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Knight passing away of countless Home | Profile | Archives | Friends
dyed blood red ... ... means that trainees successfully passed the second test of the blood of knight has been made for promotion to the formal qualifications of the blood knight, but the Want to promotion, he must pass

good intentions to educate him25/2/2010
How to do the problem again placed in front of me. I have done everything possible, and I am impotent, I am unable to return to days of the end of their rope, when I have never felt such a failure. If it is in schools, companies, who would dare do that to me, he will have great trouble, and even I will tell him, you can no longer come back. This is the social operation of the rules, but rules of how this society is not suitable for families? Usually good intentions to educate him, doing the first, the society is very cruel. How has caused so much rancor it? The first is a man's health, followed by psychological normal, and only then learn from, ah, ah ability, capacity ah. Son, you are now in these three areas you have a few areas? This place really let me sad. I go to my wow gold "hostel" and put the package, say good-bye boss, riding on a bus the countryside, 6.5 yuan to the city live in a star hotels, wash finished. Put the farmer, "Tomato Vegetable Juice" own enjoyment, it is estimated that vitamin-rich drink to carry on with eating the mitigation of cardiovascular disease, drugs, do not know do not have a bad effect. After a break, eat snacks Northwest. The 13-city tour went towards the ancient capital city's attractions. For more than 10 years ago, the meeting went to Xi'an. At that time the Xi'an city wall or a tattered, broken bridge outside the city, especially in the railway station there is a big Huokou. At present, Xi'an ancient city wall has been repaired and restored. According to reports, the wall is a wall on the basis of the Tang Dynasty, Ming Dynasty perfect. Xi'an city wall is now mostly Ming Zhu's son when the king was built based on the recovery. Originally intended to take him to see the wow po city's other historical attractions in Xi'an, the last, his mother took him to visit the Terracotta Warriors and Horses. He also talk about the past the mighty Emperor, "Security in the Great Wall today, but no year Emperor." Also explain how he would heyday of the Tang Dynasty that the world, now long vanished. It also shocked the world in modern times the "Xi'an Incident" in context. The Hui-historical figures and events that are real, are this way, gone, not to mention that you are virtual "World of Warcraft", killing one night, one off the computer, everything gone. No matter how you ride in the virtual world, you must return to the mortal world, Youyanjiangcu in to. The people who develop online games that was spotted your pocket money, should they themselves can live game in the network do? Be able to live in "World of Warcraft" good? Development of online games will now be able to attract people who target young people addicted to online games to determine the development of the software was successful. If not, young people addicted to the game, their on-line rules that the failure of this network game development. This is what a terrible person eating game ah! A half-day travel down, but also really tired. So we prepared to rest a night, the next plane home. After all, I would also like to live, I still have the old, under a small, as well as responsibilities and obligations. I will not give up a forest for a tree. Away from anyone else in this world will not cause changes in the Earth's rotation a bit. This is the venerable formidable nature!
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blood of knight student 22/12/2009

