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The thought behind discounts

20:30, 8/1/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link
Today I would like to talk to you about discounts. Yesterday I saw a television program about discounts and the marketing plan behind that. The reason that the companies have discounts is because this will increase sales. People think that the products are cheaper and that is why they buy products they normally would not buy. The companies will earn less money per product, but they will sell more products. It is because of this that they earn more money on one day. A store like “De Bijenkorf” buys new products for their “Dwaze Dagen”. On these three days they sale all their products with a discount. They sale products that they usually do not sale and say that there is a discount on the product. It is a smart way of marketing and it will earn them a lot of money, but there is a downside. A store like “De Bijenkorf” lies to the customer because there is no discount because the product has not been sold before. A company always needs to take the customers serious and should not lie to them. The customer will eventually find out and this will be bad for the reputation of the company. In Belgium there is a maximum of two discount periods in one year. This to protect the customer, because the customer will buy too much products. Customers will buy products they do not need and they can get in debt because of this. So when you see a discount first think if you really need the product. Here is the link to the program for the people that are interested http://player.omroep.nl/?aflID=10483055.This is my last post I hope you enjoyed it. Cheers Joey


11:29, 8/1/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link
Today I want to talk about the promotion of PETA. PETA is an organization that wants to defend animals, an example of this is that they are against fur. They want other people to treat animals in a good way. To make this happen they try to get the attention of the media. For example sometimes members of the organization lock themselves in cages in public. The reason that they do this is because they want to get in the newspapers and on the television. They want people to know that it is wrong to lock animals in small cages. It is a good idea of them to get attention this way, because it is free. The idea is not hard to come up with and a cage is not that expensive. Their message gets a lot of attention and they do not have to make an expensive commercial. They also get help from celebrities an example of this are female celebrities that pose nude and say that they are against fur. The pictures will be seen everywhere because of the fact they use celebrities and then so does their message. This is very cheap to because of the fact that the celebrities do not charge money and they do not have to buy expensive advertisement space. The downside of things like locking themselves in cages is that people do not take them serious. Because of this their message will not be taking serious by a lot of people. So if PETA wants more followers they need to change their image. Cheers Joey

World Wide Fund for Nature poster

17:04, 7/1/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link
I want to talk to you about a poster of World Wide Fund for Nature. World Wide Fund for Nature wants the public to know that to much trees are being cut down at the moment. They want people to release that this is very dangerous for our future. The poster shows two lungs and one of the lungs misses half of itself. The lungs are actually trees and the part where there is no lung is a place where cars drive. So it shows that the cutting of the trees means that we lose oxygen. The idea of the poster is very good because it visualizes the dangerous of cutting down the trees. Most people are not interested in the problem that a lot of trees are being cut down. When they see this they will release that it is actually a big problem. This shows that promotion does not always have to be very complicated. Expensive commercials with expensive stars are not always the best promotion. Sometimes it is just best to have a low budget. Another benefit for the company is that they have more money to spend. The poster is cheap and this way they can spend the money on other subjects. The use of a poster is also good because you do not need TV. The poster can be used as a billboard and this way the people who do not watch TV will also be reached. So sometimes it is best to think simple. Here is the link to the poster for the people who want to see it http://blog.koormann.de/files/wwf_lungs_blog.png Cheers Joey

Why bad products sell

16:56, 7/1/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link
Today I would like to talk about why bad products can be successful. Bad products can be sold when the promotion is good. A good example are the commercials of the products that are shown on television in the morning. Stations like rtl 5 show these commercials. The commercials say that the products have a lot of benefits, but almost everybody knows that they do not have these benefits. Most of these commercials are about products that will make the customer look better. The commercials say that the customer can loose 20 pounds in one month by using the product. Most of the time people still need to exercise when they use the product and this is why they lose weight. The reason that the products are about looks is because they use people’s uncertainties. The buyers of these products want to loose weight and they have tried everything. After a while they will try everything and then they will buy these types of products. Another example is using celebrities as I told you earlier. Companies with bad products can improve their image by using celebrities in their commercials. When they use this method they will sell more products. Although it seems like companies can say anything in their commercials there are still a view rules that they need to follow. The reason that these rules exist is because the customer needs to be protected. In Holland Stichting Reclame Code checks if companies follow the rules. When a company does not follow the rules they can be sued, but of course they can not check everything so there are still commercials that fool the customer. So when you watch a commercial always ask yourself if the commercial is telling the truth. Cheers Joey


