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my love

23:37, 19/3/2011 .. 0 comments .. Link
i have a boy friend right now. and he is awsome, he make me feel special! and i love him in a verry special way! he is the best boyfriend i ever had, he is so sweet, en lovely. i love him. like forever. havin you is the best thing that happend to me. i felt so bad de last weeks, and then, there was you! i feel much better now!


21:41, 12/1/2011 .. 0 comments .. Link
everyday i wear a mask, only my real friends know who i am, i dont wanna hide me. but people are not gonna acept me the way i am. whit my mask i'm a happy girl, but when im on my room, i put the mask away, and i'm one of the saddest girls that you can imagen. i'm just not happy. i dind;t trust my boyfriend, and now my relationship is broke. i miss him so freaking much. i really ant life whit out him. i wat him back. on msn we talk al lot, and we still stay that we love eachother, but we just don't have a relationship anymore. is hust so complicated! and i hate it. i'm mad, and i dont know to whom. it's just freaking me out. but i know there are gonna be better times! i just keep holding on! x

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