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clustered in the main road to welcome us

12/1/2010 - Because the dead abide

Regret took her World of Warcraft, right? Pharynx of the mouth CAPPUCCINO, I casually asked. She comes from the far north, where there is no friends, he tried to take her into their circle, I hope she into his life, but for self-conscious, she did not succeed. She just wants her life World of Warcraft Bu Zhiyu too monotonous, you can also make her wow gold slightly more dependent on him, obviously the latter effect is very obvious to achieve, even so she began to escape his family, his circle . Because the dead abide by hostile camps do not talk to him one day, preferring to find a friend to talk WOW Lane; he was reluctant to visit ill grandmother said it was his grandmother, was able to seize the time to brush AQL small red beetle; meal do not want Duodai at his parents house one minute, would prefer to walk home, just to catch up with NAXX land reclamation; of his friends turned up their noses, ears can be done rather not hear things outside the window, but the game talking about the things and friends down very familiar, endless ...... she could take a day to play the game today, after Do not try to protect the game do not work, do not order the game with no kids, do not order the game does not take care of your parents? Game has seriously affected his life and work, and think of the future are afraid and do not have the heart to blame her ....... not all the fault of your own goods! You and her life in a different world. I sighed. Better to let her play your fill comfortable she might wake up then? I lit a cigarette, it seems a little inspiration to say. He watched her hair a WoW forum post, write very well, which is very reasonable, if that is her right WOW's sentiment, though sometimes the game is wow po like life, but also the fair you have a lot of truth in life, but the Games always be the game, real life is that everyone should treasure things. Lenovo now, I really do not know if she wrote them in the end in order to demonstrate her style of writing to satisfy her vanity or just the poor hurt in the game, pure vent vent only. Said the man behind the success of a woman, he is convinced that the man behind the failure of the lack of a woman often does not. Oh, I washed him smile. To grasp the present, very Well, it must be her true feelings at the time, but she is good forget the pain of the scar-type children. I said to myself silently that he was tired of tingling. He looked gaunt backs to leave and ask yourself are struggling in World of Warcraft, which I deeply I inhaled a cigarette. If he accepted the game in life, beyond its own share of this by the proportion, it is no longer a game, and will become a burden, a personal burden, the burden of a family, a burden on society. Sentiment a little more like a letter. Through the coffee shop a huge French window glass, watching the streets bustling crowd, a "family of Warcraft" in their minds travel, so I have some cold, cold winter south ah





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22/9/2009 - see me at once

At this time, lich braved the ice shield on his head, cool a bit and took a share of 2-in-the report carefully read it again, this time found that Kel garde sincere self-criticism in a seamless actually put the blame for that surely is the fault of Director of the execution of intelligence body, pass the buck rather on irresponsibility, lich was furious, he thinks intelligence die first, must not bear him Shuaxiao smart people, so he called his secretary Miss banshee -- - you go to Kel garde called me, so he immediately came to see me at once, heard not.
wow gold
Miss Banshee how well-behaved intelligent, seeing lich is a fit of anger, mouthful promise down, withdraw, after quietly inquire understand Editor's Note, we began to call to Kel garde ---- hey, cousin, ah, I, demon , you son of this trouble, I can responsibly tell you, lich angry, very serious consequences! !

cheap wow gold
Kel only guess garde half Lich lich does not approve the report of his resignation does not mean do not intend to punish him.
He alarmed: cousin, ah, this can Laoge decent, thanks to you.
Demon: fewer years, I would not intercede for you then, so why every time I help you?
a company formerly known: goblin ah, last time you is not to say do you want to Gina's signature photo? Laoge you got to go back and passed the time when you also sent me a bottle from the Night Elf tribe that imports of perfume, the thing you are best suited to his sister ....
Demon eyes suddenly shine: It was almost, well, I try, no blame, I ah.

As a result, small-Soviet near misses went to see a lich. Lich originally intended to use a dark ritual to eat him, and both cool down is also the way to add the value of their own magic. But the day a female secretary demon dressed mature enough to not do the temptation to overfly sexy to the point of vomiting blood, imported perfumes smell more people to aspire to the impossible. lich's mind will not put him in. Coupled with demon on one side Qiaobian Gu, lich just put a few of his critics dismissed him, and As for punishment, replaced by deep study Chapter 3 of Selected Works of the Lich King, and turned over learning experience one. Although it is boring compared to being eaten is much easier.





