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Sailing report

Where the Gods sleep31/10/2015

At some stage during the day the wind swings around behind us and even Mary is compelled to acknowledge the spinnaker would be a good idea. Robert is the lucky owner of a goal made gennaker he swears by.

Today we've got the perfect conditions for this and soon Steve has it all rigged up and we hoist without any issues. Shortly we're loving an added 1-2 nautical miles which is great in the wind that is light and opposing current we are experiencing today. We get an excellent three to four hours out of the spennaker.

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So we sail further14/8/2014

We've learned from other cruisers the walk around the best of the town walls is a must-do, and we take time-out to make sure that we do it.
In the ACI Marina we're by this time and it's an easy bus ride to the old city. We purchase our tickets and away we go, with the understanding that it will likely take us 2 hours and is a 2km that is complete!
As we reach the best and climb up the stone stairs, we are awaited by a panorama. We are overwhelmed by the sights and by the scale of this wonderful old city as we walk-around the wall we see. As we walk we look down in the wall into the town, and the view changes drastically with each measure.
We consider more than two hours and finish the walk with a sensation that we've done something breathtakingly special.
Life goes on and nevertheless, repairs are under way and Split is still amazing.

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Adriatic from the Sailboat28/7/2014

We're then able to make step-by-step course changes in order that our heading backs around from too much south, as we are chased by the westerly wind into the Croatian Channel to only the right lay,. On the 1100 H to 1400H watch, Mary looks out at a chain of lights back nose to tail boats, Piccadilly Circus in the middle of nowhere.

We're exhilarated, the boat is going so well and the sound is a soothing mesmerizing swish.

Dawn breaks change course, and round Cape Bon.

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Yachting in Croatia7/7/2014
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