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White marble considerations summary during the processing and installation

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White marble elegant luxury, its color is like jade, beautiful and elegant, but the texture is soft, A stone that belongs to delicate. White marble is the most representative is Calaeatta white, Volakas white, Ariston whiteand so on. In the process and installation process, if there is no attention to the problems of macular and other problems, so everybody loves her and hates it again.


How does white marble maintain its original appearance effect? The following points should be noted in the process and installation process.

1. Tap Water Processing for natural marble
Natural White natural marble compared with other colors, different from other colors of marble; usually factory processing is circulating water, many times used in the process of doping other components, it will make white stone be polluted; so we need a disposable tap water for water, the water quality was ensured that the stone was not contaminated.

2. Tap Water Cleaning marble tile ( white marble products)
After processing, use self-water to clean the finished products; put in good position to dry the finished products, do a good job for the next step Waterproof Treatment

3. Protection Treatment (natural marble,marble tile. white marble)
white Marble needs to be treated with chemical protection after processing (waterproof is divided into oily and Water-Based Two ), marble have, waterproof into marble 2 ~ 4mm of the interior, forming a dry-permeability layer of protective membrane, to allow water or other liquids to penetrate the marble surface and inside.

A. Drying:

white marble requires internal and external dry to waterproof, if not dry to do waterproof, waterproof will lock the inside of the water inside; will slowly form and color inconsistencies before processing. During prolonged use, moisture will not evaporate

B.Waterproof three times: (jinlong stone factory marble tile)

No matter what kind of waterproof brush watering six sides are required (some manufacturers are conditioned to soak in the pool), in the natural air again after brushing again until repeated three times to meet the protection conditions. It takes 1 ~ 2 days for the sunny time in the time interval, and longer for the rainy days. Manufacturers also have air-dried heating processing room, so that the marble get fast drying. Three times the role of waterproofing is to make the brush uneven or missing get a complete surface coverage.

4 Gum backside treatment for white marble

Gum backside role can play a protective effect, increase the bonding process of the installation and reinforcement strength; need to be done before the back of the plastic back glue off the back adhesive process, the back of the network in a long time weathered delamination.


5 Site installation and cutting

Many of the drawings for measuring at the construction site can not be finished in the processing plant at some corner openings and need to be field cut again. The cut open site has already destroyed the factory's protective treatment, and the on-site installation master needs to cut the secondary cut The location of the brush on the water to prevent secondary pollution.

6  Wall construction and installation

Wall installation is mainly divided into wet stickers and dry hanging two installation process

A. Wet stickers: Toilets and kitchen water generally use the wet place paste technology, the back of the special stone clay to paving, which is to play a good adhesive with the adhesive paste. (Not recommended to use ordinary white cement to pave the wall marble)

B. Dry hanging process: Whether it is the wood bottom or steel point hanging process, many times are installed in the mixing of AB glue process, the two glues are not strictly in accordance with the ratio of 1: 1 uniform mixing; glue did not get uniform mixing , The gypsum chemical composition of the facade is completely cured. The unhardened chemical components destroy the adhesive or water on the back of the marble and slowly penetrate into the stone, causing the macula to appear on the surface of the stone for a long time. Can not handle it.

7 Ground construction paving

The installation of the ground is to use 1: 3 semi-wet mortar and white cement to bond the paving process, but also rely on the adhesive and white cement layer to glue; Beige glue play a protective role of isolation cement hydrochloric acid water infiltration Anti-alkali generated inside the marble.

8 install the seam treatment

During the installation process, the gap must be kept clean for the preparation of the future crystal face care; to avoid crystal face filler when the second cutting gap, thus breaking the previous waterproofing process, the white stone is particularly sensitive to glue, slightly less Leave line to change color.

A. wet paste the gap, while still not completely dry mortar curing, the facade of impurities clean up.

Many installation of the master in the dry hanging installation process, the gap in the second plate like to put a little marble glue to fix, but do not know the care of the crystal face, because that point fixed glue need to cut open open the white Glue, which also undermined the waterproofing process, but also affect the appearance of the gap.

9 Installation site protection

Installed white marble, need to protect it with a protective film. First with self-adhesive tape to clean the gap sealed, wet wall and the surface of the need to wait inside the installation of materials completely dry before you can put stickers; and then cover a large area with a protective film marble surface, to avoid two Secondary pollution or other processes of construction damage.

10 Crystal face care

Face care is the last of a marble process,usually after the completion of the decoration is ready to enter the furniture; face care construction team approach the construction operation, because this is not good crystal face care care; face care after high-speed Rotate to achieve the crystallization of the physical results in the formation of 0.5-2 mm thickness of the crystal layer, luminosity 90-100, with a non-slip, waterproof and anti-pollution effect.

Unique Of Technology

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eehome Company currently has domestic unique to Germany mayer latest innovations in double diamond roller wood chip screening system and high speed of MACRO/MICRO shaving preparation technology, can according to the size of wood chip of the filtered, respectively, in the big wood to the MACRO shaving machine, small wood to MICRO flaking machine, making the different forms of high quality wood shavings.

