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Friendship is priceless - 01:00, 1/1/2000

friends such discount uggs boots as sea, tolerance for boat, the deep blue sea and sail among the sea; known as wide as a friend, diameter tolerance under the size of the mountain climbers, and you'll know; tall, and friends for one of my close, this noble, party bosom. a person's life is far more difficult there are a few of my close friends, some may say that's not yes, i'm having a lot of my close friends.but maybe you mean to them, but they are not the same as with your concern to them.i've met a lot on the surface, too good to be followed by a stranger, but it is a word you say my not i say your wrong, i think this might as well not be friends. i find myself still lucky, there was talk at school to a friend.to participate in the work i encountered an i am particularly grateful friend, although the two of us apart in character.she belongs to a lively, is talkative, but i ugg nightfall am introverted, poor talker.but as long as the two of us have to say, other colleagues to tell what they are or not, because they all know my character, that kind of ten sentences may say, i am back here, so that they may therefore feel that i'm no good close to my heart, but in practice does not want it, but it is with them i feel nervous to say a word, or you don't know what causes.to be honest, even my right, i generally and those who are not familiar with the special few words, i felt nothing with them keeps words, but with her first meeting we chatted for a really wonderful to have such a friend, there are no words can tell her.in peacetime, she's just like a big sister looked after me, and i thought the people depend on particular attention, do something always thinking about bringing in front of each time you have everything in ugg nightfall front and i followed do, of course, i know that this is not good so i try to correct the shortcomings of their own.i am a man of emotion exposure, whether i'm thinking to she was so thankful that i won't thank often speaks, it's not because of anything else but i feel that this is the case in my heart there you go do not need to take out that very often. my close friends is really very hard if you have this friendship is not easy to destroy it.

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w.He was hold - 01:00, 1/1/2000

two in the morning.i heard someone walking softly outside my door.i got up,opened the door and looked out.i saw barrymore moving carefully and timberland 6 inch boots quietly away from me.i followed him,as quietly as i could.he went into one of the empty bedrooms and left the door open.i went quietly up to the door and looked in side. barrymore was standing at the window.he was holding a light in his hand and looking out onto the moor.he stood without moving for a few minutes and then he put out the light.

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Shoes China: the power of the world's industrial integration - 01:00, 1/1/2000

One year and 90 million pairs of shoes, the yield of leather shoes output of 50%, the biggest shoe production and export base, ECCO, Prada, and so on top brand abroad in droves to enter.When the industry development today, nobody doubts, this is a completely open, full integration of markets, this market undisputed is China.While focusing on the platform in this market, there is no doubt that is, the China International Fair of shoes shoes (China) a fusion is a topic to internationalization and specialization as objects of the platform. At present, in the sales price and medium-sized project sales have been as high as $/square metre 14545 ..... international platform, the world market since 2004, the first session of the China International Fair of initial founding of shoes, internationalization will become its maximum.Italy, Spain, etc., shoe-making powers in a constantly expanding their exhibitors in the area and the number of enterprises but also to the form of the joint Pavilion, during the display corporate branding more embodies the entire country's industrial advantage.On 8 October of the current session of the upcoming will, in addition to these shoes outside the superpowers, raise people's Government of Brazil.Brazil as a global footwear industry in the chain of important representatives of the processing trade, will join on precisely Brazil has organised a third of the recognition of international footwear Expo.Plus numerous participants from China , the Sudan and the China International Fair of shoes-become an international footwear exchanges, communication, reference, trade. An international platform, is a world market.As far as journalists from this session of the China International Organizing Committee of the will get the latest news, exhibitions, purchasing association, the European buyers Association, the Italian footwear Retailers Association, Association of Russia's shoes, and so international buyers fairs will be coming from the scene.International buyers every year increasing professional audience, the China International will be brought in to the entire industry also brings the exchange of business and industry collaboration possible, will market are supporting, as the Italian Embassy in foreign trade Committee of the principal representative, Mr. Jos Lai said: the $ 50 million people in China there are 200 million in the economy in good condition, this gives the Italian footwear market expansion created great opportunities, the two countries in the footwear industry in China and Italy exchanges and cooperation must be able to implement a win-win. international brand, the World Fusion a display platform, a specialization in the world market, this is a necessary condition for a successful exhibition.Is exactly what have this condition, the China International footwear exposition after 3 years after becoming industry brand show, but this brand concept, not just the brand of the show is also the corporate and product brand. The one hand, the China International Fair of as an international brand shoes-into one of the Chinese market have been best platform for enterprise acceptance.The Secretary-General Wang Expo-Ko in an interview with reporters said that the exhibition has been organizing Committee and the Italian State shoe enterprise associations related cooperation agreements will together during the exhibition i love Italian shoes activities.Market forces to bring about richer merchandise and meet consumers ' choice of more high-quality, the Italian brand shoes into China market will bring us the impetus for new progress. Internationally renowned brands through will display their latest and most fashionable product, get more into China market resources in the meantime, the Chinese brand also through Council and international brand design, technology, cultural exchanges, learn the latest fashion trends, learn advanced management experience, to enhance China enterprise's own brand and access to international markets provides more help.This is also the concept of will brand of another kind of performance. Let the Chinese brand into the world, came into the China International brands, this is the China International Fair of topics, the shoes are even more at this stage of the world's shoes.Fusion, the Beijing in October; integration of the fourth session of the China International Fair of shoes shoes (China).

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Wenzhou breakthrough EU barriers - 01:00, 1/1/2000

