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Michael Kors Factory Outlet Store

Michael KorsĄŻ Miranda tote is the latest celeb fave

03:51, 29/3/2013 .. 0 comments .. Link
Looking for a new day bag
Michael Kors bags

? We recently recommendedGivenchy’s Lucrezia, and if you’re looking for another to alternate (you can’t expect one purse to get you through an entire fashion season), we suggest taking a look at Michael Kors’ new Miranda tote.The Miranda is chic and simple. The design makes it lightweight with functional tie closure detail. These totes are unlined and bonded with fine suede. There’s no arguing against it, because even Heidi Klum, Zoe Saldana and Karolina Kurkova seem to think they’ve made the right choice with the handbag.Miranda Totes come in the following colors – Black, Luggage, Tangerine and Palm – and are available in the region from the following stores:Saks Fifth Avenue in Dubai Michael Kors Mall of The Emirates in Dubai Michael Kors The Dubai Mall in Dubai Michael Kors Galeries Lafayette in Dubai Michael Kors Bahrain city Centre in Manama Michael Kors Faisaliah Centre in Riyadh Michael Kors The Avenues in Kuwait City Michael Kors Taj Mall in Jordan

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Michael KorsĄŻ Miranda tote is the latest celeb fave


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