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The Rottsnest

14/8/2007 -

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4/4/2007 - Hello Everyone

Our Blog, The Rattsnest


Rottnest lakes, The Basin and quokka - Perth
Rottnest lakes, The Basin and
by TheWanderingCamel
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The one place practically everybody will tell you you should visit whilst you are in Perth is Rottnest Island - so named by Dutch explorers in the late 17th century for the animals they thought were rats that inhabit the island. The "rats" are actually quokkas -a small wallaby-like marsupial that live just here on the island and in a couple of very small enclaves on the mainland.

We moved in together in a beautifull apartment in Amsterdam, located in the redlight district and guess the name of our house, yep... It was called the Rattsnest ( all the dodgy deals prob. that went on in there)

Now a good name for the two of us being both Rats as well., and a third little Rat on the way.

So here it starts our Blog about Amsterdam, our up coming trip to Australia and further more.

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4/4/2007 - our house in the middle of the street ;0)

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