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Curious camel

Literature and emotion

09:52, 27/1/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link
Literature and emotion
Waste every day, I wonder if that belongs to the sentimental music oneself, or tea of a cup of bitterness, it is sad of course, it is like rolling the dense fog remaining to fill on the space of soul, keeping a candle lamp, dull sitting, immerse it in boundless illusion and loneliness  

I am towing the heavy step to look for in the boundless and indistinct sea of faces, look for a carrier, one is happy in year, send and transport one wisp and laugh heartily, let mutual soul be pleasedder and happier. Our happy door leaf is wide to hand over to the beneficial friend all over the world in a block of skies  The emotion, just like literature, I do not think it needs magnificent appearance, the oath not needing to chatter either. Need, say looks up to night, so-called " whether two feeling if when being long and long, in the morning and evening " . What they paid attention to is essence and intension.

There a section of emotion with the words to the limit of the speech. The emotion is also the exchange of a kind of thought, just like the article, we can not compare with classic famous pen, but every section of characters of us, every sentence is thought of in the heart by us, the coagulation of the thought, non- superior originally, award and comment for everybody, say one's own heartfelt wishes.

It is every day that the emotion is immersed in the edifying with a soft streak, it can also go down on one's knees and discuss like literature. A sage has said: The meaning of the love lies in helping the other side to improve, improve oneself at the same time, only that makes the thought bright and limpid because of love, the talents with vigorous both hands calculate and love.

No matter literature or emotion, in order to enable one's own thought and repair for being more abundant. No matter the article or mood can be shared with others' one together, there are sentences to shout to " doubts purpose is analysed with each other, the remarkable piece of writing is appreciated together "  . If the emotion does not have the difference of quality, the article does not originally have good and bad difference, only lie in the difference between artistic appreciation and thought between a person. Not proud here shouldn't feel self-humiliation either, the literature and emotion all should be a kind of equal thing.

The literature and emotion are all that one kind of the thought condense, we can be by the speech here, air one's own views. Literature have boundary line, just as having the difference that level is high and low in emotion, to whose fault it will be nobody here, it only may be the mutual understanding, whether or excessive understanding.

One can be when being one's own and agitated, quiet ****Come down and write down one's own mood, can say and highly value each other while already going to the end in a section of emotions with a smile, what is not often distillation of a kind of soul for this. Turn the characters into the thought, magically change emotion into the characters, perhaps will make us more sober, it is apter to accept discontented reality.

No matter kindred, friendship or love, need to exchange each other literature. The world of the emotion does not need to promise, one's own every word and action is the best identification. Emotion whether another kind of literature have a form perhaps, so long as we do and put in order diligently, it can publish in the hearts of people too. Let us read, let us realize 

The trifling day flowing water has no mark, is mixed with the whereabouts leaf in riotous profusion. Can flee from the realistic noise, can not escape from modern's lonely destiny of extending endlessly after all.

The network of life is ubiquitous!

It is only the false appearance of the life to be trifling and sharp, like the thorn of the rose, fragrant and delicate and charming after pricking the hand.

Would rather come back than flee from, it is a kind of cowardliness to flee from, it is but our best home to get drunk  

Let us open the heart wide, spread the palm out. Regard literature as the emotion, come on, taste, regard emotion as characters to collect at the end.Electric Welding MachineHose FittingsPoint of Salegt1Welding Machine PVC Hosegt1

Four lucky leaf grasses

09:23, 27/1/2010 .. 0 comments .. Link
Four lucky leaf grasses
1.Four leaves are careless '  Lucky grass)  ---
       Four leaf grasses in the legend are taken from the Garden of Eden of paradise to the earth by Eve, the colored language is happy.  
       Scientific name clover, is the perennial herb, generally there are only three small leaves,  
       The leaf shape takes the form of heart, the part that the leaf heart is more dark is also a heart.  
       The most interesting and most special too one is, in 100,000 clovers,  
       Perhaps you will only find one is ' four leaf grasses ', because chance rate is probably 1/100,000.  
       So ' four leaf grasses ' are the lucky symbol that world is recognized as.  
       Each leaf of it has different meanings,  
       Include four kinds of things in dream and sleep in life among them:  
       Reputation, wealth, love and health, if there are these things at the same time, that is lucky.  
                       Four Leaf Clover lucky grass  
                       The first scene of leaves represents true love  (love)  
                       It is healthy that the second leaf represents  (health)  
                       The third scene of leaves represents the reputation  (glory)  
                       The fourth leaf represents wealth  (riches)  Picture|Computer|Computer Peripheral|Laptop Battery|Computer Accessory|Electronic Part|Computer Accessories Paint|Painting|Oil Painting|Art|bmw gt1Chinese Furniture| China Market|Electronic China Business| Doing Business in China| Hong Kong Business| International Business| Business Opportunities| China Manufacturer