On Europe export volume, the result of heavy set foot in Central Asia for liter SilkRoad, in the EU anti-dumping and anti-circumvention investigation, and so on a series of agonizing , Wenzhou after actively upgrade the product structure, on Europe export of footwear product appear unrealized litres capacity.To be affected by the EU affect serious case of leather footwear for export, January to September Wenzhou leather shoes EU exports to drop double 1698 million, exports 9.04 provisions% price for each, instead of double 9.25 dollars increased 14.43 percent.Leather shoes total exports to Europe rose slightly. Meanwhile, Wenzhou actively pursue effective guarantee of the Central Asian markets, export share, and eliminates the EU trade barriers on exports. Actively prosecute: let the European Union heard our voice From 2006 began on 7 October, the European Union formally on the levying of Chinese shoes and shoes for a period of two years of 16.5% anti-dumping duty.The month of September this year started on Chinese shoes lent Macau export Europe launched anti-circumvention investigation.According to the relevant provisions of the EU, and if i export to the EU's shoes exist through Macau transhipment of circumvention, EC will be on such products antidumping duties.Some importers in Europe since April last year after the levy of a temporary tariff of the EU, or request i export enterprises bear part of the tax rate, or gradually reduced in China in order, steering India, Indonesia, Thailand, the surrounding countries. Annual exports over the past 10 million pairs of shoes in Zhejiang Province, the largest export market is the European Union.In the antidumping duties after the first month, Wenzhou exports of leather footwear product of the EU compared to the same value, quantity, was a decrease of 48.49% respectively and 45.90%. In this case, many have enthusiastically has to uphold their rights.In 2006 on 23 October, China's largest private shoe-making enterprise-Wenzhou aokang Group announced the Group pioneered by the courts to the European Union, a lawsuit against the EU's imposition of the Chinese shoe-making enterprise anti-dumping duty of 16.5% does not comply with EU law.Immediately followed, Wenzhou-Tai and a horse group and Guangdong Foshan Nanhai Golden Shoe footwear co., Ltd. and the Guangdong HK footwear co., Ltd. in Huizhou freshmen have announced that the appeal. January 8, 2007, in the EU and Japan to the Chinese shoe-dumping sanctions 3 months after the aokang group joint Wenzhou Thai horses in addition, the three appeals enterprises held in Beijing shoe-dumping proceedings automatique will and announced the establishment of cooperative organizations in anti-trade barriers. Aokang Group CEO Wang Tao say that the EU on Chinese shoes antidumping duties of blueprint, if you think the default, two years after the patient might face a higher limit of anti-dumping duty. China instituted, this time is to let the EU to hear the sound of Chinese defence.That is, if these two years can stand for Chinese enterprises, then the next they'll make a 5 years or even time more policies, or higher taxes. If we win, EC may abolish on China's the next five years of anti-dumping duty.But the EU nor lose, because they are already overtaxed and two years.Even if we lose, we can learn a lot of things.Wang Chen-Tao says. Host: through the International Shoe show the dexterity orders On 14 September this year to 16 of the current session held in Dusseldorf International Shoe show (GDS), at least 50 Wenzhou shoe-making enterprises to participate in the exhibition.Dusseldorf exhibition (China) co., Ltd., Project Director Baijiao that Chinese enterprises in GDS on booth space is about 11,000 square metres, where one third of Wenzhou almost occupy.Kangnai, Thailand, somet, Benz, Italy Maida, trends, such as Tai Chi, magnificently Europe dozens of family Wenzhou Exhibitor in the International Shoe show the dexterity Maniac on orders.For the purposes of GDS Wenzhou shoes is very important.Some Wenzhou shoe factory boss even said that GDS on get orders, decisions shoe factory a year of the fate of foreign trade.Wenzhou Gilda footwear companies overseas business unit manager Li Kuo-feedback from the exhibition of news is that Wenzhou dozens of footwear brands are the shoe-making enterprises themselves directly from participation.Light Gilda shoes a family of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert took away the display of over 40 last type of organization of a total of 400 samples, got the intentionality orders over 40 million. Wenzhou Charlie footwear Chairman countries said that since 1995 participated in the GDS Charlie shoes, from 1997 had good orders for harvest.And the Carrefour partnership is built by GDS.Now, Carrefour under each year in Charles leather shoes single production has more than double, double the price of orders in each of the more than $ 110.Moreover, Wal-Mart, Perez, etc under each year in Charlie thousands of single shoes. Force Billiton heavy set foot in Central Asia market Silk Road Since the last year, the company in Wenzhou to withdraw again to the Central Asian market, and stability in the overseas market share. The various control points from Xinjiang statistics show that in 2006, from the export of footwear in Xinjiang port product value reached 9.63 million, this figure is a Chinese shoes export powerhouse Wenzhou erstwhile shoes almost half of the volume of exports. Chinese shoes from the port westwards exports has always been in recent years the trend of a large export, but exports the surges started in two years ago.But as early as in a decade ago, Wenzhou manufacturing has been lent by land transport straying into Central Asia in Xinjiang, however, since opened up to buy more European and American market, Wenzhou businessmen will soon gave up this channel.Recent evidence that the company will again Wenzhou product lots shipped to Xinjiang, they hope that through the border crossings have many, and eight countries in West Asia which borders the Western Corridor, find a more secure and stable sales. Analysts believe, precisely because of a few times, devastated, prompting Wenzhou shoes accelerated integration into international markets.The EU's policy of raising the threshold, so that the export of Wenzhou footwear part of the starting line-up disregard towards Central Asia and Eastern European countries.Meanwhile, Wenzhou also take advantage of the adjacent to EU countries in Eastern Europe for the facilitation, expansion in the EU market share.

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Affected by the crisis affecting exports and America face greater risk - 01:00, 1/1/2000