10:52, 2/1/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link
Today I woud like to talk to you about sponsoring, sponsoring is a very popular promotion instrument. A lot of companies sponsor sports clubs ore athletes, this can be very good for the company. This is because a lot of people will get in touch with the brand. The reputation of the company or the person who is being sponsored reflects on the sponsor. So when a soccer club like Heereenveen has a good reputation Unive (the sponsor) will benefit. It can also be that the sponsor is automatically related with the company ore the sponsor being sponsored in the eyes of the consumer. A good example of this is the Dutch soccer club AZ Alkmaar and the sponsor DSB Bank. DSB Bank does not exist anymore but when they sponsored AZ they benefited a lot of the sponsoring. It was very good for the reputation of DSB Bank and AZ Alkmaar also benefited because DSB Bank paid a lot of money. The downside of sponsoring is that when one of the parties’ reputation is damaged this reflects on the party. This happened when the DSB Bank had a lot of problems and when a lot of people were against the company. This was bad for the reputation of AZ Alkmaar. Another good example is Tiger Woods. He recently had some marriage problems and because of this he lost a few sponsors. The sponsors were afraid that Tiger Woods would be bad for the reputation of the companies? So when a company decides to sponsor another company or visa versa they need to look good to the reputation of the company. I hope you enjoyed my post and leave a comment if you want. Cheers Joey

Coca Cola commercial

18:16, 28/12/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link
Today I want to talk about a commercial of Coca Cola. The commercial was made in 2005 and it was a very popular commercial. The commercial is not really about the product itself (like a lot of commercials), the commercial tries to get the attention of the viewer. This is very logical because a product like Coca Cola is just coke, it is not so different from a competitor like Pepsi. Coke is also not a product with a lot of benefits in comparising with the competitors. It is because of this that the makers do not focus on the product, they try to get the attention of the viewer and hope that they remember it. They also want that the viewer gets a warm feeling of the commercial. When this happens the chance increases that the costumer wants to buy the product. When they need to choose between all the different brands they will think about the commercial. When they get the warm feeling again the chance will increase that they buy the product. The commercial is also about Christmas (it was released during Christmas time) and this will increase the fact that the viewer gets a warm feeling about the commercial. The reason that this increases the chance that they get a warm feeling about the product is because people associate Christmas with warm feelings. This is why a lot commercials are based around Christmas during the Christmas period. I hope that you enjoyed this web log and if you want to leave comment be free to do it. Here is the link to the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1NnyE6DDnQ Cheers Joey

“Centraal beheer Achmea” commercials

18:10, 24/12/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link
Today I would like to talk to you about the commercials of the company “Centraal beheer Achmea”. The commercials are very popular but they are not very common for an insurance company. This is because the commercials do not focus on what the company does. The commercials focus on humor and the company hopes that that will increase the chance that the costumer will buy their insurance. The idea of the company is that the viewer will get excited about “Centraal beheer Achmea” and also interested in “Centraal beheer Achmea”. When this happens they want to find out what “Centraal beheer Achmea” exactly does.When they find out two things can happen: The potential customer wants to buy an insurance. The potential customer does not want to buy an insurance. There are a lot of influences on the decision making of the customer. It is important that “Centraal beheer Achmea” has a good site, because a good site increases the chance that the customer will buy a insurance of “Centraal beheer Achmea”. Another important influence is the quality of the company. The marketing section of the company can do everything right, but when the products of the company are bad people will not buy the product. This needs to be an important and big stimulation for the company to have good products. So I think that the commercials of “Centraal beheer Achmea” are very good but the rest of the marketing and the products need to be good as well. I hope you liked my blog and if you want to leave a comment you can always do that. Here is an example of one of the commercials http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YZcFrBKKCk Cheers Joey

Carglass commercial

17:10, 24/12/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link
Today I like to talk to you about the commercial of the company Carglass. The commercial is shown a lot on the television. I think it is a very good commercial, because it explains very well to the viewer what the company does and what the benefits are. It tells the viewer that if they do not call Carglass the damage to the glass of the car will increase. When Carglass is called they are very quick to repair the glass. The glass looks like new again and the costumer is satisfied and after that comes the best part for the costumer. The commercial says that the insurance will pay the bill. This is a big benefit for the costumer and it makes the company much more appealing for the costumer. At the end of the commercial there is a little jingle. This is a very popular jingle that almost everybody knows. Because of the jingle more people will get to know Carglass and the people that already know Carglass will be remembered of the company. I think that a lot companies can learn from this commercial. Because it explains the benefits very well to the viewers and it is a commercial that the viewer will remember. I hope that you enjoyed this post and leave a comment if you want. Here is the link to the video on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwhVdnDxaXM Cheers Joey

