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Waiting to be told


I am Samantha, and I never have inspiration. I'm not good in grammar (or is it at grammar?) so my english won't be very good, but who cares? (At least, if you're not British.)

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Waiting to be told... An album?

Yes, I know my blog is named by an album of Renske Taminiau. Or, if you didn't know, you know now. But I had no inspiration (Ooh, what an suprise!) and then I read: Waiting to be told. And that's exactly what my toughts are. Waiting to be told. I always have some headache, becouse there are to much toughts. Some of them are so stupid I'm never gonna say them. Some of them are so complex I don't even got them. But most of the time, I think there normal for somebody of my age.

And that's13. Maybe you'd estimated me older, like the age of 65, but I'm 13. I'm almost the youngest person of my class. There's just one person that's younger than me, but he is a lot bigger. I'm also very thin. I have a BMI of 17.06. I think it is in the family. My niece is 11 and looks like an anorexic. All my nieces and nephews have size zero. Also my brother. I'm the tinnest of all my frends. One frend of mine is 15 kg heavier, but as long as I am. I aslo have a frend that is 20 kg heavier, but she is 10 cm longer, so that doesn't count. I'm also the only one that wears glasses.

So, yes I feel like a maverick, what my appearance concerns.  And now I'm going to a new class, again. 5 girls... And I think I'm the one thats going to sit all alone...  4 people, no wait, 4 boys of my last class are also in it. Victor, who really works at my nerves, Rick, (hate him!) that big guy from the last indentation, Jeffrey, an idiot, but sometimes it's funny, and Baus. I think Baus is very scary.

Wel I don't know what I should write any more so,



Jessica Riddle - Even Angels Fall

Posted: 18:43, 28/8/2009
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