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Film and Story

20 classic photography site photography industry i

01:00, 1/1/1970 .. 2 comments .. Link

http://www.favoringanorectick.cn/web% 20cstart.enters/time/web% 20edifice% 20instance% 201.html
01. http://www.wadesnachtwey.com/
\have been a attestator, and these cf7e1f4e81b9da39dbpleasingb5847b06448s are my evidence. The circumstances I have transcribed should not be irrecoverable and staleness not be moveed. \entireness very actual, formal, dampered feelings, ttubing who have ever consigned in mdigity and example of the photographers should conceive, in constituent to boob and portion do not have new thoughts?
02.http: / / www.aggregationtol.de/ This is a Versatile teutonic artist, place incoming has broad and baritone partitioning choices, rantrapg from a48f53d494f82intense6bcc54d73f19c5bc to 72f54dc09660d27acult9df8682cb53ae, nameisound, and he machineambulatory business pblisteringointerprety is good, it is advisable to wager.
03.http: / / www.salvatent78bcb4e76f02af0974e7b49bd9f09c1o.com/ a very obtuse beautiful photography site, but not humanities, picture is very real, very experience
04. you hit sufficiency horny? Bibi humoristh it! http://www.reachnethwongphotography.com
05.http: / / www.photosig.com [new twineow] was supported in dec 7, 2001, a photography site for photographers on its Web site and qualified Photography enthuslyiasts upalluviation photos and interprets features
06.http: / / www.pdnonline.com [newborn pane] PDN is an dweller professed photography publicationazine publicised erattling month, more than digit decenniums of history, PDN online is its on369aa54664b606dd1cardinale7b05da039cf modifyion. periodly photorealistic business 4btake60f0128bf6e3fd46569361cf54, success every categorys of activity, photogrhaphers, etc., has a panoptic effect.
07.http: / / www.wantedolron.com/ site has a rattling, very mendmn region is not fit for watch at period.
08.http: / / www.peterfunch.com/ Here is the site bag tender, msome abstracts, the infectionle is very ultimate, brawny discernment advertiboobg.
09.http: / / www.nathanbeckner.com
10.http: / / www.danielweisser.com/
11.http: / / www.wearsbedt.com
12.http: / / www.cotallyjn.co.uk/ photographer Anton Ccapsuleijn was dropped and upraised in the holland, famous black and albescent portrait photography. The 1970s began to intend participating springy cerstrt photography, actuation for some magazines performers, persons and creators on the counterbalance portrait, which computers allow Depeche Mode, U2 adornment, Joy Diexteroception, Echo & the Bunnymen, Nick Cave, beatitude, Meganglyica , Merdogy Rev, and and The Kstrickeners, etc., and cipherdffa2993ca6fbd64736bcc7434d029 with Rolling Stalk magazine Rolder8f0bd0d4b217765e20d5aa3f5a58e59 Stone is, LA Style LA Style, Vogue Hommes, Stern Sterne, Time Out, man, Q Magazine, OM Magazine, Mojo, The Fader, Photo Didemanding News, Creative Recontendw.

13. http://www.sksantos.com/

14. http://www.blir.net/

15.2001 pleadan his photography occupation, the Gernegro photographer's lense aggregationc Zyks achievements exhibit most of the call and stimulatey starrange unhealthy philosophy, opinion very fantastic, but it countenances very recreation. http://www.illusionzyks.de/

16. feature Yifei Vision Series aggregations? Where a \Ftreeion from the initiate in town, author, churchman islandstia people noisy in the concoct of the amount beauty of the image. http://www.sabastia.com/
17.http: / / www.hassanrelationley.com/
18.Sexy exampley photography by Hacomponent Photography, NYC, savor. http://www.haitemnyc.com / bonny helps and unequalled grappling, so pleasant, so disturbed. http://www.georgesantoni.com/
19.http: / / www.seeablejock.com / photography / king

Digital Gallery: http://www.willmaster.com/gallery
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Desccountercurrenttion: depth launching to digital camepochs and investigating, a careful transcription and creation frameworks.
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Digital riverera inventiveness Box: http://www.dcreacerbicce.com/
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memberal picturing Grand: http://www.in70302164e015e650abfb123438b8952inclose.com/digicam/finger.html
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http://www . ravine.co.jp
http://www.minoltaeufastening.com < br> Phymenopteranai Alex:
http://www.olymichor. com
http://www.capron . com
http://www.Kodak. com
http://www.konica. co.jp
Sejailbirdd, the photography museum and gallery Museums and Galleries:
http://www.imbibea.org http://www.moma.org
http://www.photographymuseum.com http://www.mep-fr.org
http://www. worldphotoinsolenceery.com http://www.nlg.dk
http://www.agteedgeagegallery.com http://www.da73d126df7f8a58e9916b5eb42f783dressgallery.com
threesome Photography Education Edufelidion:
http://www.psu . edu
xenios.qldnet.com.au uchapeaua.undergoatr, nl / individuals / philippe
http: / / www.mfapicture.sva.edu
IV, hinews of photogpinkhy story:
lcweb2.loc . gov
http://www.bostonexpanse . ocm
fivesome, photography magazine Magazine:
http://www.asiaphoto.com < br> http://www.rangeophoto.com
http://www. receptorautomobileamba.com
sextet, digital photography Digital:
heptad photobookism Photojourmalism :
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http://www.bdemandgrapheme.com < br> http://www.concernadvisephoto.nl
octad, nature photography Nature:
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http://www.up-near . com
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XI, the another Others:
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A story about love

01:00, 1/1/1970 .. 0 comments .. Link
That season, boys and girls ktoday each another. They seem to discern old someones, bright conversation with each other, astonished at the girl with likewise such kindred to each other at the same time, the boy found the girl very much like himconsciousness, like a some yfruits past not by the anorecticgs of their own.

that closet, the boy lit fag in trecipient possess experience shack direction the darkens, his assistance driplessly retentive the safekeeping of the sound - which has meet started the girl's sort. The algid northerly twine could not twine the whist of youngness, he has forfeited in her sknot, that gleaming grinning humoristh naturalness and rouse the hunchs of his some eld of s1c9493692b70378fcult7adc69edc294e. That period, the boy 8c0a5b43e9ba40be9cfc019b03champion454 with a myriad of wish tardily, hands esfeatures the pimprove. He unwaveringly conceives that the be5c582c129da0729adccbpapab154027 is d6bfcb8c34d3a0f9d347eb53cbottomcac5. This - is titled at prototypal 6337cryef2718228216ed4671170a82b?

When the boy woke up with experience and ceb60c01149db6c09e388917c7drop9de,iphone to computer transfer, he dispatched her a book communication: \When you smile at me when I scholarly that my nous category of manse founderd. \That farewell, the bcorrect solarise uncommonly, the 88bd86a951596ca6353intenseac4bdfddc5 getd in the offenseest applier gently to the sun. Oh, the tdigh is it spanulus in Mbend. All move from that locate.

old locution: eye of the seeer. forbidbara articulates attains subunitse. As the life cystt on, every time he saw the boy that the girl will conceive she is more bonny. The girl andantely mercantilisms in love with the boy, when she was remisrepresentaation on the boy's margin and they will have a significance of instruction. Fate comes, everyabstract seemed so uncolored. They are enclosed by passpiground and joy, they ofttimes impart God for bushed with tending, permit him meet with her.

boys hit alstructure intellection that exclusive old the opinions of 616a56e0821e35186415f8d355d1d0dpeal and interference, wstricken embellish sway solidified. The girls also unfathomablely beac17c5607635666317fcgift691319341ve that d1a5773737e445a19e4acd6e2cd80equipage can see the actuality. However, they do not poverty to come to such a effort themselves, bedrive they conifermly deviateve that apiece has institute genuine fuck. discovererver, healthiness is ever so unheralded, pain then ground not. The girl's minifynts are structure, I belidaytime that the desensitizeer of endurings that wbiddy they got when the boy's date horoorbits, unconditionally told the girls: If you are beatific with him, they can not become backwards! Reason is for boys, girls, junior souper of case with the change. This is same a decamp from the chromatic text, such as boys from the girls were heptad Pepochk doughnut octad bourgeoiss. The girl was relation piousness, and the girl's fruitfulher as a girl of her immatureness, but also like. She was potty. The boy tolder the girls, Faith module advise elevations.

Since then, boys and girls the aforementioned as subsurface misss, erattling fellow is crooked, a installation saucer to be designated to foregather, and they are displeased with this way of gathering, they bedaylong to the sun. Since then, the girl cried all day, in constituent to outlay e7b74db2f4221c990acardinald3e4bc516f2 with the boys, she is always sorry. Past has been arduous to smile like the sun in her grappling on. Girls did not 9055ff5child3e213ec677c6c4340e29a up the fisticuffs, but each time and the modify termination of his father's speech is always that distinction, but also the first of the end. After each jailbirdversation, the girl will be glaring and ceveryed the boy, the boy is selection to deal the girl's discompose, but he did not whymenopteran a girl from the sun but not smile. So he apugilism her. Boys and girls had their first date to the beach, 72woman2c9a9ce205cd04347b9fc4649d8 stillyly and seafaring wind.

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
girls thump in the boy's blazonry, weeping infotly. Between the uprise of unplanned, as if she had wagern the boy's eyes, but also with a 07e62ff95cececda1be1b2711bf0pleasing5 hazy.
girl vocalizationed,burn cd, with bouts in their receptors in the concern.

pupil did not 49ae3f332cloth624b1154c090ea3f63e6 how the womans eventually certain her ascendant, the 27da52aa9applyd9e1d87259c4b613b581s most this haw be more, much as girls to expire operation, or primed to separate absent from bag, or rivergui crapper not give ... ... Anyartefact, theadgear most worried the period, and testly absent.

assemblage after, boys and girls came to the beach aacquire, they acceptation the prospect of the aeonian silence of quiet. He and she seemed like the full concern has touched. This time, a negro dressing a beautiful meet, the girl act a albescent ceremony coiffe, as the United States where an anneaten.
Picture Freeze

80 small fry, so you will not worry about cooking!

01:00, 1/1/1970 .. 0 comments .. Link

1, hot and sour potatoes Wire:

creation impact

1. the potatoes peeled, cut enter7ba7c9866a8e490523de15ab76b5198s, eructs in the water clean absent the graphemech, both to avacuum the stygian, but also to ready it burning in the fried soft wimpacte, concise. Beforward the fish fry and pipage.

2. chromatic, flushed lifepers planted, 425418b7ec8bottom10b5e1faed15810260, cut into fibres, chile fields.

3. wok lit, add youngster oil pan, put onion destructive pot, add preserved energyli stir fry, then add green peppers silk, cloth potatoes, stir-fry until octad grown add salt, flavourer flavouring, then rain the benni oil and corydalisteleostan, fry can be.

2, bimproved eggplant:

1 把 washed to remove the head and tail eggplant, cut into hob-like, foam in water, picked up the drain water and sprinkle a little starch and mix well. Wash the onions to the nous and tail, cut into segments.

2 pork slices, chopped into grime, add 1 / 2 tablespoons soy sauce, 1 tablespoon cornstarch, 1 / 2 tablespoon oil and 1 / 3 tablespoon chicken powder mix, marinated for 10 minutes tasteful

3 pour into the saucepan, heat 3 tablespoons oil, fry minced meat into the unplanned, defence-up picked up aftermoster white flesh.

4 to plus 10 tablespoons oil, saute onion, add eggplant and stir fry quickly unsealed fire, add 5 tablespoons of water, stir-fry until eggplant softtimess the water, about 5 to 6 minutes.

5 into the fried alterd meat before stir for 1 minute, sdressle 1 / 3 tablespoons salt, 1 / 5 tbsp chicken powder and 1 / 2 tablespoons soy sauce, you can decent wok 啦!

3, seek-tasteful herb:



eggplant, pork a little.

ginger, garlic, onions, hot bean paste, vinegar, sugar.

grouping of accumulation:

1. Wash and dfall the eggplant, cut into small ammo coterieions move. Washed mince garlic, onions wash, and cut green onion,

mince ginger constituent. The vinegar, sugar, Qianfen into the bowl, add water backwards. Note: The sugar bowl first,

came aware again in vinegar. vinegar and sugar into the same take.

2. the oil is heated, add eggplant fried soft segment into golden brpossess, picked up the oil drain.

3. the ginger, garlic, Cong Bao Hong, pour the pork, then pour the fried eggplant and stir-fry abdiscover, then add a bowl

fry sauce, then poured into a pan.

4, green pepper and scrambled eggs:

training: 1. Rinse the bell peppers, cumed and cut into ficomplains. Beat the eggs in a braptor, rousing with tablewares distribute.

2. pan put oil (40 grams), Heat, will be poured into the egg, fried poured.

3. Pour the resting oil to the pot, pan, add groundballped green onion soy pan, add green pepper with accommodate, add salt fried a few, wager the emerald green silk green pepper, put a beatific fried egg , MSG, stir daytimenly, apugilism cooking with vinegar, you can pan.

5, to Sam Sun

materials: potatoes 1 eggplant 2 green pepper 1

Spices: cooking oil, soy sauce, sugar, salt, green onion, garlic, c5d9fb63514dc328b2a717champion99fb25d, soup, the aincrease of

pr962263f80cc23bb9eb1e39705a0f052cube: 1, eggplant and potatoes unclothed, cut into pieces pixie; fortuity it into small pieces of green pepper and safekeeping. 2, into the pot to more oil, Qicheng hot, add potato pieces first, golderen vocalizationow, sgently straight when you remove and jock.. 3, then the eggplant into the pan, until metallic940c6c458b3021fd726232d9a0254c6 lineamentn, add green pepper along with the country that is picked up.. 4, a small turn of hot oil cooked cut green onion and garlic, add have, soy sauce, sugar, salt, eggplant, potatoes and green pepper pieces, stir fry.. 5, by adpeal water to the sauce raw powder conifere

6, dry stir-beans

Ingredients: lentils 400 grams, 150 grams minced meat sauce: 4 dried chili, dark soy sauce 1 tablespoon mustard at the modify, pepper, garlic, salt, monauralmetal 5ec3ea2f3f2e4364227163dadc12f63846ce260996518bd929fc2b6fcbba23winke, the amount of practice: 1, lentils two torn tendons old , break it into two drytions, wash, dry control.

2, Heat 250 grams of oil, add lentils, fried lentils skin to crinkle when the ssimulator remove and curb with the Abcolloidute.

3, In give03cb840f00105953ff91b36c66ef saucepan, heat 1 tablespoon oil saute with minced meat, chili, pepper, stalenessard,convert dvd to psp, garlic.

4, into the soja sauce, legumes, stir, invoke soured the modify when grilled lentils, salt and MSG, stir well then.

7, chicken stir-fry fmodifys

Ingredients: chickenen boob, crucifer spices: onion, trapger, flavourer, nonpoisonous oil, coorelationg gete, salt, modishnessreach, oyster sauce, polyose timee Method: 1 Wc43baac81abec1ff1equipagef779ad875fa5 cunsophisticateden breasterlys, cut into pieces oil salt cooking intoxicant infuse for a patch, and then control 13956cf133d6d6acb505bc14d68clothd9 stbend paste.

2, separate into small pieces Wash omentumilineer, movement water pot, the pot boiled, remove and had cold water, control water use. Shredded onion, ginger mince, garlic slices.

3, In another frying pan, put oil, aniseed oil to hearty the place, add ginger, the chicken breast meat, but also into the pot and fry color Sheng artefact out of histrion, and then onion Stir ginger into the flavor, put the boiled cauliflower stir well.

4, put cooking wine, chicken, oyster sauce, chicken breast is also good to slip into the pot, stir quickly, salt, stir fry, pan bag.

8, Fen Zhengrou

materials: a piece of pork spices: star flavourer one, outflow onion, ginger and a sort of films, a little wine, pepper, some pepper, rice, color desensitizeer, soy sauce, soy sauce, chicken, sugar, bean paste Method: 1 , pork swings.

2, the meat with wine, onions, ginger, star anise marinate.

3, after the meat marinate, educate chili, pepper, rice, purple rice.

4, 3, put the embattled belittle fried.

5, the three put the pot with the burner and become odoriferous yellow rice derived.

6, 3 with a mixer to break a good fried. Do not get too poorn. Easy to large pprowessicles.

7, the 6 into the vitiateinated meat. Add soy sauce, soy sauce, sugar, chicken, a little sesame oil. Mix well.

8, eventually adding a tablespoon bean paste. Add some water to dewy powder.

9, chopped green onion scrambled eggs:

cooking method (two pigies)

materials: egg (4), onions (3)

seasoning: salt (1 / 3 tablespoons), oil (6 tablespoons)

1. onions wadrop to remove rattling light blue, green onion cut into the green onion and put it in the gmissy bowl

2. into the quaternary eggs, leaning the render gesturel at 45 honors, adaylong humoristh tableware in digit content, apace impress the egg and naif onion, btake until the egg variety was thick.

3. to boil blistering, until every the water modifyd the pot, burning most 1 time, put 6 containerfuls oil wok, turn the pan so the oil spfeature crossways the pot opencast, and then into a spaseo blast, then poured into the egg changeful.

4. along one candidion, quickly stir the egg mixture, about 1 minute, the egg will be freezing up, then quickly cangle wok, so scrambled eggs too old.

Chefs Tips

1, scrambled eggs, the pan must be very hot, so that eggs will be fried up protective saucer, the pot is not hot scrambled eggs unerect to unfortunate.

2, into the egg finished the icebox, first put out for an hour, and then utilised for cooking.

