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[Sunglasses Maintenance] How to maintain my sungla

01:00, 1/1/1970 .. 0 comments .. Link

 Sunglasses with high quality help us to keep active in the sun. But it can not stop pollution damage. However, many people pay little attention to the maintenance. Some may think they just wear this one the whole summer. There are also a lot of people thinking that they buy sunglasses just for trendy as well as ultraviolet resistance. Actually, if sunglasses are often littered or misplaced, their function will be weakened after the passage of time. Not only it will fail to resist any ultraviolet, but also will it lead to eye problems.

As a matter of fact, the maintenance of sunglasses is the same with that of general glasses, cleaning, closed-stacking and storing. The only point is that sunglasses are easy to scratch because they are frequently put on and off. Here are some details to remind you. Do not wipe it off when your sunglasses adhere to spots, or it will scratch the surface. Clear lenses with special cotton cloth and lens cleaning detergent.

1.Do not take it lightly.

Quite a lot of people will hang their sunglasses on the head, collar or pocket. At this time, the range of movement shouldn’t be too wide for fear that the glasses to crack up. Perhaps some will put them inside the bag. It is recommended that you put them into the hard glasses case first and then your bag to protect lenses from keys and coins.

2.Wipe with special cleaning cloth.Car owners often put the sunglasses on the dashboard or the seat conveniently, which is a very bad habit. Hot weather will bake sunglasses out of shape, especially those with plastic frames. You’d better take it off the car or place them to the collection box. In addition, beauty products with chemical constituents like cosmetics also tend to frame discoloration of deformation. Wipe with special cleaning cloth.

3. Do not grasp one leg with one hand when putting off sunglasses since it will cause the frames’ deformation. So it is proposed to seize the two legs with both hands.

Maintain your sunglasses carefully and make their life longer.

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[Sunglasses Maintenance] How to maintain my sungla


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