Continuous press (and other domestic particleboard production line still use a single variety of flaking machine equipment, not subdividing shavings form, optimizing).
Germany mayer company Asia's first difen Bach's latest generation

ecohome company new product line has increased 24 production lines in the system to fully remove the metal, non-metallic inclusion in the shavings, sand, stone, impurities such as dust, dirt, and unqualified shavings, etc., to protect the purity of shavings, can reduce in furniture manufacturing process the wastage of the saw blade, cutting tool and so on, so as to reduce the production cost of furniture manufacturers.In this way can we guarantee the high quality wood shavings used in the production of particleboard, can stable physical performance indicators of particleboard products.

Teehome company adopts the world's top brand of Swiss steinemamn newest 8 sand heavy sanding machine
Teehome company owns all of Asia's first surface air diamond roller surfacing technology and equipment to produce flakeboard structure is more uniform, more stable mechanical properties, the panel will not generate flow vortex spot, can meet the needs of the high demand of cover.
Teehome company has the latest generation of Bach's newest Stevens continuous press, equipped with the thickness of the compensation device, ensure the large-format thickness and thickness can be realized more regulation, to ensure the production of plate thickness control.

White Marble Light Wood Grain Information

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Travertine coffee table provides its own standards of modern architecture and elegant rooms. This is a way you can not be achieved with ordinary wood or glass tops. The proper functioning of most of these tables are square or rectangular shape. Coffee and lamp tables sets to choose from, wooden or steel forms the basis. Stone clean, modern look also look for background and texture of tapestry pillows or Coffee Brown Wooden Marble; you can also use simple furniture and clothing line pair.

White Marble Light Wood Grain

This graceful stone originally was mined in Turkey, Italy, and the Baltic regions. Supplies from Italy have diminished, and in its place Mexico has yielded plentiful supplies. The natural colors include varying shades of grays through browns to coral red tints. Travertine looks like limestone or marble, but it is neither; it forms from calcium precipitates, with the range of colors characteristic of varying water temperatures during formation.

This also results in beautiful intrinsic striations in the appearance of the rock, with each piece natural and unique. No two pieces are exactly alike. Natural travertine has a pitted surface. To produce some of the beautiful travertine coffee table examples that we see today, the stone can be effectively highly polished. The rock is also quarried and applied as a veneer, and is used in some cases for table top surfaces or also for wall and flooring tiles. If you want to know more, please visit our official website: joyacestone.


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As we all know the marble tiles is the most spectacular floor media. In popularity, they even beat the highest grade granite hands. They are most commonly used official master bathroom, both in the floor and walls, but with a variety of applications.

However, there are certain precautions that must be taken before using them. First of all, be sure that you understand the basics of Wood Vein Marble - what kind of maintenance is required, the grades available, the going rates attached to each, and the drawbacks of the material.

Athens Wooden Marble

Yes, there are drawbacks to using marble tiles. Apart from the fact that they require far more careful cleaning other tiles, Grey Wooden Marble Thin Tile (unless they are of the pristine white variety) usually cannot be laid out in a visually seamless manner. This is because most natural marble has subtle veining and color variations that will, under most circumstances, not permit a perfect visual match.

It must be borne in mind that Athens Wooden Marble are usually the 'leftovers' from the cutting of larger slabs, since the largest possible sizes are given preference in the cutting and grading processes. This being so, finding a set of visually and texturally compatible tiles large enough for one's purpose can be quite a chore.

For this reason, care must be taken on two counts - first, buy marble only form an authorized and reputed dealer. Second, employ the services of an experienced installer, since the only time that reasonable consistency can be ensured is at the installation stage. If you want to know more information, please visit: joyacestone.

White Wood Vein Marble Flooring Designs

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Most interior designers because of its numerous attributes select marble floor as the best choice. It is a natural stone which is quite similar to granite, but with some basic features. Its great strength and durability, marble is used for a variety of purposes, such as flooring, countertops, kitchen walls and bathroom walls. 

White Wood Vein Marble Flooring designs include marble tiles of mainly three types which are-honed tiles, polished tiles and sand tiles. The honed tiles have a matt finish as it is not polished deeply. The polished marble tiles are glazy and have a shiny appearance. To acquire an antiqued appearance, marble is mixed with sand to form smooth tiles.

It is difficult to find marble pieces of the same type as each piece is unique with different patterns and veins. The virulent designs of this unique flooring are quite popular as it is known to accentuate the appearance of any room. 

A huge variety of Big Wooden Marble Slabs Flooring designs can be found in many of the online stores which include the Forest Brown antique finish, Zebra black, Rain Forest Brown, Forest Green, Onyx Gold, Royal Green and so forth. The Lavender blue marbles are another popular variety which is commonly used for swimming pool floors. The Oak wood design is yet another beautiful variety of flooring designs.

 White Wood Vein Marble  

Marble floor design, including different sizes and shapes of bricks. In the marble tiles in two main varieties are glazed and unglazed varieties. Glazed varieties of different types, including silk, dull, dull and gloss available. These tiles are water pollution, because it is glazed smooth. It can be found in different colors such as pink, green, blue, white and black. Although the Polishing Materials Marble is more popular and widely used, it can also be used for other colors today contemporaries.