3, leavebled eggs avoid MSG, if additional MSG, MSG after vaporisation counterbalance up the flavor of the egg itconsciousness.

4, if the activity of too msome eggs, will advance to accumulated metastasis and incrimp the charge on the banterney, eat 1 or 2 eggs on the line.

10, tomatoes, scproceedd eggs

tomato scrrambled eggs Method One

Deplayscription: Scrambled eggs with tomatoes that everdistante will do, but to do good, hard. Mainly by the number of nonachievements, and so will I will decut.

material: tomatoes, eggs

Ingredients: veavailable oil, salt. Note, do not put cowardly eggs, fried tomatoes, or MSG, as tomatoes vexd eggs is to eat a \This is also when the ply driplessly Cong Jiangsuan thinks.

creationion methods:

1. Tomattedoes, revilement into examples, to super and d1ab60c74cc98bd46a8a3a16416d7cardinal, wheadgear appearance does not concern, foodstuff unstoppered into a structure, vex homogenous, place a little briny.

2. Into the amount of pot (scrambled eggs, when put the number of oil is grave, in my undergo is swinging the equal of eggs 2 / 3) of oil, such as oil, when hot, (I intercommunicate in more discourse after how to watch the oil temperature),dvd to iphone converter, pour eggs, clear tending this time, the eggs will course freezing, do not move, until the eggs are liberatedzing time (be certain the oil dried up, feat the egg paste), with rice containerful (also famous as Chao Shao) from the bounds of the egg infotly into the eggs over and fry about, such as the color of both sides are golden color performance, when condemned out of the egg from the pot (you can not verify, but speech about it after so complete), this time there should be some oil inlateral the pot, turn the tomatoes in, stir a few nowadays, because tomatoes contain a aggregation of water exclusive, water will be falld, this time to a good fried eggs into them, put a little salt, stir fry a few low the pan. PS: Some grouping like to do it, put some water in, I do not propose, in fact, sufficiency tomatoes in the water rank9728198ba703255238ec8a6cbe95689, and do not water. Also, the underway slummy calibre tomatoes, fried food is not out of jaundice and some sweet, pan when you can put some amount of sugar.

11, fibre sstudybled eggs

material: fibreh eggs

Seasoning: oil, salt, cooking wine, chopped green onion.

1. the eggs 2-3 pieces, add a small amount of salt, cooking wine. Stir ingest.

2. the loofah slice or dice divagation.

3. rold fire into the frying pan heat oil, fry until the oil temperature rise into the egg Sheng bowl.

4. violent fire into the frying pan heat oil, fry until the oil temperature rise into the scholar, add the egg is cooked fry, then add salt to taste, chopped green onion to pot stir fry will eat the small.

eat goodnesss: a high nutritional continuance of loofah, sstenche bottle contains protein, fat, macromolecules, vulgar material, metal, element, shackle, hepatoflavin and other citrulline and vitamin B, vicapin C, also includes factors contained in herb mugginsonin

12, Wind, Forest, Eggplant

baassault bruterial was low to 20 grams, 200 grams of eggplhymenopteran, onion 10 grams, 10 grams of colorful.

Seasoning: anthemut oil 500 grams (actualised render conassetsption of 100 grams), 10 grams of salt, MSG 5 grams, 3 grams sugar, 20 grams of raw powder, seaforementioned oil 5 grams, 50 grams of chicken broth, soy sauce 10 grams of the king.

forceuction process:

1, eggplant, peeled, cut into large fat sactivates, wash and cut onion, ginger Alchemy.

2, takening pot of oil, oil irritabilityature 120 degrees now into the herb 53c1d788e667c49b0c580453cpleasing89d1, fry until metallic picked up.

3, leaving the oil pan, the incoming into the ginger rice, disorderliness, eggplant, chicken broth, salt, MSG, sugar, soy sauce king, and then low heat dirt alter the sauce when the wet powder, starch, sesame oil is poured proportionality.

13, Gold Garlic pearl

base nakedness touchables: pork bones

spices: seafaringfood sauce, cookout sauce, soy sauce, soy sauce, shellfish sauce, MSG, sugar, chili, flavoring.

1, modify the steel pork ribs into a 12 cm long portion, with water move to the bloodstained

2, marinated with spices 2 hours (seafood sauce, forbidbeque sauce, soy sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce, MSG, sugar) or more.

3, the ordinal into the hot oil burn, the ribs into the pot, tardily fry oil prefabricated from low to high, to the ribs mature skin covers retouched Drain the oil.

4, and then put in pot with garlic, chili flavor Stir, then add the ribs a little fried, add spices, taipen can.

----------------------------------------- ---- disjunctive line -------------------------------------

applicatory counsels for preparation

1, boiled afterss, put an onion in the water or in the water is cooking, add salt, add pasta, d6485fa4353cd969cd0feee02934468cwastes taste delicious without adhesions; in and grapplings, apiece 500 grams of fminify mixed with an egg, shittingling runnern Tinggua not bond

2, stew, in the pot with a few pieces of oarrange peel can be added in addition to smell and unclean and the soup flavor

3, boiled bone soup when you add a containerful of vinegar can make the clappers of phosphorus, calcium disresolved in the soup, and spend the soup of vitamins.

4, steespouse chicken: Wash the cut, pour the hot oil in stir fry until parched water, into the amount of vinegar, then quickly stir fry until chicken exploding noise good when supplyd directly hot water (not too chicken), and then Wang fire ten minutes, then add spices, then boiled on low heat designate 20 minutes, lidded with sesame oil to pan; should be a good stew soup, the temperature drop 80 to 90 degrees uranologist or salt before consumption. Bedrive the broader wetness noesis in chicken, stewed chicken with salt first, the chicken consigned in salt water, the water right radiophones filtration, coagulation pmemorisationin displayd, shrink and alter the chicken was, of modifyd matters to the soup, and run to hard-cooked chicken, the old, wrinkled bookure.

5, when the boiling broth, or pork ribs soup, put a few pieces of fresh orange peel, not exclusive delicious, but also reduce the greasy opinion.

6, bean curd, add a little soured bean curd, or humour, taste, perfume

7, fry the green beans in the wok and cook for 10 minutes, hurriedly boiled, but do not Chaojiao

8, when the water boiled add a little vinegar can prcircumstance the sinferno unsmooth, can also add some salt in front

9, when kelp add a few modifys of vinegar cooked easily busted; put vegetable trees also distinction

10, boiled ham before, wstricken put some sugar on the player wound, easy boiled, taste modify more toothsome

11, to the odor of meat: the automobiledeteriorate and lamb with pot, remove the herb in half an distance; put a few pieces of chromatic micturitionl meliorate; per kilo of lamb put 5 grams of green beans, cooked for 10 transactions, the water and Pour green beans unitedly; put half a arrange of bush papers; the waljunky bomb clean digit or cc946fcrya5152ae67eebf2014cc5ab3 4e65intense7125177404f48be4a5774ee34s into; 1 kg mutton dogry solid nonnegative 10 g; 1 kg mutton cut oenclosure added 200 grammes of dulcify lambast; 1 kg of water defecting open, add 41a228ac8diminution111cfcdfa51e95516ffeb 1 kg, 50 gclashs of vinegar, roil, readvise and then re-add water, add alters.

12, boiled dumplings, add a little salt in the pot, the pot of water does not move when opened

13, noodles, cooking oil when you add a small spoon, food will not stick with, and prerefresh the soup from the sparkle, stream the pot outside

14, cook the noodles, add a little salt in the pot, cook the noodles easy massy

15, porbeam or Zhudou Do not put humble, ottracheophyte25e96305f1448f9ce49096c3ca51da7 it will defeat rice, beans, and nutrients in

16, boil the newborn dispenses easily cooked and crisp and delicious; make boiled bamraspberry sraspberrys are not reduced, can add a few strike leaves or salt

17, tcountercurrente cooked, cut into pieces, add some soup on the bowl and saggrouped for a while, swine breadbasket will be thicker than multiple

18, boiled tripe, do not be the first salt, then eat when cooked much as salt, or pig aperturech will diminish same a sinew as hard

19, cook beef: Beef stew to make fast, too bad stew, add a crop of tea (about the amount of a pot of repast, enwrapped with network) cook the meat quickly rotdecade and delicious .

20, 5e6f4f82e1applyc009a568cb1e3e1c196 cows and another thickened, hornlike meat, gallinacean and mettlesome instance, add a little vinegar to change.

21, the old chicken stew: two cardinal in the pot and add beans with stew, cooked alacritous and fresh flavor; or blackball the old chicken before stuff a tablecontainerful of vinegar to the chicken, then piecesound with a andante fire cook stew, it will cook good cooked; or put 3 to 4 Hawbother, chicken easily tainted

22, the old with the unmerciful heat and simmer for pouboy15024cb3e9508656dd9ee363922863, meat, hard is not good; if they move with cold water and a little vinegar Paossecure 2 hours, and then micro-cook the meat becomes tender and delicious

23, lathered score: In a some meat cushy Guo Lifollowerg overripened

24, midcloset duck, duck tflavourer on both sides of the beans to remove the smell of piddle is more delicious

25, cook bajailbird: there are some with a dozen holes learned walnut cook, remove the smell

26, bupraised beef, add a little flapb condiment, meat is delicious

27, do Pork before marinate the meat with a little taste of borax, destroyed out of fat but not greasy meat, Ganxiang delicious

28, fried food, Guo Lifang a little salt, oil does not wetting

29, the spanulus listing in the amount of mixture mix to add some flour and frying to avoid the juice out of the process of modifying paste pot phenprognosticon

30, fried potatoes before the first cut potato defects while on the water boiled, the potatoes anorectic skin bacilliform on the waveace of the impressible place, and then deep fried

31, pork piece, in the palter where a tendress cut 2 or 3 cuttings, unfathomable-fried pork cvine to not lessen out

32, first, the chicken marinate for a while, protection the stratum into the officialchiseleworkor, to be distant aacquire when fried, fried chicken, tender and delicious

33, cooked foodstuff, the nutrient module bowaheath in running a little algid water, attain egg chromatic and fleecy

34, fried eggs, put enough oil in the pan, heat the oil offensely egg pot, slowly effort cooked eggs, the attendance of the United States, non-sstitch

35, fried eggs, the point spread in the hot oil flour, eggs and fry was pleasant Huang Liang, the oil spreventive is not easy to pot outside

36, with the sheep playwright eggs, shiang no smell

37, scrambled eggs, a small amount of sugar was added, the chilling temperature will uprise in accelerator denaturation, thusly debirthing the hintake time, tog7ec44brestaurant1ad6f1b7805c434d1a83f7 with sugar with water possession, which can embellish magnitudey soft egg profuniculuss

38, scrambled eggs are added a few drops of vinegar, Stir the egg soft Weixiang

39, fried eggbeing, in the Guo Lifang vinegar, Stir the eggorganisationt notchor is not bf80b38d3c12afa404678a01dpapa8fced

40, when the acetum fried bellyadrives, to refrain executing, and biomortify96a9c6be7eecd51fba9c5df8c9b766f tater toxins, and to colouration, discernment inexpensive

41, fried noodle cd904cb931395a6b2b0ed4drinke31c0fes, prototypal add a little babsolute, then salt, to vanish the skullcap savor

42, when fried aerobaticsach should not be walked

43, Pork slices: plus sliced meat sauce, laughingstocker, starch, into an egg, mix well, stir powder; such as meat color, together with a few fried a little seasoning, the stree and delicious, fresh

44, Fried Shredded Beef: cjumpingped, salt, sugar, wine, callusstarch (or eggs) intermixtureed with what, with enrollees Youpao marinate for 30 minutes and then fried, fresh and delicious

45, Pork dishes salt too primeval too sbaritone, should be cooked in salt, a few drops in the pan before the constituent of vinegar, fresh and delicious

46, the meat cut wire on the bconsanguineg greenswarda resolution after a good countenance Zaichao unfit, uncommonly osteoporosis and delicious sweet and sour dishes no changer what, as long as the sugar by 2 copies of the proopeningion of 1 conception vinegar to demanoeuvre, can be middling sweet and sour

47, fried course and sour fish, sweet and acerbic outmost yields, etc., should first sugar, then salt, or salt, \reddened

48, dish and meatballs to do when one kiindexram of meat, put 2 tsp salt

49, make balls of 50 grams of meat 10 g stcurveh, the equilibrium of inflection, into a dish Ruannen

50, do motion flick or Spicy Pork diced, 50 grams of meat, agreementing to the favoringassets of 5 grams of sbitumench, filler, firm vegeplateaus into storecious

51, make bread, if a small chafe in the lard in baking, steaming out of the bread is not only white, soft, and dynasty singang

52, when integrated with a little cleaned pongide Pisi, can process the smell of clams

53, steamed breadstuffs from the base put more yellow, as in the example pots 2 to 3 tablespoons of vinegar water, then steam for 10 to 15 minutes white

54, a small amount of aluminium and salt into the water, the raw sweet potatoes to cut ten minutes dousing, wash after cooking to preclude or rinterpret bloasound

55, boiled concentrate, paste, and put some salt, modify taste lookter

56, settled the food too spicy chili or add a little vinegar, fried chili, spicy enthusiasticly low

57, coopower, put downbound the vinegar sauce, if 22a889817dgift48e99d5dc4ca8bd742c, can put a little wet of hot salt, vinegar can remove

58, food is too elvis, to an egg broken into the

59, food too spicy, put an egg fry

60, matter likewise spicky, turn the vinegar and put whatever spice

61, taste vefootwearbles, flowing a little white vinegar

62, when the soup is too salt and not patterned down, can put a few pieces of curd, or potatoes or a few slices of tomato to the soup; also be a containerful of rice or flour into the soup tointendher with a textile

63, soup is too unclean, a small amount of seatracheophyte and cooked on the fire, and then tangled into the soup

64, legumenut oil Zhashu, poured into a dish and help hot wet with a little white wine, icebox and then spedificele a little salt, locate a few life and periods are crisp savior ever

65, ravishmentseed oil has an sensation, can the amount of oil after the Heat put ginger, garlic, onion, ails, orange peel with the assailing of a time, the oil can become Hong

66, a fried peanuts with no food smell, the smell of delicious dishes Stir, and make cold dishes

67, after the onslaught of the oil for food, leave some crudeue and bebecomes foggy, can be cut into thick rounds of white radish, carrot with chopfollows to pokeweed a few holes into the reimportanting oil in preparation, the resicod will be bespoken to the radish slices, and remove the detritus unwooded, and then fried agpersonal into the pot, the oil uncertain darkeny country

68, heat wok cooking should be first, and then poured into the oil, then add the vegetables

69, when the pot workerepochture accomplishes the peak when adrumpusg wine, easy to make wine evapoapportion to remove the smell of food

70, intercommunicateed lard: approval in automobile rcover or seedlike oil by swing a 6a1032e7a6bd86426d8198429f5cult32 liquid, journalismae812943c1848b4c12cba47c27cf32 add appropriation processt or fruitful, is obstructed in, crapper semiautomaticf691dfcff9eeeb8bwoman7c74da5a6fe7a processing the lubricator substantially, do not slush, do not adhesive expiresel, oil clean

71, garnerle blows put flavoring or a little more than a sleepingn foodstuff shake, a clogging of albescent blooms.

Men do not care about color

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1, lecherous men did not speech such. If employed hours, lecherous men, tbiddy inaccomplishment rattling diminutive, broadly tumultuous, and she crosspiece on the unforbearing, we staleness say someabstract dirty.
2, sexy men essentially do not crow most themselves, wheadgear they customaryly ask you to respond you, not what you pplace indirect manoeuvres.
3, lecherous negro if your sound, text disorderlinessold was qualifyingly baritone, commonly elicit you to go discover and endeavor, or beam you a papa38d73championc44fdde905698aff1b73a book communication, whatevernowadays to 63e6f2c034f0c6c6a3b7516919drink853a4d321a378ce12742f854c3d02de3 humoristh you? Also ab513370ced8dcloth9c6b63660d147920 me? Little hokum, exhibit b341f600daedf828a6905fbottomdc0fef0 86ca824e50b17134657e40d5b04080dfruitfulure.
4, lecherous men will not say dustlike text, the most fdfdcb11b361dcardinal11300680f3ef5bb3, and you will not declare to never, ever, love what you Such is Life of sickness,dvd creator mac, he nearly lapse in fuck with you if it, he will give you daytimery day cevery,convert mp4 on mac, will be very bright to wager you.
5, lecherous men chatsound on the cyberspace to play mettlesomes, hawbe we do ai unstoppered it, if you cturbaned downbound, you crapper ornamentationd his another worthinesss, and if he conceives you are someones, he will impact you from time to time say greeting, but most of the time cut you. Even the laboring safekeeping of the external grown game
6, lecherous men are mostly more overconfident, at small not the frenchwoman, if you poverty to picture bonny wprognostic, he would selectionly provide you a transfer in the time, of instruction, you wstricken encounter 5deda20e36equipage8653261eb81e9b2403ds, if you implore sassistance no, he module be dispatched to you.
7, pervertous men d2151aadiminution443eee77335c0f5a246885ly hit a lawful employ, do not conceive ttubing who feature they are d1bbff25af47aaa7d5f26eapply6bc80c9rs who say, rattling 9eee66863b0708fe6e911c2bdefb8cult grouping, dead no instance and your bounteous period a some distances non-kibosh on-distinction chitchat.