Regret three times

07:48, 4/12/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link
Think uncle very stubborn have, think oneself right, like and others deliberately act contrary to always. Previously, he tilled land in the north of the tortoise mountain, planted the rice in the arid hillside, plant the Chinese sorghum in the low and moist place under the foot of the hill at the foot of the hill. His good friend says to him: "The rice likes being moist, should plant at the foot of the hill; The Chinese sorghum is drought-resistant, should plant on the hillside. You are just opposite now. Have violated their growth habits and acquired characteristics, can not get good harvest. "
Think the uncle does not listen to friend, the result plants the ground for ten years, the family can not always have enough even meal. He this does not visit a friend how till land, find friend plant the rice in wet place carefully, plant the Chinese sorghum in the place to do, can have a bumper harvest as expected. Then, he apologizes to friend and says: "It was in the past that I was wrong, it would be better if listened to you early. "
Later, he reached one to let the place of Wenshang do business. He thinks, it is here like others to suffer a loss in the past and eat, how do others do now, how I do! Then, see others rush to purchase anything, he rushes to purchase; See others sell anything, he sells something too. The friend comes to advise him to say again: "It is not all right that you always follow others and study, because is so a step later than others after all, wait for you stock same goods, market such goods already getting a lot of, goods of you sell out while being very much difficult. Know businessman want, stock others strive goods that do not rob temporarily, so, wait until chance come, can make a lot of money. "
Think the uncle does not hear, spends ten years again, he has already been too poor to even have capital doing business. He think about ten years ago what that friend say later at this moment, go to apologize to friend and say again: "You speak reasonably, I really regret not listening to you. "
Thought later uncle and friend were driving the fishing boat to go to East China Sea to fish each, when the ship reached near a great swirl, the friend shouts to him: "Can't forward, in the front great swirl, enter, come out right away! "
Think the uncle does not think the preceding fish has listened to friend, continue sailing forward more, his ship was involved in the enormous swirl, turn-taked again and again finally. In this way, it is ten years that his ship rotates in the swirl. Fortunately the fish are numerous in the swirl, he drinks the rainwater and lives reluctantly by eating the raw fish. Until one day, in the sea when the fish as big as mountain turn into a big enormous roc, evoke the towering billow, just take out of his ship the swirl. He come back home, hair all getting white, health getting skinny picture one candle, relatives and friends nobody could recognize him. He find friend again, visit, two visit deeply, point to heaven say: "I was too stubborn in the past, now, called the sun as witness, I will certainly thoroughly rectify one's errors this time! "
The friend says with a smile: "You already getting old, youthful time pass by already, how also does it repent using heavy? "

Scorpion and frog

07:47, 4/12/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link
In the past, a place a scorpion and a frog lived. The scorpion has thought in the pond, but can not swim. Then, it is begged that it climbs to the frog one: "Excuse me, frog gentleman, can you carry me on the back and cross the pond? "

"I am sure. " The frog answers. "But in present cases, I must refuse, because you may bite me when I swim. "

"But why should I do it in this way? " The scorpion replies. "Biting you will have no advantage at all to me, I will sink because you have died. "

Though the frog knows how vicious scorpions are, thinks it speaks reasonably. The frog thinks, perhaps the scorpion packs up the poisonous thorn, then agree at the meeting this time. The scorpion climbs to the frog to shoulder, two of it begins to cross the pond. When they swam over to the pond, the scorpion has broken through and curved the tail and bitten one frog. The frog with serious condition of an injury shouts greatly: "Why do you want to bite me? Biting me will have no advantage at all to you, you will sink because I have died. "

"I know. " The scorpion says while sinking. "But I am a scorpion, I must bite you. This is my natural instincts. "

As the saying goes: "Rivers and mountains can be changed,but it is hard to alter a person's character. " Everybody each has one's own pluses and minuses, the unique mode of thinking and style of associating. Should realize as an outstanding administrator: It is limited to transform a person. What we need to do is not to attempt to dispel these drawbacks, but utilize their advantage rationally, try hard to avoid their shortcoming, try hard to help everybody to progress continuously on the basis of their unique natural instincts.

A change will lose all one's own characteristics finally in order to adapt to the person of the masses.

Blue sky of the life

07:38, 4/12/2009 .. 0 comments .. Link
" do not matter, " The policy teaches the place a director has taken aim I have disdained to speak at one glance; " this fellow does not know good from bad to mix in, I am just driving him away, he is the worst student of our school! " I silent to afford to make a sound, at heart flame leap up old Gao.

The old man has supported the glasses, has looked me over for a moment affably, " - "A pretty good child, does it say one's own students how can you are so wide? " Directors' faces are getting awkward that the policy teaches the place. "If you do not mind continuing listening to my lecture, I will feel honoured deeply. " The old man says to me. In a flash, a whiff of warm currents are welled up all over my whole body, a much-admired professor says to an incurable dull student " I will feel honoured deeply " ,Am not I dreaming or mishearing? I am too excited to utter a word, has made a bow to the professor deeply, the frank waist has gone out of the small meeting room from the front door.

"Admit to a university, can only prove cultural knowledge afford to study perhaps, but we teachers often ignore a most basic problem: How to train students in the face of life with the positive psychology since childhood, and the most important, no one unable to know how it will be tomorrow, no one have no right, go others' a tomorrow such as prophecy, if think that it is unfair to you to live, there is no harm in trying to change - a kind of psychology life, you can find take glasses, blue sky all the time or blue sky perhaps   "Old professor's warm words let me remember clearly so far.

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