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Goa Land Records Online Easy Way to Check Land Online

18:35, 1/9/2017 .. 0 comments .. Link

Land Records are very vital information and helpful to all the buyers and sellers who wish to invest or sell the land. IT gives clarity on the land owner information and other details. Goa land records have now made public by the government and it is available online at a few clicks. Goa is a very popular tourist destination in India and many investors wish to buy or sell plots to make the most of the opportunity.


Goa Land Records help such investors to deal with all kinds of land related information at the finger tips. The website is made very easy for users and just key in the required information to get the desired result. The website is named as Directorate of Settlement & Land Records which is abbreviated as DSLR. DSLR Goa is becoming popular within no time as it is full of information which is not available otherwise. This is a movement taken up by the government for the land records Goa to be made available to the public. Land records keep on updating each time. When there is a sale or a purchase of a land the owner, names change and this needs modification each time.

The directorate works to provide information on the disputed land and its details along with the issuance of certified copies of maps and plans open to the public and any calculation of assessment to name a few. The government has started a resurvey of the data to validate the details and give complete and right information to the public. This had commenced in the year 2004 in April and carried out in phases. All these works had been done as per the provisions of Goa Land Revenue Code 1968 to make it legal stage wise. So, visit the website and get all the relevant and correct information.




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Goa Land Records Online Easy Way to Check Land Online


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