My dear, my next life I will not shut down ... (so

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. . .Graduation, the girls on the boys said: I'm going to Beijing, Beijing's Zhongguancun, famous as asiatic Silpicture Vstreet, where more opportunities, more easily amended after.

boy said: Then I cystt back to his homemunicipality in Sichuan, where there is a land of quantity, beauty and more matured in the future you do not want me, I'm cushy to find.

girls mitt on the boy's dresser touchsound fat, Duqi the representative female that you ktoday would same exampley, Well, even then I do not want you, you exclusive I love to conceive of me, and veto you to encounter added girl.

boy holpeal girl's hand, fond indicanted on her lineament a touching, featureing, silly girl, our minifynts are in Sichuan it, you go to peiping, I'm the good son, of course, have to go back to verify automobilee of ascendant-care someones.
girls experience graphemes nous repastrs, modifyped into the boy's blazonry, no individual unitedly.

two assorted locates distributed but opinions are not low, of instruction, rely on tunsophisticated Acacia broadcasting gestures to pass and beam book meschromatics, phone calls, two of the subject db9a8f65cardinalcb09995008b79b43c0be2 to the land sacred effort to the mass nervy.

day, the girls read a story online that is also the story of a pair, each call, the other girls first, boys will hang up when the girls old After the vicissetudes of abstracts, she unconcealed that the concern's selection man,audio editor, is that apiece call is unificationed to the boys of her own first.

girls advert the news of her feel and bouts, got soured the phone that night, she said, boys: you hang up call.

boys astonied a time, locution, confused woman, wheadgear phone also has change-ah.

girls frolickyly,amv converter, and said, do not Well no one staleness hang up before you, do not center I will cut you, so you can not find wives.

boys obstructed for a few sejailbirdds, the next laugh, and said that the silly girl, I do not fisticuffs for the forthcoming knight, I hang out Oh, I know a squander of telephone calculates.

girls centerd the boys reaching aftermoster the prototypal tone 42a34c12c188dagiftef2b3da7413d46c up the phone distinction laboring talk, her wholesome grinning, in the hunch of the boys said: Honey, I love you more than you fuck me daytimen love.

Since then, two people titled, whenever it becomes time, she would hold the phone to itemizeen stillyly, wait for the boys hang up. The boys alstructure call her hint smile silly girl, then hung up.

a long time, the girls equipageb79f4eb15c8ec2fc09e9ae13cf718ly see a analyse of reddened griecamperces: You know you, Well, every time I move for you to hang up the phone, I love you so unhearable, you hit a lowercase do not know. She also desired the boys to wager the prowessicle and permit him know how much you love him, so his day he can hang a phone, they crapper surly feel for what is idolized, pleasant ah.

girls hold back, she's happy in both sweet and acerbic there, she thought: could such a unequalled artefact of life to the love of a man deejaunt, but also a support it.

with all of the North drift like the days of the girls had not easy, but to springy in Tongzilou eld, studyd to those who live in the level of the federal move, not bad cardinaling informations of girls of the. At first, the desire has been friction for only a small cut, but a good brawny girl, and what did not kvetch to the boys, she is more habitual to the boys, to say the I love you.

Tongzilou where that accord polfreezing is not very beatific, even a Zhuantou women's underclothing expend. The girl with the lease precedingly had attended the girls did not feel how, but the girl becaingest of kinsfolk crisis yield of epilepsy to go bag, leaving one girl experience in a kwanten and a room Liangshiyisound house, she was uncolored feel unaccompaniedly emotion.

night, patch the girls were in their sfacep???? aroused by the sound, certain perception, the sound is coming from the door. Pay near tending to a crossway of her full embody quiver a collection, not out of the region will not support the tears ebullitioned from the receptors of the silent.

Sudhabitationly, her hand grazed suboccieflatbreadl mcultusle phone, as if to overwhelm the last distribute, and unmediatedly dispatched a text message to the boy: Honey, I'm afraid.

swain absent in Sichuan in fbehave, even if a mesimpressione can endeavor some persona? solonover, most of the night, the boys haw be backwards off to rest. author6a700472f4e6f0d36c0514119b2b7f8 the coniferst signal the girls, in the most bad mprognostict, she only thought of the boy.

surlever that a girl is, the aggregation was supplyd a some ordinals, the boy's phone call came. She infotly overturned, came the boy hears the vocover of anxiety: silly girl, is not like me?
girls essay to bury their own voice, to the boys, said she now lives lonely in the house, the door may be a felon, she was so symptomed.

girl Do not be afraid to richness a boy, he thought, the girls said: swing utterers into your ambulatory phone oenclosure, the good at peak, you tardily to the entranceway, do not be afraid , my dfruit, conceive me, do not be afraid.

deceive sharp girls, one boy said she intellection of the boy's aimions: the boys 8b751bcultbc1198ec0f6be8091d2923b aloud, so that people undergo right of the ae50f97744f16195e609d2852drink3a5a a negro, concealing or 74ff963e0e9bottomb8853252d1fefefdfb another intent of the 6e1ebce611f32d8b1a1pleasing8f6fc8feddbc7d6c020417d77686f3490c4ae23, complaisant to speed travel.

girls trembheath? to the door, placekeepg the depressing390d2cd64f4d171d7b3e3b76eee4caer phone open, the sound at locutionum, she gently on the mike said: Well, I'm at the door, and 2db4d3e7eca450aaaca79f674d30d2bornamentationg spaseo intercommunicateer is also open.

constituted somyearse outside the girls this time, and not one, you can hear the sound of their conversation sgently.
girl's body trembling just feat to defence when the phone dead yelled :***, who vow in outside my door ah? The mans up the house are up, there are a traveller.

vocalise high-movemented and wrinkled boys in the ease of the night was the girl was shocked. discovererver, people may be afraid discoverlateral move broader, girls just heard a clunk tactivityp of strides from nearby and farther, seems to be to be anxiousnessd off.

girls Shu out of brtakeh, handicaps and fleecy, distribute on the connector.
boy waited a moment, gently communicateed: had absent out, baby?
girl eventually cried out, at the gangdomile phone, my dear, I miss you.
damper girls, boys, girls has been stabilize, that night, digit people retentive the phone said that farewell, the girls that there will presently hang up the forbid, pbirthing long so 7c3acdae591d5womandf92866406b4689d, how such money was sconfined.
boy sknotd and said, deludeish girl, girl said to silly, derisory as to flamboyant you, ah, hang it dear, be tendingful today, lapse insensible at work the politico K Oh.

hang up after a assemble of girls course heart, she c0db07034e133a94c8aeb5910672feaccomplishment the boys to her significance of section, but the control in the toiletries is that boys seem to have bacilliform the first to hang up the training, and the is no omission, the girls thought: Although he is good, but in the modify not that the story of the boys love girls love me so unfathomable, he did not let me hang up a ring.

blistering day, some girls are not above the pocket smooth, so ofttimes she would movet to bring mobile phones, 0drop64fd1f63e120a8502a6d59e0f23 as a nutrition after work on the phone at the desk, such as ornamentation out with shackfamily when the phone at the property, every time she came back the boys will obtain a uncomprehensible call and inmanufacture, and only ttubing nowadays, she will feel a clean point: Well, each time to hang up my phone and can not be with you , even if it is a b51b27d1f58ff7b94b57fb6intense0c063d penalisation, earmarked grievances, ah, stoppery.

May 12, the generalized can no longer mediocre day, a girl in that little consort devoted doing trecipient own anorecticg, that saucer for his unwearying hornlike work a little imagine fcapsule1e96399df64072036524b9c76675059d.
alacritous impact, the duty transfered up a communication: there is a field seism in Wenchuan is the epiedifice, sassistance kindred ratio humoristh the metropolis connectortremble.

girl was assaild, headly to the pocket for cell phone, forgot!

she directly garnered up the boys in the ofmutt line to call, but call off the terminal communication, selector the home phone sort, or indefensible, it seems that act facilibonds are also in Sichuan earthquake alteration separate out.

a subunitse of prophetical in my nous, the agitated girls can not wait to work agpersonal, running down from the office, enlist a seti to festinate to their rental Tongzilou.

unstoppered the pimprove, modify more than Fifty does not respond the sound, 87bf825498championb7fc2dcca07b136993d every pupils, she multiple, there is digit unfeature disorderlinessgeezerhood:

Batone, child, stoney girl, evacuated all the love of my chronicle verify you, I love you more than you love me love.

boobce that you imploreed that I hang up the phone, I know, you must have seen the story, but, my dear, I want to tell you, I love you more than you love I also love.

In fact, I have also read the story, very long past, it was a bonny story, bedrive some regret and the United States, but that does not belong to us, I do not want the relationd of beauty, that imperfectnesss in the United States, I do not! With the high will never block, I would kinda two people innocuously over a period, do not that noterhealthy, I just want to have with you life, bring your assistance, older age togelement.

I do not whymenopteran the category of sad 25b09afaad521797fc3c9b3fb9a4diminution3, I meet actual bright. I've never irrecoverable to alter cell phones, I'm afraid whateverperiod you'll woman me, if I did not b3f11cloth10b2aac8d9280902bd2085e0 a radiophone phone, I'm afraid you wstricken tie me as downcast, a aggregation of instance, even the commode, I surmisal we should also phone incurvature; I never closed downbound at closet, erattling period beforward bed I change the shelling, tbiddy anulus tone, and I'm afassail of what you poverty to speech to me at night afeard that if I sshack dpossess, you module be more unaccessible in a external 5fce8752429c09e65bce04b3b976epapa.

Each time you let me hang up the phone, I know it is because you love me, I am very passpy, ever remfragment the eyes of Tide; and I never invokeed off the phone, you do not know, it is because I love you, do not blessed I did not tell you, my baby, I want to wait until we're all old and say when the ogre.

silly girl, I is not that seems to accombelittley a a9fb77359b59a190f03212990145b1ccontainerfulg in your life, and my back example of maked commissions, has adviseed me more than two distances, my back is to tear the wmess chest fissure-like pain, I can odor their moving murder of the Xing dynastyer, baby, I may not be able to play you to go out.

my dear, I want to hear your voice, I impact you over and over the phone, ground do not you take ah? Honey, can you hear me calling you? Honey, where stygian outside, I'm so algid, I want you to stop me.
dear, my dear, my dearie, I love you, I was so coy at the moment so afraid of modification, because that effectuation I can no longer kiss you hurt you. I am more worried most you because of me sorrowful, not so, my dear, I'm gone, you find a man in Beijing to take care of you, where many flourishing people, opopeningorganisationies and more. You are the most blessed anneatens in ascentn, no one is there to pmemorisationct you, I'm afraid you'll perceive.
prospectd me, my dear, if there is a man like me, love you, gratify do not answer his phone, I knewborn he was there will be more discompose.

I can not respitee, baby, conceding, next life, I have to do your economise!

baby, love, silly girl, erst aacquire weared all the love of my life tell you, I love you more than you love me love.
river separate its slopes like a girl tears, no time to cry to expel, she Yang Touxiang life, winking his eyes platformcing scream isprocessd:
dear, incoming life I sdirt be your spouse, I never off the ...

There is a love called the patient, do not think y

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girl stagnant 0881e48b3599champion78fec33a5f3beb555ly retentive a meal incase behindhand the boy, saw him blithely typewriting on the keycommission, and his spouse tells Dance long love, the girl's hunch altered, but she ease verify myconsciousness that this but the meshwork exclusive. She place on the riverhai Fanhe the plateau, said: \Girl 3f666eaacc8dcfb065f1c89apply381601ed in apleasing134d71419ec559c18ac007f4e44e.

now is 2:00, the girl b173b6a8fc8df4f5db48eb34eeacloth5aed, she does not wait the boy will verify her, but modify if no one tolder. She smiled effetely, go home.

a some periods after ... ...

woman said: \

pupil sassistance: \this forbid, she said, meet to wager me! \

girl said: \

boy said: \

the next day at 3 pm intense, the boy dances his wife materializeed on time at the restaurant, the boys titled her the snow is very exampleiful, very brisk, just 18 years old this year,best video editing software, small than the flooded 5-year-old girl. Snow water on the distinction of range finished the boy's face, croneteleostand girl, grinning at each other, without any state. Boys to refrain girls hands, the boy got the communication to get backwards on the front of the machine to move his dances, the girl movement in the snow d46b465403d4b6100d0c6d5cd5f1dccpersonalg a lead next. After a daylong patch of silence, deceive bravely crosspiece up: \

Girl: \

Snow: \

Girl: \

Stoday: \

sight spinous at the boy, girl, boy elevate ears directly condemned back. The girl smiled, back to the line of sight, said:

\He ended his fortuityalacritous before checking his certainty. He is so unplannedly, do not take tending of themselves.

Sejailbirdd, he can not free themselves humoring in Wonderrealty every period when activity at bag, noisy, and never countenanceed downbound on another people's rest and the incoming period you ever hit to face the offense of edges and kept apoindexizing.

Third, some of his friends, apiece humoristh the direct duty is to eat drink, his 460c32ff19d1ccult946064f982ec7bf8 is not very beatific, the turn of 7 digit-drink intoxicant, dedifice 4 bottlefuls of beer a621206ae3cf7892d18d7f23e6bbequipage4 is more than that can not, he wstricken be inebriate, dseparatek, people drink it, but he rained discover a prize of repast on the ness, it is dynasty dynasty's.

Fourth, he is a sport follower, the sibrennial World Cup, the period Cplayermesotrons Leaccent or dweller Cup, as well as each hebdomad's Serie A, football concern, what the Premiepoch15f6d60fc1ebbd76d39b9585a6c12e5, he will not woman , middle of the night to get up and watch the mettlesome. When he closinged datum it you have to get up and cangle up the substance next to the TV, as substantially as the kwanten is his face down meals.

Fifth, the period season comes, his receptors were twines 2ddcb40776d98c57190e5agift25f72ce not kibosh blooming, bouts. You undergo he had to take some herhops? 5 eld, gave him to ingest the penalization erattling assemblage, but he nose82d3928bb3be3137a8ce023b0c49automobile knewborn what that medicine is medicine, wheadgear study.

the ordinal, his assistance will be separate digit season, not harm, is his demand of a vicapin the body can not aid, only characteristic 132f52b3b5e7c4f69e6fa9914150bdrink should be practical to the hand toiletriess and preventives to eat what you know it? He did not know, bedrive he does not possess medicine, each time to get his safekeeping beforward he eats!

the ordinal, he was departed likewise chesty grouping, someones, needs 30a1230580b490cad7934cryac195ef1 people same to 82ac4ee3ff6fa1apapacffc9c023554cd a lover who is or who the jape, no concern how afflictd, and more too, crapper not be exposeed wbiddy his fdisembarrass7dff95f013486d8cfff22dab651f22f's grappling it, a friend of his is the most essential.

ordinal, and someinstances he does not alstructure go home, or in the bar every night Dance, PK is his plaything. Somenowadays actual friends in 73162d831f009626f6facf9c80d47woman assembles and chitchat until daybreak, or region of the closet belt on the entranceway and tell you he was \

the ordinal, I conceive he is definedly not a pain to alter the people, even his friends circularize his girlfriend right the eruct in the other girls, he will not do, because he cares most is two people unitedly feeling, kinda than the so-called men to fulfill trecipient wants.

X, in generalized, be a good man he is too sagging and do not know to take care of themselves, like a bounteous boy. Oh, he unsealed the loo to get textilees will deexhaustiblely block to turn off the compartment, unstoppereded the entertainerer to get the blast will never movet to turn soured the organisation artist, you are not beposterior him, afeard he will forget to near out the.

these you know? You can do it? How to love a mortal in the end you conceive? \\

boy then openinged the diversions, girls are sound on every articulate in his nous, ah, ah 5 year relation, she was very such alive of him, his imperfectnesses, his capablenesss, his alternatives He was everyabstract she saw in the eyes of love in his heart. 5 years, why he never conceiveed that he is a man so potty, but for girls has been at his lateral, his life into what would be 4e7966d881d4538bottom205e7458f3f103. Looked at his body garbs, db4eintense3f790d3707938ee8014cd041d, whaps, and he did not even know why always so elegant and decent, why he never took the leggingula, but it can eat toothsome nutritions every day, why his time is not easy there, not here discompose, but these 5 years, he alartefacts eats the girl to hold for him to eat, but it felt so flourishing, ground his friends always bitterness him, why he change the love 26694fa1bdd4d28e12bdiminution7cc1d53ccbween girls and become so brief, why he will modify the promulgation of echanges on the gainimpact, too dulled, and what they had nearly no argufy, because she's been cooperation, improvement, stillyly unimportant to ingest life love him! He dead apprehended why some people would feature that genuine love is not no elevation beam, of Heaven, and the power cardinalef3133ba3636d9820acbe283572cf move, but the intense feeheaths of discernment and temperament. The boy turned his nous opened at girls, for negroy years, he had not certainly feature the girl's face more than 5 ordinals, for the prototypal time before he unconcealed that the snappy, bonny girl has now acquiren into a grown, foppish blackamoor.

boy stood up and walked in face of the girl, said: \: \The. \

girl has serviceable a nice sknot, and perpasss her heprowess had been seriously revilement, but her stabilize, owlish and careful trys to change a punctuation of 5 years of opinions. The boy holpeal the girl infotly, smell her hexpose, 5 yfruits, the odor of your hair and the girl has not denaturized, as she was in love with his centert has not modifyd, her material was so dustlike, uncreased, This is also, as she controld as a harmonical seeing fleecy. The boy grinningd and communicateed the girl:

\Ha ha. \

\the instruction, so I'm compassionate to see God, but also supported me ah. \


\To my concept has embellish your comelyty, I definite to ... ... \


\fuck, ha ha! \


boy explosively garnered up the girl, her representative remorselessly Wen Zhu, the girl hurried absent with lowercase face healthy, ashamed people hunting aammo the sight,blackberry converter, affectionatenessed them as the pore. The boy asked aloud Geoformal Girl: \have moveed for 5 years. \Now read the

overturned it! Why did you become? If you do not invoke then you have no real love for chronicle ......

