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running from reality


About a girl who is running from reality. Hiding into a fantasy world. She is the leading lady in a film, that of course only she can see, because it's in her head. The girl is me, Rayn.

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Rayn on the run

Well I guess I'm on the run, for life, but most of all: love.

Where I'm running of to? My own little fantasy world, where I'm starring in hollywood movies and broadway shows. In my head everything is perfect, well not perfect, but Hollywood perfect. But when it comes to real life, I'm a big nerd. Not that I'm ugly or anything. I just have a problem with telling people how I really feel.
When I'm imagining it, the words come out perfectly almost poetic. But when I start talking, the words come out all wrong, like a big puzzle.

Take my boyfriend for instance, he has no problem with telling me he much he likes me and how pretty he thinks I am. But I can't say those things back! When I try to say stuff like that it feels like I'm choking. What if he doesn't mean all those things he tells me? I would make a fool of myself... Maybe it's better to run away and be alone, rather then being this insecure. Ok, I can hear what you're thinking... You're just scared, you're a chicken!

And I guess I am scared... I'm afraid to get hurt.

Posted: 22:57, 14/11/2007
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