U.s. subprime is causing weakness of the American consumer market, appears to the export market was implicated in Chinese enterprises. American retailers same store sales growth slackened considerably, the share price fell ill, the pressure of competition and profitability of enterprises are large. American large office supplies retailers staples of a purchasing manager told reporters that Chinese export may face the order to reduce the risk of profits shrank. But even more worrying is that the risk of the transfer of the international order is being increased.There are traders reflect, as China export refund the processing trade policy changes made in China is the price advantage receded, buyers no longer put eggs in one basket, start the culture of India, Vietnam, and other regions in the vendor. Subprime afflicting China export U.s. subprime negative effect is expanding to the consumer market.The United States Conference of the Commission published statistics, October, the American consumer confidence index 99.5 from September decreased to $ 95.6, this is two years minimum levels. the brunt of the United States retailer. above Staples purchasing manager, said that the same store sales in USA Staples growth slows, as did not reach the Wall Street expectations, share prices declined. In fact, almost all American retailers are not spared.The United States second biggest discount store operators target () has just announced third-quarter profit fell by 4.4% of accidents, the point is market led sales of clothing and household goods.The American Department store SearsHoldings (Sears), home Mall Homedepot (Home Depot) in the price of this year are declined. While retailers pressure directly reached export enterprise in China.Zhejiang a clothing Enterprise Export Department Mr CHAN, said that the order has been in reducing this year, many enterprises as orders bread and production equipment idle. While retailers on Chinese goods prices to become more sensitive.Increase due to competitive pressures, the retailer in the Terminal market simply did not dare to raise prices, but rather at a low to attract consumers, such as Wal-Mart 3 weeks earlier than in previous years began to offer a discount commodity.This enables retailers to the pressing need more than ever, faced with a low price, purchasing the manufacturing cost increases in China this year, they are not willing to increase. Resort ninjas will be a Ninja then.Because the factory requires extra costs, chambers of Commerce on similar vendors for a new round of inquiry, and in full negotiations select lowest factories, raised the price of the factory will face the risk of loss of the order. a purchasing manager said.Such as Wal-Mart requirements to maintain the order prices last year, soon, l.l.c. in Quanzhou, Fujian this year on this order. Now the US subprime on China's export of the specific impact also uncertain.But from a macroscopic perspective, the Central Bank's research shows that the United States slowdown 1 percentage point, China's exports would fall six percentage points.While the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in the most recent published report on the World Economic Outlook and is scheduled for 2007 global economy will grow at 5.2%, one of America's economic growth of 1.9%, lower than last year by 1 percentage point. The advantages of Chinese products prices subject to challenge Relative to the u.s. subprime pressure on China export enterprises face greater risk is the product price advantage is receded. Department of Commerce Institute of international trade and economic cooperation in the rain Lee, Deputy President, at present when you think on China's export impact more from an internal, including the export refund downward adjustment, processing and trade policy, as well as increase the price of RMB, raw materials, workers ' wage increase the export of the manufacturing sector such as margins are continuously being extrusion. rebates of ceramic products in the end of 2006 the downward adjustment from 13% to 8% of the month of July this year also fell 5% of the month of January next year may not have a tax rebate.Plus the current state of RMB consistently increased since the exchange rate regime since dollar cumulative appreciation has exceeded 10%.We export hardly any profit. a Shenzhen ceramic traders Mr Cheng said. Apart from the ceramic products, the month of July this year have 2831 a btn rebates of goods.Including plastics, glass and leather products, wood products, etc. In addition, the processing trade new policy to require enterprises to carry out processing trade restrictions class when you want to pay the margin for commodities, causing Enterprise liquidity pressure.Dongguan a home to the Veterans of wooden products Toys enterprise, said: now has been shrinking of the factory, the annual business turnover of one half from 8000 million RMB reduced to about $ 4000, ready to stick to a period of time on or off. All this is the cost of increased enterprise, enabling China manufacturing gradually lose price advantage.As the friends of this year, many enterprises on a quotation increases about 10%, and orders implementing floating quotations.But the industry analysis, it's only on large and small customers tubes, customers need a stable price, and raises the space is very limited, such as Wal-Mart clothing, gifts this year, and so the order did not fare increases. And many enterprises are worried that the customer churn, did not dare to raise prices. now export businesses on how to survive, not to talk about development.Exporters of Chinese textiles stakeholders indicated that the profits of the General factory in 2% to 5%, if the tax rebate, RMB exchange rate volatility or product quality problems, in going in a loss of business enterprises.Now less clothing, stationery, plastics enterprises put capital from the real estate and stock market, such as the garment enterprises of younger (ticker stock alone in Ningbo Hangzhou out Shinar . sticker shock International orders transfer acceleration In China manufacture affected by the subprime and the internal cost pressure on the occasion of international order of transfer is speeding up. The cost of China's manufacturing has been unable to undertake from an order of low price.A home in Zhejiang province to export garment-oriented trading company to the Veterans told reporters that a comparative fashion now for traditional exports are no longer do Wal-Mart's order, because the price is too low, basically without much profit. His analysis, as does Wal-Mart orders, the price, and now the factory can't do could at least 20% of garment orders to Vietnam, Cambodia and other countries. And toys, etc for other trade faces the same situation.Anhui light industrial international trading co., Ltd. toy a Yu Cheng-ping reflect, because the costs, fabric design simple, cheap, show which factories can do it exerts not done, because this kind of soft toys profits in 1% to 2% is already very good. However buyers do not therefore stop pursuit of the lower-price products.The requirements for the price of the factory, a German retailer TKI limited Xiamen Representative Office of knitted garments purchasing manager Lin Kang told reporters that can accept the price of Headquarters also tell because the company in Bangladesh, India has large factories, selective, but cheap put order drop down. overseas buyers have a strategic decision, no longer put eggs in one basket, thereby spreading risks.China is not the only exporting countries, they started cultivation in Viet Nam and Thailand, South-East Asian suppliers, and the order in China before also began to transfer. analysis above Staples purchasing manager. And Dongguan space-based timber co., Ltd chairman Chengwei LUN of the view that the risk of order transfer be underestimated. at present, the toy this piece of orders to transfer more and more countries in Southeast Asia, Mattel has also been said to be 30%-40% of the order transfer to other countries, such as India cloth toys, Vietnam's woodwork toy development fast.(the reporter: chunmei) Rising economic observation: raw materials and high oil prices make China manufacturing costs soar It is understood that the third quarter, the Guangdong enterprises production (management) costs continue to rise, and the purchase price of raw materials and energy on is causing a rise in the main cause of rising costs. In addition to the household appliance industry, textile and clothing and footwear industry are affected. Department of Commerce: foreign trade enterprise orders or shrink the plunging Chinese exports are A copy of the Ministry of the latest research report says, the United States as the main export markets of China's foreign trade enterprises is likely to shrink in the future order constantly to prevent the situation in the world economy downlink may arise from the rapid decline in exports.Trade persons stated that many Chinese exporters in the hands of overseas orders are substantially reduced, the next year's Chinese exports will decline.

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BASF Aktiengesellschaft officially renamed - 01:00, 1/1/2000

A year or so of preparation, BASF now formally from BASF Aktiengesellschaft for BASF European companies, the new registration firm as HRB 6000, headquartered in Germany Ludwigshafen unchanged.The new composition of management will consists of 12 members, half are to be a shareholder uggs bailey button representative, half of the employee representatives, appointment valid until 2009 annual meeting, the management of the Council in April 2007 on 5 December appointed Executive Board members.BASF European companies have also established, consisting of a European work Council of Europe 12 countries of the 23 members. ugg uk sale Deputy Chairman of the Executive Council members on the evaluation of the road: the BASF is historic.BASF is the first company in the industry through the legal form of the spirit of European integration company.Meanwhile, we can further enhance the participation of European employees and increase the company management capability. European companies are based on the legal form of the European Union law, and according to 2001 was promulgated on 8 October the European Community (EC) concerning the ugg boot implementation of the European company. European companies Ordinance makes the changeover to the European Union Member States in more than one company established by the possible merger, and allows the range throughout the EU.

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The European Cup STMicroelectronics sponsor ADI rivalries - 01:00, 1/1/2000

The struggle to sponsor the ETS STMicroelectronics or and ADI two German brand rivalry between the sponsors, like Italy and Germany games.Two brand headquarters, are quite deep norimberga, origins, pre-World two sports fashion designer Adolf Schneck and Rudi Dassler (brothers) after a period of cooperation relationship breakdown, go our separate road, the former threw their first and last ugg uk sale name has created a group together, the latter came up with a adidas exotic name PUMA (PUMA), began two brands of countless SLD.Most interesting time in the 1974 World Cup Germany, Netherlands, will be held in Munich, Germany, the Netherlands sponsored is the Adi, uniform there are three staves, but Cruyff uniform only two poles, and team-mate is different because Cruyff spokesman, pre-competition take his shirt and unveil a staves, not to let him give ADI advertising. The oldest two contest Compare this contest, each party to provide a oldest contest players, the Italian and French del Piero, these two people from the European Cup 1996 took part in all national team after the contest, four European cups and 3 times World Cup, a total of the 7th, they are most helpful in this session of the Cup competition experience of two.The item record holder for Mateus, he was in 1980 to 2000 hit 5 time World Cup four times the European Cup, a total of nine consecutive terms.Last time he has 39-year-old age allowance (OAA.Piero 33, if the ugg women's bailey button status of this year to keep the good, year after that may be able to catch up with the World Cup. status in the doldrums, he admitted to the Netherlands Reuben's small-angle broke is his duty would be difficult to continue.Italy had second experienced is Cannavaro, section 6 times, unfortunately, a missed it hurt, the strict sense not to attend.Piero tie the sammartini Italian Player 7 times a record, Zola and Rivera is 6 times, Belgo metres, NESTA, 4 times. Cannavaro lucky star? Fortunately, this year collision and 1978 have: Captain injured cannot appearance.30 years ago is Facchetti, Behar Chot took him to Argentina, but he is neither a players nor coach group members, the identity of the same with this year's Cannavaro.Facchetti erstwhile couldn't sit in the bench at the game, but rather stand, Cannavaro get more concessions this year.Cannavaro UGG Cardy expressed: i don't know the former, repeatedly pursuit of history i don't care.This is connected to the Berlin Conference final nor do we have in common, we need only show the true level is enough.

