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Friends with benefits as a relationstarter

Posted on 20/2/2014 at 01:19 - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link

17 year old me without a boyfriend was so curious about what all the couples described as 'making love'. At a certain point, I started to kinda long for it, as if I only would want a relationship because I could then experience sex. I don't know what I was thinking. Of course, it was never my intention to have a friends with benefits kind of a relationship.

Turning eighteen, I met a colleague called Erik. He was already 22, so from my point of view really interesting. The first time I met him was in a pub, in which I drunkenly kissed him and took him to a bench where we kissed even more. Boy, that man could kiss ♥_♥. Not knowing what to make of it, I got really nervous everytime we met, and Erik must have thought I was some lunatic (which could actually kiss real nice, hehe). Time past by and the one time I did go back to the pub where it all began, I met him again. With a few drinks, talking about absolute nonsense is so much easier. But at a certain point I wasn't even listening to his sayings anymore. I was just staring at his lips. I was longing for those kisses so bad. He caught me staring and immediately understood what my intentions of the night were. We were going to kiss, a lot. And so we went to another pub, where we hardly knew anyone and we got it on. It felt so good kissing so intense. Erik grabbed my boob while kissing me and I just got on with it. We even went to his house, where we layed on the couch kissing en stroking eachother. My god, what a night. It. was. awesome.

After this second time of snogging for a night, things did get different. We started talking more, and it wasn't as awkward as it was at first, because somehow I always managed to find a conversation starter. Knowing there was a big pub night in town ahead, butterflies flew in my stomach, because I knew I would (not knowing how, but definitely) hook up with him. And so pub night came, and it was raining like hell. All my friends bailed. I didn't know what to do anymore. But, I have to meet him, tonight. But then I discovered something which came in just perfect: neither his friends were going. So I asked him if he would like to go together. An immediate yes followed, and we met up. After having walked not even 20 meters, he grabbed my hand. He said: "You knew this was going to happen again, didn't you?". Of course I did, and apparently, so did he. 

Standing near the bar, we started kissing again. Things got more passionate each time and at a certain time I remembered I was home alone that night. I invited him to come to my house so we could be a little bit more private. We walked to my house - and kissed for like each 5 mtrs - and when we got there, I immediately took him upstairs. There was a nice big doublebed waiting for that second person. Finally we could completely let it go and we passionately kissed. Lip biting, bite marks in the neck, rough tongue... oh yeah.. And so third base happened. And there we were, laying topless next to eachother. "I actually really like you" he whispered. I was thrilled. I did not know what was going through his head all the time, being five years older than me, I thought he maybe just did it to have some fun. But he really liked me. And I had to confess that I actually liked him too. Was this the start of a relationship? 

We chatted a lot after that 'meeting' and we decided to hang out. This time, as two people who were attracted to eachother, but secretly not ready to confess. It was like a first date. Only we already had gone third base before we even realized we really liked eachother. 


Mum: "You've got a relationship? How nice! Congratulations! So how did you two meet?"

Us: "Well, yeah.... we met at work and ran into eachother while going out... he he ...."


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