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A great day for hard g-raft-ers

04:28, 16/7/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link

RAFTS did not quite take to the high seas in a fundraising event.

But the canal at Saul Junction was exciting enough for many, when they paddled for a good cause.

The Great Gloucestershire Raft COACH Bags Regatta, in aid of Great Western Air Ambulance, was a great day out for both teams and spectators.

And there was also a dramatic end to the day, when a raft took to the water and sunk in the final.

Organiser Mike Doughty said: "A raft flooded in the final and sunk.

"That was Buckley's Buccaneers.


Charles Buckley is our local GP. The crew was all rescued LouisVuitton by SARA and everyone was fine. We recovered the raft as well.

"There was a flyby from Great Western Air Ambulance at the start, to remind everyone what they were raising money for. It all went very well. Everybody had a good time. We had about 18 teams participating and they all had fun, and Severn Vale Rotary Club won."

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A great day for hard g-raft-ers


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