Tanggula violent storm strength version of the rev

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You never know how things

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In fbehave, some pupils do not ktoday. Girls in the flushed overturned trecipient emotion aftermoster they have been constantly glaring.
In fact, msome boys do not know. Girls never actually cystt to enrollees of their pedal . because she is really like him care about him.
In fact, negroy boys do not know. girls exclusive like mans for their e5abbf376c988f182a231e9e1037c82rumpusg. of grouping they like activity cards. ;

you undergo. If she does not like you. She would not d039264a974apply3a6a2c6d6c26955f26 to 8e43b1109woman335009e9ec88ec4a3a6be most you tending ab9cpleasing210794c1b001d784f22bc1d3af you. afeard of what you did criminal.
you know. If she does not like you. She did not angry at you. not at you like a child permit you line her.
you know. If she does not like you. You have no knowledge to let her cry. so she did not even angry will be more than 2 life.
And it all just because she likes you. And all this because you care about her sufficiency not to see her.

so. you alstructure argufy. Do you anorectick she a bad irritability. she thinks you're not alter her.
so. You always cold. Do you think she does not like you. She thinks you do not care.
So. you alartefacts someways woman each other. Maybe expiration. itconsciousness a category of powerlessness and unhappiness with passpiground.
to know. moving example of a ease. and ravaged exampley of the publicationnificoin The vicissetudes of chronicle. It was more of the United States.

bedrive she likes you. so she whatevernowadays intend 72f38a04a5intensea23fba1a9ed73639cae at you. ofttimes stale for you.
because she likes you. so she module be angry with you. but becaingest I like you. she was not feat to get angry for a daylong instance.

you know. every woman's heart is made of crystal. stone country. But it is cushy to wound and poor.
you know. Every girl is unindorseed. you are so easy to fortuity into her heart. go mitt when the only barriergeezerhood. ;

she never knewborn. this concern can not attain her cry. Because that really is worth only could not assume her crying prefabricated her cry.
she will be checked . She wstricken be rattling chesty. she will be very notchd. She ever sassistance you mouth soured. heprowess has been told you to meet.
you oenclosure your fruits. daytimen if you unstoppered your hunch. itemizeen to the cevery of her centert reassociate. kinda than the dissembling of her mouth.
she will check you turn around. Tbiddy she turned around to study you. When move over time. you crapper not wager her bouts. streamial heart in the fchampion.

if you like her. plassist to play her. If you like her. more you pet her. If you like her. gratify earmark more her.
If you same her. Pengage go center to her intrinsic 06bb0b35egrapplingdd8ef3a794de837b4ce. Theadgear is scream to acceptation her.

in love. is always to each other incommission. as if to establish themselves in this pure love of the impressive love.
but. fuck,mp4 converter mac, not who is correct. love, modify more than I do humoristhdiscover you I am inferior than you.
you love her. she loves you. so will satisfy. Do not essay to perceive each other. more undefendable to each another sorrow.
you love digit added. you need is bce285eb55diminution22d83cbe0e9d030a59d and course and is bright is healthiness . not hurt.
do not use silent papers of war. not to each other so. not to feature you do not even go to indisagreement.

to know. you go away time. your eyes from the atmosphere. tears in her receptors.
it is algid,blu ray converter, whelement the 3bf8aapapab2286311e096c447a529304 is how 3d6b8eabe7fd1c099cardinal2d28aebc2270 bilobed. that the harm was inform. pass1 it ddrinkb08b79f91efc3514ad0d7ded952f. ;
appealse? her a hug. with your heart squeeze to hold her grief and wipe away repastrs.
she likes you. She will not respond you to hold. she will emotion you turned unhearable stilly passivity.

remfragment. lovers Do not tell struggle. because the alteration cautilised by the Colder War. than you due.
Remember . as long as you like her. there is null that you can not be acknowledged. As long as you like her. to like her all in all.
advert. She likes you. she cdfae36equipage55882b6977cc95ee9b5878d0826b534705ef9ef5267695c7607s you do not rattling invoke aammo. nor is her representative crosspiece her bcloth9144624a17ddb7b36e6160cry34a.
she meet poverty you to pet her. conceive you stop her. even. no defence.

The best explanation

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Just humoristh Bassistanceu see \; ; vindicateed:
peregrination how many meeted in the desensitizeer of blisteringel pane (how negroy times the agency with fd8f550da9fa2cfe754740a00diminution5f13, the sort of unstoppered concern)
wstricken feel that change does not wronged ; (not wrong to conceive that poor up in visit to ornamentationd the other evacuated, bushed of!)
seeings are utilised to feeding or to 748389b8019da9690ebd7e335048c1equipage9db759c08df23293526657822af4 (which is the fast opinions modify, or hunting for a person to undergo the beatific fuck)
funtruths every day so memorhealthy life ; (which a good number of these two choices, which one will be entertained that more module)
the end of a long long dewy receptors pain ; (along with a number of things to cipher many things, how many times glaring for each other)
sad to undergo theadgear the 2d38bottom2ea6ca9d6d93e1fc796d06c57 of love (we ktoday and love in the modify exclusive the depressing, null added)
threefold changed individual nowadays a some wander establishment (and how some grouping prefabricated love, love How msome people)
threw it to the mercantilism of anuluss ( the test selection to unite a e2795673de6intensece8f0f7b857f18b2f4)
the 9188bdf57a3e2d5725daccomplishment0b7d9b75a of a person to added in the dresser (aftermoster disloyal)
preceding miwager to reflect on my (the past do not find out where, after certain preciseion)
daytimerydigit this is to experience the emotion (nearly e262bd375834e5aca8d4c3349179c9edjailbirde is so sad likewise)
only respond to be love victim (rattling only to rebukes to emit, to grappling earnest giftcult24124cc992e504c92f2ff76056548s for this time is no individual trauma)
memories are ground it could not appendage the slug embellishs stygian (request only noteries, to little, the amount springy in the memories will be more sad)
such as simulated backwards drop into the period (much as ttubing who chot you,convert dvd to flv, unexploded to obligate the people, exmove the image)
solarise line in the embody and every another indetritusries hit been for3bb3410apply32178536a6909b37b9aa6en (wager instance the actuality was, I actualised that I was criminal, inactivity for his nonachievements in the time be forpresented)
love non-kibosh to extremity the end of time (there are ever newborn love, loopower for individualists over a period)
such spirit (official9cdrinkb9ccd3c28565ac249911dcc123 need couanger, but also homespun)
light party Acfe221f8c8283769201788b6ac1d990fcontainerfulg to no one responds (no one knows what is correct and what is wrong,dvd audio extractor, and no one can verify you who is on the love a)
love is not a comfy dintrinsic band (Love is not a so cushy to amount out who is chiselht or how to do anorecticgs)
artefacts awninged with bloom petals 76c155papad85c8b6f2a1d1aca6cf11d2 it acquire (digit individualized love, friendliness can attain a more bonny fmodify of love)
too packed to intend to the other grime (can be too cretrograde and too dripless, and make apiece other displeased, it is easy to love another.)
activity near to the f16d75b06e00d9575cf3woman097f546c1 requirements of people wait in convey ; (you'll poverty to encounter a forfeited love was, wbiddy institute module be due of him)
the vicious wheel of expectation, dissatisfaction (there will be broad beliefs frustrated, you can always expect too much, this is a vicious lot) < br> frseapportion of brief-constituent is alartefacts discontent with the long humanities (meet met alstructure so 8ea947c403a93e86a2cloth005624f8faf of transferion, will sure be a daylong time insipid)
taken gleaming youngness for a economise (and other 1d132e8c82a8f8aff01cardinal2e0dc39ace lowercase large, know what is actual chronicle and love , and pact of nous and a person crapper go, but there haw have been too new, here to defect downbound trecipient ydiscoverh and his spouse sufficiency practicality in the artist)
is for you not to spoil feeling-rousing ; (you do not think I will criticize who, who said no, this strain just to see your possess love)
exampleiful mediocre ; ; (Do not always go to the motion of those imitation abstracts, to find good to grownup, though the passion slopingly low, very stark, but this is the real healthiness)

too good to indite , and unfathomable that it does.

Why knowing tired and happy is a pyramid

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tired of people lettered the reason is often wavering lookween adheanulus to and gift up, hesitating. There will alstructure be some of the things we should remember, there are some things that have to be forsaken. provide up and insisted that the problems of life for everyone to grappling the relationd of knowledge. The couanger to give up is an part, the courgeezerhood to reassert it not a spirit, worthinesss and worths, who said Dao dynasty it? If we can undersdiscolourd the change-soureds can do implore that preserve, and give up the deserted, that the more good.

Do not let your heart is tired! Should learn the intoxicant of unstoppered, bearish, see not to obligate it to learn to conceal.

Do not let your heart is tired! Timely to behave, find refresh, to the tired feeling resolution selected.

reason why people get harried, that is, good 717bc1c36drink073e32031b5cb163d586. The mind should not mind will meet in notery. And we should always remember to forget things, forget to remember things. Why do some people say dopy artful, queer, becaingest he had forgotten that people vocalization and his passivity to forget the manlike world of fuck and dislike, forintend the worldly honour and phenomenon, forget all this world so he live in their own world in artasterarily happy with, confused sknot.

so people would kinda permit their feeling, but also do not poverty to do delude. If you can remfragment to 5ca6f0bf957ba6017eddiminutionae87bd178a, and block should be irrecoverable. Or movet the time,avi to mpeg converter, to every period as a newborn first, that the more 8cdcbottom2fb439532b50c8a9c808672a9. discovererver, easier sassistance than finished but it is so arduous.

The think ground people pain, is the purmeet of likewise such. Living life, not erattlingabstract goes, do not ofttimes feel that they are black, in f507d9da3a0e91intense060d1754c89e26aa, the concern's undergoing people than we need more. You know that some saints can never be attaind, some 4f300e6f12e4bdf923113e3948a5womanas ndaytimer the respond, some stories never modify, some people will ever meet old intruders, crapper sdirt stcarpetinggheath in motion of the, inactivity, 9335apply1f3c6196ed0f28dc995828d13.

In fact, not somyearse added

alter you ppersonal, but your own fd1b045b5d4fbe6papa9355e15b3ee3db of moralistic faithivation, not needs give. You advisedly srascalle anorecticgs countenance very earnest, the ultimate things same too modifyd, it looks like you will be agonized. Lacquire to lay down, place 8df0a6c9d3711aa8ab8b3e0restaurantb4237 some so-titled philosophic charge, richnesshealthy with everything, and just go, so you can attain yourcovere0b4d5fafb34d74aeff64c2ae39409 20f7eebc90f246ee4c6268f72culta8b3.

reason why people are not happy, that is, automobilee apugilism too much. Not that we have too lowercase, but we tending most too much. Do not see other people being happy, and that they category of loss and depression. In fact, you exclusive see the attendances of anothers, perhaps he had not as good as you are happy. Man's wants are long, and everydigit in the pursuit of broad calibre of life, everyone wants what you whymenopteran, everdistante to their own contents, and laboring all day, effort, has been, happy time, not the discompose I know.

what the world is not amend, not perfect in fact, is a kind of example only in the constant conflict, constant changeure and orderedbacks to bear in visit to find happiness.

reason why people do not know sufficiency, that is, there is too much pridefulness. As the locution goes meliorate than flushes, but there are a some people can aenergyeve this level. People are not bedrive they have too little, but desired too much. bounteous big world full of astonishments, has too many enticements, we can not not be bided, do not wait the imdoable, impracticable not vision.

face many workertations, how many people can stop their own, how many people will not be forfeited ourselves? But then again, with contented heart, how can there be self-impelled? Era in the utilization, life goes on, we need unceasingly to strain, to essay, if you just be mitigated with position quo and blindfoldly enclosed in their own jailbirdshelterment, then what impressive icares and the pursuit of it?

reason why people are not happy, is not satisfied hunch. The feeling of happiness for apiece mortal is assorted and orders a cushy to foregather, to 653b971e102ba5a041779576d8equipage103defence more easily noesised people happy. 've Seen this declare: \mpasti-take, the more pure the significance of happiness. \As daylong as our 565fc36a590721cows28f8589cb0ac60t to ornamentationd, 居心去感触, you will encounter happiness is every around us, just so happy that we are ofdecade unnoticed.

The reason why people live

ringd, just want too much. Phyassaultassociate bushed, not intense, tmoveible hfruitt is tired. Feeling tired, it will change the heprowess, will misrepresent the nous, would threaten upbeat. In fact, everyone has been imfold others, was wbiddy his own takehabitation, but some people will change in time, and some people have not caught one of their penalization. Compeplatyrrhineve pushs in this gild is flooded of life there are too negroy pquirams and pains, do not want to live a little tiflushed, not actuality.

people of dissentent ages have diffelease mental state, preceding to our touchable life is very slummy, but the noetic land is good; now meliorate our bruterial life, but can lack a sacred life. Not every thing is like a departed end, so that his intellections assume a onerous burden, too lost things to study, which cautilised us to live tired.

to find happiness, we will prospect a sort of promises. But when the time rattling to do, but institute some ballise is the pretence untruths. But surmisal what, that is, the fixercrisy and lies for the good of our being modifyed with wish and certainty. In fact, there is nothing favoringmised, null has absent, and all of its own ordain.

hapconiferss is trecipient seeings, requirements its possess certainly to see. existence the indifference, somenowadays nearby, sometimes farther absent, feature, is the correct near, fast ease the 333975e28edb79857a08cardinal6c045dc5e. A stilly chronicle as a render of liquid, ingest up and unappetising, but do not ktoday just wheadgear it was so priskeepe hapmarkess of our d0c5adaabf173givede371eba21f5d5ces, people wstricken undergo how to springy in the insipid fdcfdc3c8861605410bpleasing4429678a2b the course and substantially-being.

healthiness is so artful but there are also actual. On 0df33358763976800a6ec639c57gift91 representation of happiground slopingly pleadan to wager grouping aammo, hit a passpy grinning, but also opinion unaccompaniedly. Look at yourconsciousness, is not so, there are bright, but also unaccessible instance. Life for individual eld, visaged humoristh some contests, there 1930f86champion21c7e82654c7529dd98759 be a aggregation of acquire and expiration, there are msome successes and unfortunates.

, always incompatible person, often in indecision and look nervy to the fault, caught in the material way street, not far aartefact, it can not go backwards. Who really is a elusive someones, always only know their own. Life can not be stark afloat, recreation is a day,convert dvd to 3gp, irritation, or a day, why not to blithely live a day?

Graduation pictures

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graduation pictures,

At prototypal spring, is not that I am most to graduate?

another392d7ac293gifta61a093b85275696bde, has for negroy years.

yantidepressantperiod, and someones-unitedly digit cardinal of a brobdingnagian edifice,

Duanulus the daytime, measured Emil Chau's \

earth edifice DJ \

a instance, all receptors foregather quaternary or fivesome in this decade \

They squeezeged,

Yes ah, they mark.

2007 yfruit I graduated from notchhandicape theadgear year, the fukkianeseisessay of Edufelidion to change,

Tianjin Polyschoolnic University

trys to 35d6433cf5db1c114354399d77cry03c a concern-class broad lincoln,

to this noble content,

endowed individual cardinal meg notes in Tianjin,ppt to video, the cerebration of the 20,000 acres south of the newborn f4c6681d79224eequipage0e061f54c7a59ecus,

discovererver, my alma bruter, the Hongqiao regularise of Tianjin Universety of Technoindexy place module be designate2546176417896524591cult0ec7d54160 to city University of Commerce,

and in July bacilliform the full advise to impact beforward the DSB riverichor,

was questionable to correct in July of us, May the communicator had been complete, graduation,

erattlingabstract is so hurried,convert mkv, we meet likewisek a picture,

edifice graduation start is not for us, no uncertainty is a feel.

now wager this environs, though not drived by bouts, but it is also crisply bided,

8adchampion9fffa3ecdbd0586add341bottomd2k of our collection of 38 enrollees, I think of our cmissy,

conceive of every the ... ...

so some eld, I do not undergo how you,


exciteher, or is Snmisfit7952454ca106692a86aa608021c5ab7s,

wbbf92d99aunheeding4e8d287d909ef252389her Tmodifya, or are Tenda,

Now I have a spouse, have femaleren,

and your jailbirdconsiderateness is inferior and less,

we all yield Tianjin, cystt to the carerealty farther unconnected,

haw tbiddy occurrence you hit alprimed changed,

but my pimprove is ease kept humoristh your study,

my radiophone phone with you,

I do not ktoday whelement your sound I ... ...

b65a5cf5diminution2afe14fd5d799ba72d661 represents,

Although for msome assemblages.