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For Liu injury the man to their understanding of the earliest aokang group - 01:00, 1/1/2000

18 August morning just concluded man 110 m bar in the trials, the moment of the race for Liu, the entire nest are quiet, all the people of China heart broke.But as for Liu's sponsor, the 2008 Beijing Olympics leather product vendor's aokang group group in the first time understanding and stance will continue to cooperate ugg cardy with Liu. Wang Chen-Tao Group President aokang group, said that for Liu was abruptly quits the game is all the people are infinitive, and i hope he can as soon as possible from the pain over, but as spokesmen for Liu aokang group selection, and not just because he won the Championship, but also are his possession that kind of optimism, positive image of sunshine, up, and this dream is aokang group out of consistent brand connotation. Wang Tao stressed that the Olympic Games participate, champion is just a symbol, in the past, for Liu has already paid a painful, to the ROC has lots of happiness, and even has become China's track and field well as the banner of national spirit, in particular for Liu Uggs bailey button boot can proximal time, until now, drenched is very difficult, this is in itself embody a positive life attitude, we are grateful for Liu.As regards the epicentre of the race, doesn't mean he quits the game arena in this respect, to give up, sometimes in order to get to the next better hiatus, hope that we can hold a kind of understanding and tolerance. Wang Chen-Tao says that we will firmly stood with Liuxiang, continue to support him, may he keep quiet and rest ugg uk sale , get well soon, we look forward to his comeback again.Meanwhile, the aokang group will be scheduled strove for Liu to the identity of the special ambassadors, start to be grateful to her and in particular the establishment of the aokang group for Liu best ten Olympic champion enlightening coach awards.In addition, the aokang group of 2009, will also renew their contracts with Liuxiang, cooperation will continue.

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Crocs shoes China meets false bottlenecks faced restructuring - 01:00, 1/1/2000

In addition to the entertainment business, an ugly fame seems to be in the capital market has worked, American casual footwear manufacturers Crocs (NASDAQ: CROX) (also called clown shoes ) confirms this point. Our goal is to be in China open 1000 home.There are already in the 90 cities in China has over 400 stores this summer we have to increase the 100. Crocs General Joseph SEO Nali in an exclusive interview with Xinhua said. According to the access to information, Crocs shoes outlets are located throughout the United States nearly 9500 multiple stores and more than 90 countries worldwide. Chocolate brand marketing consultants Ltd Chief Adviser Xin'an Cheng said: the most successful place crocs, should be the marketing strategy and powerful sales channel.It relies on a product, and then cut into the large brand never see ugg cardy the market. But in China market, Crocs are under threat of counterfeit goods, prices are not to the formal authorization channels 1 to the left.The counterfeiting of Crocs in the extent of the Chinese market madness, perhaps Joseph SEO Nali, exploit the market in the beginning of the never-baiting and. A bit in the online wholesale clown shoes Mr Suen told reporters, these shoes are outside the single poop clothing, and there is no difference in original.The highest he is one day 101 pair of shoes, the price of $ 20 to 80. Journalists know that Crocs phishing products are concentrated in Fujian, Pearl River Delta, Shenzhen shoe manufacturers, and then marketing at wholesale prices to the country. Julius Caesar Jinjiang in Fujian and dress co., Ltd. in the tufa homepage play wholesale Crocs and accessories, and that the message they can simply sales patents.However, the staff indicated that there is no production of shoes, crocodile flag if customer demand big words they can do to help resolve and commitment and genuine not much difference. Joseph SEO Nali proposed, our genuine never easily flow out, does not exist outside such phenomena with single poop clothing, we in China's many dealers are passed to us to buy goods, and then make the sale is made by a team of specialist arrangements at Headquarters. In overcoming fakes, Crocs in the stock market also happened to the rate of high-selling.As far as the Financial Times reported that as part of the market participants consider that the Uggs bailey button boot rapid development of Crocs appeal popular colors, on the case of suspected their sustainable earnings, thereby in secondary markets encounter a large number of short selling.As at July 2008, Crocs stock selling approximately equivalent to the moderation of the total amount of the issued shares by 40% of the equivalent of Crocs stock day trading volume of 7 times. On this, Joseph SEO Nali explained: actually stocks response and product is not a short-term pop has no direct relation, like big-time Gucci, Nike, etc, they are all experienced a similar process.Our development very quickly, i am optimistic about the company's future. Joseph SEO Nali says, Crocs from now, in every country has experienced an upsurge, after some countries may conduct market Division again, we are constantly expanding product line, continuously adjusting product structures, different countries are at different stages of development of brands, some countries may be in the development of new channels to adjust its reseller system.So local downturn occurred. It is learnt that the company to ugg uk sale get rid of its market downturn of the status quo, the beginning of 2007, expanding assortment.According to reporters know that Crocs are Satyagraha from Womens fashion shoes.The company in new products to be released this year will include the material do Croslite outsoles, expected at $ 200 dollars at 70 to much higher than among the crocs around us $ 30 a normal product price. Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst in the report noted that although the crocs shares ratio is high, but the company business grow very quickly.And market participants believe that only the company's newly launched product consumers think that, when the value for money in order to successfully restructure Crocs.

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NBA superstar James Anthony a heat exchanger for a pair of sneakers - 01:00, 1/1/2000

NBA players, long before one sneakers, long before one shirt? reporters this problem, ask the nuggets, jazz and legions to get the answer is: sneakers Bedouin, Jersey is usually different for each team. Journalists reported abalone Jen Jun NBA players, long before one sneakers, long before one shirt? reporters this problem, ask the nuggets, jazz and legions to get the answer is: sneakers Bedouin, Jersey is usually different for each team. Mo Williams every game has to get a pair of shoes ugg cardy , James also almost, but he sometimes one week is a pair of shoes, other people in General is a Monday, or one week twice.The Cavaliers envision managers, we is commonly used four sets of Jersey, rotate, every game cleaning after them, if you wear the shirt or fading occurred, we will be considered replaced. Nuggets team managers also gives a similar answers, Carmelo is every game will definitely get a pair of shoes, of used shoes, he gave his Foundation.Iverson also is every game had switched to a pair of shoes, but now he has not in our team.Almost everyone else, probably a week for a pair of shoes. This point, from the nuggets players PA Turkmen there'll be able to get some confirmation, i probably a week heat exchanger two pairs of shoes.Usual competitions shoes, i will wear in the training then, if a Uggs bailey button boot bit i don't wear for wear. The seemingly-each team's big-time Star, will be swapped shoes frequently, however Jazz team is an exception. Deron Williams and Boozer usually every 3 or 6 field will change to a pair of shoes, sounds a bit this span, but in General. Jazz team responsible for team equipment staff Brian said, as Jersey, i will give each player retention of three sets of Jersey.Victories and ugg uk sale i brought two sets, usually to the all-star game, we will reposition the shirt is replaced.Of course, if Jersey wear, etc has occurred, we will also be timely replacement .