Lassie Toverrijst commercials

17:07, 24/12/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link
I was watching television today and I saw a commercial of the company “Lassie”. It is about a large Surinamer that explains to a couple that they need to use the product Lassie Toverrijst. The commercials of the company “Lassie” always use humor to get the attention of the viewers. They are very successful with this method because the commercials are very popular and also well known. The commercials also combine the humor with some benefits of the products. A good example of this is that the commercials say that Lassie Toverrijst taste good and that it is easy and quick to make. A good example of the fact that the commercials are successful is that a lot of people know the large Surinamer. When they see him on television and he is not promoting Lassie Toverrijst they will think about Lassie Toverrijst. This is free publicity and that is very good for the company. Another popular person in the commercials is Boudewijn Buch. He is not in the commercials anymore, but he was a few years back. When he was in the commercials humor was used to. The commercials are especially good because of the fact that they promote rice. It is easier to make a good commercial about a car then about rice. So it is very good that the successfully mix humor with the benefits of the product. Here is the link to the video on youtube for the people that are interested http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n43s3NX972g&feature=related.Leave a comment if you want. Cheers Joey

Tele2 commercial

17:00, 24/12/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link
I was watching television yesterday and I saw the commercial of the company Tele2. It is a commercial that is shown a lot on television. It is also shown at the internet, a site like www.dumpert.nl shows the commercial before a video starts. I noticed in the comments below the video that a lot of people were annoyed by the fact that they had to wait for the video because of the commercial. This is not a good way to advertise, it cost a lot of money to advertise on a popular website like www.dumpert.nl and it is not good for Tele2 that a lot of people get annoyed by the commercial. Because of the fact that people get annoyed they will not buy the product, they also tell this to other people and because of this there is a slider chance that they will buy the product. Besides the fact that I think that the commercial should not be shown at a site like dumpert.nl I think the commercial is good. The commercial is a about a sheep that talks about Tele2. It does not talk a lot about the product itself. This is because a lot people are not interested in the product itself. They need the product and they are just interested in the price, and the commercial talks about the fact that Tele2 is cheap. Because of the fact that Tele2 uses sheep’s people watch the commercial, they are automatically interested in the commercial. This increases the chance that they buy the product. And it is because of this that it is a good commercial. I hope you enjoyed my blog and if you like to comment on it you can always do it. For the people that are interested in the commercial here is the link to youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VweBURIuNo Cheers Joey


16:05, 24/12/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link
I was surfing on the internet today and I got a pop-up on a site. This is something that happens a lot when I am surfing on the internet and it happens to a lot of other people as well. Pop-ups are usually used by little companies or gambling sites. Bigger companies like Phillips do not use pop-ups because they know it is bad for their image. I think that only smaller companies (that sell bad products) need pop-ups because the big companies that sell good products do not need it. Mostly pop-ups are from sites that say that you can lose 10 pounds in 1 month without exercising or dieting, ore something like that nonsense. They need this kind of promotion because they do not have the money to promote their product on television. They use mass marketing and hope that somebody is crazy enough to buy their product. When the costumer uses the product they will found out that the product is bad and they will not buy it again. It is because of this that those companies will never survive. The products that they sell are bad and they annoy a lot of people and because of that they will never try the product. Pop-ups can be good for gambling sites because a lot of people are interested in that kind of sites. Because of the annoying pop-up they will get to know the site and this increases the chance that they will use the site. So pop-ups are usually a bad way to promote a product or site but it can be good, but for a pop-up to be good they need to promote a good product. I hope you agree with me and if you like to comment you can always use that. Cheers Joey

Celebrities in commercials

16:03, 24/12/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link
Today I like to talk about celebrities who say to the consumer that they need to buy a certain product. The reason that companies hire celebrities is because people identify the product with the celebrity. A good example is Frans Bauer. Frans Bauer is a popular celebrity whom a lot of people trust. When Frans Bauer says that “Nederlandse Energie Maatschappij” is a good company people believe him. He also suggests that they should take a Subscription to the company. So maybe it cost a lot of money to get Frans Bauer in a commercial, he can pay it back. It can also backfire, a good example is Monique van de Ven (a famous dutch actress). Monique van de Ven appeared in a lot of commercials for years where she told the viewers that she was insured and also had a mortgage at a company called FBTO. After a while people found out that she had lied and did not was insured at that company and did not have a mortgage at that company. This was really bad for the reputation of the company and the reputation of Monique van de Ven. Companies and celebrities should remember this and make sure that it never happens again because when they do that, they are lying to the viewers and the viewers do not like that. So I hope this does not happens again because it will create a lot of problems I hope you enjoyed my blog and if you like the comment on it you can always do it. Cheers Joey

Introduction to my weblog

11:31, 18/11/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link
Hello I am Joey Willemse I am a student at the Haagse Hogeschool and in the coming weeks I will post 12 weblogs about marketing and especially commercials. I will analyse promotion plans of companies and give my opion about it. I hope that at the end I will understand better why company do certain things like why they made a certain commercial. I hope you will enjoy this weblog

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