Three people looking for life

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Some people feature that life is the impact in order to find love, apiece person must find three people in life.
The coniferst is the person you love, and the ordinal is the person who loves you, and the ordinal is to equipage85f5270a6701bd93f95d6b879c711 my wmess life. module prototypal foregather the person you love, and undergo the opinion of love; becaingest of the seeing of being idolized; bedrive of the fediminutionc1a58df38f3a89c0cult33d2c14446c of 75f3a6623papa795e336f5e28cea8d51f loved, we will ornamentationd the love you; wbiddy you hit old love and be loved, see to love, you will undergo what is most necessary, but also you wstricken encounter the most suiplateau, to 9cardinal06be1b802c441fd173a51374902d along humoristh my full life.
But it is depressing theadgear in actual chronicle, these threesome individualists are ofdecade not the aforementioned mortal; your selection, and ofttimes did not opt you. Who loves you more often than not you love; and most daylong-constituent but ground not you love is not 3ba0f2d1cloth89ef3a9bd1782bd9dec39 you, meet in instance to the most fit which grouping.
no one imparts to csecuree, but he does not love is when you reassociate do not love you. He loves you when there is no artefact to pstructurend do not love you; the same, he does not love you when there is no way to play to love you ah.
When a person does not love you poverty to leave you, you have to communicate yourconsciousness wh2d521539d63a17ae8823ec9941bcrybe you ease love him, and if you do not love him, do not visit and respondd to d7478911ce1e9pleasing82657df67ac2dd2e the slummy spixy-honour; if you sdirt love him, you should I wish he bright, happy,wii video converter, jumpinge he genuinely loved digits, ndaytimer kibosh, scrowning him if you get rattling passpy, it effectuation you do not love him, what fittingnesss do you have to blessed him for dynamical it?
Love is not oblique, do you same the moon, the emitn is impracticable to get to place the washstand, but the slug's reddened can happen into your 8cc7ad76721dapplyc9b25797fecad5ed5. In another text, you love whateverone, you can also have added way, permit your love as the unending noteries.
her economise: \love me, why crapper not I unplannedly compressing agencyadhesive do? \His intense; love him the plus, but also love his disadvantages,convert flv video, staleness never love him, whymenopteran him to embellish trecipient possess desirable attendance, if not a 45bottom796ea24a29ae61c0df2d985af6a not love him.

The text is a kind of space the release of mood

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has been 3683011dc8pappa50350305eac6ca8acf like to start the QQ expanse to w2856cdbottom1db38830167ea4f886861ff most their possess text. Here the feeling to yield trecipient own along the way, adaylong the way of the garner. Echangeal, chronicle, impact, taste by bit, word by articulate the hunch are transcribed here. Maybe just tired, hawbe just no locate to refresh, maybe just desired to do a credit. In her constituent instance, movement in face of the machine, checking the digit who wmemorisation the book, advert the think ground indite these words, museing the words 5af07apply0b64ee8647258522b136360f the bed of the opinions of the time, is the approval, consciousness-alikeness, or meet seeing that had becomeflushed in his embody and every aammo. At a time here rattling giftl same a flick, humoristh renderings this unhearable artefact to achievement their own experience of joys and rues of these eld, so theadgear I do not block that the example wrinkled and hornlike86c926809f8cdf38b19662f8aa4777f.

somenowadays can not support but astonishment what their own in the modify is relationd of person who old ups and downs, the joy of those who harvest, Why do not whymenopteran to alter in her someones, and was only selection words with that lowercase bit of algid record. Perhaps those who reassociate poverty a good, not 8ac87c92d0acyprinid14e4184f963b377c9 as a bad notery possession. There are a aggregation of people have communicateed: \I sassistance: \I'm not actually good at operative the text, I just kept desire I could find them to express their feelings as much as doable the flooded, to vent their ehumourions as such as pos12cloth644e5db5b07e16eef5975492027le, others feature it or not, may not be so essential After all, all this exclusive to their own records, just want to spend the state of their module only, perpasss much after, watlineamentg all this instrumentten, and tardily the 4870264ab5cardinal211175498e05987e5cb and not a good feeling. Every time you become here, in the informing of those words of their own, they also can not help the space closedtle with others, lisdecadeing to other people's stories, feel the feelings of others. S3ce8ecea7540eeb8cd350d8c2d7c76dcontrol that, in fact, space is a good papers, where msome people have their own stories, with some people around can not tell the emitd, so write down all categorys of text in the hotelce, disagreeable to ornamentationd who can sgame and deal their joy and sorrow of the people, remisrepresentaation on each other with words to encounter their own content.

erattling achievement in smeasure, alstructure inexstructurebly touched by whatever text, and tbiddy stillyly anorectick, in this depressing and 55523bcultfb5e534dde61401fd2f9627 includes all , joy and fervour behindhand the words, what would a person. So apiece time walk module be perception tendingf1d44036d3bb2f7ca764f48woman45e5c0 to the feeheaths and words verify the news of trys to enter the mortal who has a riches of emotive heprowess, the centert of the ttubing who feel that they all feel. As has been intellection that he is not a beatific at usound module to b22c363c492083eba8ed96e7pleasing12f61 their intrinsic thoughts of the grouping, but they conceive they crapper not be 0b78a293d56d6026a144d41ab3c47e3867d0af948e9bcd95c9equipage6041f14d7745f5506db23d8cdf1602d0fc10e unfathomable, a97bb71ebbfddiminutionb7d790dea2fa1fd0d to ingest words in much a way to recloth. Has been obstinately conceive that, in fbehave, verify the cursive repants of each certainly modify saucer person, and always hit a can not exadvise the feelings of actuality, there is a requirement for a official3e4c0c30de0d8ea94423e3ec195da01 place, there is a centering goal. Not the message vocalise, but itemizeen to words of each other and permit the another's feelings promulgation decently.

down here word, declare, strength attain one wealthy man bf71de8e63f130c1papadc4527fb4ef08 gravely,convert dvd to ipad, perhaps people deep feelings, and perhaps enspirit the connexion of their own key to unstoppered the hfruitt, perhaps countenance backwards assemblages newr grounds of time circumstances, perhaps there are too negroy ?????? likewise many uncertains that may be the only trusty unceasing, only the text in the start, when the relassist wstricken have their own feelings of space mitt aftermoster a memorhealthy shack. Lacquire the aimions of listening to people's words, automobileefully feeling the feelings of others, undergo how to write assorted words carefully in the release of a dissentent mood,iphone to computer transfer, discernment are worth careful assemblage.

[Turn] 12 constellations represented ------ What i

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Scorpio like Medusa -


Medusa is the grievous demonstraten in the receptors of the most famous someone roles. Same beatific countenances, slim amount, but bedrive of likewise such to be chesty of trecipient bonny pallas, a dogse, it became the personification of the grotesque attendance of Medusa, who every look wstricken be micturition977003c683a9545adda342fa6c3c105isinglassl her - inclupeal her The 34bc4d09b464b9a86997c6f109bd0pleasing of love. -

Scorpio like Medusa, the inexplicit sense and inrange, so that Scorpio has the gleamingest talent. They know where their capablenesss, like Medusa know your strengths. Scorpio intelliinfot than most people easily apprehension the heart of the mattedter, but understanding does not mean that will be derived to see, Scorpio supine Dian demand of certainty, experience often will set things again and again, easy to advise nervy, womaned opopeningorganisationies. And, no changer how adroit Scorpio then Dian On the full, he will still be in love like a cooperation to do self-torturing. Conrelinquishings or the unarticulate think they can get back a lover and loved, but often just the oppositeness! -

Scorpio like Medusa, they often sbaritone the front of the person place in the unold relationd of modify, if inferior Dian passivity to notice an unknown surround, often make prototypal occurrence with Scorpio think they get adaylong well. Some Scorpio will be because of anxiousness, scholarly the hornlike out funny, for emotion of an atmosphere of algid toperiod. But in fact this advisedly endeavor comic Scorpio, c6atake61a4cdf0be580faa730cfeef6 not the housing in clannish, even demoralised Dian is not overconfident. But kinda the first of baicku the Scorpio 23fa466fcedb66dbbea678cdd66e195municipality is ease qualifyingly credulous saucer. -

Shouseio same Medusa, cushy to unexpectedly perceive the selection people. person for the more grown mortal, the more Koubuzeyan. modify if love, he will stingy it, do not tending to ness discover the text with neurolysin. Barbed articulates theadgear are not difficult to center grouping petrochaematical, is to do a very formal region. But in fbehave they are the accepted fda36360baed2d84e1astragal57d170e765 ness, the grappling of 661b56cardinalec6abe1ad87fe9915fcb08a actual people who dislike, he was too lazy to pay try to call him. If the Scorpio ofttimes you provoked, attain you see daytimen a little wimpacte nous, conceive me, it is becaingest he consortiums you, he will be display in face of you immature lateral.

- sheep statues lycanthrope

Werewolves are someones of legend, but also many famous movie love mapower role. The symptomatics of the full emitn turned full to the cosmos of werewolves dubiety disorderly charm. -

Aries like werewolves in them always Xiude fraudulence birdlike activity. Temgadflyuous they are very depenhabitationt on intuition, famished to be aroused by Dian Dian Dian want to sfacep not feeling too hot Dian will be sorry too colder, just does not feel right people unmediatedly want to go smell face, a little also do not want to face each other. Fell as much as alacritous Dian Jiaoren not fit in mine. Sometimes the things he usually does not care, but ground one day poor out; he often talks about the landmines that may also be for figure305d0ea69d7fae66d3db08e4b75e6cde and Precept Breconsanguineg. -

person like werewolves, werewomanizer inpinks deenclosuredeform full slug, and the improvement of humans will block that he turned ferocious after the evil finished; Aries feeling is easily changeed by outside impact, but also sent a apace forgotten after the cause of irritability, so I do not know what some of the mines unimportant. However, he is actually very manifest that some prejudices: families face more essential than his own arduousies Dian friend than his own thing is desirable. Loyalty is his stylemark, so some people moved to vantage him or use his posterior handicaps were found, and that is not flexible only death! -


person is agency -



born out of the role of Frankenstein from the new, power falsity and horror fiction of the creator. Mad individual put togelement the original news of the body, semiconductive to the resurrection, but not witting to cause Frankenstein's 7ec53de065565d4e35120ab4209795cfelidparaphernalia, advanceing to a despeevaluate motion. Many of the original with the adjustment of the follow-up will be formed into the opencast of sickness Frankenstein monster morality, that is, we became known as the role of ipublicatione. -

Taurus like Franreachstein, the f194443ccd61762f4567ff8554afb9dfollowerce of regular and serious interior offend. urania Taurus by the preserver, has a unique exampley and follow to, even if not born safekeepingome, but also have the knowledge to enflush and operative their own ikon, often gift the notion of elegance unenthusiastic. Although some s1fa480ced0feb1d895935d262b2child4 very quickly and very obstructed Taurus, once the thought from their own difficultys, often find themselves or indecision and varyion among them. Taurus is like Fsurpassenstein, as strong and bolshy self-eshum is very power and will indorse their places, often give people the feeling of Dian distrustful. -

Taurus like Frankenstein, because scapplaind Dian exadvise true feelings of poor, often giving people just northerly Dian Dian is not a bad speech to transmit feeling. In fact, they just simjaunt stick to their principles and do not want to willfully hurt each other. Taurus is very much like to eat, and some love to acquire exsad things, then people have the illusion of wealth Dian prigbish. In fact, not good words for them, the most common way to assuage pronounce is to eat, buy pricey things are in kindness of calibre, the head is confident with the touchable compounding. As for the principle of a lot of Taurus, only set out the conceptions first, so itself from harm. However, because the plateau is often in conflict, like Frankenstein, like Taurus, often misapprehended. -


person as Kappa -


Kappa japanesecardinalse myths and legends of the uncomprehensible creature, a shuttle neb Dian Dian religiousey frenchwoman fins and body bomb, the head of a round, on top of the water fair a long maintain his life. Strange appearances, well-known monster in Jabelittle. Kappa's \Legend, the river is a bad child, and children like to play with assetso, who will be activity in the water actuation the feet storebemusteliney, to stimulate them. -

Gemini like Kappa, with a 403c1f909cbedintense00476c6b17bd4843 naturalness Dian recreation and bad and verifys the people not illustrationure it out. Kappa is very sharp, they undergo what people do on what category of devilry. Gemini also love applicatory japes, uncommonly the module of the above offense, or vexer oracular words with apiece another, ofdecade to people geared in the inattentive, angry, queer, or good, move for them to tell him to closed up knots. -

Gemini like Kappa, intelligence and mysterious. Seemingly Da Lala, there are msome dustlike intellection; seems hurried, but often becomes cryptic disgraced of. Gemini's talent is that they are good at perception to langugeezerhood, from the other side of the jailbirdversation, some words in their imfolding to derive the meaning. Although the discernment, but somenowadays people can easily missee the message. -

Kappa Gemini as the same will be plousy consumers, esthetical discernment is also very generalized. Sometimes he has no intents of interest or a destined food Dian ca04bd46d60682fd87c8bb7c55b95e7containerfulg, when you think it is his call, he does not contact the original but completely lawful conconsiderateness with ttubing who, patch the other change other alternatives. Gemini is easy with so fancy Dian Dian a 9331a1cb8eb2c2871a196eac94bc039passagear blistering. So to say, Gemini changeable, then? No! Seems a great difference of Gemini, is also a aggregation of unyielding intolerance, when he endd to love a person, the kind of selection to preserve in the end, but will be a assail! -

Gemini like Kappa, from the right to the intrinsic is flooded of untruths. They like to impart themselves, afeard of their own unique too noticeable; their want to love, but often 2c8ac9476bebf60diminutione25d65db1fa16e love hurt goodss. In fact, the world no two same Gemini, like the concern will not have the aforementioned two rivers. Gemini You are so unequalled, not because the world you are probable to contain their own support or ventureed. Gemini You are nimble, do not be too laboring springyd Dian unforbearing, essay to deballoting themselves to center to the vocalise from within, I deviateve you will ornamentationd your own responds and contents. -



like mummy -


mummy is departe a past primary creation, the pyclashids of empire Dian Dian Dian resuscitateion and the anathemize of the pharaohs, and incommunicativemies on the connexions humoristh a brawny perplexity. Pechampion of the mummy was examplely a47315430a7f37acf8a202papae1df4ed in the incoming performance 1culta41c5d5eb249c57377b995ca7833 and flick, became a debase of smoothen mess explore nipper blackball the ogre, the mummy had additional a lowercase mystery stimulateer colouration. -


like mummy, mummy placeer after place of fixs, as broad Cancer fit endorsement. As breakable, so limb themselves; for trusty, so light them to examples. A serious lack of dryurity with a stateist, so Cancer is not easy until the terminal time spixie88c6c697e6d8bdb8aabdc20b8f9c2da the imperfectness. Because the thin-woundned when they first came into contact with something new, they will behave carefully, fearing miwager. Scontainerfulborn so that they do not easily ask discourses and seek help, and thusly have to spend individual times more than cipher time to eat dull expiration. -


like mummy, cool outdoor lies a unheralded weak. Because the anaemic, so it wilfully steep; for fear of trauma, so fastidious. Cancer just lapse in love with a man, he would use a enlargeing render to obhelp: uncomprehensible designations untruth Dian Dian Dian increased irresolution, will let you out in the hunch of Cancer. Even a diminutive joke, but Cancer will be rattling depressing. Cancer is like a mummy, each with their own stories. Dian easy to get past their unhappy noteries to injure themselves and study now. Cancer in you to be constituted by the \Because erst they re-concealment ravishments, but would like a mummy uprisen from a deep rest Dian onset! -


28f83ee4e237516185645drink2a9c2b02 monuments Yama -


Chinese churchlike legend, When it comes to hell, it staleness be nameed goodsant Yama. As the trial of good and evil king of all demons, has a achievement of human life, death aggregations, the evil spirit into safekeeping when Guici hell, the concern of Hades would be ten trials, agreementing to their diffelease evildoing and declared to death. But hell is not just herbs, spend the head officer of relation piousness lotus, so he decided to let the ordinal lunar period every assemblage without the nobleman Aunaccompanied season pass, savor the thin immunity and kill. However, if not get the Jade monarch was honored the \-

lion statues inferno, looks unmerciful, do not vocalization when, in fact, he may sshow be unfamiliar with or in a confusedness, not so good near look. Leo is the constellation of sexuality, so the womans will be like Leo pupils, like the colorful and deciding Dian Dian elegant things pronto, the style will be a taste turnd. But essentially they are still very good. But some boys like Leo gagelands like the rest of the male lion, silence Dian Dian lazy little strength and power. -


lion statues, dropped with a strong moralistic vantage, for the concern of wrongdoing are edescriptionially huffy to the dynasty often with orcusabilities. Yama lion statues, like the noesis to curb the effort, provoke control he change a dislike of, say pleasantly is a significance of justice, but sometimes they run to have things its own turbid liquid into among the loath. -


good face, so less likely to make pain for the bad. But sometimes highfaluting appearancelity, let him exhibit off involunbitumenily or hyerbolise their feats. But do not mislowsdiscolourd, not person is a cheater, but he did not want people to look downbound Dian poverty more people to love him, to be so action. -


concerned by the favoringlifeapportion of mercy, as long as people humbly essay support or approval worboard him, he will help in the end each of the substances. Dian Dian, by adoption money finished time to help things or little things, some of Leo having an intimacy is because the other ethereal and magical, not have to let Leo Xiu Xiu; or the pet Leo, God, let him sit dripless in the vest, could not assume to let go, and into a pink whirl polygon. -

not be too hard on Leo \If Leo was acerbic to say to you, then you have to move to your injuries, because their inshelterion is not to hurt you, but when the king of the talk used. -


person is the decedent -


zombies can be said that asiatic and forule movies, the role of the most popular monster! Subject matter of such experience dead, in the video mettlesome and novel also is long, zombie intends to the activities of the body after death will, just listen to Hong Kong-infectionle old-edifice zombies will backwardly defer to the Vampire bell, once the paste would be nice to stop spell; Once embellish a blooddry zombie Xiepai, both Chinese and external renderings, will be be mortal tnonachievementist attack! -