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Global footwear industry giants such as American Wei-lun prostates into - 01:00, 1/1/2000

This morning, journalists from Henan Province undertook the textile and clothing toys industry transfer fair News Conference noted that, including global footwear retailing giant American Wei-lun group included several phase-funded enterprises, Henan textile, clothing, footwear industry was transferred to Henan province. Subject to the effect of the world financial crisis, the Chinese textile and clothing toys industry has gradually developed by the eastern coastal region of the transfer to the Midwest.The United States-Wei-lun footwear holdings will Guangdong shoe factory several core enterprises over to the Seika in Henan province, , commercial water, the view city after the establishment of the footwear industry processing base, a number of foreign enterprises and China Eastern coastal areas were eyeing Henan.Is called China Jeanswear town owns seven thousand home zengcheng , with effect from January this year, ugg boots has organized of 9 companies settles in Henan province in a textile industrial park. In addition, pinadingshan, Luoyang, Henan province-Shih are foreign textile companies come and join us.4 months before this year, in the Chinese textile industry in fixed assets in ranking, Henan province increased 3-bit and was President, China identified as the receiving the textile and clothing toys industry transfer test area, which indicates that the Henan province are becoming important transference of textile and other industries. In the Midwest, connecting with Henan and qixi flap to the South even North advantageous and traffic advantage, exhibit Zhengzhou, Xinxiang, Anyang, etc. to large-scale textile industrial base.In addition, the Henan cotton and labor resources resource advantages, China is one of the main countries producing cotton, cotton Henan located in the China production areas of the Yellow River, the rich raw material for the textile industry; shoe industry is labor intensive industry, and Henan populous, labor rich and cheap.These exceptional resources conditions advantage indicates that the receiving the transfer of Henan province becomes the destination of should stands to reason. Meanwhile, Henan province and the Ministry of railways, , Ministry of land and resource understanding (MOU) signed up ugg boots to promote a batch of railway, civil aviation projects to accelerate boot, the new round of land use planning are also in the reply of the national first; and China Southern Airlines, China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom, strategic cooperation between the characters on the Group also made progress, peace, the United States with China etc home and abroad in aluminium industry the advantages of corporate strategic cooperation agreement was signed, as a foreign company created a favourable investment environment and transportation hub. As to the foreign embassy, Henan, creating a favorable exchange platform and negotiating atmosphere, from the people's Government, in Henan province, China-sponsored Henan Province undertook the transfer of textile and clothing toys industry, will be pre- ugg cardy arranged on 3 September to 4 days in Zhengzhou International Exhibition Center.Is fair to cooperation, Exchange, development, win-win "theme to promote in the textile and clothing toys industry, cooperation projects, the receiving the transfer Forum, textile and clothing industry exhibitions and on-site visit, etc.Will come from the coastal regions and overseas textile and clothing Toys enterprise 1000 persons, and 1000 men representatives from Henan who feel likewise related enterprises in the Conference, the Chamber will also join in particular.

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Brand is King leading markets in the era of Jinjiang - 01:00, 1/1/2000

At the ends of raw materials, marketing, international financial crisis of the challenges of Jinjiang footwear. Yangtze River Delta, the PRD two big shoes production areas of chill people , many of the downturn companies, the output value.Jinjiang footwear but reaping, the output value of the 2008 implementation, 321 million 28.4%; the first quarter this year, the output value of the scale above 74.2 billion implementation, 19.2%. He had studied the face, Jinjiang brand why produce dresses up the answers so? industrialization strength gives brand advantage how Jinjiang the occasion of the affected by the dismantling of ren to, rise to a crisis between ? complicity with China ( Jinjiang) international waste, we will be explored. The footwear market by 2009 CMI Jinjiang brand stage. company to become a Chinese national volleyball League, basketball sports equipment sponsor; Kwok fai Corporation and in relation to identify operational cooperation; million Taisheng acquisitions us.Polo brand management; horse gram line NBA China hand in hand; Jordan pro shop AQSIQ up-to-date statistical data show that the first half of Jinjiang 2009, total exports of footwear 25575 batch testing, 7.57 billion exports remained an upward trend, where the first half of an increase ugg cardy in the United States market 12.38%, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, Japan has increased by 33.81% respectively, 33.25% 13.39%, and 13.08%.Even in the most difficult early 2009, Jinjiang shoes still retains a substantial growth. Export the number of Hin became the transformation of advantage export quality shoes from quantitative stacked to quality ratio of transformation to become the export of Jinjiang of the most prominent changes. As far as AQSIQ data show that nearly four years, although Jinjiang footwear exports declined, but exports continues to rise.2005 the number of 2008, exports, while declining exports continues to rise.The first half of 2009, the value of domestic exports to Europe and account for the total export 45.8%. The proportion of some 1,600,000 key region and Europe progressively aggravated Jinjiang footwear export market from the first to the development of underdeveloped areas to the developed regions accounted for nearly a half.Jinjiang shoes export completed by the scale-type quantity to quality and efficiency of full-service upgrade. In other provinces main tobacco shoes area closures of raises productivity blank, some international order is transferred to the hands of the leading enterprise in Jinjiang.In July this year, adidas, Reebok two international giants in Jinjiang after leading, shoe-making enterprises on its production process, are extremely satisfied with the brand building, rapid and , Jinjiang brand signed cooperation agreements. see machine industry achievement shoes brand in Jinjiang Bir chendai assumes the glyph 4 Street, spread over 600 home shoe shop, shoe material wholesale and retail, transportation and storage, brushing the shoes items on sale in one several kilometres in luxuriant growth.Here, to the machinery and equipment of shoe, shoes spikes buckles, the footwear industry needed materials. shoe material Street attracted more than 30 countries and regions of the shoe material merchants into municipal undertakings brushing, market year turnover Ultra 20 billion, become the largest in East China's shoe market. The advantage of Jinjiang lies in the local footwear industry for over 20 years to come ugg boots together in industrial chain advantage.It is precisely relying on this, Jinjiang, and industrial clusters can make a big step by step, and spawning many brands that become China's shoes. Jinjiang Committee, the Deputy Mayor hung on the right to such analysis. Chendai by was a family size medium that enterprises, relying on the local footwear industry in the chain's unique advantages, the rapid growth of the leading brand for local enterprises. Jinjiang sneakers industrial chain in the upper, middle and lower reaches of the various aspects of the very clear in this connection, do shoes, cost control, brand operation, marketing advantage unrivalled. , Vice President of the CMI.From 2003 onwards, annual sales keep more than 20%.In 2008, in the international financial crisis in the context of the situation around and annual sales increased by 37%. It is understood that since last year, the Jinjiang in the country continued to expand marketing network, pro shop increase tens of thousands of home, and marketing channels, networks, and once the economy is warmer, these dot will burst out vigor and vitality. Brand driven Jinjiang manufacturing lead market crisis order reduce caused the collapse of medium-sized Jinjiang section , but indigenous brands businesses carrying over this part of the capacity of SMEs, play a leading role in enterprise's brand.According to Hsieh Jinjiang Bureau of Commerce Secretary Luk Wai-an introduction, benefited from the brand, driven, this year's Jinjiang footwear exports replaced the textile and garment surpassed. Brand become Jinjiang coping predicament, conquer the island of . According to statistics, Jinjiang cumulative owns 19 Chinese trademark, 8 pieces of Chinese brands products, 36 pieces of national, State brands national sports shoes more than half of the industry., , 361 of domestic lines running shoes brand almost all from Jinjiang.Relying on personalized and differentiated positioning, Jinjiang adapt to market, an effort to develop brand influence, has realized the brand value quickly promoted. In Jordan company, 10 of last year has just introduced a completely new line for all full-load operation.Company sales growth in 2008 more than 20%, has been the first quarter of 2009 at the annual number of the order Schedule 70%.According to the company Vice Chairman Dr TSE, Cheung Chi-describes projects this year will exceed one half of last year, and guaranteed sales smoothly, there is no backlog. last six months, we also use brand promoting low-cost expansion, added more than 200 pro shop. Despite international markets, domestic demand growth slow, factors such as raw material price volatility, ugg boots Jinjiang brand more is this a difficult period industry as a strategic opportunity period . Embodiment in will brand to value-added Ascension and the product pricing power, the situation around the grip of the force after the description of Jinjiang , by action sufficient to leading brand in the market.

