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Randie Gesiel

How to Get Abs at Home With These Simple Exercises and Diet Tips

10:28, 9/1/2008 .. Link

My wife has always confessed, it is so frustrating to put on a dress or slacks and have a pooch around her stomach. She claimed, abs should be firm and tight. But she often complained that she just doesn't have the time to go to a gym and work out. Well today, you can learn how to get abs at home with these simple exercises and diet tips.

When you look at people in magazines or on television commercials with great looking abs, you think they must have worked out years in a gym. Sometimes that is the case, but more often it is not.

People right at home, have developed great abs and have developed them with just simple exercise and diet. So let's dive in and discover how to get abs at home.

To begin with, think healthy. This really does work. Each time you eat something ask yourself if it is healthy- if it is not; substitute it for something that is. It is that easy. Vegetables, fruits, and plenty of water can turn your body around.

If you do crave something fattening, drink a glass of water prior to eating it and you will eat less of it, or follow it with a piece of fruit. Next, begin to crave the health benefits of ab exercises. Crunchs and sit ups work great. 3 sets of just 12 little repetitions at home on some floor space next to your bed will do wonders!

Convince yourself this is for your health, and the exercise will come naturally and be more effective. Next comes actually doing the exercises. Repetition and keeping good form of each repetition is the key. Sit on the floor with your back straight, you should feel a small pull as if you are lifting up a bit. Don't arch your back this is very bad for it.

Bring your knees toward your chest, but do not have them touch your chest. Now place your hands behind your head and lean in to your knees. Breathe in and out, then release. Lean in again, but this time lean into your right.

Breathe in and out again and release. Lean in again, this time to your left. Inhale and exhale. Repeat these simple exercises 12 times for 3 sets each day. Within a short time of just a few weeks, you will feel the difference and within a month see results.

How to get abs at home, the key is consistency. Remember to stretch and stick with it.

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How to Get Abs at Home With These Simple Exercises and Diet Tips


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