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International Internship MS-Tech/Techsolo

Winter is coming up!

10:35, 24/11/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link
Hi everyone,

it has been a while that I've reported anything about my internship @ MS-Tech / Techsolo. The last weeks I did some marketing prep-work because we want to do some promotion during December. As I explained in my previous blogs we bought some USB-Sticks with our name/logo on it, I have been working on a digital catalogue for these sticks and some additional 'documents' that we can store on these sticks before shipping them to our (potential/loyal) customers.

There we have quite some products this took, obvious, a while before I finished the dig. catalogue. Nevetheless I have finished the contents for the USB-sticks.

I also finished all of our webpages now. This means that the English MS-Tech site is fully up-to-date and that the German, Dutch and English website of Techsolo are fully up-to-date. Because of the lack of knowledge of the English language and Dutch these websites were outdated.

Between this I have done some small extra work, from simply assisting in our warehouse till research any possible product developments etc.



Finally a new update.

10:12, 5/11/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link
Hi everyone,

I know it has been a long time ago that I wrote something on my blog but I had some pretty busy weeks. Let me start at the beginning. In my last blog i already told you that I was going to the exhibition dealer.info in Utrecht. Well we've been there and it was quite fun. (I'll hope that I can upload some pica's soon). I have done some talking with retailers and distributors which was very interesting, but let's be serious, which Intern can stand on an exhibition in his 5th week of the internship. There was only one major downside, my colleague is not so very well technical eduacted as I am, so I had to support him, even do I am the intern..... Nevertheless, as I said before, I had some great time with talking to some retailers and distributors and received some business cards. Hopefully we can build these contacts out untill something feasible, something we are working on right now. I do not want to botter you with all the facts and details so I will skip that part of the exhibition.

The last three [3] weeks (!) I had to do a hell of a job. We have two different webpages, www.techsolo.com and www.ms-tech.de. Both have over 100 products and lots of extra text like legal notice, warranty conditions and so on. They have asked me to translate the techsolo webpage to Dutch, and the ms-tech webpage to English. You can understand that this can take some of your time. But as I am writing this I just made the final adjustments and the webpages are fully operational 'as we speak'. Next week we are going to promote this by our Dutch customers.

I am also able to work out my marketing plan to its final stage. We received the USB sticks with our logo print last week and therefore we can start next week with designing a catchy sales letter and generating a catalogue of our products digitally for the USB sticks. More about this next week ;).

Already a nice weekend,


15:46, 11/10/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link
Hi everyone!

I'm working here now already for 4 weeks and things are getting more interesting every day. Finally I'm able to start some promotions through a new method instead of the could call method they used only.
Because I'm convinced that this method doesn't work because of own experience and through analyzing the percentage of success they had till know with this method.
I will explain my promotion plan at this blog in the future, when we have worked it out and have received reaction from the receivers. Hopefully this will be a kind of success.
I also managed to find some new contacts in magazines and website reviewers and at the moment we are looking at possibilities to work something out. I've already told you that we are getting an article in PCM in december, this alone is of course not enough.
This week I will be present at the dealer.info exhibition. We have a stand with our products to show and inform our products to potential buyers and distributors. I will write more about this in my next blog, what I experienced and what I did. My expectations at the moment are that it will be difficult to get people interested in our product and even more difficult to convince people to buy our products. Nevertheless I see it as a great opportunity to gain some experience.
Besides this all we finally have our dutch version of the website, possible due to my effort in translating the text, just like an flyer in dutch.
I hope I can tell you guys more about my experiences at the exhibition and the developments of my marketing plan next week.

Regards, Richard

First 2 weeks....

10:24, 28/9/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link
The first 2 weeks passed away pretty quickly. Finally I get to know the company a little bit better just like my colleagues and arranged a first review of one of our products (!). I'm experiencing more and more that it is very difficult to get in contact with the magazines and let them write a review about our product. But as said before, I managed to arrange one. Besides my promotion tasks I also have to find new customers. Unfortunately this is even harder. Together with my colleague we've been through a list of comanies and it's very difficult to convince them to buy our products, at the moment I'm still waiting on some respone of some companies I wrote a salesletter to. Nevertheless I see all of this as a challenge and hope to learn lots of it. Sometimes it is quite difficult to explain everything into detail in German but I'm getting used to it.
Hope I'll book some more success in the coming weeks, i'll keep you posted.


First day @ the office

10:45, 13/9/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link
Finally started, today is my first day at the office at MS-Tech GmbH. We had arranged a meeting at 10 o'clock to cover some last questions and to go in-deep in the job-description. Although it was already clear I had to do market research for some European countries and the Netherlands especially, there were some extra tasks added. First of all the company wants to develop a higher brand-awareness level in the countries where they are currently active. This can be established throughout reviews from IT-magazines and IT-websites. Secondly, they would like me to support the sales team with new customers. Hereby we have to think about customers in the Netherlands, but also in Russia, Ukraine and Germany at the moment. According to the results of my market research plan the number of customers will hopefully grown. This can be in countries where we are currently active but also in countries where we will be active in the future but this depends strongly on the results of the research plan as said before.
I will update this blog every end of the week to give a slight view of my activities at MS-Tech GmbH and the development of my marketing plan.


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Winter is coming up!
Finally a new update.
First 2 weeks....
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