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The protection of the toe safety shoes optional common sense - 01:00, 1/1/2000

First, consumers should be based on a different selection carried out in the workplace safety footwear protection of the toe.In the protection of the toe safety footwear product of five protection performance level, level high protection toe safety footwear product of its front-end resistance to pressure and impact of technical indicators in relation to high, on the toe protection, so the more vulnerable to toes of crushed or pressed, the more serious injury of the ugg bailey button job the more to use level high protection toe safety shoes, but on some toes are liable for injury or injury, injury is not likely to serious job, you can choose a level lower safety footwear protection of the toe, because the level of high prices of shoes in General, wore heavy, comfort.Therefore, should be based on the characteristics of the job to the appropriate selection of protective toe safety footwear products.Generally speaking, An1 applicable to metallurgy, mining, forestry, ports, handling, quarrying, and so on in the workplace wearing; An2 applies to machinery, construction, petrochemical An3 dressed in the workplace; apply electronics, food, medicine etc wear; in the textile industry, and so you can choose the workplaces An4 ~ An5 products. Second, consumers can demand selection safety footwear different prices, form, material safety footwear protection of the toe.Typically, note shoes new, lightweight, outer soles wear-resistant polyurethane material, adopted, the price is more expensive; adhesives shoes are production history of the longer a traditional process, the price according to its style, timber, etc., irregular situations; sewing tyres shoes price is cheaper, not the end of the price is tyres in his UGG Women's Highkoo style, timber, etc., irregular situations; Additionally, injection of shoes and adhesive shoes breathable, safety shoes sewing shoes permeability, better dressed in relative comfort. Third, consumer choice safety shoes, first verify that the product's manufacturer if you have a national industrial production license (import commodity does not require) and the security token authentication certificate.On this basis, and then view the product whether there is a manufacturer name and address, production license number, http://www.chinarongguang.com safety signs certification number, the production date, product standards number, whether or not accompanied by a product certification and instruction manual, but also pay special attention to see whether there is a product on a shoe name (or typeface toe protection), UGG Bailey Button shoes and protective performance level.In addition, safety shoes to the distribution enterprises should be requested to produce products inspection reports, and view the validity period. Fourth, the consumer when buying safety shoes should view the appearance quality.You can take a look at whether there is to help surface has a disability, color is not one, and line weight needle and thread breakage the needle, jump, stitch unevenness; whether there is an open end help gum, off-line soles had sulfur and sulfur and sulfur, spray owed; whether the crooked within baotou, etc.

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Jinjiang macro-Wei, shoes and plastics endorsed by the province of science and technology award - 01:00, 1/1/2000

The other day, 2008) science and technology award in Fujian province officially unveiled, Jinjiang winning a total of four projects, where the second prize of 1, third prize 3 items. Where Fujian macro-Wei, shoes and Plastics Ltd., scientific and technological achievements Thermoplastic Elastomer foams and preparation of annual granted 2008 Science and technology award in Fujian province second prize; Fujian huatai Group Limited's scientific bailey button leopard Uggs and technological achievements dry press brick seminal rhyme ceramic , Fujian textile technology co., Ltd. of scientific and technological achievements multifunctional knitting sportswear fabrics , Fujian Heng on Holdings Ltd., Heng on estate (Jinjiang) women's products co., Ltd. and the Heng on estate (Fujian) maternal and child products co., Ltd.'s common scientific and technological achievements one-time hygroscopic articles and so on three projects are granted to the 2008 annual award for science and technology in Fujian province. It is understood that the 2008 annual award for science and technology in Fujian province are a total of 20 uggs bailey button 0 first prize ugg classic argyle knit for scientific and technological achievements, including 11 projects, 59 of the second prize, third prize 130 types, on the award-winning units and projects and reward main complete staff, and in accordance with regulations issued certificates and bonuses, respectively.

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Treadmill must wear shoes - 01:00, 1/1/2000

Q: is my usual work is very busy, just at home preparing for a treadmill, home run.In order to keep the treadmill of health, reducing the wear and i often go jogging track, but some colleagues asked should wear Ugg Lo Pro Button a pair of socks or shoes, may i ask what is correct. Ms. Beijing readers song Secretary of Nirvana Fitness Center teaches Haes stuff for the Ministry of the coach: now there are many people's homes, stony ground treadmill treadmills, treadmill vibration would have on the leg joints causing unnecessary harm, it is easier on the soles of sweat, slipped; could double thick socks dressed plays a cushioning effect, but after all, the socks no sole flexibility to replace the role of sport shoes.Therefore, in the treadmill exercise wear double jogging shoes, jogging shoes than ordinary shoes to light, soft sole are more suitable for use on the ugg classic treadmill.If not, you can also ordinary Ugg Lo Pro Button shoes, but to select a lighter, it will not be too thick.