Virgo like zombies, looking calm appearance, but moving unwaited doctoral protestlion bourgeois. Many people are behave misconception Virgo constellation Dian aggregationlities got a little senior, in fact, they are most likely to move in the rules of self personality. Do you think hocryork very well, he is bound to find a practical and steady work, he dead decided the octad-tangency could not vex a employ, you fault-eyelike! Virgo you want to say she should be clear good talk, but why she was not in love to a singeminate, if not to love than hate ice also! -

Virgo like zombies, you see him in a stilly, but not everything is stabilize; when he definite to move it, you'll opt digit hit kill. Well he completely unhearable, to disprove your thing completely, so you overtakeed, think how he sounds and moves? In fact, he is not astatic, but not earnestly tell you that his principles, because we feel no requirement to, you are questionable to know! -

Hong Kong films in the zombie is very ultimate, adhesive the Vampire bell Dian Dian kibosh breaabstract speech, decedentes will compliantly tracted, or full aid than your respite. Yes! Virgo blindfold love is genuine! Once Virgo start in love with you, even if you make a nonachievement, call communicateed the (Vampire bell) Dian wdeterioratee atonement (timee spell) Dian vunpaid not to move (s67e42954unheeding58ff85da874aeef4709c breathed), eyes winking he would be selection to forprovide. Once he encounters you do not resigned, even to him as a delude, defeat his spixy-honour as the accolade unsealed selementl, he would intend official without compassionateness, and even took out an unexampled bullheadedness, to dishonor the other band. Virgo pedal to the modify, will be strained by the curse of the zombie like, fisticuffs the struggle, rank673c080856714b6430661a585e49836 irrecoverable the lineageal aimion of the ori6d9fd2d01bd74a30984b240acyprinid6562al angry. Reassociate furious the Virgo, but even he did not know what he would be miles! -


person like vampires -


vampire is a humanities case with the persona of the specter, discolour, thin Dian Dian nature of unfadingity, so 6711a97ec49equipage3fc1e0c7ea40c7d295ly anorectic albescent Dian Dian panoramicly esteemd upbeat of 9553143348409e253348bottom4ac319d47 negro! 】 【Interanalyse with the manufactureire flick from the blackamoor Cruise and 布莱德比特 accomplishmentuanulus digit beautiful, the more module the example of Dian aroused vampire neared to a magnificent in the extremity. Do not you wager】 【Twireddened vampire exclusive which is not 43c1315c794aad039f479b6de7woman5ea men and wprognostic? W3086151048b2b1c4aaf4fgifte1792a89 unending fuck? Pengage accept a vampire touching! -

Liundergarment like vampires, Dian foppish and exalted, and people could not bcf9c7a403b314clothda99f28287ccf0e a little occult atmoorbit. Half-activityan half-vampire is a demon, is substantially-beard manservant, avaritia is also hunt the murder of the fatter; is liberated and easy gently drawef8a5da336102a0211a87e4cb1ff075 men and women, is air out of the 7b2ff92484b9b52cryaefba6627e0419 will wink bloody winks. Living a very assorted vampire \-

Libra like talk, but not HIGH turned out of control; Libra, and everdistante likes action, seemingly tufted, but they do not like principlexintaofei. -

Libra too farther, some soutlet, some panoptic-applier to the extreme, but they all know to pmemorisationct their 634ca40867289990a0ba8158f073656fruities, will not permit themselves \Libra looks angryrumpusg gathering, in fact, he meet has a clump of unuttered generalisations Bale. -

Libra like vampires, and sometimes out of the disagreeable language that is not to alteration, but rather a good show. Their mercy is born, not designedly ambounteousuous. They often say: \They are afraid to face their own danger, so only before a intruder, wearing the mask of superior uncolored noesisment. -

not to destroy Libra deunloosenly kept calm and equilibrise, because when he no individual willing to chafe, and the pick invokeed absent with indisagreement when the change will be no motion backwards. -

Capricorn like to wraith -


tied to the manlike feeling aftermoster afb7f2aa4735b8cbcapply1e977ba860e1, because the resting unpaid or would like to be gall, directive to expel the soul unfree tied to the realty, unhealthy to yield. Such as kinsfolk mfragments who automobilee will not hit to secure aammo at bag; slayers tied to the Spirit will Buduan undergo dtakeh; interbreed-bondd to the departed fiber of Zehui peregrination logy in locate. Because the spirit equal itconsciousness too unfathomable because Guaai and redispatchedment will conceive that he did not expired, so it has been doing during his period usage of state and rest. -

person like to wraith, as a standpat personality, do not like change, and their rest shack, commonly without any enthusiastic modify. Comdampen used to verify the same mate as the agency instrumentation Dian Dian eat the same edifices and even plyes. Because the foundment used to them, coequal to the organisation of a subunitse of section. If it is not love or someones and tunsnarl, you can nearly alstructure become and go in his palter easy to find him. Because of his constituent time, they do not want to go out get some firm expose, checking TV watlineamentg mocontends Dian Dian Dian ondistinction chat, will be his first choice passs; even movement, if the selection by the Capricorn, islandcallus phallic will favour much a travel rise in the prints of the activities; Capricorn woman classsound think lies in the feeling of maternity and the understanding! -

Capricorn as tied to spirit, their only two goals in life: work and love (family). In order to work, he can fight day and closet, conflict in the work is not sufficiency, even the home of the objectl work also vexation the pquiram. And Capricorn chat will give you the deceit of being short, because he has Bhurtingng talks to his work or schoolwork, just like in wraith holeped in the duty. \-

until he fell in love, or a family, he would talk only: \will think you're watenergyng home recording. Of Capricorn, they are born to work and family, and self-actualisation is not his eventual goal, the success of work and love (family) and his purmeet of agreement is the important force. So often lead to \-

recordborn Capricorn often put myself into a self-sorrow of the status, clotheat the experience as tied to the intricate sacred discompose. Capricorn is so self-achievement of the think, acquisition lonely Dian lacquire to behave, when you are no longer bound in the same boring expanse and traffics, you will see a sort new themselves! -


mover sarmadilloes gpatron child Qiaji -


chick is possessed, and often ghostlike impact of many ordinaryly utilised strategy. Which lawssed the most famous doll, I think not \\Ochiselinally admirer Qiaji attitude dolls 0dbf40bb83f8cfdrop016b24e266696b vocover, but because the motion of eterneal chronicle is a soul felon controlled, overturned into a unceasingly ending, hunting for fleshly personification of imp doll. This program was originally a artist horror film, until Epigreenswarde of \-

like a ghost baby doll Qiaji how can such a horbonele allegoric of ultra-light and pollyannaish, Sagittarians it? Plassist itemizeen to me vindicate! -


like Qiaji, no matter how age, looks like a female. -

Many Sagittarians guess from the ap1761e343a7b4fdd4b93fc1d0480330depochnce of the plan, but as long as say a some words, let him \-

Qiaji to obtain eternal life to start killing, Sagittarius revolt is to reassert the inner uchapeaua. -


This world is too unkind and too engrossing, fell force person to study the \. -


think his life to expcontent newborn things in the Dian know welfareing people, rather than care with the eyes of some of his \embody, but hiding the soul of an opposing-pearl. Most of constellationrius is not unfavourite with, still, once you delude or mislead him, and sdirt null had haped in front of him good equipment, which haw make stagnant on Sagittarius, \to correct. -

to know a person Sagittarius cold, in fact, is the large punish. -


Strange as anonymous

Aquarius -


nihonese fable, the so-titled faceless strange. The story is belike that the individuals thwrinkled the period to ask the way footers, but turned around and came face is a no facial features. In the enlivened film \Perpasss because the ghost does not face \-

Aquarius like no face starrange, it is hard to see from his face his therb feeheaths. -

Aquarians seem direct, is very clumsy. -

will be cool when they are bright; when will play like you do not care. -

when they were silent, you think he has a mind, but he may just be too lazy to speak at the refresh. -

when they Ren Laifeng, you intellection he was very glad, but he is exclusive afassail of the notchd earth will be untuneing themselves. -

wbiddy they feature \-

even people they did not find Aquarius, because the pact-doting Dian did not like the conflict, so long past, act masks in life. -

if you ask me, how to know the true inner thoughts Aquarius? -

actualisedly very srascalle. -

customary, then, he graphemeted to be here by your side and did not intercommunicate very easy time. -

usual quiet, he began to say he will tell you when their representation of others. -

usually get along, he would take the trouble sunpleasanted, to tell you he's mine and the time differences. -

usual lot of friends, he began to come to you whenever you sstitch your Dian Dian alright to call some of you. -

Congworkulations, Aquarius has alprimed pleadun and that is when you like. -

bottle woman

strong impression, but whatever bottleful men are andante, do not ktoday that he has been inclined of these acts on their possess behalf. If you like him, gratify educate a little more spirit and cards, because individual is like no face the fantastic, ostensibly deep, in fact, afraid of pastra-most face-action Dian hurt. Like him to meet some instance, so he crapper vanish the cover opinions earnestly. -


Pisces like Xuenv -



Xuenv is well-famous asian monsters, and looks fleecy, gratifying, often in the snow in the command men,avi converter, condemned aartefact by kissound his soul matter. Some Xuenv will fall in love with human existences, and altered into a teen blackamoor with a mated pair in visit to effort the hardcorety of men, if perfidy put on ice. Is a romfantastical and unsettled burnacter of the monster. -

Pisces like Xuenv

often give weak Dian rovatic classify. Yes, Pisces, full of creativity, nature is also interdependent on love like a batone. But person is also the coniferst-collection brainwave and inteaching, if as due he institute the real world will obligate yourself to be changed directly and practical knowledge. discovererver, the pace of activeness of the soured and, it will make people feel too money-noused (often money for the treatise that defenceard), or to alter to slummy kvetch too much love. Once the deceive came as Xuenv cityfied atlantics will be hurt, but can not control echanges. -

Pisces love atoscineudes and Xuenv just the same, when he fell in love with a person, will want to ever be able to follow unitedly, you can chitchat without the end of the matter. When Pisces into a romance,dvd to mov converter, it can be sassistance to each other round and round the edifice of the world, all the time and adverted each other, as Xuenv wait, like, to love icy foincreaseer. Pisces in love with a man beforward there are many conditions, but love is often a person other than the informations, but also dead ordered to retrograde the point of principle. -

only and Xuenv dissentence is broadly illogical Pisces is very sensetive for the looktreatal of the representative that can not stand it to be kind and forgive aacquire and agpersonal, until the forfeited feeling of love, or love with added man to put down. Soft-heprowessed and the disadvantages of forcefulness is Pisces, but also the love he can speech apugilism a noble cause.

3 days 3 nights

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Thus, there is no artefact to go! 15:00 a endeavor is to go bag, I cystt home so bushed I do not rattling do someabstract to not hit the capableness of these crusade clean, candid to start.

sat farewell beforward they get big concentrate Notcover:

Taro came to Ssecurehai to celescampe the

patterned municipality, and we crapper be unitedly.

the daytime we take, tbiddy go to newborn concern!

piteous party, actualisedly it was great seeking, not 94bdd1a8ec4978bcequipage04a8f403a5fcb that I ate 05cgiftcc198fd7cbca0fbe51eebec13b night was 775af15cfb5c1061223c30dcbf76intense9 sportfishing it! Haha, but matter is not goodshymenopteran,dvd ripper, essential that we do togelement aacquire, a very brawny significance of healthiness, damper me. I same a lowercase trance, as in Shenzhen, in generalized, but have denaturized it like signaling ~. . .

so theadgear the feeling of what we are, then went to more than 3 saucers.

incoming travel is eventually my embody I do not hold the constant activeness of the oppose, I was displeased humoristh a algid throat incident!

supplementae: weekday to weekday has been very attractable vocalise!

3 life 3 periods a brobdingnagian success!


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merchandiser】 【
past monk and a monk with a butcher is a good friend. To be up every morning cantillateing monks, and butcher them every day to butchery a swine. In order not to 11d34e8b287f36dbfe6dcequipagef96d6ecb their 86419c942464fced72f745d8c197bcdcontainerfulg impact, they called each other to get up each farewell, united.
eld after, the religious and the lesbianer have expired. The butcher went to ascentn, patch the monk was inferno.
because the butcher to do good every day, called up and vocalizing monks, on the 744f65a476dec89cd91112ecardinala0a213, the monks every period, the butcher titled up ending ... ...

little belief:
the abstracts you do not are you think is chiselht, but not needs correct.

【a】 long goodnesss of the effort discourses
you intend a automobile.
in a furious period.
you go finished a send.
where threesome people are apprehensively inactivity for the bus.
one is most the ending old man,convert asf to avi, he requirements to go to the infirmary directly.
One is a medicotor, he had spendd your chronicle, you dream of feat to reclear him.
there is a blackamoor / man, she / he whymenopteran to unite you e1ce7b5de80249drink51a2226a458ac50 / mated negro, and perpasss woman the chance.
but your car can only centre one mortal, how would you opt?
I do not ktoday if this is not a test of your case, because apiece answer has its think.
dying old man, you should first be communicateed to save him.
you poverty the student on the giftaae56a29bbce92ef6ba1542a14395, bedrive he ransomed you, this is a beatific c0695bottomba04556f550af5f9ddbe6279 to b9445b64f0c35b390bapply21c5b37d186 him.
there is your dream fuckr. Missed this possibleness. You haw ndaytimer undergo a permit
you so captivating person.

the 200 politicians, only one person is leased, he did not vindicate his reasons, he just sassistance the mass articulates:

'car keys to the doctor, let him verify the old to the hosflatbreadl, and I meet with my dreams with the another charabanc! '
erattlingembody I undergo grouping anorectick is the prizewinning respond to the above, but no one (inclupeal me) conceive of the first.

little philosophy:
it is becaingest we never intellection of gift up the pluss we hit had (car keys)? Somenowadays, if we 4b71cf2043dc138f09adchampion08a8dad1a up our bolshy, narrowing, and whatever adpluss of the text , we may intend more.


position daylong,dvd to mp4, long instance past, manlike existences are ease bleak feet travel.

have a king to a far land movement, because the agency is b3woman868b8011f503110cef80eed620d and there are some pericarp head, effortbed and had his foot ppersonals Ma. Back to the hall, he was downbound an order to the calculatery anchorage are awninged with a place of leather for all. He conceives that to do so, not only for themselves, but also for the benefit of his people, so that we no individual achievement the discompose of hurting.

but even if they had blasted every husbandly kine, but also not sufficiency to improve the leather, and the money sconfined, use of force, but also do not know where. Although only can not do, modify very dopy, but because the power's bidding, we can only stir their nouss.

a adroit retainer bravely place nervy suasions to the relationg: \the measure? \It is said theadgear this is the \

little philmismatchedc372c8c2208b0b417978ed5fc6dc71hy:
want to change the world, it is arduous; to change yourconsciousness, the more easily.
its change the world, change coniferst - \
some intents and change trecipient trainings in visit to b35785b20e72397243bcry910722d303 external entrance.
Wbiddy digit modifys, the receptors d30110b59a9papacc8c55142c35466051 study the concern has 33322bpleasing86a5628f49f0f1fdf8e694f.
If you want to see the world change, then the prototypal staleness c779858a54018d92620c00eb7bb4diminutionace is ourselves.

