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04:05, 20/12/2012  ..  0 comments  ..  Link
This mantra is a very easy to use. In my view, the role of the design of this mantra should be changed based on the combat effectiveness of the monsters you encounter, however, deter the curse is excellent melee the single DPS enhancement (which is also in line with the fighting monks). So, in addition to the purely anti-injury dispensable in purgatory difficulty, the monster attack you will be a certain percentage of weapon damage, probably introduced some defensive attributes into the calculation. For example, the monster by 5% of your weapon damage, and upgrade your armor and resistances. free diablo 3 gold The formula can easily, but you should know what I mean, a tank-type monks very hard while decent damage. Another not very good with the mantra, simply because the value is too low. Why not instead proportion? No longer fixed Reply 310 hit points per second, but changed to 200 per second +1% maximum life value recovery amount? I know that the start of this skill plus too, I think slightly strengthen the shield can. For example, give you a fixed value of the shield, but a short time to increase your resistance /diablo 3 items armor. As for runes, infuriating runs perfectly well. Inspiring and Grace should strengthen the blow back effect to 350-400, not 186. Similarly, the body of heaven is worth a try, especially if elevated to the addition of 15-20% physical.

Enjoy Best Diablo 3 Service Online

04:01, 20/12/2012  ..  0 comments  ..  Link
This guy viability in purgatory too bad, but not practical enough. Yuan Ling should get more injury-free. Yuan Ling's capacity can also be improved. For example, Yuan Ling deceleration of the water more frequently. Fire Yuan Ling injury is higher (120/60 instead of 80/40). Wind yuan Ling generate less refined gas, but can be more frequent trigger. In my opinion all truth should have a major change. Repeatedly brush mantra addition is very effective (but very boring). diablo 3 powerleveling This is not fun, but very easy to use. I think that the monks should not have wasted all the essence mantra on, but we Niubi to the secondary skills sparkling, esoteric and martial art, right? My suggestion is to 0 consume all the mantra. Each use will be a 10 seconds or refresh "focus" effect. Consume 20 additional refined gas again. In this way, when you first used in combat deter curse not consumed. If you want to use every three seconds if you will need to consume 20 essence, then 40, then to 60, then cheap diablo 3 gold (and so on). These values ??can be changed, but this design allows the first time, players are free to use mantra, but it needs to be cautious to decide whether or not to repeatedly get addition. This will encourage more use of other the refined gas consumption skills without feeling weakened (as many fighting very short duration, so overall consumption is reduced). A good defensive mantra can enhance some few people / nobody use Rune. For example, to the fast wind illness shadow can get a higher speed bonus, will not scratch control duration reduced more.

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Enjoy free Diablo 3 Gold at salediablo3.com
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