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Autumn and winter boots emotion - 01:00, 1/1/2000

Try to live this spend is sufficient to cope with the stuff year round properly attired collocation, are all Street fanatic in autumn and winter fever. Three sides boots emotion Colorful: the boots in the color is more lively than ever on a rich, apart from traditional Dark Brown, there are dark green, Denim Blue, pink, Carmine, olive and grapes violet, Diamond-fabric, adorn and holes in the net, garnish with flowers and bow the gorgeous spectacle, gorgeous discovery Yue. Many wood: apart from traditional small cowhide, Sheepskin, cattle material such as cashmere, cashmere, Chin Bird sheath printing, crocodile sheath leather, Frances Jacquard weaving cashmere, Tweed fabric, such as brand new let this Quarter boots in the art of emotion is full of gorgeous atmosphere. Variety: boots-appear under subsection head of the return of trends, the shape of the shoe.Is no longer Pointed out, leading to the ancients knolls, head of combatants so that the resurgence of this year's boots. Four style This fall the rough? material shoes return to the material is visiting the Calvin Klein , the most typical is the Scottish Tweed became the most fashionable shoe patterns with material! Must be red Plaid, and so traditional type, blue, light pink, Brown and thick Lavender color flowers ? is also a considerable proportion. This type of shoes are also arranged with the bow, zipper, etc., there's a Scottish-cute And humor. Suitable for people: for this kind of shoes i don't just suitable for the Office of the little girl, also suitable for white-collar workers. Round head style pointed shoes has not yet truly out, but round head Is the absolute this fall.Such as modelled on men's golf shoes, plus a piece of dark Shoes, lovely candies shoes has become somewhat of a punk and dashing England. Designers also has always fit tip shoes head boat shoes and high-heeled shoes also have round head, let Women's shoes increase neutral element. Suitable for people: chasing neutral style stylish woman. Fugu style compared to the previous quarter, the revival at this time More run rampant, it does not have experienced time step by step rewind, but rather to go directly to the Ancient 16th century.Look at those round shoes-type, it is not our familiar streamlined, it Subversion our shoes are consistent, these elegant lovely Palace noble shoes, put our Bring back to 16th century. Suitable for people: often take part in party fashion community. Geometric details even at this year's boots fashion.Do not Is high heel boots tipped sexy woman, it is flat and free with wide head, an even keel military boots Boots are absolutely outdated. woman boots shoes making head to tip, heel should also like chopsticks so Fine uggs boots then straight, pencil skirts or knee pleated skirts, outside and then cover a windbreaker is absolutely of the most in this autumn.While military boots you need is edged with skinny jeans or breeches. Remind: height to the knees, here's just good, but never edged with black? Child dress! Five key Ever had knee boots with knee: and miniskirts complementary, belong to the bundled pop stylish Areas, too, stocking knee boots will be greater than the most fashionable pants fashionable many times, but this Coquette belonging to minority groups, an extremely sexy.If no skinny long legs, possessed The desire to under his own fanatic. A ride with loops: this year's beautiful details over to the above that, taking first loop.Rows of homeopathic and ride Leg loops of stressed a handsome, is a wild can be very, very clever, Almost and Riyadh in any form of popular harmony. Military: round barrel stiff boots, with dark brown, Army Green or black, with military-style boots Child has been a fan, there is no exception for this season.This Ugg Women's Rainier kind of boots can and country style and wear in the wind Cell formation excellent collocation, but wearing the additional attention in political str ugg les that feminine details. The MOD: MOD boots just exist for the mod style so that the boots were very cute, Color simple bright, morphology as if space boots, very popular. Recommended that you select their favorite beautiful color purchase, you will find it help you match tour Opera provides a new surprise. Wedge: popular conical boots have a long time, but it is a wedge-shaped boots, a few this quarter's pet The boots brand launched, with head slightly party assumes wedge boots, Ministry, shiny and hard, exciting, And Riyadh in men's style is a perfect match.Wedge boots will be more popular trend, if your heart Move immediately to win. Six boots attitude 1. you must wear dress boots? The more so, boots, the more dense should make it lighter.Flat-bottomed boots the best distribution thin skirt. High heel boots the best matched with wrap tightly or have a vent skirt. 2. wear long skirts or skirts? This season's fashionable skirt length should be in the vicinity of the knee.The more lenient, her skirt and boots heels the more Ping.Dress boots with thinner, skirt the stronger the boots with also cheaper. 3. to wear trousers? If a man wearing long pants, you should wear distribution flat-bottomed boots, narrow shape trousers with boots most suitable. 4. the boots, what should be wearing socks? Had better not wear socks.Ideal is the skirt and boots a section of the intermediate set aside; skin wearing the Central Statistics Boots, wear, or in an opaque stockings. 5. what color boots? Black's best, economical and practical.But equipped with a black boots, you can also select a pale Ash, heavy gray, red, yellow, Crimson too optional, pink, etc. 6. how to buy a second pair of boots? Should be the first pair of boots style on the contrary, such as the first pair of box-office, the second double-you must be Lusty; if the first pair is already feminization strong, so be sure to buy a pair of boots look very handsome. Focus is on, this year must have at least two pairs of style boots.

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Lady's price rise by 20% price hike of leather are logistics costs - 01:00, 1/1/2000

This year's boots is expensive, mainly affected by the rising cost of leather, etc. Dennis's shoes in a certain brand of general merchandise, said that apart from the leather purchasing guide price, logistics costs in addition to the subsequent processing technology complex is one reason why a price rise. Yesterday, a journalist in Zhengzhou survey found that this year's fall and winter MaxMara boots price mostly to 1000 $ and $ 2000, the short length leather boots at $ 600 to $ 800, are higher than in previous years 20 percent. Large Terry Coquimbo shop decorated with a brand, in fact, the shopping guide says ' boots will increase the price per year, but this year have a clear feeling that if they prefer to only want to spend just buy a pair of boots, it seems impossible, because many MaxMara boots prices higher than $ 1000. Like Petri boots, last year, $ 70.5 approximately 1000, this year are around $ 1500 for; but it's a beautiful poem is even more expensive imports boots, $ ~ 3500 1500. This year's boots is expensive, mainly affected by the rising cost of leather, etc. Dennis's shoes in a certain brand of general merchandise, said that apart from the leather purchasing guide price, logistics costs in addition to the subsequent processing technology complex is one reason why a price rise. Boots is so expensive clothes, take a look at what price can sell.

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Winter wear boots more easy leg suffered from - 01:00, 1/1/2000