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18/8/2009 - in the face of the fact that we are helpless

It is worth mentioning is that the occasional indulgence system fu, the manager of our trade unions have a lot of free accounts, lack of organization when a copy of what career on what, Calvary proficient. At the same time, we have abandoned the original goal of the pursuit of equipment, we comfort ourselves, we can be together is not easy, and equipment to anyone, are the trade unions to deal with, as a result of our sacrifice, to create a union wow gold of the Black Dragon 26 Down, 34 Down the person Rag, wasteland Bwl had two weeks old 1, and 1 weeks old 2 off a miracle Bwl. We are really easy to do? ! You do not nothing I can do to make sacrifices to survive, in the face of the fact that we are helpless!

Since then over the old 2 up to a month, groups of people can not afford to continue to progress, the end of the day we stop the progress of 4 percent in the third, Farm MC overcrowded, noisy group should not have to curse to downtown, wasteland Bwl still no sight, we once again angry, but we once again had to compromise, to dissolve the 2 groups, allowing 15 people to them, and also when the mother, like raising a group of children fail to live up to only know just obtained do not know how to pay, is there any how to? Austrian town in the morning, only 4 individuals in the server you? But also how to?

Today, even finally RAQ and ZG group also cheap wow gold can not afford today, in May 3, 2006, in the long 5.1 Today, the players finally glad that they are free to enjoy the game today, we gave up our collective farewell Let us this, here to live in dreams of World Of Warcraft. The last tribe left helpless union! In fact, do not want to leave, in fact, I would like to stay, we really want to, want to adhere to over a year of painstaking efforts, day and night over the past year, want to get along with friends, we really want to love World of Warcraft.

This time we really are purely the cruel reality has been defeated, the severely defeated, loses nothing to say, we are not defeated by the boss, we lost to the root of all evil selfish human nature (player and official) , lost to the stupid "protection of minors health, the environment to create a green network," the call of a game really is a dream, but at least we understand one thing: we have made every effort and sacrifice are so insignificant, meaningless, because there is no care and concern for our people, but you should be concerned about the fate of your own.

Also the end of the story here, the tragedy is over, do not wish to repeat itself! The following are my personal thoughts:

By now I have no intention to go to blame the bad server 9C, the country's rotten, China part of the bad quality of players, who have no meaning. Separation when the value of our mutual Road, which is similar to a week 5 pm to meet an old friend, although I know that time is likely to have, For tears to flow language.





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21/7/2009 - welcome us

“ Mirador, do you remember Burntisland? Yes, my son.At that time he was still small, sometimes to horseback riding, haha, he and i was as naughty.” i gently on Mirador said.Scrape up again the wind, wind began with the Crow.My memory has again been into a long time ago---this is also true of wars, the atmosphere of the same is true, wow gold and it is such a cold.And ORC war lasted so long, when i, all people on both sides of the clustered in the main road to welcome us.

¡¡¡¡Everyone faces full smile, full of pride of victory.War has brought us? is seemly heroic? is the pride of ? is the pain of separation, or is the endless nightmare? at that moment, i think of dead comrade-in name, looking at the Smiley, i was some trance.

¡¡¡¡“! ..... drink! ” window there came the sound of drilling for the shout, i wake up from trance, the effect that dream last night my sleep, head some pain.Dawn marvellously from window comes in, among the peduncle slightly warm.

¡¡¡¡I got off the floor, on the playground guys take turns in dummy killed training on.

¡¡¡¡A few years, so, year after year.The past few years, i am numb standing my day.

¡¡¡¡Sometimes, i carefully recalls a previous life, only to find the subconscious, i have already set they all erased quietly.I don't want to recollect, unwilling to think some people in the dream to me and said i was a traitor---this sentence once let me at night bitchy, but i do about it.Sometimes, i would stare at the few Warhammer tranceall---i was young, had a handful of Warhammer, that is my all wealth.

¡¡¡¡I always take it in a small partner in the nose, watching them envious eyes, i am proud of.It was the father gave me a gift, at that time i was so cherish even sleep to hold it.“ hehe ” thought here, i cannot help but laugh.But now, that small hammer has not beside me.

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