Flooring of homes is chosen on the basis of color, design, texture and size. However, while choosing White Wood Vein Marble Flooring designs, it is important to consider the functionality in addition to style. Get more information about White Wood Vein Marble at joyacestone. Welcome!

Different Kinds of Natural Stone

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It's easy to fall in love with a gorgeous natural stone sink, bath tub or countertop. But just like any other relationship, you want to know a little bit about the object of your affection before making a lasting commitment. Each of our sinks is carved from a single block of stone quarried from hillsides where the rock has formed over eons. This means each block has its own character, with infinite variation in its crystalline structure. The differences are evident in distinctive veining, mineral inclusions, minor pitting or areas of deeper coloration. The coloration and features of each block of Wood Grain Blue Marble Veined will vary one to another. These are the features that create the beauty and value of natural stone.

Wood Grain Blue Marble Veined

The main types of stone used to create sinks and tubs are onyx, marble, granite, travertine, sandstone and soapstone. Specialty stones such as Chinese Big Slabs In Stock and petrified wood are less common, but welcome additions to the collection. Here's a little information about each of these beautiful, natural materials. Wood Grains a smooth stone. Its surface can be highly polished. Underlying the sheen is crystalline structure and intense veining. These factors make each Wood Grain sink entirely unique. No two Wood Grain sinks will ever match, but any two pieces made from the same type of Wood Grain will coordinate beautifully. Wood Grain comes in three types: Multicolored, Honey Wood Grain and White.

wood grain ranges from pale green with little veining or variation in color to reds, browns and oranges in patterns reminiscent of a Jackson Pollock painting. wood grains more uniform in coloration than multi-colored but can still contain swirls, stripes or mottling. Its colors range from pale whitish/yellow to a brownish/yellow. Wood Vein Marble Tile also contains many variations in color. Sometimes this stone is almost pure white with little variation in veining. It can also contain flecks of deeper whites, yellow, reddish or rusty colored veining. If you want to know more information, please visit: joyacestone.

Choose a Bathroom Floor Tiles

04:22, 2015-12-4  ..  0 comments  ..  Link

Choose a bathroom floor tiles can be a daunting task, when you have so many options. You need to take care of decorative tiles and budget functional wear, color and design. Here are some options and their characteristics, can help you choose the best tile.

White Wooden Marble Thin Tile

Wooden Marble Thin Tile: A dense form of limestone, marble floor is a favorite choice of homeowners. It can keep your bathroom floor very clean and bacteria free.

Porcelain tile: Moisture prone bathrooms can use this type of flooring. These tiles are very durable, water and stain resistant too. They can be cleaned and maintained easily. You can choose from various colors, patterns, styles, shapes and sizes. For safety it is better to choose some slip resistant finish of the White Wooden Marble Thin Tile.

Laminate tile: Laminate floor features decorative prints on fibrous material or thin sheets of paper. The designs could often mimic wooden flooring, ceramic tiles or Chinese White| Grey Wooden Marble. They come in different shapes like rectangles, squares, planks etc. You need to check with the manufacturer for tiles suitable for installing in moisture prone areas. Also check for warranty because they cannot be re-finished if any damage is caused

Vinyl tile: These tiles are easy to install according to the specific requirements. They are slip and moisture resistant too. They are often used in camp sites also.

Tile: Durable ceramic tile easily installed. They can easily maintain and resistant to bacterial growth. They come in various designs, shapes and textures to suit your requirements. The only drawback is that they may be in your feet cold. For more information, please visit our official website:joyacestone.

Properly Ionstalling Marble Flooring In The Bathroom

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- For starters, start the process with a bare floor. Ensure that the subfloor is sturdy and stable, because if it shifts, the grout could crack. Check the floor for stability by having someone stand on one end of the room, while you stand on the other and bounce up and down. If your partner feels little or no vibration, then the White Wooden Marble Engineering Tile should be quite sturdy.


White Wooden Marble Engineering Tile


- Ensure that the floor is level. Most tile manufacturers suggest that the Chinese White| Grey Wooden Marble no more than 1/16" for every 3'. Use the longest level available to check. You can also tell whether the floor has any dips or valleys by looking for gaps between the level and the floor.

- Lay out the tile in a test run, or dry run. This will ensure that you plan ahead for where the tiles will go. Start by placing a tile at one corner of the center point and working your way to the wall. If you end up with only a sliver of marble at the end, shift the run so that the starting tile straddles the chalk line.

- To begin tiling the Marble Thin Tiles, place one tile on or near the center, depending on the location that was determined by your test layout, and trace around the perimeter. Apply thin-set mortar within the borders, and set the tile in place. The tile will act as a reference point, or barometer of sorts, when you start to lay out the rest of the floor pieces.

- Start to apply thin-set mortar to the floor, notching it with your trowel, and applying the tiles. Fill any spaces when applying the mortar.

- In measuring tiles for cutting, place one tile directly on top of the full tile that is closest to the wall. Then place a second tile against the wall so that the edge rests on the first tile. Use a utility knife to score a line on the first tile, and make your cut along that line. For more information, please visit:joyacestone.

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