Boots of the girls Amy, considered that Chilblains, Erythema Multiforme and have been designated as high-risk populations? Boots of the female Chilblain preference Little snow over, flashes, let those white collar females put on collector's boots boots, can really is both warm and beautiful? on the contrary, from the province dermatosis hospital we understand that the boots female but Chilblain high incidence of the crowd.Even the ladies dressed boots to the treatment of severe frostbite, on the foot and even the toes are fester. Why boots female Chilblain preference? straw fragrant officer told us that the cause of from frostbite.Three Chilblain simple speak is the cause of the comprehensive results: 1. the temperature for long periods of 10 degrees of environment 2. itself peripheral blood circulation of poorer populations particularly children, young women, and foodservice, and deal with wet cooling environment special populations. Children themselves circulatory development not perfect, the ability of self-protection.And women, especially young women, the relatively poor blood circulation, where beauty crowd, winter boots, wear tight skirts.Boots female itself is immediately followed by children, Amy women willing to collocate breeches, pants, jeans, etc to increase blood circulation in difficulty, the entire leg for a more sensitive to cold reaction.A vicious cycle to go on, but Chilblains preference in high-risk populations. 3. the consistently damp cold symptoms the environment, it is in the fingers and toes, side margin, Helix, the stench of ear lobes, cheek produce chilblains. Snatching and witty and warm Both enjoy boots neutral overbearing beauty beauty, and Dodge Chilblains, Shi officer recommended deep from the following three areas: the painstaking 1. the thermal insulation.From a medical point of view, the doctor advocates wear loose cotton clothing socks, keep dry warm environment.Even wear boots, feet Khan and more people other than to wear shoes increased focus on immortal and ventilation.Boots is not a long-term wear, two days left and heat exchanger was normal winter shoes that can improve leg blood circulation. 2. strengthening exercises.Foot massage, hot soak, running, are improved blood circulation of a good way ..... 3. once the Chilblains produce are found, not to roast.Cold environment contraction of the skin is.Warm or roast, blood vessel will be paralysis would increase not loop, so that local hypoxia frostbite worse.Available at and skin temperature similar warm water gradually let skin recovery. If you want to Chilblain, unless the necessary blood circulation, recovery, you can: 1. use some expansion vascular medicine.Including oral hydrochloric acid and Labiatae, vitamin E, etc. 2. the smudge Chilblains cream.Chilblain cream maximum functionality or promote blood circulation. In the external environment was unable to improve the circumstances, such as specifications environment food service staff can work with oil, reduce heat dissipation of the skin; outdoor staff to wear warm gloves, taking the drug heparin components, such as sea Princess, and so promote blood circulation.Chilblain ointment also protection abound. Cold tolerance is not in the fat thickness Eliminated the Chilblains, the officer told us that in women, especially young women, there were three kinds of skin diseases in winter beware. 1. a cold sore protein in stocks buttocks cutaneous vasculitis this is a special kind of frostbite, performance-femoral buttock area edematous plaque.There are red, painful Bloodshot.This fraction is not a peripheral, but with feeling on the contrary, here are often better than the hands of a temperature.The disease is common in young women and obesity, middle-aged women and students. Winter, fat thickness may not represent their corresponding ability to withstand the cold will also be enhanced, obese women's clothes and ill-considered, gluteofemoral Office of the skin to keep warm.When stripped of boots women love wearing cowboy's students, especially high school, University students in the clinic is also a high-risk population. 2. part of the cold globulin solidified, people have special in the blood--cold globulins, which is characterized by low temperature for long periods, was dissolved in cold blood-globulin in will precipitate in the vascular wall, serious damage that can appear offal.After the matter again and keep warm will be dissolved.Once the injury, damage may be but irreversible.Have this kind of health, don't talk to the cold air blowing the whistle on infants. 3. the cold-Erythema Erythema divided into many kinds, is directly related with cold and multiple is the cold-erythema.It easily injured location and chilblains similar, but the morphological differences: skin rash has COMs shaped damage, peripheral, intermediate ring can be one of these blisters, and can be spotted, the edge of purplish red is high up in the annular plane. The disease benefit is self-healing trend, it is generally two to three weeks can self healing.Cons is recurrence, once the cold spell to Erythema regeneration.Only true springtime, alerts will really lifted.There is no self-healing chilblains.

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Winter shoes and leather middle and high boots posterior process flow - 01:00, 1/1/2000

In a rainbow of summer, a man's world how wonderful? years devoted to shoe-making process lucky bird brand, Angel swept the series, the national women's shoes men's casual after a series of sparkling listing coloring again. Comfortable, fashionable deductive health Today, people thirst for shoes, has long been a function and spirit of bi-directional met, protection and decent putts.Organization can successfully recognized by consumers is a need for a set of recognition and appreciation of meaning.Auspicious bird season in new products with a special focus on the combination of aesthetics and comfort, involves a combination of sport shoes dexterity comfortable and professional leather demure generous last type of structure, will the concept of urban leisure come more comprehensive and rich, full compliance with fashion men s unique taste and needs. A pair of suitable leisure shoes not only can enhance a man dressed in taste, more is inextricably linked with the people's health.Auspicious birds ugg boots always production comfortable health products, insist on the green purchasing, product packaging without pollution.Its advocacy of the original, comfortable, the concept of life for the pursuit of perfection, not only allow consumers feet got the health and protection to their fullest to relax. Fashion, the advocacy of city life When the international design guru will most in shoes are brought to China, we will stand in the most fashionable international frontiers.In order to let the Chinese fashion footsteps and the world in the same orbit, more and more brands begin proactive admission of international culture to enhance international cooperation and the latest fashion fashion ugg boots footwear. Auspicious birds each work shows on quality, technology and higher standards of life: fit out close to nature's outdoor mountaineering series, comfortable, casual, durable will be the features of this product; suitable for the busy work are also able to experience leisure business series, so that urban men at home or travel, out of Office have been enjoying life leisure.Although different, but the spirit of confidence, its own unique charm of values, ugg boots who's no way they feel the urban fashion a new way of life of leisure.

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Matte leather cleaning and maintenance - 01:00, 1/1/2000

Second matte skin is made through the leather to make it to reveal the neatly uniform leather dyeing fibrous tissue penalised, because the form of material in the rough texture to give its thick, warm feeling, makes this kind of material in the most frequently in winter boots saw. And degree of matte skin is a variety of comparative delicate in material, the so-called delicate, does not mean that the texture is not good, the shoes but because of the matte skin easily contaminated dust, needless to say-coloured series, including black, brown color of this kind is so dirty, be sure demonstrates there is no room for any hiding; shoes after due to wear causing wear, surface fibers will slowly shedding, leather became naked, and the surrounding rough matte formation inharmonious contrast effect, it is very aesthetic appearance. And degree of matte skin the how to clean and maintain? if matte skin tinged dust, do not wipe with damp cloth, that would put the dust of the more the bigger the floor, wipe it a better way is to use large, soft brush light brush or light Tan vamp, lightly dusted off the dirt and, if it is difficult to get rid of the stain with a damp cloth used point press, light the way to dip, so that the removal of stains or spots face continue to expand.It must be wary in rain and snow weather don't wear matte skin shoes, matte one but a large area and dip it washes the water will be very difficult, but also will harden the cortex. And degree of matte skin maintenance is the how to do? if you're not sure can matte skin, please put the shoes are sent to OPM shoes repair shops, of course, you can also match the shoes shoes flour evenly coated shoes some surface, excess out with a soft brush. In fact, the admission and degree of shoes is also an important part of the shoes to maintenance, if the shoes every day is across the front is lying shoe, shoes to the end-result is not the best.Best practice is then annual off-season or a pair of shoes are you sure there will be no longer wears a period of time, don't be lazy, you receive a shoe box as soon as possible. shoes There are a few doing reception in the shoes need attention.Requires inclusion of needs at least 1 day of the clothes on, to ensure that the shoes are dry in various situations which accommodate work shoes wore shoes tidal entrenched, easy shoeboxes have mildew in the bundle.Buy shoes shoe box in the accompanying paper do not throw away, entrenched ShoeStore also need to put these paper back shoes in and shoes pillared supporting function of the same way as to prevent shoes shoeboxes in boots of the deformation; if it is to remember that in the boots barrel game used cotton t-shirt volume% of the cylinder, can afford to support the role of the barrel of shoes, but also against moisture, compared with hard objects supported better.Shoes are placed in the shoe box in the way for you after shoeboxes shoeboxes packages of paper to avoid shoes leather rub cause harmed, placed in the drier, tidied shoeboxes admit after will eventually to a cool dry place.

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