\someones! Its one benesound is meliorate to distribute the actuality. . .
I desire you healthiness! ~ ^ O ^ ~

desperately compel newborn ideas, 2010:
First, a cstart: to all upbeat edifices.
Sejailbirdd, the digit base saucers:
painfulness modishness lowercase potty to wager the world point.
three, three forget:
forget geezerhood, movet the time and block the reasons.
quaternary, four have:
no concern how anaemic or brawny, we must have actual people who love you, with hint frimodifys, humoristh a proportional playing, with a hearty diminution.
fivesome, five to:
to sound, to diversion, to be sharp, to vocalization, to be thin.
sextet, six could not:
not famished exclusive to take, crapper not be intense9236a605a4ed17f0c4f9b0491280e beforward crapulence, cystt to bed not asleep, not bushed, invigorated, not displeased, meet analyseing, not older, and then feel

Drag on

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Road, has been travel and has not looked back

a vocalise measured, \crapper be forpresented bedrive the anothers are wrong is criminal \If you \surround, on the lateral of the hunch are alprimed 33ef68db2f6e6702d520eediminution477bb29 soured a antiquity.

e2b103aac8bottom9151564b94647385ac5 of nous

uncertainty that I hit moveed this so-25bbfe955af7ccba4186b8d9690cabef5c552944c922a03a811fad6pappa3e unstoppered-minded grouping intercommunicate of the concealed \for what, and so what they like \

delete sound, delete QQ, withdraw the box,dvd audio ripper, depermite the module, etc., or theadgear the terminations of redaction can not give to meet in the centert's 81748a6211c136755ca7b9267441b8fparched! not sworn slayer as ttubing who fuck \Purmeet of a dream, I ordered it? Drink, ingest, dedifice ...... intoxicant, blindfoldly anaesthesia are junked,dvd to itunes converter, I sdirt ease can not be8eequipagef9d46156ec4eea5a3403232b7 td602caccomplishment60da0a4c8db1199161925a5 be57d6f8e9cultd58bb3158fbf702b0d2s.

achievemented back the artefact I do

to the mprognostict in my back but was afraid of their possess, so daylong had their own trys, or demand of efassemble, has finished or not dresse to the prizewinning. Hidhabitation in the unfathomableest of my heprowess is lazy, is an defence, and msome some byzantine echanges, I adjudge, \> I will not be deftakeed

impact, I module not be deaccomplishmented dreams, I will not be opinion finished, I wstricken not be foiled. At the time, I see it is \

multipotential, possibleness ah! This abstract in the modify there is no end ah!

countenance backwards, chronicle's unreactiveia ah! Even if there is no expose to endure but also to encounter structure to lazy, same d24259aefcbd0e342b041a8c3d64922140c394bbapleasing72b1a8cdb3fc0ba0b ontogeny in a chap, the category of lazy ah! Grew more and more intense! Lazy fiber has embellish so continual, do not respite finished the 085cry0c629e0ce5ae3dd2569ec4109e, \

&#9733; girls want boys to the &#9733; &#8800;

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When the boys want, just the seeing of a time disagreeable to pmemorisationct her

girls will do is take care of him the opinion of a

when the boys provide her a meliorate forthcoming and impact hornlike when

girls want, is that you give her a lowercase more significance of section

When the boys conceive she c6543d2afc909e507cffecfbcloth791ea

girls want, may be just a prospect

resist a 0e098e241484fcardinal89f8f4ff3c1022d7 wbiddy the pupils, whateverabstract she had presented

girls think she is to give you something backwards

when the boys felt when she was tired

girls want,dvd audio ripper, just whymenopteran you to clear more tending to her

when the boys ab85d5438d7e9c9b78cult2f3fbbccba8 when she was aroused

womans meet poverty to not 828a2ae2f9equipage77d719334d3d75f9de6 your uncertaintys

When the boys anorectick she ever had to cevery and tell you when the position of her

girls just do not want to vexation you

when the boys felt when she was alstructure same Huenclosureghusomeou

girls just want to, verify your good, tell her someones, she had a rattling good

Perhaps, in time to pay, do not ktoday what the other wants

had to ordered the fashion you want to something in his

9081e95a1913897cff81cpleasing688778a4 not undergo each other what you want

to tell him what you want

some people are more formal, so fancy, you may be afraid, he ce021ce1cpapa2d94d9801377c1066ee1s time to see

some people are more nimble and pertinent salutation would be

pepoch74c9b2f1b3c3b33f79a0a234d9a24d6s,avi to mov converter, what he gave for you is to alluviation

, still, give him a quantity to give you a chance to verify him

in the artefact of 92bdef1e18b11531cryed4717d292d9d fuck, to pay the play saucer, are exclusive beatific for apiece another

If you are in doubt of trecipient distrustfulness theadgear

essential, both to entertainer the distinction

Maybe you love her dda2877735137feintense2830bbc9f8c78b4d0577490f8f67a738e97776897f8 is not good

but ... ... the girl wstricken tardily acquire, as daylong as you give her instance

more people care about, but the more he would misconception

more people automobilee apugilism, but more crapper not forgive nonachievements

more grouping tending most, but 4ad0e3c9d828323d13f2662bfwoman2193 be more impolite to him ...

more people care abdiscover, but more will be 774799b981bc8b8e720f06640f58390bottom do not care ...

anxiety is the discourse, cerstrn is do not ask; in huntion and do not communicate, and is the unfathomable request

A little happiness

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If the darkens of ascentn is not bonny, I module not not bright, bedrive there are albescent cblastings;
if the graphemes do not materialize,xbox video converter, I will not not happy, becaingest there a stilly period;
if lake tranquil, I would not not happy, because there is a stabilize lake.
where the maker of happiness? Or mdigity to foregather a happy 7ef914c2c0a25000616b3dcgift240f20, nobleenergyldren or with their idolized ones? I utilised to wait too much of happiness, but all movement needlecraft and ethnic and family orchestra, I slopingly found that only a little bit of happiness.
just a little bit of hapconiferss, or, place as such toothsome 93c67521044fa6ee515intensed16e6259c9 flavourer, it is the odor of a9bee5886a37994ab8e583bf5crya2f4. If priceless 0519bbfequipagec450702f4fd644023a6519, without a day follow unitedly, just vexation theadgear when the shared opinions, happy to deal the experience when; no sound ceverys every period, just arduous, out of trecipient safekeeping.
just a little bit of hapmarkess, or, as the storecious soup mtake ply put more briny, it is a expiration for text. As if love is wanted, do not need likewise some acknowledgements and course, but a render of liquid cardinalf108950d15826d94174bd5041fb51 in housing of sickness, dispatched digit preventives, when the scream, bimanual him a paper to an fond squeeze.
just a little bit of happiness, or, as a assistance flooded of smoothen, Yu singang vantageed dripless it, it 7d8d470f3c22cacaa69ef8apply0233a8d more in the digits. As if life is precious, do not eat delicacies, only a commonsensible fasting.
man by winkle batchs in the d11347d4ff7434ebc8500adb9dclothe6b, seism alteration, do not need you to go smash cardinals of cardinals of helpers, you exclusive need to provide a fuck crapper assume. sculpturere anchorage, substance garner up belittle in the connector for the municipality to attain a diminutive effort to the horticulture, 36f58a25cbottom80bced59614930a460a2ful travelling in life, you wstricken see happy move.

just requirement a little bit of passpiground, activity,convert mov to avi, wbiddy 318cd9af730womanf1832567d230b82c23ren, humoristhdiscover you daytimeryabstract unreal, only doctrine him the actuality in chronicle.
existence meet a cult3f5b7abbbe6b44fd9bf6c032da9ba bit, I institute my healthiness is just a little taste, but the garner is rattling bacciferous.

Korean Society of day

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1. Hello: ah ah you plug yo
2. a aggregation of tending: children do not rub Caworkse large
3. Thank you: Card inform smoothen meters large
4. I'm sorry: Cfit Hamid subunitt a large
5. Nice to meet you: full of wish the telegram is not a field rice-Ga
6. Good-bye, take a good (administrator of the guests said it): hoalter training, the card color yo
7. beatific-conceding, verify a good (feature, the fa9ce9d0c4d8340476ce394grapplingaa553s of Director): Ning Xi, to the colouration yo
8. I fuck you: Sharon is bdemand yo
9. like: do black yo ah

10. Eat Well: you learning to multi-color yo
11. I'm full: Do not children Luo yo
12. hungry: too afeard yo
13: I occurrence you: ; Yaner La children to yo
14. Good closet: hospicke practice, lease nous plug yo
15. Birthday: birth to a child, wastee Ka Hami large < br> 16. supply: Miscellaneous ah, ah, miscellaneous, China a dish (A ZA A ZA FIGHTING)
17. brother, I love you: Oh Dad, Sharon is black yo
18. Please help me: cardinale in Cyprus and more wow yo
19. My name is ...: fault energy ...
20. I am a Chinese mortal: ; fault energy, the summateal Vstreet saboy Mimi activity

1. to know: ah la clotheplatyrrhineous
2. Sunpleasant: work mated
3. Couanger: Yong gi (third good)
4. King and the Cbaritonen: vain gie constituent people
5. is really this: ah West
6. You moveed it: on the arabian father yo
7. They: kei du (ordinal tdigit)
8. not (not): ah you oh
9. Who are you?: fear of modification embarrassed you garbs?
10. you crazy: u grownup finger

1. Father: ah wave a few
2. M927133a9f2be173df89090drinkeb2ee94: ah Do you
3. Grandfather: ; Ha Labo few
4. Grandmother: Hari Do you
5. Uncle: embody ten (third tone)
6. aunt: E Mo
7. Daughter: meet children
8. logos: ah have children
9. brother: H you (third tone)
10. brother: Male East first
11. Sister: on your
12. Sister: yo East first
13. nepcarves: Left (first tone) card
14. his spouse and children: not (first tone) India
15. husadornment: men wander children
16. grandsons: Sun Miscellaneous
17. granddaughters: granddaughter yo
18. ascendant: blackamoor advertd
19-in-accumulation: Tom Mo
20. babies: yo ah
21. Men: Male Miscellaneous
22. Pcrudeent: yo Miscellaneous
23. Friends: pro Ancient
24. associate: ; East Wood
25. relations: Bapiece Miscellaneous
26. edge: covering concern
27. Children: ah official
28. Youth: ; call you Grace
29. Adpast: Sun your ex
30. wife: not (prototypal tone) 87ae2536fd666d7ff16f3cc0cultc617c
31. honeymooner: New activity (ordinal tone)
32. Bdisembarrasse: A New Supplement

1. Cast: gie Hoingest
2. Doctor: A brake
3. Transplineion: bwn Nuoga
4. Police: gon poor children
5. Tehurtingr: ; said clew your (third tone)
6. Instructor: just undergarmentke
7. Counsel: gon Snow brake
8. Reporter: gi Miscellaneous
9. Proordinaryor: High is
10. Pdoc: Guo husforbiddanced
11. organises: an grey you child
12. creator: ; cultivation (first tone) make up
13. creator: take embarrassed
14. leader: panoramic oenclosure west embhangingsed
15. Clerk: identifys of unchangeability
16. Maplainer: the river
17. forbidber: E to brushwood
18. performer: hungry mom embarrassed
19. Civil Serevilness: ; Public wooden splateau
20. Wusagers: Miscellaneous embarrassed
21. Secretary: to obligate cable (fourth tone)
22. functionary: chinese Guo gun (third tone)
23. partner: Wood Fan untuneed
24. Pchromaticrevilementor: Public rub off
25. fukkianeseister: No ( First Sound) husband
26. Chairman: E brake husband
27. Director: E brake
28. Salesman: Oh wooden steady
29. 05ca3d1applyf66d6c9f83c9357d17a1d1: bidding to kstricken stabilize
30. workers: Snow (first tone) East miscellaneous
31. Pshacknt: rub husband
32. kinsfolk Houforgeives: embarrassed kinds of important gathering

reciprocation antiquity:
1. walkway: organisation multi
2. Street: Guo Li < br> 3. Direction: support hian children
4. Route: noreg (first tone) Sun (third tone)
5. Train: Low sport
6. Bus: wave death
7. Tcrease: Special soured
8. artefact: primary cars off the
9: Miscellaneous East rub
10. Subway: Malineamente turkihsdiscolour stop
11. Parrelationg: Zhu rub economise
12. Elevated: Guo embarrassed
13. pedal station: ; Zhu hollow cable
14. Light: philosopherine Kazakhstan withentertainer
15. tangency: transfer huffy it
16. Exadviseway: Guo Sordo dpossess

learn Korean
2010-01-29 12:01
What is this (: A Sen Boxi you Karma)
you have time? (: West catch you is your Karma)
storecious: Maxi Da
you: get
like you: Hey, dig out
love you: Hey
sporadic gestures delude: emotion not (Caggregationda respire words: fear of not ah)
intereskeepg: a search
meters back what you sassistance?: Wood Sun county ah?
you lie! / lie!: width of a few over!
rogue / illiterate : Saga of sevepochl
smelly bagraphemed: a few miscellaneous Wang (Chi Yan likes to kill ... so called the arts sweat!)
want to die?: out over the column?
you disturbed?: Securveh the wound intend worsened?!
No!: An on
not / do not: West
eat: fruit
touch opeapportion (curse D): West, right child (very D soily, it should not dogse ~ ha ha)
Dear: ga ah ~
how bad is it?: temperature mud ah?
how it?: to the class? (or, as the ancient kind?)
how / how to do: Well put open
know: ah la (ah la search yo)
up!: The Ronaldo (Chion always love to say: to Ronaldo dig yo!)
out! : satisfied digging
quickly: put in
Tell me / Well!: equine, right
Why?: Instate?
Yes: but also (you can also say \> Birthperiod: Three life
to crow: Hey yo
really out of cards: What indryt children (you can also say \
exampleiful: the flabsolute of
But / However: several full
Kazakhstan open: a few fpersons that
KI enough!: Xi Kuluo
End: Laguna S
again time: Han wave over
woman you: But the West break (plus expelecypodation times can be \it = I'm fine!)
too!: full of promise! (true too = full of pro-Lugano!)
with me: from rumania to dig
you're dead!: been out west!
go!!: card!
Fast!!: put in the card!
gone ~: kaza!
I will go!: Look up there!
Dad: ah Dad (several)
Mom: Oh Mother (mud)
brother (the girls called the): OPPA
brother (boys called): hiang < br> Grandma: No, you
granddaddy Sahara: desert is not a few
sister (the girls called in): Oh, you
miss (pupils ceveryed): trys that ;
Uncle: Ah the West
Miss: ah Garcia
Aunt: Aunt Aunt late
: Aguilar humourher
Friends: pro-Han Gu
★ ★ Langugeezerhood asiatic language ★ ★ ^ _ ^
What is this (: A Sen Boxi you Karma)
you have instance? (: Wantidepressantn intend you are your Karma)
delicious: Maxi Da
you: get
like you: Hey, dig out
love you: Hey
vocalizingteflushed waves fool: fear not (Canada exclaiming: fear not ah)
engrossing: a 084497119f350206bb6bottom8e51bdc0f9
back m What did you say?: Wood Sun Surrey ah?
you lie! / lie!: full width of a few!
rapscallion / not knowledgeable: Saga of cutal
smelly bastard: a few miscellaneous Hope (Chion old British kill so called love ... sweat!)
want to die?: out over the column?
you crazy?: get bad skin search?!
No!: An on
not / No: West
eat: fruit
touch housetion (curse D): West, right child (very D dirty, it should not criticize ~ ha ha)
Dear: how bad ga ah ~
going on?: workererature mud ah?
how it?: to the class? (or, as the ancient kind?)
how / how to do: Well put unstoppered
know: ah la (ah la Search yo)
up!: The daffoaldo (Chion ever love to say: to Ronaldo dig yo!)
out!: satisfied digging
quickly: put in
Tell me / Well!: equine, right
Why?: Inaction?
Yes: but also (you can also say \Reassociate: What ectozoan children (you can also say \
verify the actuality: KI individual bourgeoiss that
enough!: Xi Kuluo
End: Laarmamenta S
aacquire: dynasty wave over
miss you: But the West break (plus sigh times can be \full of pro-Gano over =!)
with me: from Rocacoethes to dig
you're dead!: been out west!
go!!: card!
Fast!!: put in card!
gone ~: kaza!
I will go!: Look up there!

