up
Fuckin' like we mad at eachother and make up
But this is one of those times that i can't even bear
And i tought i could teach ya with this       but we gotta break-up
Sometimes it can happen.. Maybe i was star never reline to a stratology
And as much as you probably wanna fix this
On erverything i love; I can't accept you'r apology;

                                                                                               I'm GONE, i'm gone, i'm gone.. 


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