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Sailing with friends

Adventure at sea31/10/2015

Sunday is probably not the best time to see with the ancient hamlet on the top of this mountain.

The views from up here are excellent and the gardens deliciously cool to roam in.

We are exhausted, hungry and hot, - a little grumpy - and the deserted town gets us question what we're going to do for refreshments, however we do eventually find ourselves a a sandwich and a drink in the one cafe which appears to not be closed for business.

Later in the day the town starts to buzz and folks arrive in droves on the cable car. We certainly got our timing wrong here as are weary and ready to give up for the day.

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On the next day28/7/2014

The outboard, suffering from poor fuel (carb) gets mended with the assistance of our wonderful friend Andy, who feels like among our family by the time we depart.
We bet the owner of this brand new wonderful new Jeaneau 57 rues not keeping a good lookout as he rams it into an anchored boat.
Guy has spent time in Bluff in Bass Straight, Germany via Cape of Good Hoss on his way past and Cape Horn, non stop back. We spend rather a few hours with Robert hearing his many tales and experiences.

A boat identical to ours arrives, skippered by a slightly mad Irishman, but one who we grow to enjoy enormously and to value for his wonderful attitude to life one day.
Steve reckons he not only kissed the blarney stone and he's the gift, he swallowed it whole!

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my latest holiday1/7/2014
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