Student Blood Knight was ordered to fight with each other and kill each other, only one person to have survived to the completion of this test. Contaminated with the blood of fellow winner out of the duel field, it will be ordered to enter the Blood Knights underground chamber, an audience with the leaders of the blood knights Liyadelin Count and the Great Master Astalos women swear by the blood. Astalos blood oath to the student who demonstrated Blood wow gold Knight Blood Knight a source of strength, was captured Naru. And taught him how to extract the body from the Naru Light energy end-use of these energy resurrected before being killed by their own companions. The successful resurrection companion, the first trials came to an end, through which the blood test trainee knight would receive further training to enable him to gain a more powerful force. When the second test of the blood of knight student completed all the training project, the mentor will be the second test of his. And the first test of a similar, and the second test of the contents of the same, and companions in combat, but the opponent into four challengers received the order to kill the blood of knight. Only a few interns Blood Knight can live through this brutal trials. Blood Knight passing away of countless student life, this article was promoted as an official knight's only way of blood, dyed blood red ... .cheap wow gold .. means that trainees successfully passed the second test of the blood of knight has been made for promotion to the formal qualifications of the blood knight, but the Want to promotion, he must pass the third trials. In the third test of the blood of knight, was awarded the title of the official position before the blood of knight trainee must obtain two official Blood Knight as a symbol of something: Blood Knight insignia and hardening of blood spear. Obtained by these two things constitute the third test of the process, but also the final trials. Each knight's chest full of blood were wearing red with a black falcon-shaped pendant - Blood Knight insignia. The total number of blood knight insignia is the same. Only in two cases, interns have the chance to get the blood knight insignia of their own: When a knight was promoted to a senior official of blood when the blood of knight, you must surrender their badges, to the forthcoming promotion of the new, of course, this is very rare . Alternatively, a full blood knight killed in the fighting. Then the promotion must go to where to find his dead body, recovery and succession of the deceased's badge. Lance is the blood of blood quenching the Knights of the standard weapons, and from the blood to build the Knights of unity. But the manufacture of such powerful weapons in the required material is not common in the material even when there is promotion for those who build their own weapons to collect information. Under normal circumstances, badges and weapons, while shortages are uncommon. The third test of the contents of the circumstances of each case to decide whether to recall badge or a collection of weapons material. However, if a qualified person bad luck, it may have to put two tasks have been completed in order to advance. Of course, a super-good luck in advance when the trainee Blood Knight insignia and weapons used the case if there is a spot available. The third test of the case will be canceled, he was able to directly promoted to the official Blood Knight. Senior Official Blood Knight Blood Knight Blood Knights as the backbone, has been fighting against the enemies of symplectic dore the forefront. When a full set of blood knight sufficient merit, to grow to a certain extent, the blood will be recognized Knights inner board his efforts, he was promoted to senior blood knight. As a veteran of blood knight, he must surrender his blood knight insignia for the use of the newer entrants to the official Blood Knight. As a mark as a substitute for, he will be riding Salas charger qualifications. Senior Blood Knight Blood Knights as the elite force, inner Parliament would carefully put them in the battlefield in order to avoid unnecessary losses. At the same time promoted to Senior Blood Knight also means that they must always do to respond to storm the fortress call to the external domain Kaiersasi Xiao-Zhong Wang preparation. After all, the Sun King to train a powerful warrior, the blood is the primary task of the Knights at the present stage. Blood Knight Master and inner board, if a veteran Blood Knight continues to fight against the enemies of symplectic multi-Ray set battle achievements can not be ignored, then he will eventually be Blood Knights leadership's attention, and may be promoted to Blood Knight Master into the inner Council to become a Blood Knights one of the leaders. In the Knights of the existence of an elite knight composed only of inner board. Council members are hand-picked by the leadership of the most dedication, most trusted, and the skills of the most outstanding blood knights. Every attempt to join the inner boards, a senior blood knight must have a council of Blood Knight Master, as recommended and will need to demonstrate they are the core principles of the Knights of dedication and respect. In the final completed a series of nearly impossible tasks, a senior Blood Knight will join the Inner Council to become a blood knight master, and marked his noble status, it is his own horse, and magnificent horses Salas Blood Knight War gown. 5 The purpose of the Blood Knights and the Knights of the cost of blood is currently the main task is to train far outside the domain Kaiersasi blood knights, and the completion of training, the blood rushed to storm fortress knights. But the blood of knight's fundamental purpose is to Scourge of revenge, killing the Lich King Alsace. Have experienced war, natural disasters, the third invasion and betrayal of human blood knights of the natural disasters and coalitions are not a good impression. At the same time they think that only you can master a powerful force, in order to eliminate all the enemies of symplectic multi-Ray to protect their fellow citizens. Blood Knight knew that to get strength to pay the price. As the cost of controlling the power of Light, each with the "wrong" way to use this power to the Blood Knight's body would cause permanent damage. With their own body as a container, with the suction surgery Naomi Light energy absorbed by the energy approach, in the actual reduction of the blood of knight's life. Each blood knights are all aware of this fact, but they do not care. In order to obtain power guard their own people, they give up everything you can give up things, including even the trust of their compatriots. Each Blood Knight himself only two things left: the power and the need to guard his people. Finally, I would like to use a blood knight the end of the study's Prayer: We Blood Knights; We whose lives are written in blood, both that of our enemies and of ourselves. We are the blood knights; our lives from the enemy and written in the blood of our own. We know great power comes to those willing to take it, and nothing comes without bloodshed. We understand that the power of selecting people gather, everything must go through bloodshed. Thus do we always risk ourselves to wield our great strength. Therefore, we use it regardless of their own powerful force!





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