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Adriatic Fun

Hello Adriatic see

Transfer from the Sibenik Airport to the Yacht Base. Checkin and provisioning. Walk around the early city and the river. After seeing with the old palace of Diocletian Palace, we sail out from Schism. Krknjas is nicely shielded from every directions while offering peaceful shelter for a launching and swimming.

From Krknjas we sail to the close little city, Rovinj (7 nm). The old town of Rovinj is assembled on an oblong-shaped isle squeezed between the mainland and the bigger island of Ciovo. Halt at one of the several cafes along the Riva, the seafront promenade in Rovinj, for a cold beverage and to watch the world go by. You'll be spoilt for choice on a Rovinj yacht charter as it pertains to eating out as the town has dozens of restaurants tucked away in the courtyards.

You'll love a very long sailing trip to south this day. Komiza's laid back and pretty fishing village offers real Mediterranean feeling.

Many restaurants and pubs are on the riva offering unforgettable experience while you are eating out.

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How I adore sailing

We had to purchase two hours ahead of time to it.
Our captain was a very competent guy called Mandy. I say "man" but I really mean "kid." He told stories that are nice about his mother, and was bright, funny, charming, cool. More to the point, he took exceptional care of us and took his job seriously. He understood the best way to handle the yacht: the sails and the ropes that are a mystery to me, in addition to also the extensive paperwork and documentation that are a bore in my experience. Mandy has spent enough time working with the company to have buddies in all the right tiny isle ports. Discussing of tiny, let us talk about my room. I love my husband a great deal, but I don't wish to be this close to anyone. Yes, I appreciate the tight efficacy of a delightful chartered boat, the compactness of it all.

But it does not leave lots of room for being alone on holiday, which is a vital part of vacation. And here's the ultimate state for taking a trip similar to this one: you must desire to spend lots of time in close quarters with the people you are with. Strangers you meet on a boat, good friends, and family usually fall out and in of that category.

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Sailing Memo

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My adventures in Croatia

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