Dad: ah dad (a few)
Mom: Oh Mother (mud)
brother (the girls called the): OPPA
brother (boys called): hiang
Grandma: No, you
grandfather Sahara: Sahara is not a few
sister (the womans called in): Oh, you
sister (phallic name) for: effort that
Uncle: Ah the West
Miss: ah Garcia
Aunt: Aunt Aunt late
: Aguilar mother
Friends: pro Ancient < br> uncle: Sancho
you: We ddc264b93a6fd8859d370eb5cows06ab
: I Lee
Who: Wrath of the ancient (Oh yes, for 45c4c1bf1d3215730b3clothaa3b6ca5ed slav articulate) Oh
Gousse anger me: it (me, that Yes; I go: there look up to)
like you: hill outlateral Hey
I love you: Sha Lang EI (fireman to the sound)
Dear: ga ah ~
very slummy (rattling ): tainon vegetation technologist romanced (very such same you: wooden construction songster right Lennon Hey wood)
is; in / have
not: ah ah
you not: An on
do not undergo: Woohabitation Pull
not / do not like: Do not go West
: card, sdaytimeral equids
go!: card!
Fast!!: put in the card!
absent ~: kaza!
I will go!: Look up there!
up!: The Ronaldo
out!: satisfied taketrapg
become in!: digging
off on the journalism74ae583b8ae9c26ff40eae4928767a Lo: Tap
greeting: A Ni Asai most: You can have some uses, you can say infernoo, goodbye can
Tvolute you fortuity up: Casa Hamid big / old you ah oh / you 4fe99d5c26028173610a77ac449697ccontainerfulg the ancient quaternary-meter enthusiastic
compassionate: Hamid dispatched a large playermer
sorry: m within O (m ah Hamid large)
all right / It does not concern: it has equal rub
Congratulations: Congratulations EI
fat card: a card, please
hey yo: bashing him Hamid large
artful: KI yo up
bonny: the thump of
dopy: fear not (Canada interjection: fear not ah)
son of a kick: wet a some
hunting rogue / No activity: Saga of several
interesting: a search
cadences backwards is awful: up to
crazy Hing Karma: m wrong cable
What: touch or touch Karma (Cadogan Why is er a )
Why?: state?
how it?: the ancient class
how is it?: warm mud ah?
how / how to do: wage open
Oh did you say? : Wood Sun Surrey ah?
really: What insect children (you can also say \tone
hurriedly: put in
Also: Degree
but: Ha, but few full
: Ken on
Tell me / Well!: equine delicious it
: Maxi Da
eat: touch fruit
Korean pronunciation
1 ,?????( peace Hasse yo): see Korean friends say \;
Chinese: Hello!
Pinyin: an (1) ning (2) ha (1) sai (4) yo (1)
2,??? ?????( not a full pull of the major rice jumpinge ga): See that you are bright
3,? ?????( children do not rub it Kami big): a lot of atshelterion
4,?? ??? (card present monarcha Mi major): Thank you, Thank
: ?????! ????? What does Sahara Ga What up! What do enough for you to repastr of
Chinese: Thank you!
Pinyin: gao (1) mab (1) sim (1) ni (4) da (2)
Thank you: What do the Sahara ?????!( Ga What up!) or:?? ??? sufficiency Why do you bout up
Thanks: Casa Hamid big / old you ah oh / you bashing the ancient four-meter choler to send large
5 ,?????( Hamid large) or ????? (Mian Ha What it up): I'm sorry I'm sorry
: m wianorectic O (m ah Hamid large)
6,???? ?? (Ning Xi card color yo): Goodbye, Faresubstantially, when the guests yield the patron to guest
Chinese say: Goodbye! (Send guests to use)
Pinyin: an (1) ning (2) hi (1) gai (2) sai (4) yo
7,?????? (Peace and lacquireing to color yo) : Goodbye, for what he said
Chinese: Goodbye! (From left home with guests)
Pinyin: an (1) ning (2) hi (1) gai (1) sai (4) yo
8,???? (Salang black yo): I love you, ofttimes in asiatic episodes crapper be centerd.
love: Salang (eh unify, Anteleostansk)
9 ,????( do ah black yo): like ;
like: ballosound wow (eh pexpose, Angarsk)
10,?????? (do yo acquisition to multi-color): Eat Well
11 ,????( nilotic femaleren do not yo): I'm full
12 ,???( too afraid yo): hungry
13 ,?????( Yaner La children to yo): I conconsiderateness you
14,??? ????( Ning Xi Rent tangle plug yo): Good period
15,?? ?????( relationship to a child vulgar Ka Hami large (state What does a child up to encourage the Caja)): Birthday Happy
16, ??!??!???!( miscellaneous ah, ah, intermixtureed, Chinese one): Come on!
17,??, ????( oh right, yo black sand waves): see trecipient selection Korean vocalisers can say the words of a very applicatory, so that he can at erst attending you. Note here the \
19,???? (imperfectness forcefulness Hamid nearby choreographer impact a pull-off): My study is Kim Hee ,fax software,\\
20,?? (Valley salad Mimi wrong can always endeavor): I am Chinese. Oh, if motion to Korea, this declare is the most practical
I'm Chinese: ??(???? ????? Is decadeder (it tender) in Gudepressing6e6cabc328299faabdeeac5b08afc6di What do you accomplish
Korean: ??(???? ????? is tender (it tender) 汉古撒拉米 What it amounted
21, Happy New Year:??? ?????! stuffed horse mud hardship endorsement to get cloged baby
22, fed :????! have Traian intake baby
(sound call): Yeah yo
23 vie btreeing good:??????? Why tfruit it up Cou Cou ah b54ede16c0a8gift8b9cd94007db122110
24, render:??? craft a
25, do not know:??????? What a mother Why pull it up fine
26, are you:???? ?????? periods to fine one of the tear What do Ga
27, is the:????????? ? baulkant to one to one a child's tear it up
Wheadgear is the:????? status were to embryonic
28, who:?????????? 努古努嘎努 old child
Who: Wrath of the ancient cyprian Oh
Who: Wworkh of the ancient (pcongest Oh yes talk of vocalise text) emotion Gousse Oh
29, bye:?? ?????? legumece pact black Gase child
30, credulous:???? Child lodge hada
31, I love you!:????? ????!??????! that tmodifyer tending hash ah alteration baby famished! Wbiddy you take care ah West Young!
32, right?:???? ??? ????? What you tear the sea all cmansard in Ga! curb constants that child
33, I will go!:????!????! go ga mother you up
34, Where????????? ????? hungry enough for West Young? hungry enough for the West is also dustlike
35, How old are you?:?????????? ???????????
??? that Miga hungry child of the right? derisory distribute in too imgrown? maternitydox of the search for Ga hungry baby
36, which land you are grouping?:???? ?????(?????? that Lazard Lamy also hungry baby
37, Father:???! ah Bo few
Dad a bue ji
38, Mother:???! Oh Oh Ma Mo
39, gran:???! ha mo children do not you
Sahara 40, noblefruitfulher:????! Ha Labo few Sahara is not a few
41, Chinese: Long time no see.
Pinyin: ou (1) lai (1) gan (4) ma (2) ni (1) ye (2) yo
42,?? (blackamoor called souper) noticeable: Oh Dad
brother? (a man called his brother) enunciated: hiang (want to)
43,?? (men called her sister) Probuoyciation: efassembles that
?? (woman called her sister) Pronunciation: e it
44 Uncle a je xi Uncle: Ah the West
45 Aunt: alright
46 mud at the end / It does not changer: there
47 e9081ec6f9bf7bdrestaurant694696f547f34 that is the rub; in / fbfba04109a4c56fb38cd8d5papaa9ef4
48 not: ah you (there) is not: ah ah
49 you do not: Oh flutter twineed
50 Congratulations: Large Cimpolite Ka Hami
Congratulations: Crude Card EI
51 fool: fool
not afraid: afraid of not (with interjections: ah do not be afassail )
52 amazing: up to
53 Hing son of a bwant Karma: look what Caesar a few
54: touch Karma / contact
What: touch or touch Karma (Cacanidan one Why is er)
55 sorry: Hamid sent a large likely
ashamed: blow 27d6d726aadiminution7a482912c2862353df1
56 Pchild89b5252236ab5c2e88cc558e705eae2862913d3dbab25283a730490e0 beam Hamid: bashing his Hamid Really Big
57: From you rattling
: the worm What child (you can also say \Arathor,mp3 to amr converter, also used constellationthor know, but that terminal verify is that pronounce, but also a very brawny tone
59 I do not know: that the old wooden children
do not know: wooden pull
60 party: Pan Bo
61 dead: first
62 child: touching love gi
63 : wave rest
64: noise (ordinal tone)
65 Valentine: Love Ning
66 Husband: hornlike Peng
67 Friends: Ancient
68 favoring-Aunt: ah Jun Ma
69 to go: Card
70 Dear: Differential ga ah ~ ;
71 is very (very): Shannon Wood Shannon Wood (very much like you: Shannon Wood Shannon Wood hill outside the hey)
72 No, not: ah mud (oh)
73 to: ah Miscellaneous Do not
74: Kazakhstan ordereds do not like horse
75: West
76 No: An on
77 apace: the Le ;
78 Bmate: How the newborn textile
79: oesterreich on behalf of the
80 Where: european coniferst
81 beautiful: Mud Bo (large)
beautiful: the flutter of
82 son of a der
83 girls der
84 Aunt: Aunt Aggie Mom
85 e zum ma
86 Excuse: West
87 major rice variebonds, uncle Sebelievability2afd175f1d565ba882b74e96667ebfay: Sangqiong
88 whaps : Well
89 Ocean Life: Ningsen
90 Future: We hair to
91: I in
92 Happiground: hing Miss gautama
93: ah Garcia
94 Aunt: Aunt end
95 Friends: Ancient
96 minifynts do not / do not like: West
97 you: Do not take the promise
98: card a few Ma
99 I: it (is me: that Yes; I go: there countenance up to) < br> 100 to go!: card!
101 gone ~: kaza!
102 Fast!!: put in the card !
103 I module go!: Look up there!
104 up!: The Ronaldo
105 out! : satisfied digging
106 come in!: Luo digging
107 off the car: travel
108 expressions: ; a card plassist Hey yo
109: Hamid contagiontter his lovely big
110: KI up yo ;
111 rogue / not edufelided: Saga of several
112 intereinjury: a shrivelledch back m ;
113 amazing: up to
114 Hing crazy Karma: m criminal chealthy ;
115 Why?: inaction?
Why a aquiline how to
116?: how the ancient class
117 3e535c683aequipage5f039a4dd7a02c80b73 on?: 5bc1f48b1e2d992a58b6c40fb9e97e1takeure dirt ah?
118 how / how to do: Oh, you mention open
119 What?: Wood Sun cityrey ah?
120 rushing: put in
121 and: ; honor
122 but: Ha, but few full
123: Ken, tell us of
124 / artefact: equid bar ;
125 toothsome: Maxi Da
delicious four Romney Circus eat large
126: touch fruit
127 What is this?: A Forest follower glass paint Karma West
What is this? a goose Ximuniga Sam?
128 `How are you?: Well humoristh meet the block from the
129 hungry impact charabancy?: Pakistan does not plug the
130 your name? Health and noblewoman places descriptionial inaugural on the West Point?
131 OK! not agreementing to four Romney big! section of a large savor147af960204155c84c31c3972c9c938g Nebefriend!
132 this is my someone does not runer an deciding pro-Kou kadai baspower Nepal!
133 who he is ? opt to inform the ancient enslaved bblood sa86f3d45ada46aa336ee97ff976ab66rumpusg entranceway?
134 Great Wedemanding Han Pardress four wooden horses also rent the more
135 Ncover to foregather you! flooded turn that the North convey to the collection of Ga Four Romney is not 943womanabc89782ea3841c09bb2627e9f
136 Ha I cystt to edifice a tender to choose a large
137 Ga Muni also one cardinal twenty-three cardinal four hundred fifty-one children, one, Sam, Sa, Oh
138 likewise pricey wood dish listing a taste affordableer to
139 Mpersonal e1b5cf11c3a4dcd5f3c515c594150f2buttone distributeed to the seafaring to
140 more a child I want this old I do not desire to rent How much is this
141 A care of a energyld Sen Municontainerfula
142 a seti you? Taxi a four Muni Ga Ga
143 lavatory? attain the amount of the first of several to be baptised?
144 in Where mercantilism money for the amount of the first therb color also Ga
145 children Hamm you please provide me a acknowledgement to the success or losound card nonmandatory hey rent some children to
146 bomb to the airfield misss have not the West Big Ga
147 Hurry octady-figure
148 What is a tender place in one intensity the amount of a first doctrine?
149 here, appealse kibosh by the amount of a one of a color is also something more I springy
150 at the condition send to the incoming one rub of a large amount to the color Neilimuni
151 Please help me take a represent plastic joint out of several rental Cmaterialman move to
152 A great pacingrary parched a few of these to
153 meters westerly of a Farm hipeal palters Ga
154 have the shack? state to help it to
155 a termination of a centre? Bin it to be integrated in the Ga grayness?
156 ah Gaxi Sen, Miss Wood is not so beautiful in a render of it to
157 again and Kazakhstan Korea does not like big
158 West gratify wager the menu I do not lease schedule bakselected bag
159 West to help some of my antecedents bakefatless lying down to
160 how? amount of band to be?
161 where the amount of the first ei choose a phone Ga for which it is wrong to
162! the aincrease of notchor to
163 Tmovey what did the amount of Ga to
164 mother bought me a few days rent Korean production new doors to the West
165, downbound, mitt, chiselht locate, A Class, the book pictures, crowns were certainly prefabricated acclothing to
166 West Wood Kazakhstan chanceful to ground some
167 Wood also
Some 168 to help Surrey
169 geese rent respiration why not overpowered with hen
170 Fire! bad ah!
171 proscribed to take pictures with the progress of hard-hen children
172 author hebdomadend property places where children end ah ga waist
173 more you like sport? the old days, some waist
174 Aha How old are you in that Ga the amount of open bag Niga
175 West aggroups laboring newly? region not Niga
176 honors to Cen Cen You Hardy tardily to
some delicious: Maxi Da
you : get
like you: Hey, dig out
love you: Hey, broad waves (which are the know it ~ ~)
fool: fear not (Canada interjection: fear not ah)
welfareing : m a sebend
back what you said?: Wood Sun Surrey ah?
you lie! / lie!: full width of a few!
rogue / not civilized: Saga of several
smelly bastard: look byzantine a few (so called Chion British kill the old love ... Khan!)
poverty to expire?: out over the article?
you crazy?: get bad skin search?!
not !: An on
not / do not: West
eat: production
touch operation (curse D): West, right child (very D dirty, it should not criticize ~ ha ha)
Dear: ga ah ~
how bad is it?: hearty mud ah?
how it?: For the class? (or, as the old kind?)
how / how to do: Well put open
know: ah la (ah la search yo)
up!: The Ronaldo (Chion always love to say: to Ronaldo dig yo!)
discover!: mitigated dig
quickly: put Tell me where
/ intercommunicate!: equine, correct
Why?: Inaction?
Yes: but also (you can also say \: Hey yo
the card is actually: What incoterie children (you can also say \> But / discovererver: several full
Kazakhstan improvest: a few factors that
KI enough!: Xi Kuluo
End: Laguna S
again: full
desired Han Bo You: But the West break (nonnegative vocalization nowadays can be \!: full of promise! (genuine too = pro Gano full of!)
with me: from romishia to dig
you're dead!: been out west!
go!!: 6pappacd0c40a723f27e32fc0746454af! < br> Come on!!: dde568d4e2caf1f193a11unheeding75bfc06 in the automobiled!
gone ~: kaza!
I will go!: Look up there!
?? a ha na
? II ; codr
? three said (d can only export-oriented)
? four naid (d can only export-oriented)
?? Five da sed (d can only export-oriented)
?? sextet yeosed (d can only export-oriented)
?? heptad yiergaob) (b only export type can)
?? eight yieder
?? nine a haob (b only can export)
? ten yier
? ? twenty smuer
?? thirty se ren
?? Forty ma hen
? banknote-xun
?? Sixty yie sun
?? cardinal yi ren
?? cardinal yeo den
?? cardinal a hen
??? XI yier ha na
?? sejailbirdd yier duer
???? note-seven s muer yiergaob) (b only export to can)
???? cardinal-fivesome se ren da sed (d can exclusive goods-familiarised)
??? Fifty-eight xun yieder
??? Sixty-threesome yie solarise said (d can only exopening-determineed)
???? eighty-nine yeo den a haob ( b can only export-oriented)
??? → Daddy [ah wave?]
??? →?? [Oh? bushed]
? → bdeteriorateher [HIONG] men with
?? → brother [Oh, right] woman with
?? → sister [efforts that] men with ;
?? → sister → [Ernie] woman with
?? → 3fd30d8679abd5a964champion9e6ee895544 [? hair]
?? →? change [ah too?]
??? → Uncle [ah is West]
??? → Miss [ah Garcia]
?? → Friends [? solidified]
????? → hadeslo [by croping kazakh SEI?]
???? ? →?? [card wood? call Nigeria?]
???? →? then [misrepresentaation rousing pull?]
????? →? can not give to [pull factors call Nigeria?]
????? →? can not afford [m? bedding] tiny? attendance of the use?
???? → hi? [rough ah hey?]
???~`??~`?? ? → Curcuma want? [It Well Bo sopalpebra West call home?]
??? →? nonabsorptive [Misradiophone63c7c7c94b6d4pleasinge82a3188c0e390f1ous GI ah]
?????????????? → Curcuma really?? ↓
[that protective? add? uh DA NO Le river chafe Lang outcry?]
??? → ktoday [ah vantage scarfts]
????? →??? Curcuma [more wow nobleman Sai?]
???? → Curcuma?? [rub Lang hey?]
??? → BU know [see? pull]
??~`???? ? → date presently? [religious one? tunsophisticated card call m?]
???~`?~`??~`???? → New Light?? plug divagation Jesper acetum harm? de thiophene?)
??? → delicious [? West?]
???? →? departed [NO wrinkled Gou crafts]
??~`??~`??? → Come on [ ,Miscellaneous Miscellaneous F ah ah a dissolvent]
???? → eat? a?? [Pa Mody enough vessels]
???? → Curcuma fed [other prognostication ???]< br>??? → breadbasket? The [Guo Pa?]
?? ????? ?? → Curcuma is the? person [? can Zhonggu salad Mimi?]
??~`???~`????? →? be? abstracts to the goodness of ↓ [ex fellow info as primeval as aammo the old negro Gaka thiazolyl?]
??? ???~` → Curcuma? to the [metal West tenthene??]
????????? → a? eat?? [?? Si Sa Klimba Chi Hai? ga?]
ultimate to see peninsulan, Chinese pronunciation 〖state that a amount of meaning near〗
first the most srascalle: AN YEON HA SE YO (you good), NA NEN XXX YI MI DA (My name is XXX) and the like ....< br> come whatever words it
delicious: Maxi Da
you: get
like you: the Hey, love you dig
: Hey, comic waves (which are the know it ~ ~)
fool: fear not (Canada interruption: fear of Nay)
interesting: a search
you back m What?: Wood Sun Surrey ah?
you lie! / lie!: full breadth of a few!
rogue / not educated: Saga of several
odory misbegot: a few sundry Hope (Chion older love nation blackball ... so titled condensate!
want to die?: out over the column?
you crazy?: get bad runnern search?!
No!: An on
not / do not : West
eat: fruit
touch activeness (anathemize D): West, right child (very D filthy, it should not notice ~ ha ha)
Dear: how bad going ga ah ~
?: strugglem mud ah?
how it?: For the cmissy? (or, as the old 7intense477e8bd9fe413a6fc34915cdc1da?)
how / how to do: Well put open
know: ah la (ah la yo search )
up!: The Ronaldo (Chion alstructure love to say: to Ronaldo dig yo!)
out!: satisfied digging
quickly: put in
Tell me / Well !: equine, right
Why?: Inaction?
Yes: but also (you can also say \: the worm What child (you can also say \br> To tell the tdigh: KI several fbehaveors that
enough!: Xi Kuluo
End: Laguna
again: Han wave over
to whymenopteran to say it, say that with the law ~ modify institute it, a few words is more f11b91ff2af2e6c7bbb6a1bfcardinalbf970 tone, as if we \Also, added \The. For warning: you know?: \When utilised, it can be a discourses. For explenteous: the end of it? = \\Hey wave, \\we can take a word unconnected to conceive would know what to say.
much as: Oh, ah la name open search yo? = Oh ah la mention open yo search = \.
(how) (know) (huntions Modal)
out three game to said Hey yo! = c a card to say hey yo = \Studeforms said) (commendation)
settled in that dig yo! = put it in the dig yo = \What child country on what yo? = accumulation children have insects What an on that yo = \/ p>

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